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Star Supremacy Game Frequently Asked Questions by ForumBaron


Q:        What am I supposed to be doing in Star Supremacy?
A:        Every player’s initial goal is to find the hidden technologies that will allow them to journey deeper into uncharted space.

Q:        Why do I want to travel further?
A:        In order to conquer and hold a mighty empire for yourself, you will need fresh star systems to attack. The star system you start in is too highly populated for this.

Q:        Where are the hidden technologies?
A:        Each planet past the faction homeworlds holds a number of well defended bases that hide these technologies.

Q:        Ok, I know my long term goal. But what should I do now to achieve it?
A:        The best thing to do in the early game is proceed through the early tasks as they will provide you with lots of useful Artefacts as well as engaging in many battles near your colony to give your leaders experience.

Q:        What are these artefacts for?
A:        The artefacts you collect from completed tasks can give your leaders powerful abilities in combat as well as accelerate many of the day to day activities in your colonies. They will be key to gaining an edge over your opponents.

Q:        Where else can I get artefacts from?
A:        Artefacts can be collected from tasks as well as rewards for engaging in tough battles. Any battle will have the chance of finding an artefact, but the chances and rewards are greatly increased from harder battles. Artefacts can also be collected from your faction by using B-Creds.


Q:         I have run out of resources to build things, how should I get more?
A:        Resources are best obtained by building mines, farms, drills and other resource gathering buildings. You can also collect caches of resources by raiding the resource nodes scattered across the planets.

Q:        How can I get resources quickly? I need them right now!
A:        There are two ways to get resources quickly, the first is to complete story or daily tasks that often provide you with bonus resources. Or you can use a trade platform building to either buy resources off other players or get them directly and instantly from your faction.

Q:        I never have enough fuel to sustain my fleets. How can I get more?
A:        Fuel can be created in large quantities by using a fuel synthesizer building. This building turns excess ore into fuel. It needs to be researched after you have an engineering facility.

Q:        I have set up lots of production, but cannot make goods. Where do they come from?
A:        Goods can be produced from an industrial plant building. This building converts excess ore into goods for use in higher technology buildings and ships.

Q:        My fuel synthesizers and industrial plants are using all of my ore, what should I do?
A:        You can set the production of these buildings by clicking on them and choosing a new production rate. Often a single building can convert all the production of a colony so extra ore should be brought in via trade routes.

Q:        What counts towards my colony action limit?
A:        Building structures, Upgrading buildings, Sending out fleets, establishing trade routes and Building ships.

Q:        How can I increase the number of actions my colonies can perform?
A:        There are three ways to increase the number of actions: Increase your colony leader’s Charisma, use the ‘Star Horn’ artefact in a colony or use the ‘Building Engineering’ artefact.

Q:        What does NOT count towards my colony action limit?
A:        Returning fleets, Research projects, Fleets trading or Holding locations and Demolishing buildings.

Q:        How can I speed up my research rate?
A:        Research is sped up by having multiple colonies with research facilities. Also higher level research facilities will increase research speed. Finally, being part of an alliance can also provide useful bonuses to your research. Before attempting to research higher level topics, try to build at least one more colony to speed up your research rate!


Q:        You mention trade routes. What are they?
A:        Trade routes are connections between two of your colonies or a colony and a resource node. They allow resources to be transported continuously making your resource management much easier.

Q:        What other benefits are there to trade routes?
A:        As well as moving resources between your colonies and resource nodes, trade routes also are the main source of credits which are used for research.

Q:        How do I make one of these amazing trade routes?
A:        Your colony must first contain a space port, then you must have a valid destination which can be either a captured resource node, a assaulted enemy colony or one of your colonies. Then simple select your space port and the desired destination; choose a fleet to do the transport and set them off. The size of the fleet will determine the amount of resources you can transport.

Q:        Can my trade routes be destroyed?
A:        Trade routes can be attacked if another player attempts to capture your linked resource nodes. The trade fleet will do their best to defend themselves.

Q:        Trade routes give me credits, what are they for?
A:        Credits are used for all research; trading at the trade post as well as purchasing certain items from the faction shop.


Q:        What are leaders for?
A:        Leaders provide direct bonuses to your fleets and colonies as well as direct ships into battle.

Q:        How do I make my low level leaders stronger?
A:        Very low level leaders cannot command many ships. In order to make them tougher it is advised to buy some basic equipment with your credits in the shop. This will give them the abilities to command more ships to rise their early levels.

Q:        What happens when a leader earns enough experience?
A:        After earning experience from battle, leaders can level up. This will improve their attributes as well as provide you with extra points to apply to attributes yourself.

Q:     What are the stars that appear on the leader’s display?
A:     The stars show the natural skill of the leader with each attribute. High stars mean a high chance of gaining points when increasing level. The colour of a leader’s name is a rough indication of the number of stars they have.

