Rohan Online Priest PvP Guide

Rohan Online Priest PvP Guide by Sunraven

Ok, so you want to play a Priest, good for you, as Priest is one of the most entertaining PvP characters in Rohan. And yes, despite what some people may think, Priest is a PvP char. The girls who make Priests because they equate healer with rainbows, unicorns, and cute fuzzy bunnies all have brains full of useless fluff. More than likely they’re a G.I.R.L. trying to look cute to garner favors. Unless you’re going to PvP with it there really isn’t any reason to level a Priest past Almighty, lets face it, any well geared character or party doesn’t need a Priest to level and in fact are often better off forgetting the Priest at the bindstone where it can operate as a buff whore and getting another damage dealer for faster xp.

A well-built and geared Priest should be a tank; you can’t keep your party alive if you can’t stay alive. If people hit you and then switch targets because your hp isn’t moving or because they don’t do damage fast enough that you can perfect heal yourself, you’re on the right track. A good Priest should not be using magic barrier on their self all the time, magic barrier is for the rest of your party, not for you unless you’re the one taking the majority of damage. But again, read the second sentence. You can make or break your party in PvP, depending on whether you are any good or not.

So wait, you want to play a char that can kill people? The general consensus is Priest doesn’t kill, it just supports. Well, you’re not going to be winning any PvP between an equally geared char in coliseum but YES a Priest can pk and not just noobs. You have to be smart and you can wipe entire parties solo. Just remember, mobs are your friends. Not many parties will come back and try to level again after you kill them, after all, imagine the embarrassment they will feel having to ask in guild chat for someone to come protect them from a Priest? Later in this guide I’ll teach you how it’s done.

Status Points:
Your stat points should be allocated to psy and vit. At the lower levels I would suggest adding 3psy/1vit or full psy. All you’ll be faced with are mobs and the stronger your magic barrier at this stage the better off you are. Once you get to higher levels you will be adding more vit.

At 99, with your endgame weapon equipped, 51s, costume, talismans, lvl 7 alm, lvl 7 group mental blow, and lvl 7 mental blow (psy buff from Templar) you should have just over 1k psy. All the rest of your stat points can go into vit. You can also go half vit half psy, this build works quite well also.

At level 50 you can get a complete status reset from the newbie helper in Gathering Hall. You should get this and save it, if you put too much in one stat or the other you can use it to fix them for free later.

Skill Points:
All right, I’m not going to tell you every single step to take in this and I’m leaving some points up to you to choose where to put them and when. I’ll give explanations of the pros and cons of the various skills and suggestions for when to take certain skills.

Levels 1-36: Your skill tree should look something like this:

At this point in time I’d suggest your heals should be left at level 4. If you followed my suggestions from earlier your noobie Priest is mostly if not all psy so will still have very good heals and magic barrier. The level four heals have a shorter cd period than 5 or 6 and since you don’t have the Priest tree skills like Obligation or the other heals to help you out yet, healing fast and often is what will keep you and your party alive. You will add more points to these later. You should be using your chrono on magic barrier, you can keep barrier on most of your party all the time this way.

Get Revive instead of Incarnation. First of all, you have access to it earlier than the other skill but most importantly it has a faster casting time than Incarnation and you don’t have to have scrolls in your inventory to use it. Three seconds difference might not seem like a lot but in fast paced PvP every second counts.

Divine Beam is an optional skill, you may or may not take this, it is up to you. I chose to take it to make the lowbie levels go a little faster as you’ll probably be soloing until you get to Ahkma cave and it gives you a little something to do in party when they don’t really need you instead of standing there idle. Also entertaining for chasing off ksers. Priest rage is scary.

You’re now done with the Healer skill tree until many levels later.

Levels 36-62: Your skill trees should look something like this:

At level 50 you will do the job change quest to Priest. The first skill you need to fill out is Almighty; get this skill to level 7 as soon as possible, even as a noobie, and everyone will friend you. Once you get to level 62 you will have all the necessary skills for PVE grind parties. The next skills you should make level 6 are Obligation, Group Mental Blow, and Magic Barrier. Eventually you will need a lot of skills to be level 6 and I will make a list of them later.

As you can see I’ve left five skill points that I didn’t assign. What you decide to use them in is up to you. I’ve just given you what you need at this point for leveling up and being the most useful in a grind party. Most everything after this is PvP oriented.

Onward towards 99:

The order you choose to get skills is up to you. I’ll just give you a few suggestions.

