Rohan Online Templar Guide

Rohan Online Templar Guide by xKophy

Hai! Everything you need to know about temp is below

Stats : Full int. – dont be stupid and do str or vit.
Skill build:

(I took off saint strike after this ss was taken)

Level 7 skills
Essential: Blunt, Int Blow, Brain blow, reflect
Important: Mental Blow and MTB
Good to have: Euphoria, Mana Shield, Heal, MB, Debuff

Some temps take a few points off manashield or stuns to have group heal lvl 7 – personally i’d take off of mind blast and white curse

Pets (in order of pro-ness)
For PVP: Lion, Unicorn, Tiger, Speedy Hawk
For PVE: Lion, Unicorn, molly, tiger, speedy hawk, monkey

How to play a temp:…eature=related

1-70 – whatever cheap ass boss drop rings u can find (like cameo’s)
70-90 – 32s or 41s
90+ – Insurgents (magic atk) or boss drops (Beze, Ruler Flame diamond)

Order of how good 9x rings are..

Insurgent +8
IM ring
Insurgent +6
Insurgent +5

Now taking away ruler bez kasa insurgent +8, i get asked alot what is better, feather IM ring or insurgent chain. Each have their advantages. IM ring gives slightly more melee but no vit, if you’re in divinity or dont have an epic/upg i wouldn’t recommend it. Feather has nearly the same melee (and if i remember slightly more hp) as a chain and is cheaper. A chain is the most expensive but has the most all stat. Honestly, i’d recommend feathers, but its up to which u like best.

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