Allods Online Paladins Types Guide

Allods Online Paladins Types Guide by fallenxheart

Time for me to share the many tips and trade secrets of the paladin class x] here i will explain the many different types of paladin and ways to utilize skills of a paladin in this era of allods from my experiences. Feel free to scout me out ingame (dont actually shoot me if ur a scout haha) and chat me up xD



First of all i’ll start out with a tank paladin! There are many different routes that can be taken with a tankadin. Ones of which heighten dps, one that heightens your healing and enables you to aoe, and those that focus on dps as well or simply an off tank for those who buddy up with warriors 24/7. In these builds the main focus is you always want to keep aggro using your condemnation, or nova/sunrise for those holy huggers. If theres anytime you accidently lose aggro challenge will be there to save ur arse but remember to keep on hitting to knab that aggro

Full tanking
First off Heres my idea of a full tank, you have 2 choices! Holy of physical. A big meatsack as you will xD, I recommend these builds for the newer paladins that want to ease into tanking. In this build you focus as being a core tank taking big hits and reducing it all to 0, as well as keep your hp full 24/7 with the healings skills like faiths grace,surge of light, and ofc healing touch offers. With the new patch you get to use alot more rubies that you wouldnt have otherwise one of my new favorite combo’s is divine gift, is a huge energy saver if you can parry constantly which nowadays isnt too much of an issue and linked up lust for revenge as the blank for the third gift which is nice in pvp to get around after u get hit. Phys is for is you want to single tank holy are for those who are gutsy and wants to take on them all!

Stats you want!
Str-Generally higher then everything else loader up
finesse- at 42 you want around 300-330 you want anywhere from 10-15%+(as low as possible if you choose holy)
Expertise- again anywhere from 10-15% miss rates
Luck-anywhere as you arent glancing at the 5% mark any higher would be a good if you can manage it
agi -you want around-13-15% dodge at the most all you’ll really need because you dont really want to dodge persay though it’d be nice, you want to parry.

(only use healing touch only if its a last resort in a fight, very helpful as an off heal as well as it adds a 20% bonus to heals with the holy flare ruby)

Build Link: … e20g4h4f10 (phys) … c20oktlf92 (Holy)

here is an example of this build in action … r_embedded

Next off is offtanking, where you can tank most bosses, big bosses may be a bit tougher but all in all you will be able to fend them off and buy time for your party. In this build you can focus more on dealing dps as well but usually if your starting out new, most parties dont go for the offtank kinda guy. In this build you can pose as a main tank and offtank dps just as good remember to have a decent healer with ya;p

Mainly you want to focus on Breaking your shields asap with the big hits 30k+ you wanna save for vindication always account for the % of damage you will take from using the skill, Main tanks and healers will love you for having healing touch having a 20% buff to thier heals makes thier job all the more easier. and if the Main tank falls you’ll have your battle rez to save the day! to survive in this build your main skill will be retribution/ Wave of life which will keep you alive, but remember to have condemnation up as well :]

Build Link: … e20g414fh4

DPSing/Pvping With a Paladin
Dpsing with a paladin is simple. main stats you’ll want are str finesse and luck. Str will determine your dots, finesse determines how much your basic hit will suffice against armor and luck to ofc crit. With a paladin you can roll with just 25-30% luck as you can boost your crit chance with rage of the righteous and harbringer which will beef up your Crusader blow by 125% more then double if you choose to pick up the full set. These 2 skills will pretty much be your main dps skills x]

Physical dps [PVE]
This physical dps build is the brood of all dps builds lol, straight up just dps, no tanking no blahblah. Just Pain; lawl I recommend this build to experienced pallys that have nothing to do but GT or Raids, or the pvp goer or just those who want to dps instead of having to tank.

In this build we focus on the 2 main skills that will be your cream of the crop We focus on the maximizing of crits with the full set of Rage of the Righteous+AH, which will guarantee every hit from CB and Ret will crit considering your luck is 35% or above. thats really all there is too it bashing out 50k crusader blows and 100k rets with (crit dmg) unless your really packing gear where i hit around 150k rets and 67k cb on the and eating mobs up with atonement dots and when you get 40k+ dmg in your shield vindication will be your best friend once again.In this build remember to have around a decent amount of FIN if you wanna chomp at high armor folks x] … 820g414vl7

Woo time for the PvP section for those hungry for some PvP actionayz. Paladins can be formidable foes and pose a challenge, as well as harass other classes in mass pvp! :D

This is another build for you guys that have a bloodlust for pvp but also want to do good dps in pve … e20g4h4fh4
(if you want u can drop the rotrs and pick up harbringer~)

in this build its pretty much the same principle cept you have alot less crit without the rotrs but your dmg will still be substantial with few finesse rubies and you can hit them armor classes substantially as well. also you can kd every now if you choose to use the kd rubies instead of rotr for w.e reason works decently well if you use sword and dagger or a 1h or pair up with multi pallys that have it.

The HEY! dont stun me build
this build is for pure pvp fun lol. you wont be getting stunned at all or very rarey with the willpower you’ll be kicking around. this build is recommended for those experienced pallys with very willpowery gear … 8afi414f10

me and a pal have tested this build for the luls and the turn out was pretty halarious, spamming lvl 3 strike of justice and stunning my pal was like impossible lol, and if the stuns did work they were reduced to like a few seconds, very helpful against warriors too since they cant stun you and thier disarms are reduced drastically. Considering you have alot of willpower if you have over 570 willpower you’ll never get stunned :lol:, and if you have a pvp trinket :evil:

heh with this build you get to finally play around with lust for revenge which kicks up your speed substantially we’ve tested out the ruby and it actually beefs up speed by 30% with just R1 paired with a jug ruby you’ll be zoom zoom zooming away out of danger. this build is for pvp and for the lulz … 8udi414f10
with this build you’ll avoid practically any stun and outspeed any class that you’ll want to escape, or in some cases Chase down :lol:

Yeahup thats right STUN LOCK heh in a holy build!. pop a conviction pot or get some conviction high setups and you’ll be on your way to stun locking!, mhmm in this build strike of justice went up to 8-10 seconds and dont even get me started with silence, You’ll shut em up for ages heh. In this build you’ll have your instant stun bwhaha and the cooldown is slim to nothing now that u can stun for 8-10 seconds + stack up silence and slow and harass em 24/7, just be sure to manage your canons with the timing of penance if you plan it to be a long fight in this build in this build you get to gank em up in pvp as you holy dot , which is essentially a summoner style fight heh which includes wound complexity to a huge degree with all the dots and keep searing+ condemnation and atonement up with a very good holy setup pvp will be a killer as you watch thier hp disappear in chunks, condemnation will be ticking for 15k, searing for 6k and atonement for around the same amount if not more this build is for pvp

(searing is really only for those that have really high str if you cant cap around 700 its not really worth it go for some other rubies or pick up the rest of the tank rubies) … w2ygkt5f92 (without searing) … ygcikt5f92 (with Searing)

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