Allods Online Leveling Tanking League Warrior to Level 23 Guide

Allods Online Leveling Tanking League Warrior to Level 23 Guide by kagenutto

Hi, my in game name is Stygiana and I’m a Kanian Warrior on Tensess. I’m writing a little guide and what my experiences have been up to level 23 thus far. To preface this, I am not level 40 and have not reached it. I by no means the end all of information in this game. I am posting what I’ve learned to help other warriors out if I can. There are plenty of guides for this game and the warrior class. There are also many great sites for information such as and I suggest using these resources to help you out in finding treasure chests, find out runes, finding info on quests, and finding much about other classes as well.

Also, I have read the other guides so far on this forum and they are very helpful. The sticky in this forum with the guide written by LunDeus is very informative. It is a little out dated and the names for most of the skills have been changed in open beta, but the information is still mostly good. I will not duplicate much information from other guides so please read those as well to complete your understanding.

Now to start on my guide. I reached 23 last night on my Kanian Warrior and would like to share what I’ve learned. I feel I have done very well so far. Many times I have been asked by other warriors for advice on how I have created my character. While I did not follow LunDeus exactly for rubies in tanking, I have not had a single problem main tanking anything I’ve come across. Since I have seen quite a few people having problems with their warriors I thought I’d impart what I’ve done and learned.

Before I begin, I think I should share what I consider my “gentleman’s” ruby spec. Meaning these are the rubies all tanking warriors if not all warriors should take currently. … 1gyq304308

From here, you can branch out and pick either more pvp oriented, more dps oriented, or different flavors of tanking builds.

Other information to know, monster markings. When you left click or tab on a monster you target that monster. By targeting the monster, it becomes highlighted and a portrait of the monster with it’s health and energy bar appear on the top of the screen next to your character’s portrait. Around the portrait can be decorations denoting the “class” of the monster. So far this is what I’ve seen:

No decoration = normal mob. Soloable usually up to +1 or +2 levels of your character level if playing as a well built and well geared warrior.

Skull + thick green ring = Mini boss. These are typically “Named” monsters and are a bit tougher than normal monsters. They are still soloable for warriors up to the warriors current level. Other classes may have a harder time and need an extra person to help them.

Thick gold ring = instance mobs. These are very tough and are definately not soloable unless 1.4x levels above them. Typically requires a group to take them down.

Thick Red Ring = Raid Boss. These guys are tough! These are why groups need tanks. They hit hard, have a ton of defense, tons of hitpoints, can do multiple things like aoe fear, and are basically bad to the bone. Definately not soloable unless 1.5x levels above them. Get as many friends to help you as possible if you are all in equal level to a Red Ring boss.

One tip I will continually do in my guide is to get the next tier of Reputation Gear as soon as it becomes available. This is easiest done by finding the repeatable quest specific for the next tier of reputation. I will give out the details of each repeatable quest as I believe they are important. Here are the current tiers of Reputation up to level 23. You can start the repeatable reputation quest 1 level lower than the lowest gear that they sell for that reputation. The following is a list of levels, reputation tiers, and their zones that I know of so far.

Level 4 = Survivor = Newbie Island
Level 9 = Novograd Construction = Lightwood
Level 13 = Molotovka = Siveria
Level 15 = Gibberling = Frozen Frontier
Level 18 = Kanian = Darkwater
Level 20 = Elven = Tenebra

Now for my experiences by level ranges…

Levels 1 to 4:
Intro tutorial. No big deal here. Everyone does it. Put stat points into Luck. For future reference I have currently placed all my stat points I’ve gained as I have leveled into Luck. For additional information, you receive 1 stat point every level for a total of 39 stat points. You receive 1 Talent point every level and gain an additional talent point every 5 levels starting at level 5.

