Allods Online Agility Tank Warrior Guide

Allods Online Agility Tank Warrior Guide by fleviaxus

There are 4 versions of a warrior
Brute is the orcs version of a warrior, which is empires most used warrior. The special skill is “untamed strength” which temporarily increases the strength of a warrior with 30 % for 30 seconds.

Vanquisher is the Xadaganians version of a warrior, that are the less used warriors in Empire. They got a special skill called “Renewed Tenacity” which temporarily increases the warrior’s resistance against magic spells wtih 30% for 30 seconds.

Brawler is the gibberling’s version of a tank, and they belong to League. They got a special skill with the name “Tricky moves”, which temporarily increases the agility of a warrior with 30% for 30 seconds

This is the Kanians version of a warrior, and also a part of the league. Special skill is “unbreakable Armor” which temporarily increases the armor of the warrior with 30% for 30 seconds

Armor and weapons

Armor Type:
Leather from level 1, Plate from level 20

Weapon Type:
1.On lvl 10 you get Dual axes and 2 hand axe

2.On lvl 20 you get access to all other melee weapons except the paired daggers, staff and single dagger.

Main Weapons:
One-handed swords, maces, axes, spears, two-handed swords, maces, axes, and spears, paired swords, maces, axes, and fist weapons.

Secondary weapons:
Bows and crossbows


Dodge, block and parry system

The first thing you always will do is to dodge, so that’s why peoples want to be agility tanks. Fewer hits are more survivability.

The second thing is to block, and that doesn’t work 100 %, so you will always get some damage through it, but it would be 75 % more without it.

The last thing you will do is to parry. That makes you take 50 % more than if you dodged the attack

This is the % list

Dodge = 100 % sure that you don’t get damage
Block = 75 % of the damage will be blocked
Parry = 50 % of the damage will be parried

DPS build


This is the talents (skills) you should get if you are going DPS.

Single target dps
Your strength will be in the Agonizing strike, and your most used attack will be powerful blow. You should use 3x powerful blow and then agonizing. This will give you are pretty heavy damage on single mobs.

AoE dps
This build is made so that you also do a lot AoE damage, with the right runes your vicious spin will hit with 300k damage, which is a quit a lot.
I have seen that some peoples didn’t get cleave and I don’t understand why. Yes the armor will drop drastically but your damage will be higher, and there won’t be a problem if you have a tank.

calculate it by yourself!
Now you know how to attack against single mobs and many mobs, but what is the cast time, energy cost etc. of each skill?
There is an solution for this! Here you get a link about the energy cost, cast time, cooldown, and when you can get which rank earliest!

Talent tree for DPS warriors

This shows you how to skill your rubies through the game, if you want to do some heave dps damage.
The numbers tell you which way to go first, so that you don’t end up using too much time etc.

Remember a 2h will do the most damage in a dps build, the paired build is more for pvp, because you can spam a lot stuns with it and still do nice damage at the same time.

Warrior Tank Guide (With focus on agility tank)

Warriors are strong fighters, but they require in my opinion a little more “skills “. You can’t just dot an opponent, get a pet to chase and kite while the dot/pet kills him/her.
This requires a close fight, and therefore you will automatically also be the person who take the damage. You should be aware that warriors weren’t built to go alone, they have strength, but for a PvP you would probably had chosen a pally instead. In my opinion are warriors built to do the tank stuff, and they are also the only ones who are good to tank many mobs at the same time. They are the core of a group, those who must protect the teammates! Remember, it’s you who take the pain! You have the task to keep everything away from your team, and if you fail then it might be that there are some who die.
Btw. It doesn’t mean that you are the only important person in the team, because a team can’t live without each other, you would also fail without heals etc.

Quick info:

• Don’t go tank before you hit lvl 41-42 and at least have full lvl. 3 runes. It isn’t very important with the epics if you have full rare + lvl 3 runes. But it’a a good idea to wait to respect before you have obtained some.

• You will probably leak on luck, so it’s a good idea to buy some luck pots. Luck is very rare in epic melee gear and can only be obtained from astral /MI /AoD epics or legendary items

Stat info:

Agility is your main stat if you are agility hero, but you shouldn’t forget about the other stats.
A good thing to remember is that you shouldn’t get more than 420 points into it.

• Finesse is good but shouldn’t be too high, you are not a DPS if it’s only for PvE

Expertise is one of the stats you need the most, because you need to hit the mob as much as you can to hold the agro.

