Allods Online Healer Guide

Allods Online Healer Guide (Astral Odyssey) by rae_lyn

Prologue- The Ways of a Healer

First you’ll want to chose what faction/race you will want to take, here are the different names and racial abilities:

Elf Priest: Vindictive Punishment drains a small amount of the target’s mana over 15 seconds with a cooldown of 2 minutes.
Kanian Cleric: Tensess’ Shield protects you for an amount based on your Endurance for 30 seconds with a cd of 2 minutes.
Xadaganian Inquisitor: Unshakeable Conviction makes you and your party immune to control effects for 10 seconds with a 2 minute cooldown.
Arisen Heretic: Warped Faith increases your faith by 30% for 30 seconds with a cooldown of 2 minutes.

There are three different ways you can go with a healer. You have the choice among; full healer, melee healer, and a caster healer.
All of which are fine for leveling, though some may say full healers are not an option for leveling, that’s not true. It just takes longer.
Make sure you chose your way of leveling that you want to do.

As a melee healer you have the wonders of being able to do major damage, and smash the living daylights out of your enemies. (Oh, so much fun!) But then you’re also a lot more squishy then if you’re either caster or healer. This is generally thought to be the easiest way of leveling.

As a caster (a.k.a. hybrid, but I’m just going to call it caster), you’ll be aoe grinding mobs like cheese. You’re partially healer, partially damage. Heavenly Smite will be a big skill on your list (again, FUN to use :D) but it has a longer cast time, so you’ll want to have it pre-casted and even then having the rubies for it.
I don’t recommend this type for endgame unless you’re a completely casual player, and don’t really care about it. Though I do know some healers who make it work quite successfully, but I’m not one of them. This is mediocrely difficult to level.

As a full healer, you have the lives of your party members in the palm of you hand! Mwuhahaha! Anyone giving you trouble? ‘Forget’ to heal them. ;)
No just kidding. I love being a FH myself, it can be a big challenge to keep everyone alive, including yourself. With this, you’ll have low damage, but big heals. Almost all instances ask for full healers, and this is an instant in for any group. But for questing it’s very slow, and can be difficult leveling. Don’t listen to those who say it’s not possible to level as an FH, it’s completely doable.

Please remember that this is a guide of my own making, everything I say is from my own knowledge of how things work. If you think otherwise, feel free to comment, constructive criticism is always acceptable.
But if you don’t like it, and just want to bash me or it…. Write your own guide.
(As I don’t like reading long guides myself, I’ll try and keep this short for those of you who are like me, and still like to figure some things out for yourself.)
Edit: I think I failed on the ‘keeping it short’ part.


It can be annoying when someone keeps using a term, and you really have no idea what they’re talking about, and then it suddenly hits you that, eg.; “FH means Full Healer!”
But then maybe it’s just me that does that. ^^;
Here are some terms that are commonly used though:

FH– Full healer (should have caught onto that one by now ;) )
MH– Melee Healer
cd– cooldown
Proc– A skill effect’s being initiated
Tick– An over time skill’s single hit (e.g. “my perp ticks for —— “)
HR– Holy Rage
Perp– Perpetual Healing
DF– Divine Foresight skill (ruby)
Circle/ CoH– Circle of Healing (ruby)
Fanaticism/fana– A buff that decreases the cast time of casting skills. Applied by certain skills; Devoted Plea, Verdict, Holy Rage (but only after you have one fanaticism effect can you use HR), and the ruby skill Holy Avenger. Can be stacked up to 10 times.
r1/r2/r3– rank 1, rank 2, and rank 3 pertains to the talent or ruby you’ve brought to what level.
DoT– Damage over time
HoT– Heal over time

Grind– Something hateful.
d/c– Something even more hateful.


Cloth- level 1+
Leather- level 10 +
Plate – level 30 +


Staves, One-handed and Two-handed Maces, Spears, Shields, Off-Hands, and Wands.
For a full healer, you’ll want to use a shield and usually a one-handed mace, melee healers generally use two-handed weapons, and casters use also one hand and shield as their damage relies more on their wand over physical. It’s necessary for a end game ful healer to use a shield and one hander because of that extra protection. Melee healers use two-handed because they’re all about damage, and several rubies require two-handers to work.