Level 4:
I stayed on the newbie island a little longer. Wasn’t a big deal time wise. I feel doing so is faster in the long run. When on the newbie island do not bother with doing any quests right away. Instead ran around for about 1 hour or so collecting 250 plantains leaves. These leaves are for Survivor Reputation and you need 250 to reach the 25,000 max reputation to buy the best gear on the newbie island. Also there was another reason I did this quest first at level 4. You get more exps at level 4 doing this because it’s “free” fatigue so to speak. You get 140 exps at level 4 doing this quest compared with 70 exps and 70 fatigue exps after level 4.

By doing this quest only at level 4, I maxed my Rep and received enough experience points to put my character halfway to level 6 or so. I did not turn in my fatigue for exps yet.

Level 5 to 7:
At level 5 I got 2 Talent points. I placed them both into Powerful Blow. This is the main attack I use. I then purchased the rep gear from the Survivor Merchant. Next, I ran into the undead tunnels to grind to reach level 7. At level 6 I placed my talent point into Agonizing Strike. At level 7 I saved my talent point. I took about 2 or 3 hours to grind out to level 7. I did also go a few times to kill the Damned Soul which is a level 7 red ring boss for a change of pace.

Level 7 to 9:
Once I reached level 7 I ran back to the beginning of the newbie island and started doing all my quests. Doing all the quests got me to level 8 and a huge amount of fatigue to turn in, which I did. This bumped me over 9 and close to level 10. I spent my talent points at level 8 to get Agonizing Strike 2. I saved my point at level 9. Finally, after all this I left the newbie island. Well, after I helped to kill the level 9 red ring raid bosses on the island which are the Cave Troll and Majestic Stag. These guys always drop level 6 to 10 blues too!

Level 9 to 13:
For these levels I spent them in Lightwood. First and foremost upon reaching the docks in Lightwood was to talk to the dock worker there for the Novograd Construction Worker repeatable reputation quest. You end up hauling bags of flour from the docks to the miller to earn 1000 reputation each time with this repeatable quest. I highly recommend doing this first to max out your gear before doing anything else. Got my rep gear before doing anything else as this put my character up to level 10. When I reached level 10, I received 2 more talent points to give me a total of 3. I raised Powerful Blow to 3 to max it out. I saved my talent points for 11, 12, and at level 13 I maxed out Agonizing Strike.

Now starting at level 10 I got access to the ruby grids. From level 10 to 13 I spent my rubies like this…

Levels 13 to 15:
Once hitting 13 I ran north from Lightwoods to Silveria to start on doing the rep quest for Molotovka. The quest is to suck up 10 Snowfall Tiger souls. The tigers are right outside of town to the northwest.

I found doing this quest a bit difficult for many reasons. One is that warriors have no instant cast ranged attack to tag monsters. Which makes getting the tiger “yours” a bit harder. Also, I found my normal attack combo of PB and AS could overkill the tigers. To do this quest you can not kill the tigers, but get them to less than 30% health. Once less than 30% health, you can use the tiger amulet item by clicking it in your inventory. To accomplish this I had to use my basic attack once the tiger reached 60% or less health. Otherwise a crit PB would kill it. This is the worst of the rep grinding quests so far I’ve seen. By the time you finish doing the quest for reputation, you should be level 14. You can’t use all the Molotovka gear until level 15, so head back to Lightwood and continue questing until you reach 15. By this point, I also did a couple runs through Oreshek to get some blue gear drops which included a nice Tunic, boots, and a shield.

If you run out of quests in Lightwood then start questing in Siveria to reach 15.

Level 15:
At level 15 you can buy and use all the Molotovka rep gear. Also at level 15 you can now gain access to new inventory slot items. These are a cloak, 2 rings, and a bracer. In the nothern town in Silveria called Cape of Good Hope is a quest for a green cloak. You can do this now or buy one similar to it from the vendors for 9 silver back in Novograd which is what I did. Also, buy a bracer off the auction house.

