zOMG Fountain Game Guide

zOMG Fountain Game Guide by Witch~Blade

In the center of Barton Town is a potentially unlimited supply of Orbs with no danger of Animated interruption. The Fountain Game is a game of memory, a lot like Simon except that four separate people are needed to play. If you have five it’s even better because then you can have one person type out the first letter of each color in sequence for the people on the buttons to follow. Some people can type them and play at the same time but I’m not that talented. Mainly because I like to use the arrow keys to move and for some reason my computer will only let me use my mouse after I’ve typed something in the chat pane. (If anyone knows a way around that, please let me know what it is.)

Ok first things first. You need to get a crew together. Hopefully with people who already know how to play because explaining how to do it can really be a pain which is why I’m putting this together. It will be much easier to point them to this URL. Then maybe we will get more people in game that know how to play and we can start earning Orbs at this. I know it’s not polite to shout but I think this is one of those times where an exception can be made. Shout out for players who know how to play the Fountain Game. Then tell the people who respond to join you by the fountain. Add them to your crew. If they want to play but don’t know how, point them here.

Once everyone is ready have them choose color and stand next to it. The person who is starting the games (which can be anyone in the crew) should stand on Blue. It’s just easier.

User Image

Someone from the crew clicks on the sign shown above to start the game.

User Image

While it’s not necessary to type out the colors or shapes of the buttons in the sequence they are displayed, it makes a huge difference when more of the buttons are lighting up. But it’s really hard to do and play at the same time.

You may or may not have noticed but each button has a shape in the center which I have enhanced for clarity in the picture above. It’s easy to get orange and yellow mixed up because they are really close in color and the blue one is really purple but you don’t want to have two “P”s. It might be easier for everyone to type the first letter of the shape rather than the color. Just make sure to let everyone know that’s what you will be going by so there’s no confusion. I also like to practice going back and forth over the buttons a couple of times so I know how far to go. On the star and the triangle you really don’t have to worry too much but on the diamond and the circle it’s really easy to go off to the next screen. I suggest going horizontally (side to side) on the diamond and vertically (up and down) on the circle. You can use your mouse or the arrow keys to move. I prefer the arrow keys, that way i don’t have to line up each time.  

After the game has begun a red message will come on your screen telling you it’s your turn to play. You then have 30 seconds for your crew to stand on each of the four buttons and light them up as in the picture below. If your button isn’t lit, step off then back on to light it.
User Image

After all four buttons are lit a red message will tell you to clear the buttons so move off of them right away. The game is about to start.
The first round only two buttons are lit (Sometimes it’s only one button lit twice so pay attention) If your button lights twice you must cross over it twice.

User Image

Like the red message says you have 5 seconds to get it right. After the buttons light another red message says “Duplicate the pattern” Don’t start crossing over the buttons to light them until it says that or it will not work. Don’t be frustrated if you don’t get it the first time. It’s not as easy as it looks. However, if you manage to get it right you will get messages popping up that look like this:

User Image
As the game progresses there are different phases and more buttons to be lit up. A red message will come across the screen telling you which one it is. Try to ignore it because the button pattern lights up at the same time. Which is why it’s very helpful to have someone typing out the pattern as it happens. The phase doesn’t really matter. Just wait for the pattern to finish then complete the pattern as quickly as you can.User Image

User Image

UPDATE: ]Speed buffs seem to help a little although somewhat jumpy. Also, gotta be ready to CROSS OVER your button as soon as it says duplicate the pattern (NOT BEFORE) and as soon as the other color has lit. It almost needs to be done a split second later (ALMOST SIMULTANEOUSLY) on lightning rounds.

A little knowledge goes a long way I think. Hopefully this tutorial will get more people proficient with the Fountain Game. It really can be fun. I’m sure there’s lots of things I’ve left out and tricks that I don’t know about so by all means, post your suggestions and I will add them in. I’d like to thank Preecher for taking all these pictures for me. I could not have put it together without his help.

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