Strength is a stat you need to get many points into, because it’s your damage.
– Btw. Finesse is a bonus too strength, so even in DPS you will need a lot strength before finesse will get useful

• Luck is a very good stat and the stat you shall place your points into every time you lvl! It’s hard to get luck, so just place all you’re your points into. Too much can also be bad, because you aren’t a DPS.

• endurance has to be as low as possible, the best is 5 % crit chance, but the chance to get that low with agility tank isn’t very high.

• Stamina and endurance is used to calculate the damage reduce in stony and are also good even if you are agility tank. You don’t have 100 % dodge and will never get it, so don’t forget about those 2 stats.

Here I’m going to show my tank build, that can tank Heriocs / Astral and GT! + Good at solo PvE

I must say I haven’t done GT yet, but it has been tested by others who did.

Let me start by explaining “talent Grids” for a tank which should look as follows.

ImagePowerful Blow r3 – Which is your main attack against single mobs. It has 20% chance to cause the target to bleed for 10 seconds, it inflicts 150% more damage to enemies who are knocked down, and generate 20 combat advantage.

This is your main attack against single mobs; since it’s the skill you’re going to spam the most. It is a strong attack, which also can increase the attack damage of other skills, such as “Agonizing strike”. The attack inflects 50% more damage according to the mob bleed.

ImageCharge r3 – Causes you to rush to the target, and causing them to be unable to move o ruse abilities for 2 seconds. Generates 15 combat advantage.

It’s an awesome dive in skill, and you regenerate your used energy on the long run. This skill will also be used, for example against “Armando” in GT, where you have to beat him with a shield very fast.

ImageAgonizing Strike r3 – Inflicts 50 % more damage to enemies that are bleeding or knocked down. Consumes 60 combat advantage.

It is your strongest attack, it absorbs much combat advantage, and that’s why you have to use a couple of “Powerful Blows”and “forceful Kick’s,” before you have generated enough.

You’ll have to use it in the following series:
If the mob doesn’t bleed, then you have to knock it down with “forceful kick”, to have a higher chance that you get the extra 50% damage. You can’t be sure to get it, but your chance will increase.

ImageForceful kick r3 – Has a 30 % chance to knock the target down. Inflected damage depends on equipped boots. Generates 15 combat advantage.

As I said before: It’s a wonderful talent to be more confident that “Agonizing Strike” hits with 50% more damage. It’s also good to break down “mage barriers “, or just to make a little stun without o use much energy. A good idea is to charge in and use it, may stun peoples who are running away in a PvP.

ImageMalicious Blow r3 – Damage to all enemes in front of you. Has 25 % chance to increase your chance to block by 10 % of your current chance to block and reduce all damage taken by 3 %. Effect can stack up to 5 times. Generates 25 combat advantage.

This is your main attack against many mobs, because it’s your main AoE attack. But remember the mobs have to stay in front of you! It has a great chance to reduce the damage that you will get from hits, and it still makes damage.

Imagevicious spin r3 – inflicts damage to all enemies within a 5 yard radius and causes them to bleed. Consumes 65 combat advantage.

This skill shall be used in combo with malicious blow. Use mb to generate combat advantage, and than pop vicious. It will give you a good defense + a nice damage. This skill is 80% of your damage if you fight against many mobs, so don’t forget to use it.

ImageBash r3 – Damage, knocks down and stuns the target for 3 seconds. Increases the duration of any bleed effects on the target by 50 %. Consumes 55 combat advantage.

This skill is good in PvE and PvP, because it gives a longer bleed durection and it stuns, but it’s bad against red ringed elites, then they can’t get stunned.

ImageBulldoze r3 Damage and knocks the target down. The damage dealt is affected by the quality of your shoulder armor. Comsumes 40 combat advantage.

It’s a great stun / damage attack because it does damage and knock your opponent down, plus the attack becomes stronger when the quality of your gloves increases.
Remember knock down effect makes agonizing stronger!

The last skills are just trash PvP skills

Bloodbath r1 – can break some mage barriers.
Gut Punch r2 – can stop peoples from healing
Shattering Strike r2 – can take the weapon away from an opponent for 5 seconds, which is a long time.

Now I want to tell you about the 3 warrior “Talent Tree’s ” and their construction for a tank

1. Powerfull blow talent tree

It’s simple enough. I went up to get the extra state points + to increase my stroke from “Powerful blow”, but the purpose was not only to get them but to get “Block Rubies”. You’re missing a lot of defense if you need to be tank, and therefore it is good to get the 2x 25% Rubies, so your chance to block is 50% higher than the one you have now. While you go for them you also get all the goodies along the way, as already mentioned + some new shield skills. They are good for stun, but Ram is, for example not so efficient in my build because I haven’t gone after blood effects, though I have a chance of it through “Powerful Blow”.

