Allods Online Healer Beginner’s Guide

Allods Online Healer Beginner’s Guide by eisea

Quick and Easy Beginner’s Priest Guide

I know there’s another Priest guide on this forum, but to be honest it’s a little confusing. This guide is for all those up and coming healers who need a quick look at the important features of their class. Feel free to correct any facts I’ve gotten wrong and to discuss my opinions on this guide. :)
I’m also unable to play the game for a while, so it is possible that some information is out of date. I will finish the last two sections as soon as I have a resource to finish it in full.

Table of Contents
I Stats
II Gear Choice
III Race Specific Abilities
IV Talents
V Talent Grid

I Stats

So you’ve just finished making your character exactly how you want him/her and you’re past the (very fast) loading screen. One of the first things you’ll do is open your character pane, to get acquainted with the stats you’ll be using. Oh lucky day! the stats I need are highlighted for me! That’s nice of Astrum Nival to- wait. what does all this mean?

The most important stats to your priest as a healer (and when soloing) are:

Faith | Intelligence | Luck | Wisdom | Perception

Faith – Your heals will ignore n% of target’s wound complexity.

To make this stat more clear, we need to know what exactly wound complexity is. When fighting a monster of any kind in the world of Saurnat, you’ll notice that as you’re being hit you’re gaining what looks like little slash marks on the left hand side of your health bar. Scrolling over these marks you’ll see a number, something like: 65% Wound Complexity. What this does is lower the healing received on you. The more wound complexity you or your target has, the less your heals will effect them.

This is where Faith comes in handy. Faith is the priest’s counter to the oh so evil wound complexity. As you increase your Faith you’ll start ignoring this wound complexity and, when maxed, you ignore 100% of it. So you can see how important this stat is to a healer. I would tell you to max this stat out, but it’s hard to do right now since the tooltip is bugged and will always tell you it’s at 0%. The best thing I’ve found to do is get it when I can, but don’t lean too much one way in stats. I’ll talk about this later.

Intelligence – Increases your magical damage and healing by n%

This stat is very straight forward. The more you have, the more damage and healing you will be dishing out for every skill. if you open your talent page (N) and mouse-over any skill that deals damage or heals you will see it increase with your intelligence. Unlike Faith Intelligence has no cap, but don’t go hog wild just yet; make sure your Faith is maxed out or close before you start really stacking the intelligence. What good is all that healing if wound complexity nullifies most of it? There is also another stat that can increase or kill your healing:

Luck – Your chance to critical strike is n% / Your chance to glancing blow is n%

Before Luck can be understood fully, we need to know what a glancing blow is. While trying to kill the infamous Rabid Squirrel did your tank die because your last cast heal only healed him for about half of what it was suppose to? You look at your Faith and your chock full of it. You’ve been adding to your intelligence also and are really displeased with this erratic healing. Well, these “half heals” are glancing blows and they happen because you may have low Luck. If you’re not putting stats into this one you’ll have a very low crit chance and a fairly high chance to send out half, or less, heals.

Now that we understand glancing blows, Luck is very simple. If you want more crits and less “anti-crits” start giving Luck some attention.

Wisdom – Increases your mana pool to n% and your mana regeneration rate to n%

Wisdom is sort of a hard stat to come by if you’re looking mainly for int/faith gear. It never seems to be on anything along with those two stats. But it’s going to be very important in a long, healing intensive fight. Wisdom, as stated before, increases your mana pool allowing you more heals. It also increases the rate at which your mana replenishes at a pretty substantial rate. Mana regen is NOT halved or decreased in battle, so the number you see is the number you always get. Be aware of this stat because it will be very important in the long run.

Perception – Decreases your target’s chance to resist your spells by n%

Apparently heals can now be resisted as a result to low perception. I haven’t done any testing on this, nor have I seen it happen personally. I will however trust in the community that this is correct. When questing, the last thing you want to see is resists and wasted mana. This stat will make you hit your enemy almost every time. There is no real need as of yet to be overly conscious of this stat, if you are adding Faith to yourself you should be picking this up along with it anyway. Faith and Perception are usually shared on the same piece of gear.

It is ideal to keep all of these stats pretty even with each other, but you may find this is a hard task with the levels we’re given in the closed betas.

If you lean to heavily on Faith and Intelligence, you will have very high heals that many times will be halved. If you lean to heavily on Luck you will have consistently low to sub par heals. Do your best to even these stats out.

II Gear Choice

Priests gear restrictions are one of the least strict in Allods: from level 1-9 cloth | 10-29 leather | 30+ plate

That’s right, we get plate at 30!

All of the above mentioned stats (besides maybe wisdom) are very important to your Priest’s success. It is ultimately your choice what gear you wear while leveling so I’ll leave it as your choice.

Some tips, however: a faith/preception/intelligence combo is what I used and it seemed to work very well. I’ve also heard from a Luck priest who said he had no problems leveling either. So it really is your decision.

As far as what type of armor to wear, when you hit level 10, I highly recommend wearing as much Leather as you can. Unless you find a piece of cloth that your leather piece can’t compete with. I say this because many monsters in Saurnat deal a hefty amount of damage and sometimes even the Leather on your back can’t save you.

III Race Specific Abilities

Allods gives us 4 races that are able to play the Healer Archetype, these are Xadaganian, Arisen, Kanian, and Elves. Each of these Races are given their own unique spell:

Xadaganian InquisitorFor the Motherland – Immunizes the caster and their party from all movement and any control attempt.

Arisen HereticWarped Faith – Increases the Faith of the caster by 30% for 30 seconds.

Kanian ClericTensess’ Shield – A shield that absorbs damage

Elf PriestPriest’s Revenge – Burns some of the enemy’s mana or energy.

IV Talents

Allods Online Healer Guide With Talents List

V Talent Grid

After reaching level 10, three talent grids will be made available to your character. As you will see there are many opportunities to make your Priest Unique from all others, but first thing’s first; you have to know how to purchase these talents. Every level after 10 you will need to hop down to your local class trainer and purchase a ruby from him. The price of Rubies increases every level so you’ll end up spending a pretty penny for them, but this is well worth the cost!

With the help of chadwich001 I’ve made a simple image for each of the Priest’s talent grids. The Tables given by chad correspond with the talent grid next to them. When I get my computer back I’ll probably make these into image maps for easier reference. ;)

Holy Blast Grid
Fanaticism Grid
Cleansing Flame Grid

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