You can continue questing in Siveria for level 15. Also use the amulets you got earlier as additional rewards for completing the tiger rep quest. The bonus 8 points to your stats for a half hour while in Silveria help tremendously while questing there. As for Siveria bosses, you can try tanking Kosmach or Ugluk but hold off doing those quests until 16. By now, you should be rippinng through monsters. I started seeing 1800 damage critical hits with Agonizng Strikes.

I used my level 14 and 15 talent points on Sweeping Strikes. This is how my talent tree and ruby grids looked at level 15.

However, the funny thing about this game, the moment you gain another couple of levels it’s about time to start a new rep grind quest. At 15, I ran over to Frozen Frontier to start in on Gibberlings. You access Frozen Frontier from the yellow floating Ancient June Stone in the north part of Siveria. Where the big red arrow is on the map.

The Gibberling rep quest is done by killing 10 of just about any monster anywhere in the zone. You can group with others to make it go faster by sharing the credit for kills. You should reach level 16 by the time you finish grinding out Gibberling rep. However, be careful buying Gibberling rep gear. I found it was highly slanted to strength and stamina with almost no luck. Also keep an eye on your endurance as that drops low with gibberling gear. You may have to keep a few pieces of Molotovka gear depending upon what you have found for gear in the slots not covered by rep gear. Once done with the rep grind, which took me only an hour and a half, head back to Silveria to complete all quests.

Levels 16 to 18:
Nothing special here. Just doing quests in Siveria and the Frozen Frontier. By level 18, this is how my talent points and rubies have been spent. … 0y20q304w3

Levels 18 to 20:
Again I jumped ahead into the next zone to get the Kanian rep gear by doing the rep grind quest. Here I went to Darkwater to do the Crowsbane rep quest. This quest can also be done in a group or raid to complete it faster. I reached level 19 doing the rep grind which is good and bad because the rep gear is both level 19 and 20 for Kanian rep. The plate armor and jewelry are level 20 while the weapons are 19.

So I had to reach 20 finishing quests in Frozen Frontier and starting quests in Darkwater. At 20, we warriors now have access to plate. Becareful buying the Kanian Plate though because, like Gibberling gear, the Kanian gear is slanted towards certain stats. There is a lot of Finesse and Endurance while Expertise and Agility are really low. Buy what you need to balance out your pieces for optimum stats. Again, tanking red ring bosses and soloing anything else has been a breeze. I was even able to Tank Nessie, which is a level 20 red ring shark with AOE fear, at level 20 in a raid of 12 people. It was hard but fun!

Here is what my build looked like at 20. … 2y20q304w3

Levels 20 to 23:
Once I reached 20, it was time again to jump ahead to do the Elven rep quest. This one is tricky because you dont have immediate access to it. There are some prerequisite quests to do.

First, head to Tenebra from Darkwater by heading southwest to the Giant Tree. Click on the yellow ancient june rune stone to teleport to Tenebra. Once reaching Tenebra, head to the portal keeper to get that added. Then immediately head back to the June stone to teleport to the Tainted Woods section of the Tenebra zone. One of the first NPCs you see should be a male elf standing on a bridge named Frederic de Ardeur with the title Priest.

Frederic should have 3 quests for you: 1) is to Bless some water, 2) is to steal some silver Lamia weapon, and 3) is to talk to the Treant Silvio. Do these quests in the order I listed. Once done, Silvio will then offer a quest to collect 12 stakes from nearby trees. After that quest is done head back to the priest as he now has a quest to test the blessed water, lamia weapon, and stakes on a vampire to see which works best. Completing the testing quest, Frederic gives a quest to talk with Raymond de Ardeur back in the town Summer Manor.

Raymond now has the repeatable Elven rep grind quest that involves you turning into a werewolf and killing vampires. Find a group to do this quest to make it go faster. The Elven rep gear is level 22 for the jewelry and 21 for everything else. The gear for warriors is slanted towards Expertise and Luck. The elven gear is more balance but make sure to keep you endurance, strength, and agility up with previous pieces of Kanian gear as needed.

