Star Trek Online How to Kill Crystalline Entity Guide

Star Trek Online How to Kill Crystalline Entity Guide by Icerider63

This is direct quote from Rushakra so kudos to him for getting out the correct info;

There are three types of fragments:
Crystal Fragments: These are spawned all the time. They chase you and do ~5k damage. Kill them, kite them, whatever.

Large Crystal Fragments: These are spawned when the Entity reaches 30% HP. They deal ~12k damage and spawn three Smaller Crystal Fragments when they impact something. This can be either a ship or mines, so do not use mines and do not get hit. It is completely, 100%, absolutely OK to shoot and destroy these otherwise. People who claim that killing Large frags will heal the Entity are stupid and aren’t actually paying attention when it happens. You will see three Small frags being formed after the Large dies, but they will despawn immediately. Their brief existence is a graphical or coding error. They are not real and do not effect anything. Kill Large fragments all you like. It’s fine.

Small Crystal Fragments: These are spawned when a Large fragment impacts a player ship or mines. They will attempt to return to the Entity and heal it for ~1% of its total HP. Stop whatever you are doing and shoot these when you see them. As stated above, they are only spawned for real when a Large frag impacts something. Killing a Large frag will only create FAKE Small frags which instantly disappear.”

The only other needed piece of info is………

Follow this and it’s a cakewalk

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