2. Charge talent tree

This is the biggest and probably most important talent tree you have. Because it puts a lot of survival skills into the race. Let’s start by looking at it from the bottom.

Second Wind – Restores 20 % of your total health over 10 second and consumes 35 combat advantage. (It’s a combat heal. You have to be in combat, and you must have 35 combat advantage)

At the beginning it is always good, with some heals, otherwise it can be an expensive trip through the game. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get “Second Wind”. It heals you for 20% of your hp, but it can actually heal for more. This i depends on your “luck”. High luck stat gives a high chance of healing crits. After you got this, you can go down and get “lethal Blows”, but it’s really not as important as you will not need too much “Finesse”. The next skill is rank 2 “Second Wind”, which gives you another 20 % heals. This means that you now got a 40 % heal skill every 2 minute. But remember, it’s a combat heal, so you have to go in combat to use it.

Augumented Armor – Increases your armor by 2 %
Now we come to”Augmented Armor”, that allows you to get 2 % more armor. This doesn’ sound like much, but in “late game” it’s very important. 2 % of 3000 armor is 60 armor. That does not sound like too much, but it nevertheless gives a nice Damage Reduction.

Die Hard – Cancels all control effects and increases your health by 40 % for 8 seconds after receiving a lethal blow. It does stack with the other die hard, so you are able to get rank 2.

This skill gives you an extra life, an extra chance to complete what you’ve been doing. Because it gives you 40% hp back and r2 gives you 80%. This provides you with 8 seconds to kill a monster before you fall back down to 1hp, and with r2 it procides you with 16 seconds. If it’s in an instance, it gives the healer a chance to heal you fully. YES! It is in fact! The healer can heal you so much, that when the effect is over, you stand there with 100% hp. Which I think is incredibly nice if it just was a little mistake from the healer

Rugged Fighter – Increases your Stamina by 3 %
Down in the left corner you will see ”Rugged Fighter”, which provides you with 3 % more stamina, which is much in late game and very important for the tanks. It doesn’t matter if you are Agility tank or endurance/ stamina tank, you will need this skill.

Living armor– Increases your armor by 5 % for 15 seconds when you receive a critical strike.

It’s extremely nice and has a high chance of being activated in an AGI build, since you have an OK chance of getting hit by a critical strike when you get hits, which then becomes less.

Furious Regeneration – Heals you for 40 % of your total health over 10 seconds. (It’s a out of combat heal, and it will cancel if you get hit by something)

This is a very nice heals, and along with “Second Wind”, you will be able to keep your life up for a long time before you need food / Martyrs Salvation. It can be used without having to enter a battle, so it’s always good to have, as it is not always you want to go into a battle and lose some life when you actually try to get it. Probably why you mostly see the “Second Wind” as PvP heals.
(“Second Wind” can be upgraded to rank 2, which is 80 % heals)

Unyielding Resolve – Reduces the damage taken from critical strikes by 10 %.

This skill is good for all tanks, since a crit fast may mean problems for your healer. A strong monster like a red elite in GT would be able to 1 hit you if it is lucky. It’s always good to minimize unpredictable damage.

Adrenaline Rush – Increases your energy regeneration rate by 100 % for 20 seconds.

It may be you are a tank, and that they shouldn’t spend as much energy as a 2h, but they may still be missing it and that can be dangerous. Too little energy is fewer strokes and fewer strokes is less damage, which means less agro from mobs, which cause you can’t keep the agro of them anymore.

Stony Resilience – Puts you in a stance that grants you a 50% chance to reduce all physical damage taken.

It’s an awesome tank skill, which you really need. The reduction depends on your stamina/ endurance, but it’s also good in an agility build. You would feel like paper without stony, and you will probably forget to use it many times, so you will learn always to look at it. The good thing about it is, that there isn’t a cd on it, so you just click on it and leave it like that the whole time. The only bad thing about it is, that It seems bugged sometimes. I have tried that it went off without I clicked on it, so my advice is, that always should keep an eye on it.

Menacing Presence.
It’s not a very important skill, but better than waste it on an empty cell, and you have to go that way anyways.

Evasion Expert – Increases your chance to dodge by 25 % of your current chance to dodge.

