zOMG Frequently Asked Questions by Sira_Black

Order of Questions;
1. In Game Questions
2. Ring Questions
3. Error Questions
4. Quest Questions
5. Miscellaneous questions


In Game Questions

How is my progress saved?
Everything you have done, is automatically saved whenever you leave zOMG. No save points needed.

Can someone tell me about the use of G’hi abilities and how to get them working?
G’hi abilities are quite simple. You gain G’hi abilities as you spend time around other Gaians or in Barton. These abilities are passive, so you do not have to worry about equipping them, or using them. A G’hi ability is a boost for your character such as added doge and hit rates and regeneration rate. Your G’hi count can be found next to your health and energy count in the bottom stat bar. The more G’hi you have, the better the boost works. Even if you run out of G’hi power after spending time alone, you keep the abilities you have gained. To re-activate them you simply need to spend time with other Gaians, and refill your G’hi.

I am in the sewers, and I can’t find my friend!
When you first start zOMG, you end up in the sewers and train station. When you are here, you are unable to choose which server you wish to be on. Also, you may not be able to make a crew.
As soon as you finish the beginner sewers, you will be able to see which servers are available, and which servers your friends are on when you enter zOMG.

How do I know which servers are less busy or open?
Just like a traffic light, there are different lights to represent server traffic. A server with one green dot is less busy and is fully open. A server with two yellow dots, or a server with three red dots shows that the server is more busy.

Why do the Animated and other Gaian’s have different colors of names in zOMG?
The color represents what CL that character is at compared to you.
Purple = way lower than you
Blue = lower than you
Green = same level as you
Yellow = higher level than you
Red = way higher than you

I can’t find my recipes on zOMG!
On occasion, the recipes you have collected will not show up on zOMg or at Nicu’s shop. However, if you check the “zOMG” tab of your inventory, they should show up. Do not fear!

How do I join a Crew?
You can either be invited to join a crew, and then click “Accept” or create your own crew. To invite someone to your crew, simply click on their character, and click on “invite”.

How do you go about creating or joining a CLAN in-game?
You don’t. You join or access a clan via Community->Clans->My Clan

What is G’hi? What does it do? How can I recharge my G’hi? How do I get G’hi abilities?
G’hi is kind of like a bonus. It can boost, or give you helpful stats. When you spend too long away from other Gaians, your G’hi will decrease.
If you are in a crew with other members, your G’hi will no longer drop, or will even increase. If you need a full bost of G’hi, spend some time in Barton. As you spend time with other users in-game and in groups, you will gain G’hi abilities. These are what bost your stats.

What are the little lightning bolts in a circle that appear above some Avatar heads sometimes? Is this a pause? How do you access it?
Those are just signs of you disconnecting from the zOMG server. You can get them by either disconnecting intentionally, unintentionally, or by refreshing your game.


Ring Questions

Where do I get rings?
You’ll get a choice of one of three basic rings from Dani, the NPC you meet in the sewers. Later, different NPC’s will offer you choices of rings when you complete quests. Also, some of the Animated drop Rings if you are lucky.

How do we use the rings?”
Well, you can do one of two things.
1. Click on the Animated you wish to attack. Once there is a red circle under your target double click on the ring on your hand you wish to use to attack.

2. Press the “`” button to alternate between targets you wish to attack. Then click the number 1 through 8 which corresponds to the ring you wish to attack with.

How do I make my “??? Ring” show up in zOMG?
If your “???” ring is equipped to your avatar, you will not be able to use it in battle in zOMG. However if you un-equip the ring, it should show up as a fitness ring in game. Sometimes need to go into your inventory and activate it for zOMG.

What level am I on? How do I level up? FTW?”
You don’t necessarily have an actual level. If you want a cute imaginary level, average the CLs of your rings as it is.
Your rings are the only things you can actually level up in the Null Chamber, by clicking on the hand and opening up your inventory and pushing Upgrade Orbs into your rings. Once you have enough orbs in your ring, the CL will level up to the next CL. A ring at level 2 takes 20 orbs to level up to CL3. A level 3 ring takes 30 orbs to level up to CL4. etc.
Your stats increase gradually based on the effects of your rings. This includes health, too, mind you.

What is the maximum CL I can have on a ring?
As far as I can tell, each ring can be leveled up to CL of 10. This takes a lot of orbs however, 450 to be exact.

I just got a new ring, and I have 8 equipped already. How do I change my rings?
Your rings are ‘stuck’ on your fingers during normal battle. However, the moment you enter the Null chamber, simply click the hand icon and change any of your rings around! You can only level up and take on and off rings while in the Null Chamber. Note; To more a ring, drag and drop the icon where you want it to go.

