Rohan Online Strength Dhan Guide

Rohan Online Strength Dhan Guide by DekCross

So the dhan forums have been wiped out. I figure I would come here to give a heads up on the stat and skill builds seeing as dhans are my favorite class!

Here I will outline level by level stats and skill builds. As well as accessories you should use, weapons you should have, and armors you should be in.

(Please note that this is also for all players who are NEW to rohan and dont have the ability to get or have pro gear IE like my set of froianne I have delvled to lvl 1)

Level1- Equip lvl1 dagger from inventory talk to npc accept quest
*Go kill 3 young vargs and level up!
Level2 – 3str 1vit Armors None Weapon lvl1 dagger (you start off with it.)
*Keep killing vargs untill your M.Kill reaches 1920
Level3 – 3str 1vit (equip any armors you may pick up. If you dont get any thats ok)
Level4 – 3str 1vit (same as above)
Level5 – 3str 1vit
*You should hit level 5 by the time your mkill hits 1920 You should have 4 skill points free in your skill window. Follow all the npcs and do all the quests along the way. Sell anything at the npc room when u get to it that you dont need. Low level armors are some what useless.

You will reach the end of the hall eventually and a npc will ask you about m.kill accept the quest. You will want to open your inventory and drag your pots to your skill bar It says shift 1 on it.

Kill yourself an akpieon (probably mispelled but it looks like a scorpion) You will reach level 6 with 107% exp. You may have to pot while fighting this monster.

Level6 – 3str 1vit (equip any armors that you can they will help a little)
*Kill another scorpion looking monster this will promote you to level 7

Level7 – 3str 1vit (Equip any armors durring the quests you have done you should have forged a lvl7 rare dagger equip this at this time)
*Kill yourself 10 young vargs and 10 Young Imps to finish the mkill quest then follow the green arrow on the mini map to turn this quest in.

Level 8 – 3str 1vit (once again equip any new armors you find.)
*Run around and kill all monsters aiming for the higher level ones when u get to the mkill. You will be awarded an exp bonus at levels 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100.

Mkill gives you a good boost to your exp when you kill a higher level monster. Try not to waste it lower level mobs In the tutorial it will be hard considering mobs max level is 7. Dont worry too much here.

Level 9 – 3str 1vit (equip armors that you get)

Level 10 – 3str 1vit

Level 11 – 3str 1vit
*Ok press the k key on the keyboard this will open up the skill tree
1skill point in invenom
1skill point in sprint
2skill points in psychic phantom
1skill point in quickness
5skill points into phantom crow

It is also time for you to leave the tutorial zone. Finish up all the quests you will get a +5all stats ring that lasts for like 2 weeks. You will get a 8hr 80% exp boost talisman. As well as a +5vit earrings. Equip the earrings and ring.

The next npc will teleport you out of the tutorial zone into the real game.

You will spawn at the bind stone portal from there head right up the hill into dhan town. There is an npc as you head into town that gives you a quest. Pick this quest up then head into town. Once inside you will look to the right to find an NPC named Quong Go talk to him. Click on the I would like to undergo a persona switch. Now you will see other players names, be able to join parties, and also trade with other players. This is also an important part for going to different towns as a dhan in assassination mode you cannot enter any of the other races towns without being killed by their town patrols.

Now if you turn around and head across the yard you will find Okari talk to them. and click I wish to trade. Sell off all unneeded items here to collect crones. Press M and look on the map you will see green dots lit up. Go talk to these npcs and doaccept the quests and follow the directions.

But time is of the essence you only have 8hrs on the clock for the exp talisman. Time for you to go get your grind on after you make a stop at the armor merchant and buy some armors that you can wear to fill in any gaps and or lack of armor you may have.

Take up accessory crafting and gem gathering. Make yourself Artisan Broach I Which have +5str +5vit +5agi on them

You can make as many of these accessories as you want so it would be wise to make as many as you can and sell them to other players to gather crones and gear yourself. (They sell for about 100k crone each)

*Please note that I will no longer be giving step by step instructions on what to do only the level by level statsskills.

Level 12 – 3str 1vit 1 skill point into psychic phantom

Level 13 – 4 str 1 skill point into mana burn

Level 14 – 3 str 1vit 1 skill point into deadly blow (the skill with the gold trim around it this skill gives you a 10% boost to your str.

Level 15 – 4str 1 skill point into deadly blow

Level 16 – 3str 1 vit 1 skill point into deadly blow

Level 17 – 4str 1 skill point into deadly blow

Level 18 – 3str 1vit 1 skill point into deadly blow

Level 19 – 4str 1 skill point into psychic phantom

Level 20 – 3str 1 vit 1 skill point into invenom
**important quest at gathering hall ** this quest gives a 7day talisman with +100% exp boost! It is important that you either delete the 8hr 80% exp boost talisman or it has expired. These will not overlap and it will cause you to lose out on this talisman!!!

Level 21 – 4str 1 skill point into invenom
*You should be wearing full elven armor if not parts of elemental or even some froianne by now.

Level 22 – 3str 1 vit 1 skill point into invenom

Level 23 – 4str 1 skill point into invenom

Level 24 – 3str 1 vit 1 skill point into hide.

Level 25 – 4 str 1 skill point into Perry

Level 26 – 3str 1vit 1 skill point into perry

Level 27 – 4str 1 skill point into perry

Level 28 – 3str 1vit 1 skill point into perry

Level 29 – 4str 1 skill point into perry.