Get Cure Silence, Cure Confusion, Mind Air, Vacuum, Detect, and Debuff early on. They will help save your grind parties from rpkers, red Dhans/Dekans, and people who may be kosing your guild.

Don’t get Instant Heal until you have 51s at level 90, before that point you won’t have enough int for it to be very effective.

Don’t get Mind Blast until higher levels also, but I’d suggest getting this earlier than Instant Heal. Mind Blast’s effectiveness is level dependant: When using it on anyone with a level difference from yourself the effect does not last as long or they will resist it. So although the skill may say that it lasts eight seconds at level five it may actually only last four seconds when using it on someone that is higher level than yourself.

Some time during 9x is when you should make Heal and Group Heal level six. At this point you will be dealing with everyone using endgame equipment, they will have a lot of HP from epic and upgraded weapons. If you are smart about the other skills that you are using, know when to barrier, when to obli, who to vacuum, root, etc. the slower cool down times on level 6 heals won’t affect you. If you are worried about cd times you can always make both heals level 7.

What to do with those four extra skill points I left you? If you didn’t max Divine Beam you will have eight points at 99 to allocate to some skill. Where you put them is up to you. On my priest I have Marea’s Mind level 5, it’s an entertaining noob killer, but you might be better off putting those points in Detect or even Mana Recovery.

Mana Recovery would be one more buff someone would have to debuff from you and could possibly save you from loosing something important but it isn’t going to be that useful other than that.

Qndy’s Priest has both Revive and Incarnation skills. He is usually too busy Net Binding Vargs to heal his party so he has to resurrect them a lot.

There are some skills that you need to put one point in to get to an important skill but I suggest you put no other points beyond that. These are: Staff Mastery and Marea’s Battle. Staff Mastery is an attack power buff, you won’t be using a staff (I’ll explain more about gear later in this guide) and you won’t be attempting to do damage. Marea’s Battle does not stack with Marea’s Grace and you will want the HP boost above the “resist” boost, which is arguably not very effective since it’s hard to judge when or if it works.

Skills that I’d suggest you should make level 6:
1) Almighty
2) Group Mental Blow
3) Obligation
4) Magic Barrier
5) Vacuum
6) Marea’s Grace
7) Mind Air
8) Net Bind
9) Mind Blast
10) Group Instant Heal
11) Instant Heal
12) Blue Fountain
And if you decided to make your two heals level 5 you should make them level 6 as well. So:
13) Heal
14) Group Heal
If you think you will leave the heals level 4, then I’d suggest having a bit more psy in your build, lean toward more half/half.If you’re money conscious or want to just get the important ones first and save up for more later, just get those first six that I listed. Those six are also the skills that you should make level 7 and in that order of importance. Although I would arguably put vacuum in the number two spot. I’ll explain more about vacuum later.

Skills that I’d suggest you make level 7: The first six skills that I listed above, in case you skimmed the previous paragraph. Level 7 Almighty is a given, Group Mental Blow is important because having a lot of vit in your build all the extra psy boost you can get is good, level 7 Obli is 10% more damage drop than 6, Magic Barrier 7 uses a much higher percent of your psy than 6 does so another bonus since you’re vit/psy build. Level 7 vacuum is just pro.

At low levels get a weapon with as high a psy amount as possible and with damage drop. The more psy will help your heals at low level when you don’t have much stats or good rings. Once you get to the higher levels you’ll want a weapon with HP % on it. 5x% HP for a normal endgame weapon, or an upgrade weapon, if not a four part upgrade make sure the other parts use HP % pieces for the most possible HP.

At level 30 you can get Artisan Aqua II rings which have plus 10 int/psy/vit, level 50 Artisan Aqua III rings have plus 15 int/psy/vit, at level 70 you can use Artisan Aqua IV rings that are plus 20 int/psy/vit. Once you get to Aqua IV it’s worth it to plus the ring, plus five is a 41 int/psy/vit. At level 90 you can use Artisan Aqua V, which have the base stats of plus 25 int/psy/vit, these you should definitely get reinforced to at least plus five which is 51 int/psy/vit. 51s will be good for your endgame rings but if you get the chance the more the ring is reinforced the better.

PvP on a Priest:
Okay, so lets discuss PvP. Your number one job is to keep your party alive, this can be by heals and it can also depend largely on your disabling skills that you can use on the enemy. You don’t need to heal your pt if the enemy’s damage dealers are vacuumed and can’t attack!Move, move, move: Like I said earlier, a Priest is a tank, you should be able to take a lot of damage whether you’re debuffed or not, but that doesn’t mean to just stand there like a lump. Kite. Kiting is the act of moving away from the enemy. Because of the way the game works, especially taking lag into consideration, although a person may appear close on your screen they may be far away in the way the server sees location. If you’re always running around and moving the enemy will often get the “distance out of reach” error and not be able to hit you, despite you appear next to them on their screen. Use your WASD keys.