Hey! I have duplicate rings! What should I do with it?
If you do not wish to have a ring, and do not want to sell it, you can salvage a ring for 10% the amount of orbs invested in a ring. Brand new rings give you 1 orb. If a ring has orbs already in it, you get 10% the number of orbs that were used to upgrade the ring.

If I sell a ring on the marketplace, which has a high CL, do I get the orbs back, or they ‘go with the ring’.
All of the orbs you infuse into a ring stay with the ring. The only way to retrieve some of those orbs are to salvage the ring. However, when a ring has a higher CL, they are worth more in the marketplace.

When you hover over the equipped rings, there’s a yellow box that pops up with a ratio, like 5/20. It doesn’t seem to be the same as the ring’s charge. What is it?

That little dialogue box is simply showing you how many orbs you have in the ring and how many more you need to up the level of it.


Error Questions

What do I do about the dreaded 104?
This one plagued all us zETA users a ton. One of the fixes which were found was to simply not click on the “x” or “OK” button and wait till the game loads anyway. This works on occasion. You can simply move that little 104 box off to the side.

I keep getting the error “unable to soulbound properly” – what do I do?
There are a number of Gaians who claim that you must un-equip both your head start ticket and your “??? ring” from your avatar. The ticket should be under the ‘head’ section and should be grayed out.

You only have to have the ticket in your inventory. You do not need to equip anything.The message you’re getting is a security error. We’re checking your inventory now to see if there’s a problem.

The [Insert ring here] that I received shows up in my hot keys as a “?” is there any way around this?
This was a normal problem in Closed Beta. You may need to reload the game in order to force the ring to show up.


Quest Questions

How many Peelungers or Gramster’s do I need to kill in the beginning quest?
You only need to kill five for the quest. Kill twenty five if you want to get the badge.

Badge? What is that for?
You get a badge when you kill a certain number of a certain type of monster. It is a farely common occurrence in games.
You can use the Badge to show off what you have done in zOMG!

Where do I go to see my Badges?
You can go into your profile and change the settings so that your badges display in your profile.

When I am in Dead Man’s Pass, the gravestones have gears on them and they make different moans when I click on them. What is that for?
As far as we can tell, there are a number of select songs that you can play on the tombs.
So far, your ‘Scales’ and ‘Twinkle Twinkle little star’ are both songs you can play. You will get a badge for every song you correctly play on the Gravestones.

Where do I find Music notes?
There should be some drums in the Zen Gardens that give you music notes. Be Careful though! The Zen Gardens have lots of high level Animated!

Miscellaneous questions

If we’ve been playing Closed beta, do all of our stats get wiped now that it’s open?
Yes. Everything you managed to collect and all of your stats are deleted now that there is an open Beta.

Will everything get wiped from Open Beta when they release the game publicly?
No. You get to retain all of your progress and keep all of your items from Open Beta when they release the game officially.

Do you have to DL and install it to play it?
Nope. It simply opens in another window. No DL required.

If I change my avatar, does that change my zOMG character?
Yes! zOMG is linked to the main Gaia site. However, you may have to re-load the game if you saved your outfit while playing zOMG, and wish for it to show up.

Where do I go to craft my recipies?
To make one of your recipes, go to the ‘Back ally bargains’ shop, and visit Nicolae. There is a button below his image that says “Make Recipe” – just click on that to go about crafting your item!

What do Null fragments do?
Null fragments used to be one of the main ingredients in crafting items from the recipes that you find across zOMG.

How do I get more Null Fragments?
Null fragents are no longer available.
In the past however, you would gain Null fragments as you completed quests.

I read that we dont need null fragments for our recipes and that we can trade them for orbs and new rings. how can we do that?
You go to Nicolae in the western part of Barton Town in-game and talk to him. He manages all Null Fragment trades.

What is that small icon that is listed above my Charge Orbs, which look like some shards of glass?
That small little icon represents how many Shards you have been given or collected. One for every Charge Orb. This ensures that if you purchase a ring with a super high CL, you will not be able to use it. That way, Gaia was preventing users with a lot of gold from simply purchasing all their power. Instead you can only use rings that have a number of orbs in them that is equal or less than the number of shards you have. So in essence, if you add up all the Charge Orbs in your rings, it will equal to that number, or less.

Where can I get an ‘Oh My Gumball’?
You get an Oh My Gumball by trick or Treating. When a character plays a trick on you, sometimes a small little Pumpkin Fluff will attack you. If you kill this Fluff, you may get lucky and get an ‘Oh My Gumball’!

How many ‘Oh My Gumball’s can I get?
Only one per Halloween. After that, you simply get either gold, or exploded pumpkin guts.

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