Allods Online Psionicist Detailed Guide

Allods Online Psionicist Detailed Guide by kitahl

2.Information on Skills
2a.Talent grid

1. Introduction

What is a Psionicist?


They are specialists in crowd control having access to the greatest variety of disabling abilities, more so than any other class. Through their ruby grids they also have the two best buffs in the game, making them very useful in groups. Their damage is also very high, but focuses more on single target damage.

To have access to most of the disabling skills you need to have a mental link with the target. Mental link is a spell that takes 6 seconds to channel, however if you kill a target while it is still mental-linked to you, you get a buff that allows the next mental link to have no casting time. Psychic shock has a 10% chance when cast, to allow the same effect to be applied. The name of this effect is “Heightened Perception”. The crowd control skills of a Psionicist consist of long stuns, on both single and multiple targets, disabling skills that render a target unable to perform any action until damaged, silences, and the ability to both push and pull groups of enemies.

*Think Jedi*

There are some Psionicist skills that will apply a debuff called Mental Overload on you. While minor in low stacks, once it accumulates it will greatly decrease your Intelligence and Perception, decreasing your overall damage and chance to hit.

Mental Overload

Each stack of Mental Overload will reduce your Intelligence and Perception by 1.4%

These can be obtained in Yaskers tower or Novograd at level 7.
Seer (Gibberling); Elevated Insight, forsee the future and avoid all physical damage for 10 seconds. It is especially useful against summoners, as you can ignore a hellion for 10s while you get the summoner locked down.

Mentalist (Xadaganian); Will of the Mentalist, grants immunity to physical attacks for 10 seconds. You are unable to move or use abilities during this time. Useful in PvE when surrounded by mobs and need a heal from a party member. Is not very useful in a PvP environment.

Occulist (Arisen); Mental Resilience, cleanses your mind and grants each ability a 4% chance to remove Mental Overload. Useful at times as it soon will be the only way to remove Mental Overload instead of waiting.


Armor: Cloth (1), Leather (20)
Weapons: One-Handed Daggers, Paired Fist Weapons, Off-Hands, and Wands

2.Information on Skills
By professorgeek and unique »
Fri Feb 12, 2010 7:24 pm and Wed Feb 17, 2010 10:55 am

I’ve played with practically every Ruby ability during the CBT and alot of your Ruby points are wasted due to flaws in the abilities themselves. First off the English Talent Calculator is VERY misleading as a majority of the description are incorrect. I really wish people would stop relying on it. I’ll try to explain the flaws I see as best as I can.


(The skill tree has changed from the recent patch.)

1 * Mental Shock:
Cast time:3 seconds
Cooldown: Instant
Psionicist focus his mind and inflict X points of Astral damage. There is 10% chance that Psionicist would gain a Heightened Perception effect. Your basic damage skill that you will always use.

2 * Mental Link:
Cast time:6 seconds.
Cooldown:22 seconds
Using this skill links you to the target giving you access to 3 new abilities called Astro Echo, and allowing you to cast Erase Memory on the target affected by Mental Link. The Astral Echo will let you place a Damage over Time spell, stun a target for 4 seconds, or deal a large amount of damage. Only one of these abilities may be used, once.It also increases your Conviction for its duration(Stat that increases your chance to use control skills).

3 * Shock Wave:
Cast time:Instant
Cooldown :10 seconds
Contrary to what this says it is NOT really a stun the way the other stuns in the game are setup its more of a Hold,Interrupt,Disable. Any direct damage taken while in Shock Wave breaks it. DoTS seem to have a chance to break it but doesn’t always happen.

4 * Mental Shield (Rank 3)
Cast time:Instant
Cooldown:6 seconds
Scales with intelligence becoming more effective the higher your intelligence. Scale is not linear. Becomes much more effective if your intelligence passes a certain threshold. If you go pvp, and plan to focus on Intelligence, get this. Can protect against warriors, scouts, healers that deal physical damage, but is useless against spellcasters.If the cooldown is reduced to 3 seconds through rubies, and you have a high amount of intelligence it can prove to be very useful, though watchout for MO.

6 * Mental Twin .
Cast time:instant
The most important ability in our arsenal — Mental Twin is all about control in both PvE and PvP even at Rank 1. In PvE, Mental Twin can lock a target if you are doing enough damage to keep aggro. In PvP, it renders you invisible to your mental linked target until it is killed or until you run out of range. If you’re going to roll a Psi, you need to have this. It is our bread and butter.