Your five most important stats are:
Intelligence– Increases the damage and healing of your magical spells. It is to healers as strength is to warriors.
Wisdom– Increases your mana pool, and the regeneration of your mana. Effects as finesse for MH. (Amount depends on build.)
Luck– Increases you’re chance to deal a critical blow, and decreases your chance to deal a glancing blow on both heals and attacks. (Kept at 30% crit chance, and about 7% glancing is customary, though luck can be hard to acquire as a healer and varies, thats an estimation.) (This is the all around good stat for any class, though some require more than others, also dependent on what your build is.)
Perception– Chance for you magical offensive spells to be blocked, dodged, or absorbed. With higher numbers, the less the chance is. More important for casters and melee. Kept under 30% is generally acceptable for melee.
Faith– Decreases the amount of your heal resists against wound complexities. Depending on the situation, faith is important. For pvp’ing and healing, a higher amount of faith is required.


You’ll need to take at least r2 of one of the first three skills, before you can move onto any other skills. Your starting three skills are:

Image -Holy Blast-

This a cast spell with Holy damage. It can be precasted, and except for in a caster build, it’s not an as much used skill.
Though it can be really cool when buffed by the Zealotry rubies on the Holy Blast grid. For an instant cast you need to have 5 stacks of fanaticism. For either Fh or MH builds, you’ll probably only want r1, though FH the first one you rank to r2 is up to your preference. (I like verdict)

Image -Verdict-

This skill is physical. It’s an instant attack with a 3sec. cd. It can create stacks of fanaticism. This is a must at r3 for any MH build.
My preference is R2 for my starter skill as FH.

Image -Cleansing Flame-

Skill type is flame. Contrary to some beliefs, this is NOT a spam skill. Even though it’s an instant cast, this is a DoT, damaging once every 2 seconds for a period of 14. Simple to cast, and handy to have, though generally left at r1. (Please, spamming cleansing flame only works at low levels, and is hardly faster than actually attacking it with Holy Blast or Verdict, if at all. It hits every two seconds, and with a cd of the .5 second cd for everything, you can only be hitting for about twice as much, for a much higher cost of mana then is worthwhile.)

Image -Spiritual Focus-

Skill type is astral. Increases the damage and healing done of your holy spells while effective on a 15/30/50% for rank 1-3, and cd of 15 seconds. Makes you immune to to interruption during spell casting for 10 seconds, or until the effect is used. R2 for any build is good. ( I generally use r3)
NOTE: The immunity does not apply to knock down effects, only interrupts. Knock downs will still cause the spell to be interrupted.

Image -Devoted Plea-

Heals a friendly target, and applies one fanaticism effect per cast. This is good for any full healer, and never really used on a melee healer. When doing party heals, this is a necessity for a FH because it’ll be your main heal, by building fanaticism effects, it is better then continuously casting Holy Rejuvenation because by 9 stacks of fanaticism, Rejuv is an instant cast, and about 5 stacks, is approximately the same cast time as Devoted. Devoted costs less in mana, and with the lower cast time you can be concentrating on more people than if you’re using the longer heal of Rejuv. Less time also means less chance of being interrupted.
R3 for Full healers, and none at all for Melee healers. For casters it depends again on the build, but usually R2.

Image -Blinding Faith-

This lovely skill makes the target unable to do anything, besides certain skills such as perp, self heals, and non-targeting AOEs, for 5 seconds, and reduces movent speed by 50%. Cool down on a 3m/1m/30sec for r1/r2/r3. Great for pvp or pve, this is mainly used by MH at R3. I guarantee you’ll love this skill, unless you’re on the recieving end of it. ;)
FH do not use.

Image -Heavenly Smite-

Just the name of this one is fun. Smite! :D
This skill type is Lightning. As your main aoe skill, smite is a nice pre-cast for questing. It does a knock down, but is only effective once every 40/30/20 seconds per R1/R2/R3. The area of damage is a radius 8 yards, and is castable up to 40 yards.
R2 is good for any build. As a caster build you’ll want R3.