Level 30 – 4str 1 skill point into confusion pouch
** Accessory alert** You are now able to get accessories that contain +10str +10vit and +10agi If at all possible get these accessories if not try to get rings with as much str or vit on them as possible until you can get these artisan broach II’s

Also Level 30 is a BIG Level you are now able to engage in Player VS Player combat (PVP) this system is not in one bit fair. You will often encounter high level players. My suggestion is to avoid pvp as much as possible and work on leveling.

***Go back to the gathering hall and talk to the newbies helper once again you will get a mount 30 or 50 mobility usable in dungeons and safezones.

Level 31 – 4str 1 skill point in silence
*You should be using one of the following weapons
Spirit of Ferdinant (unique dagger)
Song Of Einehoren (unique sword)
Celinon’s Ulrak (unique katars)
*If you can find them with melee and damage drop on them thats great if not you will need the weapon attack for the best dmg you can possibly get.

Weapons and armors can be deleveled a max of 32 levels before a failure will cause them to break. These weapons will require a max of 11 levels worth of deleveling for use at level 31. If you have been selling the level 10 artisan accessories I feel that this is not an outrageous deal as you should have more than enough crone to do this for a good weapon for your level range.

I would try to use the sword as it has the best weapon attack. Katars have the second best. However they have higher attack speed so its a toss up between higher dmg and faster attacks. Most of your dmg will come from your psychic phantom skill anyways. So really swords are your best option. They will require being deleveled 10 levels vs the 11 of the katars.

Level 32 – 4 str 1 skill point in silence

Level 33 – 4 str 1 skill point in silence

Level 34 – 4 str 1 skill point in silence

Level 35 – 4 str 1 skill point in silence

Level 36 – 4 str 1 skill point into mana burn

Level 37 – 4str 1 skill point into mana burn

Level 38 – 4 str 1 skill point into mana burn

Level 39 – 4 str 1 skill point into mana burn.
You should be wearing natu or even some pluion by now

** The following is 100% contingent on you spending money on the game. Im assuming if you have made it this far you are probably like the game. However this will mean that you will spend atleast 50$ on the game. It is not possible like it might have been for you to only spend 10$ on the game like it may have been at one time.

You will need to buy an exchange market account with that 50$ The exchange market account is only 5$ and is a GREAT resource to have for playing this game. You will also have to buy atleast 2 level 6 stones off the item mall which will cost you 15$ each.

*If you dont wish to pay it is ok.
Level 40 – 4 str 1 skill point into mortal rising
*Go to the gathering hall and talk to the noobies helper you will get a 15day +10all stat costume

Level 41 – 4 str 1 skill point into mortal rising

Level 42 – 4 str 1 skill point into mortal rising

Level 43 – 4 str 1 skill point into mortal rising

Level 44 – 4 str 1 skill point into moral rising Add level 6 stone to mortal rising and psychic phantom make both of these level 6.

Level 45 – 4 str 1 skill point into psychic phantom.
You should be wearing full pluion armor by now.

Level 46 – 4str dont use any more skill points you will need them for class change!

Level 47 – 4 str

Level 48 – 4str

Level 49 – 4 str

Level 50 – 4 str
*Go to the gathering hall and talk to the noobie helper you will get a stat reset stone. It may be wise not to use it right away not untill you hit level 70+

You are also able to use a new accessory at this time a +15str agi vit artisan topaz broach III you should try to get this accessory as quick as possible. Or if not you should use the Artisan III Str Vit Dex accessories.

You Should be using some enchanted pluion by now with MAX hp. Dont bother with anything else as its pretty well useless to have.

You also should be using the one of the following weapons. Armenes’s Dagger (Level 58(dlvled to your level) with as much melee as you can find on it and also with Damage Drop!.

Rai’s Katar With as much melee and dmg drop as you can get on it.

Edwin’s Quickblade (sword) with as much dmg drop and melee as you can find on it.

Your Skill tree should look as follows.

5 1 5
5 1 0
0 0 5
0 0 1
0 5 5
5 0 5
– 1 –

*If you use cash shop

5 1 5
6 1 0
0 0 5
0 0 1
0 5 6
5 0 5
– 1 –

You also should be using a bear as soon as you can get one. Please note that it is not important that you follow the skill build to the T however it is important that by the time you reach 45 you have all the skills that are IMPORTANT to your build.

Also IF you can get them!

Silence is VERY important to have level 6 it drops the cool down time ( The time it takes to use the skill) down to 90 seconds. At level 7 it is 60 second cool down time with a 45 second duration.

Also mortal rising boosts your critical hit dmg and stacks with phantom crow. However the skill doesnt say this. But I can assure you that its true. I dont know how much the boost is. Most people only speculate. But I can tell you its WELL worth it. Its even better at level 7

Phantom Crow at level 7 adds an additional 32% crit dmg to your psychic phantom attack skill. Over what level 6 gives

Every little bit helps. Psychic phantom level 6 has a 10% boost to its dmg from level 5. However it is not that nessicary to have in a pre level 50 build it is nice in a pvp stand point. You will need every little bit of dmg for competitions that YNK may hold and or other types of pvp you may encounter.

One thing to mention level 7 skills only last for 30days. I do not suggest you get them if you do not want to. They are costly at 6.20usd each. For under level 70 level 6 skills will suffice. However if you want to splurge feel free to do so.

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