Allods Online New Healer Guide

Allods Online New Healer Guide by zysla

This guide is meant for new healers who aren’t full 7 offensive runes to boost heals! If this guide has helped you or if you have constructive criticism/suggestions, please leave a comment!

Zysla’s Super Healer Guide!

As a healer, you have two paths to leveling up:

Melee Healer
A one-on-one focused high DPS self-healer with a silence. Choose this if you are interested in PvPing at the middle levels or taking a one-on-one/two grinding approach. Easy. Effective. And according to some, overpowered.

AoE Smite Healer
More defensive, more party-oriented, outputs a lot of AoE DPS. Choose this if you want to grind and farm with AoE. Harder to manage than MH, but provides potential farming abilities. This build will take practice.

One may ask, why just two?
Most of the game is done solo. Even if you party, a full healer will lack DPS for it to be worthwhile. Both healer types can work well in a group with any other class while grinding. You should spec to Full Healer only at endgame, when all you are doing is grinding gear in instances and maybe a bit of group PvP.

Quick Glossary:
MH – Melee Healer
SH – Smite Healer
FH – Full Healer
Fn – Fanaticism (A buff you get from using Verdict)
R1/R2/R3 – Rank 1/2/3


Holy Blast
Weak. 2.5/3 sec cast time. Weak.
Cast time lengthens with R2. Poor DPS and Heavenly Smite eclipses it in functionality. Yes, there are decent rubies with it, but… No.

BAMF decided they want a BAMF skill with their plate-wearing, two-handed-mace-wielding healers. This is what they made.
Damage. CD and dmg based on weapon. Shares CD with Holy Rage and the regular attack. Chance to give you Fn.
Melee Healers’ Bread. High DPS, 2nd best mana efficiency DPS skill. If you see Holy Rage draining your mana too fast, switch back to Verdict. If you have Saintly Reach, you may want to build Fn, use Perpetual Healing, get Fn again, then use Holy Rage to take advantage of the rubies.

Cleansing Flame
Fire in the.. TACO BELL.
A DoT with a strong first proc. High mana efficiency.
Great mana efficiency, but somewhat low DPS. If you have the rubies for it, feel free to spam the crap out of it. Great for pulling and chasing cowards!

Spiritual Focus

10 second buff, spells cannot be interrupted for duration, 15/30/50% holy spell boost. Buff ends after a holy spell has cast (unless you have rubies that allow a 15/30/50% chance for the buff to last). A very useful skill.
A very important skill for SH and FH, as Heavenly Smite takes 4 seconds to cast and it also works well with our strongest heals: Perpetual Healing and Holy Rejuvenation.

Devoted Plea
So you want to be a healer? *stinkeye*
2.5 sec cast time. Basic heal. Applies Fn if used in combat.
A basic heal, but the fact that it applies Fn is quite useful. Fn stack can be used on Holy Rejuvenation for when the tank’s HP gets low, or to use Heavenly Smite. Great for leveling up and additional ranks for instancing is useful. If you have good enough gear/runes (legends and 7 offensives), this will heal your targets for 30-70% of their HP.

Blind Faith
If gankers were perverts, this would be your mace. BEAR MACE.
5 second snare and blind which makes opponents unable to target anything other than themselves. You do NOT need to face target. 30 sec CD (21 with rubies).
Great snare/disabler. Use when opponent activates their trinket/buff/chain (use it as an anti-spike), or to snare running cowards!

Heavenly Smite
Thunder! (play AC/DC in your head)
AoE dmg, KDs targets every 40/30/20 seconds. Can be precasted.
This is the highest DPS skill that healers have (for more than 3 targets). Too bad the cast time is 4.5 (3.9 with rubies) so it’s almost guaranteed to get interrupted. EXCEPT REMEMBER SPIRITUAL FOCUS? Also, Holy Shield prevents interrupts as well. Think of utilizing Blind Faith to cast the skill. As a SH, its your bread and butter. As a MH, its a nice knockdown to interrupt or snare. Note this skill is lightning type and thus Spiritual Focus does not boost it, but also does not make it expire.

Holy Shield
Can’t touch this?
12 second invincibility (at r3, WHICH YOU WILL HAVE) on a 3 min (1:39 with rubies) CD. Removes all debuffs.
Essential Skill. Get it R3. Completely deaggroes you in group instances as well.

I wish the undead/zombie mobs in this game would be instakilled in this game with this skill like in Final Fantasy games. XD
Really? You’re reading this? English. CAN YOU SPEAK IT?
You get a resurrect later from quests (world mystery). Don’t waste a skill point.