Image -Holy Shield-

As the name suggests, this skill is holy. This skill makes you immune to all damage, and will remove debuffs upon casting for 4/7/12 seconds per cd of 10m/5m/3m on R1/R2/R3. The deep concentration rubies on your Holy Blast ruby grid will decrease the cd time of Holy Shield by 15/30/45% per rank, until the CD is 1m 39 s.
In my opinion, holy shield should be R3 for every build type, with all three deep concentration rubies.

Image -Resurrection-

Skill type Holy. Reviving a single target for 20%/50%/80% health and mana/energy per rank, on a cast time of 12/8/5 seconds. Cannot be used in combat.
I would not suggest anyone taking this unless they plan to respec when they reach 40+. Reason being that when you finish the second part of the World Mystery in Asee Teph at level 35+, in the second part of Tensess Temple, you’ll get an AOE resurection skill, and thereby making this resurrection more or less a waste of points. But that also means you’ll not have any revive until then.

Image -Perpetual Healing-

Spell type holy. Perpetual healing is a HoT, ticks every 2 seconds for 14 seconds. This is a great heal always for any build. With the ability to have high crits, perp is necessary for any kind of survivability. With the new nerf though, perp has an extra effect that is applied to you for each person you perp, this effect causes perp to cost more mana, 1 stack = 2 times the original cost for the next perp, 2 stacks = 3 times the original cost, etc.
R3 for every build type.

Image -Ascension-

Spell type Holy. This increases your crit chance by 100% of your current chance, and decreases your threat generation by 50% for 20s. CD on a 5/3/1m per rank. This is great for any build type, though if you get Spiritual Focus R3, Ascension could be left at R2 or R1, and vise versa. Pretty much self explanatory.

Image -Holy Rage-

Skill type is physical. HR inflicts damage, but can only be used after gaining one or more fanaticism effects, and can reduce movement speed if the Veracity rubies are taken. Distance of 5 yards, and a radius of 5 yards to hit one additional target. Each stack of HR increases the damage by 10%, but also increases the mana cost by 20% per stack. CD 3 seconds.
Use only with a melee build, and at R3.

Image -Divine Prayer-

Spell type Holy. Instantly heals friendly target with a cd of 50/40/30sec per rank. This skill is handy for any build at rank 3 for the instant cast time, and sheer size it can heal for, and is a necessity for any Full healer build. Can be buffed with various rubies for cd and effects.
R3 for full healers. Good for melee and caster, but optional.

Image -Purification-

Spell type holy. Cancels one poison, disease or negative magical effect from one friendly target. Cast time 2s/1s/instant per rank.
A must at R3 for FH. Optional for Mh and caster.

Image -Holy Rejuvenation-

Spell type Holy. A pre-castable spell that heals a friendly target for a substantial amount of health. Cast time of 6 seconds. A must for FH at R3, most MH don’t use it because they pre-cast smite, and casters again it depends on the build, but more often then not it isn’t used.

Image -Binding Light-

Spell type holy. Purely a pvp skill, can use stacks of fanaticism to cast, and is pre-castable. I would only suggest this if you want to pvp. Binds the enemy for 9/12/15seconds per rank, and periodically causes them unable to move or use abilities. Any damage dealt while under the effect of binding light will cause the effect to be removed. It has a 2m cd, and can only be used on humaniods.
Purely Pvp.

Image -Aura of Potency-

Spell type Astral. Increases magical damage by 5/10/15% per rank, but reduces your healing done by 50%. It will effect anyone within range for 10 seconds during battle, but cannot be casted while your Flag of War is raised. To remove, merely cast again.
Caster or Melee, but not Fh as it kills heals.

Image -Celestial Blast-

Similar, but stronger, to Holy Blast. Rank levels required to be the equivalent of Holy Blast to buy. Pretty much Holy Blast level 2. You need to use 44 points for this to be available.

Image -Dedicated Plea-

Stronger version of Devoted Plea, creates a fanaticism effect. Rank levels required to be the equivalent of Devoted Plea to buy. Devoted Plea level 2. You need to use 44 points for this to be available.

Image -Holy Healing-

Holy Rejuvenation level 2. Same as with Dedicated Plea and Celestial Blast, you have to have their countpart the same skill level as you want this. Unlike the other two, it requires two more points used to take. You need to use 52 points for this to be available.