Evasion Expert is the most important skill for an AGI tank, and also important for a normal tank. The first rank gives you 25% more chance to dodge an attack than you have now, and the next rank provides 50% greater chance than the one you have now.

Intimidate – It intimidates the target, forcing them to attack you for 10 seconds. The target must inflict damage equal to 20% of your total health before they can attack another target.

It’s a very good skill if you lose your agro against a single mob, and don’t have the time to build it up again, or it will kill your mate.

3. Jagged Slive talent tree

It’s in this talent tree you get the skill that makes warriors such good tanks, and the name of the skills is “Cruelty”.

Cruelty – increases your threat generation rate by 400 % for 20 seconds.
Look at this example. You do 3k damage, and just multiply it by 4 because of the 400 %.
3*4 is 12k damage. The damage is still only 3k, but you get threat as if you did the 12k hit. Another example could be this one: You stand and hit an lvl. 40 mob and hit it 60k damage, so a person must do more than 240k damage, to take the mob away from you. You can’t tank well without this skill!

Motivating Presence – Restores 60 energy to all party members
This skill is nice, but unfortunately in most cases put out of the game by a DPS warrior as they burn their energy too quickly, so they pop it before you need it. This means that you have to wait sometimes, but otherwise it is lovely.

Time again for the stat boosts!!
I call this talent tree the stat boost tree.
You get 3 % agility, 3 % stamina, 3 % strength og 3 % finesse. This is a lovely stat boost to everything a melee could need, and of course something wonderful to take with you.

Skillful Fighter– Increases your chance to parry by 25 % of your current chance to parry.
It’s the last block skill for a tank that you need. You gain 25 % higher chance to parry, and of course there is a rank 2 for this skill which gives you 50 % higher chance of what you already got.

Now you can get another Augmented Armor, that means that you know have 4 % more armor, which sounds like something!
Example. 3000/100*4= 120 more armor in a 3000 armor build.

Question time!

(Q) = Question
(A) = Answer

(Q)Which attacks should I use to for AoE Tanking?

It may be different some times, but the most time you will go for this:

(A)Cruelty + Charge + 2x Malicious Blow + Vicious Spin

After that you just have to repeat 2x mal + spin all the time. The first attacks aren’t doing that much damage, that’s why you need Vicious, it’s your agro! Get it fast or you teammates will probably take the agro, especially if they use AoE damage like smite or lightning.

(Q)Which attacks should I use to for Single target tanking?

(A) As always you just have to use charge, but instead to use AoE skills you go for Powerfull blow 3x times 20 combat advantage), and remember you can use normal attacks when it’s on cd! After the 3 hits you will have enough combat advantage to use Agonizing Strike (60 combat advantage)

(Q)Is there any special mobs out there?

(A) Some mobs got attacks like cleave, so you have to tell you party members if it is so, because they must hit him from behind or the healer will get a high time.

(Q)Is it hard to lvl as a tank?

(A) The answer is that it’s just as easy to lvl. as a tank as it is as a pure healer. It takes time, and therefore I would not recommend doing this. I’ve chosen to go paired dps when I started to play this game, and I’ll advise to do the same, or maybe go 2h build, just as long as you go DPS build.

This can maybe help you to choose your weapon:

Paired is maces or axes – they are made for PvP

2h is a sword – It’s build for pure heavy DPS. But it also cost a lot energy and that’s why you have to make sure to have a lot expertise in this build, so that you don’t miss any attacks.

(Q)Some people are probably thinking right now, when will I be able to Tank GT?

(A) You have to be full lvl 5 atleast + full epics to tank the first 1-2boss’es, for the other bosses you need lvl. 6-7.

(Q)Can I do anything in PvP as a tank?

(A)The answer is”YES!” Peoples don’t talk much about it but tanks actually do a lot in PvP’s, because they got a lot stun skills. With my build you will be able to do PvP, then you got all he rank 1 PvP skills, and with sword + board you got some fast hits, which makes you a stun spam monster! You can easily breake down the barriers of a mage, you can easily stun a healer who tries to heal, and you can take much damage so the healer doesn’t have to heal you all the time. But you have to group up with a dps, because you will get a hard time to be able to kill another 1vs1. You are a great assist, but not able to do heave enough damage.

(Q)It tells me that sweeping strike doesn’t make damage? It just say 0 to 0 damage?

(A) This will probably be because sweeping strike is a shield attack, you need to have a shield equipted.

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