Perpetual Healing
Feeling HoT HoT HoT…
Heals for quite a bit in total over time. Most mana efficient heal by far.
Being KD’ed, stunned, doesn’t matter. You’re still getting healed. R3 or die.

I want to see big numbers now kthx.
Double crit rate for 20 sec on a 5/3/1 min CD.
SH has rubies that doubles crit rate for them, and Ascension doesn’t affect heals. A great skill for MH.

Holy Rage
An opponent gets hit with Verdict, “Hmm that kinda smarts…”
Opponent gets hit with Holy Rage, “Ow… hmm my ankles are broken…”
Opponent gets hit with Holy Rage again, “MOTHER%$#&^*!!! WHEN WILL IT END?”

Verdict on drugs. It also hits one other nearby target. Can be used only when you are under Fn. Applies a Holy Rage effect that makes the skill do 10% more dmg but cost 20% more mana. Limited to 10 stacks at a time and lasts 10 seconds.
Butter of MH. It smarts. It pretty much perma-snares (with rubies). I wish it only had a better sound effect… something like millions of people screaming from hell with each proc should be sufficient. Or two people. Since it hits two targets… *ramble*

Divine Prayer
What Guild Wars infusion monks wish they had…
Instant heal on a 40/30/20 (35/28/21 with rubies) CD.
It’s actually quite a powerful heal with the double crit rate ruby set. The higher ranks drastically improves its mana efficiency and HPS (Heal per second). R3 recommended. Really, you should have R3. Really.

Brita filters are awesome. Seriously, I highly recommend getting one.
Removes debuffs. Instant cast at r3.
R3 or suffer. It’s lulguud in PvP. In some instances for PvE, it’s quite useful as well.

Holy Rejuvenation
Powerful heal, can be precasted. 6 (4.2 with rubies) sec cast time. No CD.
Wow, a 6/4.2 second cast time. Even with 10 Fn, it takes 2 seconds to cast (Instant with 9 Fn with rubies). However, it is the most powerful single target heal in the game. With the same in mana efficiency as Devoted Plea (with rubies) and twice the healing per second rate (with rubies), this is a great skill.

Blinding Light
Lasts 6 seconds, random chance your opponent might get distracted by a squirrel for 5 seconds. Ends after taking damage. 2 min CD (1:24 with rubies).
Nerfed a bit, not too sure if its useful with a 3 second cast time with a long CD, but can be instacast with 6 Fn.

These skills are from the ruby grids:
Circle of Healing
AoE heal, 6 sec cast time, no CD. Heals party members every 2 sec. for the 6 sec cast time.
Useful in instances… Use Spiritual Focus to prevent interrupts and improve mana efficiency. Mana inefficient for healing anything less than 3 targets. Using Perpetual Healing before using this skill is recommend.

Isn’t the kitty icon adorable? YES.
Instant heal, 30 sec CD. Reduces threat. Target can only be caster.
As powerful as a r2 Divine Prayer with a 30 sec CD, but note that rubies do not modify it and it is significantly cheaper in mana cost.

Hold in Contempt
Shut. Up. Imma put a bucket on yer head.
Instant 6 second silence on a 30 (21 with rubies) sec CD.
MH’s should use this skill once their Holy Rage starts to stack do DPS targets down while they can’t cast heals/debuffs.

Divine Foresight
Cheat death.
If your HP reaches 35% or below, it heals you. 3 sec cast time, 3 min CD.
A buff that can comes in very handy against spikes. Saves lives.

Now, I realize some people might not understand Fn yet…
A buff that reduces the cast time of your next spell by .5 seconds for each stack (except Devoted Plea). Limited to 10 stacks at a time and lasts 30 seconds.

The Builds:

42 Melee Healer
PvP, PvE: Solo, DPS

PvE: Solo, DPS

DPS the target, heal if you’re <50% hp (to take advantage of 30% heal boost) and keep track of your Fanaticism. Binding Light = 6 F, Heavenly Smite = 9 F, Holy Rejuvenation = 10/9 F. Use Blind Faith and Hold in Contempt to interrupt spike damage or to spike your opponents down while he or she is disabled. Use Spiritual Focus with Holy Rejuvenation or Perpetual Healing. Use Ascension with a trinket buff to spike targets down (try to have 10 stacks of H. Keep Holy Rage as well) Keep Heavenly Smite pre-casted, and use when you need to spike or run away for the KD. Eventually respec and use Holy Rejuv instead of Devoted Plea. Dev Plea is a weaker heal and doesn’t take advantage of Fn. It is, however, useful for leveling.

Use a staff, and then 2-Handed Mace at level 20+ for max DPS.