Image -Judgment-
Verdict level 2. Again, same as with Dedicated Plea and Celestial Blast, you have to have their countpart the same skill level as you want this. Unlike the other two, it requires two more points used to take. You need to use 52 points for this to be available.

Verdict level 2.


For the rubies, I’ll list them all adding their effects to my understanding, and on each my PERSONAL preference for them.

Holy Blast Grid

Image Deep Concentration– Reduces the chance for your holy spells to cancel the Spiritual Focus effect by 15% per ruby. Reduces also the cooldown of Holy shield by 15% per ruby.
These rubies are VERY handy if you have holy shield ranked, and the additional effect for spiritual focus is a nice plus. I would suggest taking all three if you have holy shield.

Image Disciple’s Reward– Causes magical resistance and armor to be increased by 10% per ruby for 10 seconds when you’re health drops below 50%. It cannon proc more than once ever 40 seconds.
This is a very handy ruby , especially as an endgame full healer. I wouldn’t necessarily say it was needed for a MH, but for FH or even a caster healer, these are good rubies to have.

Image Light’s Generosity– Gives you a 20% chance per ruby to have Holy Blast and Celestial Blast to heal you for the amount stated on the ruby. (Amount depends on health. Also take into consideration that you’ll have resists and nullifies, so it won’t always hit you for that amount.)
This is pretty much a caster only ruby. Do not take it for full healer as your perp should be covering this anyway, and melee is too busy with verdict and HR to use holy blast.

Image Unshakeable Faith– Increases your Faith and Perception by 3% per ruby. There is only one of these on the Holy Blast grid, but there are three more on the Cleansing Flame grid. I would suggest taking all of them as your build/level/rubies allow, but not required.

Image Angelic Grace– Reduces the mana cost of Holy Blast, Celestial Light, Devoted Plea, and Dedicated Plea by 5%. Typically only taken to get to Power of the Pure ruby.

Image Power of the Pure– These beautiful rubies increase you healing and damage dealt of holy spells by 3% per ruby. (I think I might be in love with these rubies. :D) Very yes for FH (plus it puts you right by CoH which is required for GT) and caster, though not as necessary for MH because you’re using up more rubies to get to them and you’re using more physical spells. Nonetheless, beautiful!

Image Circle of Healing– Heals all party members in a 20 yard radius with a 2 second tick for 6 seconds. This skill is a heal that hits only the members in your party and that are within range (you can tell by the light). I have seen this skill mis-used a lot. It can be very useful, but understand that it does take quite a bit of mana, and that you don’t want to favor it over other heals. It’s generally best used when your party members are all taking heavier amounts of damage and you need to quickly heal them all at once, and you don’t have the time/mana to perp them all.
End game FH heal only.

Image Light’s Reach– Your Holy Blast and Celestial Blast spell casts increase the range of your Verdict and Judgment attacks by 10/20/40 yards for R1/R2/R3 with effect duration of 6 seconds, but when only using a 1-hand weapon.
I have not personally used this ruby as the only thing I could think of it being used for is a caster or FH PvP.

Image Holy Flame– Causes Holy Blast to inflict 5% more damage per ruby when the target is effected by the Cleansing Flame effect. Coupled with the Eternal Fire rubies on the Cleansing Flame grid and the Zealotry rubies on the Holy Blast grid, I feel that this could be very useful to a caster build based on Holy Blast.

Image Zealotry– Grants you a 5% chance per ruby to receive the Zealotry effect for 30 seconds every time you gain a fanaticism effect. The Zealotry effect decrease the cast time of Holy Blast and Celestial Blast by 100% and their mana cost by 70%. After 3 seconds, any ability you use has a 10% chance to dispel the Zealotry effect. Meaning that Holy Blast and Celestial Blast become spamable, but the biggest problems I had with this was that it takes a fanaticism to trigger it, the low proc that it seemed to have, and then that it can be canceled.

Image Miracle Worker– Reduces the cast time of Resurrection and Heavenly Miracle by 10% per ruby. Reduces the cast tim of Heavenly Smite, Holy Blast, and Celestial Blast by 5% per ruby.

