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zOMG Luck Guide by Lobotryas

== Table of Contents ==
  • Frigging Luck, how does it work?

  • I can has moar Luck?



  • Is Fortune’s Favor worth it?
  • How hard should I Luck?



== Frigging Luck, how does it work? ==

= Base Luck is always zero =
All players start out with zero luck and will receive only the basic drop rate for gold and loot without any buffs. It’s currently impossible to have negative luck.

= Luck stacks from all sources =
Luck bonuses from every possible source will stack together. Currently the maximum possible luck bonus is 39%.

= Luck never scales with CL =
You will receive the same luck bonus from all sources regardless of your CL. For example: you will receive the same + 8 Luck from RR4 Divinity at CL 1.0 as you would at CL 10.0. Your luck bonus will remain the same even if you suppress down.

= Luck Limitations =
Luck will never increase gold amounts or your chances of getting loot from the following sources:

    • In-game Daily Chance
    • Quest rewards
    • Rewards for defeating a boss
    • Chest rewards

= Luck & Gold =
With the 06/16 update luck now increases the amount of gold you receive only from killing monsters. Your luck bonus is treated as a percent increase to the regular amount of gold all monsters drop.

For example: if you had max possible luck (39%) and you killed a monster that usually dropped 100 gold then you would receive 139 gold (100 * 1.39 = 139) from that kill.

= Luck & Loot =
Luck has always increased the frequency of loot drops. In this case “loot” includes all crafting materials, recipes, orbs and rings that you receive from monster drops only. Just like with gold, your luck bonus is treated as a percent increase of a monster’s base loot drop rate.

For example: if you had max possible luck (39%) and wanted to kill monsters that normally had a 10% chance of dropping a loot item then your increased drop rate for that item would be 13.9% (10 * 1.39 = 13.9).

== I can has moar Luck? ==

Below are all the different sources of luck currently in the game.

= Rings =
User Image Coyote Spirit

      • RR1: +0 Luck
      • RR2: +2 Luck
      • RR3: +3 Luck
      • RR4: +5 Luck

User Image Divinity

      • RR1: +0 Luck
      • RR2: +0 Luck
      • RR3: +8 Luck
      • RR4: +8 Luck

User Image Fitness

      • Passive Bonus: +5 Luck

User Image Fortune’s Favor

      • Passive Bonus: +13 Luck

= Ring Sets =
User Image Angel Set

Requires: Solar Rays, Hunter’s Bow, Wish, Healing Halo

      • Complete Set Bonus: +3 Luck

= Ghi =
User Image Luck Boost

      • Minor: _ +2 Luck
      • Normal: +3 Luck
      • Major: _ +5 Luck

NOTE:The only way to earn Ghi Boosts is by playing the game. Players will always receive new Ghi Boosts in the following order: Willpower -> Health -> Luck -> Dodge -> Accuracy This cycle will repeat through all three Ghi Boost tiers: Minor, Normal (no prefix) and Major.

== Is Fortune’s Favor worth it? ==

This question is asked often and with good reason: since its release the price of the Fortune’s Favor Ring has gone up from around 550,000 to over 750,000 gold.

The price of the Fortune’s Favor ring has fallen dramatically due to its re-release during the 2011 Easter Event. If you were ever on the fence about this ring then save up your gold and grab one now before its price balloons back up from the current 220,000 – 250,000 range.

This is a difficult purchase decision to make since supply is limited, the price is steadily growing and the Marketplace is the only available source for this ring. Ultimately the purchase decision will be yours alone, however to help the process I would like to present some Pros and Cons of shelling out mucho dinero for your own Fortune’s Favor.

= Pros =

  • Biggest single source of luck currently in the game.
  • MP price of the ring is only expected to rise.
  • Makes for a good investment if you decide to sell it back later.

= Cons =

  • Large up-front cost.
  • Other ring bonuses are mediocre.
  • The ring will only recoup its cost if you farm a lot.
== How hard should I Luck? ==

This choice depends a lot on your ring preferences and whether you prefer to crew or solo. I will try to provide some rough guidelines, but ultimately each player will pick their own approach.

Most folks will usually have 10-13 points of luck (RR4 Divinity + Ghi Look Boost) on them whenever they are fighting monsters. If you’re a player who likes trying out different rings for their 8th ring slot then I recommend picking up a Fortune’s Favor for an easy increase to your gold income and loot drop rate. If Fortune’s Favor is too expensive then consider Fitness or Coyote Spirit as an easier alternative.

If you find that you often crew then it will be easy for your crew to work Coyote Spirit into the buff list. Having five other players among which to distribute buffing duties should also allow you to bring Fortune’s Favor, Fitness or both.

One point I would recommend against is trying to squeeze the Angel Set into your ring tray if you aren’t using it already. Currently the 3 point luck boost from the set is too little to justify carrying two situational rings and two ranged attack rings. Instead I recommend sticking to your usual ring choices so you can maintain your killing speed while improving your luck.

To conclude, I would recommend two generalist sets as an example of how to balance damage, survivability and luck. These sets are merely an example and are not meant as an end-all solution.

= Solo =

  • Mantis
  • Slash
  • Hack
  • Bandage
  • Meat
  • Rock Armor
  • Divinity
  • Fortune’s Favor

= Crew =

  • Mantis
  • Slash
  • Hack
  • Bandage
  • Meat
  • Fitness
  • Coyote Spirit
  • Fortune’s Favor

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