Skills: Spiritual Focus is R1 to boost Perpetual Healing. Additional ranks are not used because +15%/+20% of Perpetual Healing’s output is not as much as additional ranks of Divine Prayer. Devoted Plea is at R1 for its usefulness while leveling up. Heavenly Smite is at R1 for its knockdown effect when you have 9 Fn. Ascension is at R2 for the 3 min CD, which synergies well with many trinkets which have a 3 min CD. Other skills are essential.Rubies: Divine Instincts help you take less damage by quite a bit if you have enough agility to utilize the 100% extra parry chance and is on the way to the most important rubies, Power of Faith. Power of Faith, Devout Servant, and Blessed Steel are ESSENTIAL to any MH build. Get them ASAP. Brilliant Faith is a great heal that will proc anytime you use Verdict. Veracity is essential for PvP, as it will permanently snare your target as long as you keep using Holy Rage. You will get two of these rubies around the time you get to the first contested area, AT. Hold in Contempt is great for stopping heals and spells of your victims. Ray of Hope helps out the MH’s otherwise weak healing output, and synergies well with Divine Foresight. Divine Punishment reduces the CD on both Hold in Contempt and Blind Faith, which you will be using quite often in engagement. Stat-Boosting rubies are ESSENTIAL in later parts of the game.

Basically, DPS first, snares+silence when you start to PvP, stat reinforcement last for when you start having epics and legendaries.

42 Perpetual Flame Smite Healer
PvE: Solo, Farming, DPS, Healing

Use Spiritual Focus with Perpetual Healing for best healing efficiency and if possible, try to cast Heavenly Smite during the buff before healing. Use Heavenly Smite + Verdict as spike dmg. Spam Cleansing Flame for additional DPS.
AoE Grinding/Farming: Precast Heavenly Smite, use Spiritual Focus+Perpetual Healing, pull mobs using Cleansing Flame, Heavenly Smite, activate Holy Shield, Perpetual Healing, Heavenly Smite, Divine Prayer/Entreaty if needed, Heavenly Smite, Spiritual Focus+Heavenly Smite x2.

Mace and Shield Recommended.

Skills: Devoted Plea and Holy Rejuvenation are both at R2 for decent healing output during instances. However, Blind Faith R3 is very useful soloing, and one might want remain DPS and only use Perpetual Healing.Rubies: Miracle Worker and Inevitable Punishment is ESSENTIAL for your Holy Smite to deliver good DPS. Deep Concentration will reduce the CD on your Holy Shield, allowing you to farm/grind faster when pulling large mobs. Righteous Fervor is ESSENTIAL for practically all your skills. Surge of Faith, Divine Infusion, and Holy Advantage help your primary heal, Perpetual Healing, and improve the DPS and mana efficiency of Cleansing Flame so you can spam it if need be. True Faith is great if not just for the reduced CD on your powerful instant heal, Divine Prayer. Stat boosts are ESSENTIAL later in the game.

42 Full Smite Healer
PvE: Healing, DPS, Farming, Solo

More Healing power for instancing. Keeps smite for solo farming.

Mace and Shield recommended.

42 Full Healer
PvE: Healing

Roll your face on keyboard.

Mace and Shield recommended.


Luck is important. Luck stack to 40-47.5% crit rate. Heals can get resisted, but are not affected by your perception. No stat affects the resist rate of heals. With all the crit bonus rubies in the healer’s ruby grids as well as Ascension, luck is a very good investment of points. Reduced glancing blow rates also help immensely. Luck is where all your points should go every level.

BALANCE out the other “starred stats:” Intelligence, Wisdom and Perception, as a good rule of thumb. Wisdom acts as Finesse (Armor Penetration) for MH. Faith and Wisdom can be lower than the other stats. WHEN LOOKING AT GEAR, YOU WILL FIND PERCEPTION AND FAITH ARE LINKED. You can sort of ignore faith when judging gear, just don’t let it get too low. Unless you’re primarily a HEALING healer for instances. If so. your priorities will be: Luck, Int, Wisdom, Faith.

Endurance is important. Keep your crit received rate at 5%.
Stamina is important. Stack it high!
You maybe interested in upping your agility if you are a MH, since parry rate will be doubled with the Divine Instincts rubies.

Also, for those who are curious: Healers wear cloth til 10, leather til 30, plate at 30+.

DPS/Mana Efficiency Spreadsheet:

I will fill it out once I get a fountain of death and post my stats as well. This is here just for basic reference.;=en

Special Thanks:

Hotfizzle – Thanks for offering your criticism, I checked up with guildie healers and you were right about Dev Plea. :D
Leib – A fantastic guildie healer who explained a few things for me.

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