Rohan Online Psy Wizard Guide

Rohan Online Psy Wizard Guide by Saswki

the start is hardest part,you wont have enough int and the basic atk skills(mostly) are based on. psy wizards are getting power on higher lvls after you can grab most of your wizard skills.
Some points you should know :
a)low damage regular attack
b)godly AOE capability in PvE on higher lvls
c)godly buffs/debuffs in PvP on higher lvls

Noitce : I rather build a Mass PvP wizard more then a PvE one skills/states,Since the class had low damage so i’ll just go as a perfect support class,Stuns/sleep/slow/debuff/shield/GMI.

stat build a 99 wizard :
you have 548 points,the build depends on rohan gamers those days which they got usually same equipments(x4 51s vit/psy/int-upgraded staff full ench.bed/full upgraded skills lvl6/lvl7).
so you need to build it as a 3 psy-1vit till level 99,here you’ll have a good hp/psy.

Skill build level99 Mage/wizard tree :

Mage :

1)Dark Message lvl5 (Boost HP by 18000% and MP by 1000%)
2)Cold Wave lvl5 (Paralyzes the target for 6 sec’s)
3)Dark Eyes lvl1 (Can detect vanish effect within 30m radius. 15% boost in magic attack. Same effect granted to party members.)
4)Cure silence lvl1 (You can use this skill even when you are under the silence effect.)
5)Broken barrier lvl1(Destroys your opponent’s Magic Barrier and/or Mana Guard)
6)Taming Mind lvl5(Target slips into a coma for 8 seconds. Regains consciousness when target receives damage.)
7)Frozen Ice lvl5(Target’s attack speed will drop by 40%, mobility by 50%.)
8)Dispel Magic lvl5 (50% chance of dispeling either 5 buffs or debuff effects casted on the user.)
9)Wide pollution lvl5 ( Attacks all targets within a 10m radius. 1000% psyche boost applied to magical damage.)
10)Magic reflection lvl5 ( Receive only 20% of magic damage, and reflect 50% to the attacker.)

Plus> if you can afford make them lvl6 its will be perfect build.

Wizard :
1)Psyche Sheild lvl5 (Shield from Damage 32% of your Psyche shields the damage you receive.)
2)Add Temper lvl5 (Attack Skill Damage boost by 300. 300 pts added to your Attacks skill damage.)
3)Weakness lvl5 (20% drop in Maximum HP & MP 20% decrease to your opponent’s maximum HP & MP.)
4)Magical piercing lvl5 (Target + 8 behind the target will receive 400% PSY Magical Damage.)
5)Multi Magic Arrow lvl5 (50% of your Psyche is applied as Damage to your opponent. 6 attacks.)
6)Group Mortal Immune lvl5 ( You and your party members are immune to Critical Damage. Lasts 80 secs.)
7)Area Dispel lvl5 (Randomly deletes 3 of the buffs that 8 of your opponents possess within a selected area.)
8)Ring Burst lvl5 (190% of your Psyche is applied to increasing the damage you deal to 8 opponents within 10M radius.)
9)Strike bash lvl5 (140% of your Psyche is applied to your Damage. Stuns 8 opponents for 5 seconds that are within a 10M radius.)
10)Reraise lvl5 (Revive from death with 40% of EXP, 50% of HP, and MP recovered.)
11)Eternal Darkness lvl5 (Makes 8 of your opponents within a 10M radius sleep for 12 secs. Wake up upon receiving damage.)
12)Killing Time lvl1 (2 Cooldown times eliminated Cooldown time eliminated when using regular skills. Lasts 30 secs.)

Here you gonna have 1 extra Skill point,you can put it anywhere.

So basically all that skill are lvl5,you’ll have to upgrade them eventually to lvl6/7
Most of them are really IMPORTANT being upgraded skill.

I repeat this guide is for support PVP wizard(my favorite part in rohan),You will not damage deal with this build,Increase you HP as much as you can,so you can tank any class trying to drop you,im pretty sure with this build no one able to drop you alone,they will need a party at least to drop you.

This is my wizard.

pets usage :
Bear lvl3
Lion lvl3

my favorite players played this class :
Lapakaa lvl99 skilled wizard silva wizard.
My full PSY build this time i made highest psy in iRohan at this moment

Enjoy PvP wizard with this guide,thx =D

New Build

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