7-8 * Choke And Pain Transfer
Mana cost: Very High (One of the few)
Cast time:9 seconds
Cooldown:22 seconds

Pain Transfer
Mana cost: High
Cast time:3.5 seconds

You get +28.5% dmg if you level them up. Mana cost for choke increases with level up, for pain transfer it does not. Pain transfer used to transfer mental overload but it was removed long time ago. Both are very powerful damaging skills and at least one of them should be rank 3.

9 * Hypnosis (Rank 3) –
Cast time:4.5 seconds
This is a waste of points at Rank 3. Increasing rank in this only reduces the cast time from 4.8 secs to 3 secs. To spend 7 points on a 1.8 reduction in cast time in a waste and can be compensated for by combat awareness and game play skill. Essential end game.
10 * Mental Pulse (Rank 3)
Cast time:instant
Cooldown:30 seconds
Increasing the rank in this only increases the damage and the amount of mana gained. The spell itself is not designed to do a lot of damage. The spell is primarily used a defensive measure to keep targets away from you. As for the mana gained, at Level 40 and Rank 3, this spell returns around 500 mana (250 x 2).
Think of it like this

11 * Mental Cleansing
Cast time:2 seconds
Clears 1 negative effect, while healing the Psionicist. Adds 3-4 Mentall Stress effects depending on the rank this may change. The skill says it must target a friendly unit in order to work, but at the moment you may target yourself. The amount of MO you receive from this skill makes it very ineffective in battle unless you have trance.

15 * Will Suppression (Rank 3)
Cast time:instant.
Cooldown:22 seconds
Another waste of points until they fix or change it. From what some of us have figured out, there is no difference between Rank 1 or Rank 3. They both do the same thing. Outside of that, Will Suppression id only a partial Mental Link, not a temporary link as the description says. It provides an immediate ML that trigger combat, but doesn’t allow you to use certain spells like Mental Twin. Will Suppresion allows a second hypnosis. It’s assumed a Psi will have this for endgame content.

16 * Wall of Blades
Range: 10
Cast time:8 seconds
Cooldown:120 seconds
Creates a mental whirlwind around the Psionicist, which snatches weapons of all opponents within a radius of 10, inflicting periodical damage every 2 seconds disarming all enemies affected. After 8 seconds the Psionicists stops, and unleashes the weapons dealing damage to nearby enemies.

17 * Spectral assassin:
Cast time:4 seconds
Cooldown:120 seconds
It is said to be very useful. It is the ultimate form of mental twin and should always be taken. This skill is a mental twin that can attack both your enemies health and mana,while you are free to act and either attack or run away, as you cannot be harmed by your target while the assassin is alive. Does not work on bosses, and is very weak against strength based classes.

If you want further control, I would suggest dropping Will Suppression at least down to Rank 1 and getting Spectral Assassin. I am surprised that many people haven’t been talking about it, because it is a very nasty ability we have. This spell is basically Mental Twin on a roid rage. It creates a clone of the character which will attack it relentlessly until killed or the timer runs out (1-2 mins). During that time it draws aggro, increases it’s damage by 5% each second, and drains mana & energy (Currently it is bugged and doesn’t drain energy). In PvE the guild I run with has found that Spectral Assassin are GREAT for boss battles, esp. Heroics. In PvP, if I pop this thing on an opponent (esp. a caster), it’s game over. What also make this great is that we can have both the Mental Twin and the Spectral Assassin up at the same time which helps to mitigate aggro in PvE and keep us hidden in PvP.

World Mystery Skills
* Premonition: Is a 20 minute buff where your dodge/evade rate is greater. But also, the game now tells you if an Enemy is close by. It tells me from what direction and what the player’s name is, also if they are about to strike. I’m not sure how many yards away they have to be but I figure within a close distance.
Has a 20 minute duration.


If you are wondering what rubies are most useful, and considered a must have, I would recommend these be in almost any build.

Most of the problems I see have to do with the fact that many people spent a lot of Rubies in the Shock Wave tree, which is deemed to be very inefficient at damage dealt per second, and practically worthless in comparison to the other trees in terms of dps.

* Nerve Pinch Refer back to Mental Pulse and remember that this spell, alonf with TK Pull is not about damage, but control. The base damage is too low, so raising it does not make it worthwhile in the end. Constant Vigilance is actually the better ability becasue it increases both the RANGE and RADIUS of Mental Pulse and TK Pull, but the online calculator doesn’t show that. If you think this isn’t important, you have been in enough PvP battles. the radius increase can mean the difference between hitting 2 opponents or the entire group, esp those who stay at range. Unfortunately, you have to waste points in In Control to get it.

