SkyRama Duty Free FAQ

SkyRama Duty Free Frequently Asked Questions by creed

1. What is Duty Free?

Duty free goods are to give you a little extra money.

2. What do I need to get duty free?

You need a duty-free shop, you get this via your early quest.
The first store can hold upto 20 duty free cargo.
You can increase this by using Aircash(10 per increasing the inventory by 10), thus increasing the storage capacity of the building to up to 60 potential store sites.

Later, another duty-free shop will be earned, making the total storage (in previous 60) rises to 180.

3. Where can I buy duty free from?

Rama-XS Cargo – You get 12 DF goods
Rama M-Cargo – 60 DF
Rama M supercargo – 85 DF.
This happens in both directions.
Someone sends you a cargo, you will receive goods and DF.

You will only receive this full amount if the buddy services your plane for you.
You will also get the full amount if you service their planes.

Collections :
3x + 3x postcard snow globe newspaper + 3x + 3x = 20 DF gift goods
Teddy 9x + 9x + 9x snacking flower perfume 9x + 50 = DF goods
Buy at the duty free shop. 2DF = 20 goods

4. How do I sell duty free goods?

Through the dispatching of passenger aircraft.
Once your duty free shop is full it will automatically sell.

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