One last bit to note. At level 21, I went to the auction house and purchased a green chestpiece, bracers, and boots. I looked for “reinforced” ones that have additional armor to boost my armor rating to about 1000. If you are a blacksmith with over 200 skill then you can make your own.

After this, I finished all my quests in Darkwater except family ties as that instance is too hard to do before level 24. I also have gone through most of the quests in Tenebra. I had no problems tanking any boss or soloing anything thus far. My build up to level 23 looks like this. … gy20q304w3

Again, I have yet to run into problems at all and doubt anyone else will following in my footsteps. I out tank any warrior or paladin I’ve seen up to 2 levels above me. Some badly geared ones even more. I out dps any other class and even 2 hander or dual weapon builds. I have yet to do PVP but that is on the agenda tonight as I head into Holy Lands zone. I expect to be thoroughly ganked by high levels though so I am not worried.

Optimal Stats

In this section, I’ll post what I found to be the optimal stat ranges based on a certain level that I’ve seen up to level 23. Unfortunately, I did not take notice of my armor total until recently but rest assured that if you are wearing the best rep gear for your level, your armor will suffice. I found it is best as a tank to balance out all your primary offense and defense stats. These stats are:


If you are torn between two pieces of equipment with similar stats, here is how I rank the stats.

1) Luck
2) Endurance
3) Expertise
4) Agility
5) Finesse
6) Strength
7) Stamina

Now with all that in mind, here is the ranges I feel you should have at a minimum for those stats by the following levels. These are usually all easy enough to obtain with rep gear and quested or good drops for the slots not covered by rep gear.

Level 5: 30-40

Level 10: 35-45

Level 15: 50-60

Level 18: 55-75

Level 21: 70-85

Level 23: 80-100

Also of note is that your Conviction, Willpower, and Rage will also roughly rise about the same as your primary stats I listed above. Although if they drop a little lower than the ranges I presented don’t worry too much.

One more thing to keep in mind is potions and other temporary stat boosting items. Get them, use them, and love them! You periodically get some decent potions through quests, but when you can start affording them buy stat potions from alchemist crafters. That is if you aren’t crafting them yourself. A stack of 20 potions that add +23 to a stat runs me about 4 to 5 gold from a random crafter. My guildie charges me 3 for what the vendor would pay for them. Agility, Strength, and Stamina are excellent potions for tanking. Unfortunately Endurance potions can not be made.

So, what is my stats currently at level 23 you may be wondering?

Well here they are:
Str: 81
Fin: 82
Exp: 89
Agi: 81
Luk: 105
Sta: 76 *yah a little low but oh well
Con: 88
Wil: 86
Rag: 81
Armor: 1077

I’ve had up to 3K crits on normal monsters with an Agonizing Strike. I follow LunDeus attack string combos sorta.

For solo attacks I do…
AS and basically repeat that

For tanking I do:

I don’t bother with forceful kicks when tanking red ring bosses since they can not be knocked down.

For my future build I am still a bit torn of what I should do. I originally was thinking of going for the Solid Defense Stance build. However, after seeing how much Endurance that Plate armor tends to have, I’m thinking that Solid Defenses is not as useful. I already have a huge amount of Endurance that even level 23 red rings do glancing blows off me quite often and rarely crit. For reference, here is the original build I was aiming for. … c28q384308

This is a decent build with good tanking capabilities and plenty of tools to use in PVP with stuns and such. However, now I am leaning towards this build. … 828q384308

My reasoning being if my Endurance stat is high enough, then Solid Defenses is not as useful a stance. In which case Stony Resilience, known previously as Renewed Vitality in the talent calculator, becomes much more appealing.

There area few other tanking builds possible, but they are a minor difference of a few rubies based on the two builds I posted above. The differences will be determined by how much you PVP which will increase your desire for rubies that add to stuns or more dps.

Well, that’s it for my guide and experiences currently. I’ll update it later I guess. If you see any problems, misspellings or grammar, or need some clarification please send me a private message.

Also, gold and blacksmith mats in game as donations for my guide are welcome

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