* MagnetismAnother worthless talent. If you read the tooltip carefully, you will see that it can increase the stun duration of both Mental Pulse and TK Pull by 40%. Sounds good on paper, but it you actually apply it in-game, it means squat. Mental Pulse only has a 2 second stun duration, so adding 40% to it takes it from 2 sec to 2.8. In game the counter will list 3, but wasting 5 Rubies for 1 extra second is not worth it. And as for TK Pull, it’s even more of a waste. TK pull has a 3 second stun duration that is based on a percentage chance of it occurring. At Rank 3, the chance for TK pull to stun after a knockdown is 30%. So by spending 5 Rabies you are giving yourself a 30% chance to stun for 4.2 seconds as opposed to 3 seconds.

* Manipulator This Ruby talent is actually pretty decent, but is only 2/3 effective. The cooldown reduction has no effect on Psychic Shock, since PS has no cooldown.

* Positive Momentum Broken This is only effective if you have a high Luck build. And if you have a high enough Luck to make this worthwhile, you will most likely sacrifice things such as damage (INT) and Hit % (PER).

* Loop of Time: A must for PvP. Helpful in tight spots. Lets you go back to a previous state. (See questions for more information)

* Rapid metabolism: Extremely useful in a party and the speed buff makes leveling much easier. Though some don’t think its very useful, most pick it up.
* Temporal acceleration: This skill used to last longer and had a shorter cooldown but recently was altered. The cooldown was changed to 5 minutes and lasts for 6 seconds. It provides a nice burst in dps and crowd control for all your instant cast spells, as it would be most effective combined with those.
* Stress resistance: This passive is useful since psis have to watch out for mental overload.

One thing I notice is that you focused so much on control abilities that you neglected your offensive capabilities such as Choke, which is our highest damaging spell. Also the combination of Inferiority Complex & Psychotic Urges causes us to crit hard fairly consistently with any linked opponent. The highest crit I got was around 14k on an opponent who probably had low resistance to Astral magic.

It is a choice over hitting more targets for less, or hitting fewer targets for more.
If you know you are going to fight very large groups, or have bad aim, go for a larger radius/range. If you want burst or higher dps WHILE having control go for nerve pinch. If you are doing pve, get a shorter cooldown on your spells, and if your doing small group pvp I would suggest longer stuns, in order for more time to stun lock people.


xaeze » Mon Feb 15, 2010 8:34 am
Graphs and information aleksrito, Translation by lawful

Where to spend your Stats.
Every character in Allods has a certain amount of stats.

I’ve seen alot of threads lately with people asking wich is the best attribute do drop your points into each level.
There are different opinions on this matter but every experience player would agree that the most balanced and surefire way to invest your points into a good attribute would be – ☯Luck!!
Some people might ask why Luck?! Well the answer is simple, every class without exception needs a balanced luck stat so they don’t get a high Glancing Blow rate wich will halve the effect of your abilities! To evade that happening you need to keep your luck at a certain balance and the reason why you should pick Luck is because equipment that comes with good stats wich includes Luck is usually quite Rare and in MOST cases you would have to sacrifice alot of your Intelligence/Perception stats to aquire Only Luck!
Thus adding it will relieve you from the stress of sacrificing too much of your other important attributes to get a luck balance.

For a example most gear with luck usually comes with Agility, Stamina or Endurance, and no Intelligence or Perception and you have to replace your Intelligence or Perception gear that usually comes with both stats on the same item and even also comes with Stamina or Agility to get only luck, ending up in you losing a larger amount of important stats.

Other good alternatives are Wisdom since Wisdom is usually not in very large amounts on Intelligence and Perception gear, thus even less on Luck gear, but its still there.

The worst scenario is investing your Points into Intelligence or Perception since these stats come easiest and in the largest amounts.

Thats it for the where to put points pointers. Lets continue with the stats section.

Perception: Perception is the most important stat for a Psi. This should be at or near 0% at all times. The effectiveness of perception as we see also isn’t linear so and in the 230-270 range we see a high effectiveness growth of the stat and after 270 the effectivness slowly starts deteriorating. So the optimal number for this stat would be aroun in the range of 300~350.

