Allods Online 2Hander Warrior Guide

Allods Online 2Hander Warrior Guide by littleevil

My name is Oldskull , im a brute and i love 2h warriors

I decided that this forum needs a warrior 2 h leveling guide – the guide made by Ludeus does not seem to be updated so i decided i write this one

basicly 2 things about 2h warriors
2h attack cost more energy than 1h – we attack less but can do heavier dmg – and we look cooler too with huge weapon on our back :D

so from the start untill lvl 10 u will be stuck with shield and 1h

there are 3 skills that are incredibly important for warrior – forcefull kick , powerfull blow , Agonizing strike – this is how it should look at lvl 6

after this u should lvl up powerfull blow 1st untill r3

when it comes to rubys after lvl 10 – going for intimidation 1st since this skill will give 20 seconds of control – and cruelty is best idea for a low lvl tank – if u will want to run XAES as a tank – is your lvl 17 build

now u have second wind and die hard – both allow u to stay in a fight longer
your dmg is nice too using either : charge / kick / powerfull blow x2 /agonizing strike
or simply running up to a mob and simply using kick / powerfull blowx3 / agonizing strike … 14fw2y4108 – lvl 24
we all know where u are – its the infamous Asee-teph , holy lands
try not to fight to much atm – and focus on lvling untill lvl 28 – which does not mean u shouldnt take a fight when u see a chance u can take some dmg and not die – u have a 20 seconds cc 2 kds 1 disable and handfull of dmg skills – your bigest problems will be good kiters – but it all changes at lvl 28 … 14fw2y4108 – u are a beast – ur very hard to kill and u have a slow and nice dmg boost to your powerfull blow … fw2y304108 – this is your lvl 33 build – u have max slow and a boost to powerfull blow … fw2y304108 – this is your lvl 38 build … f4fy304108 – this is your lvl 40 build

buldozer altho its a nice skill – is not as often used in a fight if ur a 2h warrior- its not a bad skill at all its just that u will be lacking energy to put it in your rotation

as for your stats – put each and every single one into luck – u wont regret it – its additional 40 pts luck which is always welcome – some might say finesse is better – and that can be true – but luck is good regardless

when picking up gear try to stay in 5% to miss – so wearing expertise jewelry is sometimes better than other choices with str or luck or finesse

always try to pick up max reputation for the zone and items that come with it
also pvp rank items are great when u start hitting later lvls
try to keep your weapon at highest possible quality – it makes fights easier

buy potions on AH – healing potions / expertise potions / str potions / finesse potions – they are all great for u and the ones with 23 bonus are not that expensive to buy – or to make if u have friend who is an alchemist

your basic rotation should always involve kicking 1st than using arcing blow if its off cd
or powerfull blow – both benefit from hitting kd targets

EDIT : this bild was revised to newest edition

to ppl saying that u need lucky strikes – they dont know what they are talking about – u need to read the description 1st than look at your skills and rotations than post again about the lucky strikes for a 2h warrior

this build is as much for pvp as it is viable for pve – u have a nice aoe dps rotation in there with a decent aoe dmg boost from rubies – u wont be ashamed of your dmg in heroics

personaly i love gut punch and this is the reason why i have it at lvl 3 – for those who prefer a different allocation – its best if take the rank 3 gut punch down to lvl 2 and play around with the points

the last 3 rubies should most likly be put into upgrading bonk and presence
(i think presence is an amazing skill and i would actualy drop the expertise ruby from powerfull blow tree and put it into presence – but thats for ppl that want to respec becouse this is leveling guide and ull be fine lvling without it – its just a great skill for parties)

new update:
i was asked by couple ppl that followed my build about endgame and what to do when u hit 40

1st thing to do is to get your 3rd patrionage (this will give u ability to pick up 4 treasure chests a day – picking them up pays up for the 1 incense u will use easly – and a blue from them can sell on ah for 40-300 gold depending on type) as well as all quests from dungeons that can give u skills
2nd thing is to get all reputation possible – historian can be gotten with repeatable – after that fastest one will be sentinels and later free traders
3rd is to collect endurance/stamina gear :)
and yes 4th is to respec to tank (chepest way is to do 3rd portal quest and basicly get free wod)
there is a couple diferent tank specs – with a great tanking thread right here :

personaly i used 2 different builds … y28q39k8w2 – is my current spec … y28q31k8w2 – this was my 1st build as a tank

both seem to work fine to be honest if i wanted to respec again i owuld change it too
this: … y28q39k8w2 just because heaving 2 taunts is still good especialy if sometimes at the 1st pull a mob will absorb initial dmg

the reasoning behind respecing to tank is simple – u will almost never find ppl looking for dps warrior – usually pug heroics are 2 tanks 2 cc 2 healers – so the best way to get geared up is to tank
in this game gear means way more than spec so once ur epic/blue geared u will be fine with specing dps and still tanking

the most important stats for starting tanks is 270 endurance (5% crit) 2700-3000 armor (50%+ dmg reduction) and high stamina (trying to get 90-100 k life with incense on is your goal) and of course around 320 expertise (5% miss chance)
after u get those stats u can focus on getting additional agility to increase your block/parry/dodge chance and str/fin for treat generation

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