Q:        What do the various attributes do?
A:        Leaders have five primary attributes: Charisma, Efficiency, Ingenuity, Tactics and Financier. The bonuses that these abilities provide are described on the leader window.

Q:        What attribute should I increase at the start of the game?
A:        By far the most important attribute for low level leaders is Charisma. High Charisma allows the leader to command larger fleets and also can provide your colonies with the ability to perform more actions at once.

Q:        I lost a battle and now my leader has no energy, what should I do?
A:        Leaders will regain their energy over time at a base with a base-control building. There is also an artefact that will restore all of a leader’s energy called helpfully the ‘Energy Potion’.


Q:        How do I know how challenging a battle will be?
A:        When fighting against the pirates who occupy most of the worlds, the challenge you will face is related to the indicated level of the resource node they occupy. If you are having trouble defeating a resource node, try attacking one of lower level.

Q:        In battle, what is the bar next to my leader’s portrait?
A:        This bar shows that leader’s energy levels. If this every drops to zero the leader will be unable to fight and will be forced to retreat. Energy decreases when the leader’s ships take damage.

Q:        Enough with the economic side of the game. How to I attack other players?
A:        Attacking players is a very risky action that can have wide reaching consequences. Be prepared for swift and heavy retribution! That said it can also be really rewarding and fun (for you!). You can attack other players in three main ways:
1) Capture their resource nodes to break their trade routes.
2) Assault their colonies to directly steal their resources by setting up a trade route to their base.
3) Obliterate their colonies with torpedoes destroying the buildings and infrastructure!

Q:        How can I pick my targets to attack?
A:        It is highly advised to use the ‘Satellite spy’ artefact that can check what defenders a location has. This can help you pick your target.

Q:        How does obliteration work. It sounds like fun!
A:        To obliterate an enemy you first require two things: Torpedoes and torpedo bombing technology. Each level of torpedo bombing tech will increase the number of times you can obliterate a day.

Q:        What can torpedoes do for me?
A:        Torpedoes are large weapons that can be used to great effect in direct battle, and if held back during battle they can then be used against a colony’s buildings directly to deal massive damage. They require manual operation however so to use them in battle you will need to be present.

Q:        How do I use aircraft in a fleet?
A:        Aircraft first require a fighter bay to be researched and installed on a ship design. After this a leader can assign aircraft to their ships in the same way they assign ships.

Q:        What benefits to aircraft provide?
A:        Aircraft can act as an effective barrier between enemy ships and your fleet. They will soak up much of the damage and you will not lose any energy if they are destroyed. In addition many large ships have trouble attacking the large numbers of aircraft you will be fielding making destroying their larger ships easier.

Q:        What is weapon initiative?
A:        The order that ships fire is determined by their initiative. Each ship has their base initiative added to that of their weapons to calculate their fire order. Aircraft have the best base initiative, then small ships attacking aircraft, then large ships and finally small ships attacking large ships.

Q:        How do shields work?
A:        Shield defend your ships from enemy laser and lance attacks very effectively. They are useless against other forms of attack.

Q:        How does missile defense work?
A:        Lasers and Flak weapons are effective at shooting down incoming rockets, missiles etc. The more lasers and flak weapons you put on a ship design, the less projectiles will actually deal damage. It is possible to build a ship almost immune to projectile attacks.


Q:     How do I go about research new cool stuff?
A:     You can start researching after your leader reaches level 5 and you build a research facility.

Q:     Ok, but how do I research new buildings, ships and weapons then?
A:     Some other technologies require other types of research building which can require a level 10 leader first.

Q:     Researching takes too long, how can I speed it up?
A:     Apart from using artefacts, you can also upgrade your research facilities or build more in other colonies. Every research facility contributes to your research rate making things faster! You can also get a research boost from any members of your alliance who have already completed the topic.

Q:     What about credit? I have run out!
A:     Restore your credit by selling artefacts, exchanging resources in the trade platform or by setting up a network of trade routes between your colonies or captured resource nodes.


Q:     How do I join an alliance?
A:     Once you have reached level 10 with your leader, you can build a commercial centre. At this point you can ask to join alliances.

Q:     What benefits do alliances give me?
A:     Alliance members can send fleets to protect their ally’s property as well as receive enhancements to research and income.

Q:     How does my alliance affect my research?
A:     Each ally who has already completed the topic you are researching reduces it’s time by 2%

Q:     What about my income?
A:     Each alliance member will increase your income from trade routes by 2% as well!

Q:    How do I identify my allies?
A:    All your ally’s property will be covered in a blue glow similar to your own green glow.

Q:    What does it mean to be ‘Enthusiastic’ in an alliance?
A:     Enthusiastic allies are those who have donated credits or B-Creds to the alliance. While enthusiastice, those allies are safe from being kicked out of the alliance.

Q:     How much should I donate to be safe?
A:     You will need to donate at least 1% of the alliance’s current total of which ever currency you are donating in order to be enthusiastic.

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