Luck: This is the 2nd most important stat for Psi’s. I have read countless posts where people with limited Psi experience try and explain how Luck is a meaningless stat, and you should basically ignore it.Luck affects two abilities, your critical hits and your glancing blows. As we see in the graph after luck reaches 237, it turns from a linear to a square rate characteristic such as intelligence but the chance of dealing a glancing blow works a bit differently and isn’t linear until luck reaches 355.

IntelligenceThe general damage modificator is dirrectly infulenced by Intelligence at a square rate so you can increase Intelligence as much as you want and the stat won’t lose in its effectiveness.:
(There is an error in the description of this stat at the moment)
The Duration and the ability for your opponent to resist your stuns is affected by this stat. Increasing its duration will increase the duration of all your stuns and lower the chance for your opponent to resist any sort of stun or control ability. The higher your conviction the longer a stun will last.

Willpower: Stun durations and the chance for control moves will be decreased by this. If this stat is too low, stuns will last for an additional amount of time and you will never resist their control abilities.

Faith:The linearity of Faith seems to be quite similar to the one from Perception so the optimal numbers as we see that you would want to go for would be 300~350. Drop of effeciency after 270, same as the chart with Perception. Thought faith should be kept at a minimal level, as it is not used very often as a Psionicist.

Endurance: Affects both the chance of you receiving a glancing or a critical blow, as we see the chance of you receiving a critical hit after the stat reaches 135 isn’t linear and decreases drastically down till the stat reaches 273 after wich it just focuses on being at minimal chance. And as we see the chance of you receiving a glancing blow is linear up to the point of 186, then it slowly starts being more effective.With that said, you shouldn’t really concentrate on increasing the stat much after it went over 230~280 since thats the optimal value you would prefer for it not to influence your other characteristics.

Without getting to far into the math. 1% worth of Int is the same over time as 1% worth of Luck. While there is a Luck barrier, once you break that barrier, no matter what your level is, it rises very quickly, much quicker the int would.

Let’s assume one point of Int = 1 Point of luck worth of Damage over Time.

In this scenario, it doesn’t make a difference over time what you add your points to, or wear armor for. You get a slight bonus in PvP for Luck ( Burst damage ), and a slight bonus in PvE for Int ( No burst damage, less aggro jumps ).

Now add in Glancing blow’s effect.

Given that most Psi’s, have around 20% glancing blow, it’s effectively reducing your damage over time, by 15% ( Negating the mandatory 5% Glancing blow ).

So Now that we know Ignoring luck reduces our damage over time by 15%, you are essentially getting 1.15x damage by taking Luck, instead of Int, which would only be 1x.

Not a huge bonus, but theres more.

Add in Psychotic Urges ( 30% Bonus Damage on crit’s with PS and Choke )

Im gonna assume everything is Additive ( The lowest the game could make it, thus if it were Multiplicative, it would be substantially higher ).

While Int based Psi’s also have the capability of benefiting from this skill, it’s much less available. Essentially:

Int build = 1000 average damage, 5% crit, with Urges, will bring 2300 damage crits, 5% of the time. (Not including Glancing Blows). Which equates to an average of 1115 damage per hit, on average.

Luck build = 500 average damage ( probally wouldnt be that low ), 50% Crit ( could be higher with Legendary’s ), Urges, will bring 1150 damage crits. Which will equate to an average of 1650 damage, per hit, on average.

Oh, but there’s more.

Fear of Failure is a 9% bonus. On a crit, its 9% of your crit value. Using the same math presented above.

1115 on average with a 9% boost will be 1215.35 A bonus of about 101 damage.

1650 damage, per hit, on average, with a 9% boost is 1798.5. A bonus of about 149 damage.

Based purely on the math, All Psi’s should only take intelligence when it’s value on an item is 1.5x that of a same level item, with luck on it, or if Intelligence is a 2nd stat on a item, and comes free.

But by spending some time on allodsdatabase looking at purples, and oranges, There is no logical reason why a person would take int over Luck. This is not to say that you shouldn’t keep Intelligence in a reasonable range, as at a certain level of crit %, Intelligence adds more Damage per point then more Luck does, but that’s my little secret :).


1.Does Mental Cleansing dispel negative effects on you to trigger the heal.

2.What does Time Loop affect? (just hp/mp and position? or more?)

3.What are the benefits of ranking up Shock Wave?

4.Why two points into Pain Transfer with no secondary effect? I’d think those points could be well spent in Psychic Shock.

5.How does Mental Twin presently work in PvP if at all?

6.Are you primarily a Luck or Int build? Or somewhere inbetween?

