SkyRama Moving, Storing and Rotating Items Guide

SkyRama Moving, Storing and Rotating Items Guide by creed

On your screen you will see a Bulldozer Named Storage.

If you click on the Bulldozer you will see the tool bar on the right side of your screen
(As shown below)

As you will see there are 3 Icons:

Move to Storage – Move to storage allows you to place things in your storage area for later use, it also holds items that you have achieved.
All of which can easily be move in and out of the Storage by simply clicking on them. (As Shown Below)

Mirror – This allows you to change the position of the item. Turning it 90 degrees. So that you place it in a different location to make it fit easier.

Move– This allows you to click and move items within you grid area.

Storage – Where items are held for later use.

Can I place more that one of the same type item in storage?

Yes, the number at the bottom of each picture will tell you how many of each item you currently have in storage.

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