Image Inevitable Punishment– Increases the damage dealt by Heavenly Smite by 5% per ruby and the radius by 20% per ruby.
Caster healer rubies, or for FH’s who use smite.

Image Blessed Resolution– Causes Holy Blast, Heavenly Smite, and Celestial Blast to increase your perception by 2/3/5% per ruby ranks. Can stack up to 3 times. I found it procs fairly often.
It’s ok for caster builds.

Image Sudden Smite– Holy Blast and Celestial Blast have a 4% chance to apply the Sudden Smite effect per ruby. The Sudden Smite effect decreases the cast time of heavenly Smite by 100%, making it a spammable skill. This effect can stack up to 3 times.

Image Righteous Fervor– Increase the critical strike chance by 33% of your current critical strike chance per ruby for *Holy Blast, Celestial Blast, Heavenly Smite, Perpetual Healing, *Cleansing Flame, Devoted Plea, Dedicated Plea, Holy Rejuvenation, and Holy Healing.
Edit:*The damage dealing part of these rubies does not actually take affect.
Please also note that the critical strike chance means that it increase the amount of crits that happen, NOT the amount it does in healing or damage.
Thank you Tokapiko for your information.

FH ruby.

Image Entreaty– Heals you for a large amount of your health and lowers your threat. Cool down 30 seconds. This is a wonderful FH skill, and handy for when you pull aggro, or need an instant heal but don’t have the time to untarget your party members, or your other skills are on CD/ It only heals you.
Definite Fh ruby.

Verdict Ruby Grid:

Most of this grid is for MH’s that are using 2-handed weapons.

Image Unbending Will– Grants your holy spell a 15% chance per ruby to cancel only 50% of the fanaticism effects instead of 100%.
Taken on my FH build because of the perp rubies being broken, switching to a Fanaticism build.

Image Divine Instincts– Increases your chance to block by 33% per ruby of your current chance to block, and increase your chance to dodge by 33% per ruby while using a 2-handed weapon. Decreases the duration of all movement impairing effects by 16% per ruby.
Good MH ruby to get to r3.

Image Saintly Reach– Increases the healing and damage done by 3% per ruby for 15 seconds every time a stack of fanaticism is used up. Good to get a few stacks before using. Being able to get this first on the grid, makes it available to being used by any build type. Good to get a few stacks before using.
Taken on my FH endgame build as it’s based on Fanaticism.

Image Power of Faith– Reduces the mana cost and cooldown of Verdict, Judgment, and Holy Rage by 6/12/20% per ruby.
R3 good for MH.

Image Devout Servant– Increases the chance for Verdict, Judgment, and Holy Rage to trigger the fanaticism effect. Has a high proc chance, making it very nice.
Only R2 available, both good for MH.

Image Electric Light– Verdict, Holy Rage, and Judgment have a chance to do extra lightning damage dependant on your intelligence. Higher ruby ranks do more damage. I do not find this ruby useful enough to spend rubies on, but that may be a matter of preference.

Image Blessed Steel– Increases your physical damage by 10% per ruby.
A definite R3 for MH.

Image Brilliant Faith– Heals all party members for a small amount dependant on Intelligence every time a fanaticism effect is applied to you. Heal amounts increase per ruby.

Image Hold in Contempt– Skill that makes the opponent unable to cast spells for 6 seconds. Cooldown 30 seconds. Pvp MH ruby.

Image Divine Punishment– Reduces the cooldown of Blind Faith. Binding Light, and Hold in Contempt by 10% per ruby.
Good on a MH PvP build.

Image Exorcism– Causes all demons in a 15 yard radius to flee for 10 seconds. Cooldown 2 minutes. In my opinion, completely skippable.

Image Veracity– Increases your Conviction by 5% per ruby, and causes Holy Rage to reduce the target’s movement speed by 50% for 2s. per ruby while using a 2-hand weapon.
R2 or R3 very nice for MH.

Image Holy Avenger– Increases your endurance by 5% per ruby, and applies 1 stack of fanaticism per ruby everytime you receive a critical strike.
R3 for MH.

Image Divine Executioner– Increase the damage dealt by verdict and Judgment by 10% per ruby when your target’s health drops below 30%. Increases your lightning damage by 3% per ruby.
R2 or R3 nice for MH.