7. Would I lose my Metal Link if it Astral Echo activates due to a ruby?

8.Would I get Mental Overload if it activates?

9. Does Mental Link give mana back?

10. What can a Psionicist equip?

1. No you can heal freely for the time being im sure they will fix this some how tbh tho.

2. LOT affects EVERYTHING for example, if im being chased by lets sat 15 league and i jump off a cliff and they follow me if i did it within the 10 sec range i can loop of time back to the top of the hill with the same HP and Mana i had. This spell also affects debuffs if i got dots or debuffs somtimes the timers on these negitive effects with reset back to the original state it was when i was at those 10secs prior to using LOT.

3. Each rank of shock wave increase the duration by 2 secs. (longer stun easier it is to cast mental link)

4. PT is a really really good spell does nice dmg plus it can be preloaded its a good opener. plus if somones mid stuned u can precast it and get it ready for whenever u need that extra dmg.

5. Mental Twin is a must in pvp it saves us from being targeted by so many. I know for sure if i hadnt mental twined jayge a bunch of times at the right time id get wrecked, considering hes in the back and to get to him i have to bum rush all of league so its hard and takes the dmg off of me at times. Later lvls ima spend talent points into it to check it out more.

6. The main stat i focus on is INT i like my INT high but at the same time i like to see my preception at 0%. As for luck aslong as my glancing blows are below 30% ill be fine. Yes the glanxing blows nerf my dmg but i got so much int and per that my dmg output is so much glancing blows barley affect me tbh.

7. No. Instead of getting astral echo when YOUR health is at 50%, instead when your enemy’s health reaches 50% you aquire another use of astral echo.

8. No it does not break, and it only would give you Mental Overload if you use one of the abilities from Astral Echo.

9. No.At the moment you do not receive mana back from mental link.

10. A psionicist can wear cloth up till 20, at which point they can use leather, and are able to equip a dagger + offhand, paired daggers, and fist weapons at all times, I believe. Fist weapons may be after level 10.

The advice I give on mandatory rubies, is that every psi should have these.

Offensive Luck … 0o3y1coc1g
Crowd Control Luck … 3y21oce0o0
Defensive Intel … 0o3y1c820g

Crown Control … 3ygs4duovg … 83gk4duovh

He posted a guide to playing a psi and his opinions on playing it.
There are no explanations on the rubies, but it might be worth a read,
by elsloan » Mon Feb 15, 2010 4:26 pm
Races and class mechanics … mechanics/

attributes and abilities … #more-2706

If you don’t mind reading broken English, here is a useful guide for making a build. Part of this explains the Troika.
Useful builds (Translated Russian)

6.Guideby elgemini611 » Thu Nov 12, 2009 8:19 pm
Basic Skills: You get these along the way to 6 and the class specific skill at 7.

*Psionic Contact:This randomly procs an instant cast Mental Link for 30 seconds when you cast spells BUT if you kill the mob with any of your spells EXCEPT Erasing Memory it will proc on monster death.

Psyche Shock: Your bread and butter spam button a channeled spell that deals damage every second for 3 seconds.

Shock Wave: Contrary to what this says it is NOT really a stun the way the other stuns in the game are setup its more of a Hold,Interrupt,Disable. Any direct damage taken while in Shock Wave breaks it. DoTS seem to have a chance to break it but doesn’t always happen.

Mental Link: Using this skill links you to the target giving you access to 3 new abilities (1 time use for the Mental link at least for Gibberlings). It also increases your Conviction for its duration(Stat that increases your chance to use control skills)

The 3 abilities that are unlocked

Physic stab: Up front astral damage
Paralysis: 3 second stun.
Astral Decessication: 4 Second Damage over time spell.

You can only use 1 of the 3 abilities once during a Mental Link. After using the ability you are afflicted by Mental Overload for a few seconds (Reduction to Intelligence and Perception) Not really important at the moment as its only 2 stacks. However I am sure it will make a bigger impact later because there are more skills give you Mental Overload.

Erase memory: Destroys the Mental Link with your target in order to deal damage. this skill can be insane but isn’t worth using if you are chain killing mobs or have 2 mobs on you! Explanation soon.

Here’s the important part .

Talents 2nd Row your first target is

Mental Twin: This requires a mental link on your target.Creates a dummy that takes all damage. You are invisible while the dummy is alive and it can be casted only twice on one target.

Trance( Will be removed in coming patch): An evocation skill fully restores your mana after 10 seconds of channeling. Restores mana in % chunks biggest 2 chunks at the end are most important so don’t break the channel. *NOTE* This skill if you let it reach its full duration provides you a 30 second buff called Enlightenment. Enlightenment makes you immune to Mental Overload for 30/45/60 seconds .

Talent Suggestions :

Level 2 Psyche Shock
Level 1 Twin
Level 1 Trance
Level 2 Twin
Level 3 Psyche Shock or Level 3 Twin (The copy only takes 80% damage with level 3 Twin)
Test any tier 3 skill when you hit 11(which you can)

How to kill mobs without losing HP

Smiley #1 :twisted: is evil monster
Smiley #2 :geek: is you and
Smiley #3 :mrgreen: is your Twin(copy)

this is how you get the most out of your positioning and dps before the mob might potentially kill the twin and come after you

:evil: ————————————- :geek: ———————— :mrgreen:

When you cast Twin you are INVISIBLE to that mob until the twin dies or expires(60 second duration) so the mob now has to run that entire distance to get to your Twin to begin attacking it giving you plenty of time to dps it down. Once you get this down you can set it up rather quickly and kill mobs fast.

Cast order until level 10
If you are going luck, the best I would say is pychic shock then mental link when you can instant cast it, activate your astral echo effect, pyshic stab, then erase memory, he should be dead.

Mental Link(6 second cast on first one won’t ever have to channel it again for 6 sec if you follow my instructions)> follow it up with Psyche Shock spam and either the direct damage or Damage Over Time mental link ability and then just continue Psyche Shocking until the mob is dead . Why not Erasing Memory you ask? Well here is why(assuming only gibberling passive :P)

Psionic Contact This randomly procs an instant cast Mental Link for 30 seconds when you cast spells BUT if you kill the mob with any of your spells EXCEPT Erasing Memory it will proc on monster death.. Understand now? With this knowledge you can now move from mob to mob without stopping to cast a 6 second Mental Link. *TIP* When you are low on mana mental link the next mob then use Trance to recover your mana and still have the mental link up when you are done.
by professorgeek » Wed Feb 24, 2010 6:25 pm

* Multiple mobs – The problems you may be having might be solved by changing your tactics. At Level 20 you should have Shock Wave and Mental Pulse. Shock Wave I usually don’t use often (except in PvP), because I use Mind Fire in my spell rotation. But when tackling 2 targets that simultaneously aggro, Mental Pulse comes in handy. The idea with 2 mobs is to use Mental Twin one mob while you burn down the other. DPS the free mob and when it comes for you knock it back with Mental Pulse. If your Twin is at Rank 2, you should be able to DPS down the free one before the clone drops. At that point yo usually have time to bandage yourself and continue DPSing.

Also, take advantage of the Astral Echo spells. While they do cause Mental Overload, they make all the difference. I use the DoT on single-target mobs, as I have found that the damage is higher over time and more consistent, since it is less likely to be fully resisted. With tougher mobs or multiple mobs, the 4 second stun is a great benefit. If you use Rubies to spec Unity, you can actually get 2-3 uses of Astral Echo during battle. One from the initial Mental Link. One when the enemy HP drops below 50%. And one when your HP drops to 50%.

7.ResistancesYou gain +1 to each resistance every odd level regardless of race, class, or sex.

-Sex has no bearing on resistances
-Class has no bearing on resistances
-Race influences starting resistances, but does not affect resistance increases
-All characters gain 1 point to each resistance every two levels
-Starting resistances for each race are as follows:

Race – Elemental/Nature/Divine
Xadaganians – 20/20/20
Orcs – 15/30/15
Arisen – 25/25/10

Kanians – 20/20/20
Gibberlings – 15/15/30
Elves – 30/10/20

These results are only valid up to lvl 8. I don’t have any data beyond that, so it’s possible that the mechanics change as you progress.

A Psionicist deals Astral damage, so you will always have an easier time killing an Arisen on the Empire and either an Elf or Kanian on the League.

Additional info:
Elemental Resistance – Fire, Frost, Lightning
Nature Resistance – Poison, Disease, Acid
Divine Resistance – Holy, Shadow, Astral


– Mental Link will not give you 50% of the spells mana cost back
– Dead language will silence YOU if you damage yourself. (falling)
– Mental Overload has a 100% chance to activate on all spells.
– Loop of time will keep your momentum. So falling can still kill you.
– Mental Twin can reset mobs, restoring their hp to full.
– Though not a bug, many of the spells will not tell you the % chance for the spell to activate

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