Image Ray of Hope– Increases your healing received by 10% per ruby when your health is below 50%
Good, but optional. Depends on your preference, but it’s on the way to Hold in Contempt. :)
I took these on my endgame FH build for GT purposes only. Zalmar’s rain is no longer able to be bubbled through, and that ‘in case of emergency’ tactic is painful, making Ray of Hope useful, if only for your own protection.

Image Ruthless Fanatic – Increases the damage of Holy Blast, Celestial Blast, and Heavenly Smite by 10% per ruby when you have 3 or more stacks of fanaticism.

Cleansing Flame grid:

Image Illuminated Mind– Increases your wisdom by 3% per ruby.
R3 a must for any build, followed by R3 Enlightenment.

Image Surge of Faith– Increases the healing done and the damage dealt by Perpetual Healing and Cleansing Flame by 5% per ruby.
R3 for FH and casters.

Image Enlightenment– Increases your intelligence by 3% per ruby.
R3 for any build.

Image Blaze of Faith– Grants Cleansing Flame a 10% chance per ruby to increase the damage dealt of your next Holy spell by 25%. R2 mainly only used by caster and MH to get to the Divine Foresight ruby.

Image Unshakeable Faith– As mentioned on the Holy Blast grid, increases your perception and faith by 3% per ruby. R3 mainly gotten by caster and MH to get to the Divine Foresight ruby but is a nice plus. R3 from the Cleansing Flame grid for FH.

Image Divine Foresight– A precastable skill placeable on one friendly target to heal a large amount of health when the target’s health drops below 35%. Cooldown 3m. Will be removed if the healer logs off, or places the effect on another target.
DF is a must, and everyone who receives it instantly loves you. Downside, everyone that doesn’t get it, hates the person who got it. But that could be objectively used if you in fact would like to have that happen.
Disclaimer: I take no responsibility if those aforementioned people’s actions turn aggressive towards you or the DF’d person. :D

Image True Faith– Reduces the cast time of Holy Rejuvenation and Holy Healing by 10% per ruby, and reduces the cooldown of Divine Prayer by 10% per ruby.
R3 for FH

Image Valiant Guardian– Increases your willpower by 5% per ruby. Increases the damage dealt by Holy Blast, Celestial Blast, Holy Rage, Judgment and the direct damage of Cleansing Flame by 15% per ruby.
Caster builds for getting to Eternal Fire.

Image Eternal Fire– Each tick of Cleansing Flame gains a 10% chance per ruby to restore the effect to it’s full duration and increases the damage by 10% (damage does not increase by ruby rank). The effect can be stacked up to 5 times, but recasting Cleansing flame with reset the stacks. Increases the duration of your Perpetual Healing by 10% per ruby.
Optional for caster builds though R3 is nice. R2 or R3 for FH.

Image Holy Advantage– reduces the mana cost of Perpetual Healing and Cleansing Flame by 15% per ruby.
FH good at R3
Edit: Because of the lack of the other perp rubies, I went for some other rubies versus this. But good at R3 for a FH with perp rubies.

Image Divine Infusion– Increases the critical strike chance of *Cleansing Flame and Perpetual Healing by 33% per ruby.
Edit: *The cleansing flame crit chance isn’t working on this ruby.
Good for FH.

Image Fortifying Heal– Your Divine Prayer has a 33% chance per ruby to grant immunity to fear, stun, and knock-down effects for 5 seconds. Also cancels fear, stun, and knock-down effects to target when used. Great for a PvP healer.

Image Sacred Blessing– Grants Divine Prayer, Holy Rejuvenation, and Holy Healing a 15% chance per ruby to heal the target an additional portion of health OVER 10 seconds (this means is a tick).
I don’t really care much for sacred blessing. I feel it’s a bit of a waste of three good rubies.
Edit: May be useful if not going for the perp buff rubies.

Image Focused Intent– Increases the damage dealt to creatures that use mana, and increases the effectiveness of Devoted Plea, Restorative Light, Divine Prayer, and Holy Rejuvenation applied to energy users by 3% per ruby.

Melee Healer Build Level 42: … 410f0c10o0
(Again only 36 rubies, and the first one I would add having more would be the last Deep Concentration on the Holy Blast grid. This build also centers more towards a little extra heals.)
Melee Healer Build level 42: … 410f0c10o0
(More centered on pvp. You can see it’s almost exactly like the other, but with a few ruby changes)
Melee Healer Build Level 45:

Caster Healer Build Level 42: … 410f0c10o0

Caster Healer Build Level 45: … 410e0g51o0

Edit: The caster builds are purely speculative.

Full Healer Endgame Build Level 42: … k5138u51o0

Full Healer Endgame Build Level 45: … k5138u51o0
(Fanaticism Build for GT.)

(These are the old FH builds I would use, with the Divine Infusion and Righteous Fervor, and this would be mainly leaning on Perp:
Full Healer Endgame Build Level 42: … k5138u5ho0
(I only used 36 rubies for those who don’t have the various WM’s and pages. But if you want have more, I suggest taking the last Unshakeable Faith Ruby, and the Righteous Fervor rubies on the Holy Blast grid, and/or the last True Faith and Eternal Fire on the Cleansing Flame grid.)

Full Healer Endgame Build Level 47: … k5138u5ho0 )


General Rules of Healing Instances

Pardon me if this information is obvious to you, but there are some who this could be helpful to. Don’t count yourself short for not knowing this though either.

First off you should understand that the tank is your number 1 priority, everyone else is second or third. Keeping him alive is your biggest concern. Secondly, yourself. I know for some people like me, it’s not a big deal to sacrifice yourself to save someone else, but sometimes thats sacrificing the whole party, not just you and that other person. DPSer’s are all third in priority level. Sorry guys, it’s just the hard truth.

To start off with, your tank should have your DF on him, but before placing, use spiritual focus and then cast DF. I still believe that SF buffs DF. Before the battle starts, make sure to have your pre-cast heal, Holy Rejuvenation, pre-casted.

As the battle starts, make sure you’re within range of the tank in case he uses one of his charge skills, and goes to meet the enemies. It’s bad to have to be running up while he’s already started. Perp your tank as he either pulls the mobs or charges in, and then start casting a devoted plea. This may seem like a waste of mana if he’s not taking damage that quickly, but it’s always good to have a heads up on the situation, versus it getting out of hand, plus this will give you an extra fanaticism effect for extra uses. Devoted doesn’t cost that much anyway.

To switch through your party members, either click their name, or use your F1-F6 keys. If you’re using the F-keys, its a good thing to have learnt them before actually starting anything. A quick run through of them should be sufficient.

As the battle continues, PAY ATTENTION, you should be watching the party members health bars. DO NOT WATCH THE DAMAGE YOU CAN DO OR THAT OF OTHERS. You can glance over or whatever, but please watch your party’s health bars.

Casting perps, as you have time in between heals, on the other members is necessary in case of extra mobs, aoe attack, or if someone pulls aggro from the tank. Be careful though to watch your perp stacks so that it doesn’t eat your mana. Divine Prayer and Devoted Plea are fine to switch to using on the other members, and saving Holy rejuvenation for the tank is a good idea. Remember though that with 8-9 stacks of fanaticism, you can instantly cast Rejuv, which can get you out a tricky spot, hence also the reason to have started early on building those stacks. If it gets REALLY bad and you’re being attacked, bubble up and use Circle of Healing, though your party members are going to need to be in range, or smart enough to run into it when they get the chance.

So, save your big heals for emergencies and the tank, remember your aquas/entreaty/balm for yourself, it can be difficult to un-target in the heat of the moment to heal yourself. Also the aquas/balms are important sources of mana, so if you’re running low, or think you MIGHT run low, don’t be shy about using them. (If you know its a long battle, and you usually run out of mana, use your aqua at about 70% mana so that you have it cooling down already, and then you also have your patron skill Guidance for a bit of extra mana.)

Fun fact: the last little bit of devoted plea’s cast bar is already into the heal, and if you time it correctly, you can actually have the next devoted started before the last is ended.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Really excellent guide it helps me choosing my way into the game ( definitly full healer ^^ ) … I might not respect 100% of your advices , but it's still really helpful … Thx so much for your time and have a good game …
    Hellgon , lvl 18 cleric ,ZAK

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