Why level 7 vacuum is the shit: It has the same cool down time as chrono, which is 120 seconds. A lot of times in PvP a templar only gets two reflects especially after he has gone through a three reflect cycle, his next set of reflects will only be two unless he has sat in safe zone long enough to chrono chrono, or has been killed. Two reflects are 120 seconds. You do the math.
So generally what I will do going into a PvP is I will vacuum whomever, guardian, dhan, dekan, whatever looks like it might do more damage or will QQ the most, and then chrono obligation immediately after. By the time vacuum is ready to use again you will also have chrono, and chances are the enemy templars are without reflect, so you chrono vacuum. GG.

Obligation: Level 7 obli is same cool down time as lvl 7 vacuum. So you can see how this is good. Use this wisely, this skill drops received damage by quite a bit. You want obli up at the point when your party is going to be taking the most damage. I don’t use obli every time it’s ready but I do use it generally at the start of a fight when the enemy is full buffed and going to be doing their most damage output. An important note: It used to be that when you debuffed Obligation from the priest the entire party lost obli, but as of this writing this is no longer the case. Even if you debuff the priest the rest of the party keeps obli so it’s not so important to chrono obli.

Buffing yourself: Always buff yourself staff mastery along with all your actually useful buffs, it just adds one more buff to be debuffed by the enemy in pvp. Also when you go into a fight hit Soul Meditation and also Detect (even if you don’t need it to find a dhan or whatever) they also add two more buffs that need debuffing. Extra buffs means less chance that your obli is going to be debuffed on first try. Later in the middle of group pvp you may not rebuff them if you don’t have time but at least buff them before the start of pvp.

Other pvp psy priest guide by N3mesis aka xRuby
The Priest
Choosing this class makes you a support char.Priests are well known for their healing abilities, buffs, making them a high required class for parties. Also as my guide will show priest can very well tank in pvp as well as in pve (boss hunts and grind parties)Stat build
Your main stat build can start different then the final setup you will have and the one that I recommend.

Psyche – adds mana, magical def, healing power, durability to magic barier
Vitality – adds HP, physical defense

As low lvl, you need to start workin you way addin 3 psyche 1 vitality till lvl 50.
After lv 50 add 2 points in vitality
At lvl 99 naked you need to have 300 psyche and rest in vit. With the right gear (hp weapon, hearts, bear, costume, tali) can have 40k + hp and around 800+ psy to heal perfect

I would have to say that priest is the easier race to lvl. You’re always needed. Thats why you need to do a good job and keep your party alive.
You start off in Hall of revelation and you should do those quests there cuz of the talisman that gives u some xp (its not a must just a helpful thing) Should stay there till around lvl 13.
After that should go to Ahkma cave and start working ur way up till you hit lvl 40. The cave has multiple grind places that will allow u to lvl fast since there are always ppl grindin there.

After 40 you can chose R1 till 49 or so. Then move to Altar of Roha. After that Spire is a good place to earn money by drops or Crones quests. Till you able to move to R3 , then new map and after R5.

You should pay attention to your party and use magic barier (MB) on them. Don’t keep just to urself.
The mage will aoe most of the mobs so he will need magic barrier the most.
Group heal will agro.
Lvl 7 magic barrier has smallest cool down so you can MB everyone
You can use Chrono on Obligation. its an impressive skill that takes down most of your parties dmg.

Skill Tree
I talked earlier about some skills now its time to get to know each one in particular.
The skills i mention is also the skill tree you should have.

White mage skills

Heal lvl 5 – you can upgrade this to lvl 6 it will have same cooldown
divine aura lvl 1 – it will realease some agro but dont depend on this to save ur ass
divine beam lvl 2 – you wont really hit stuff so its better to keep it low lvl or not take at all to save points
group heal lvl 4 – it will heal perfectly at lvl 4 , but the cool down is shorted and it can make a diffrence
cure confusion lvl 1 – its a pvp skill, it will eliminate dhan stun but you cant use it while u are under it
cure silence – usable in pvp curing dhan silence skills / pve curing diffrent bosses “silence ” skill
intel blow – its not for yourself , but ppl love buffs – good for warlocks, templars, wizards and int dekans
magic barrier lvl 5 – you will need to upgrade this as far as 7 if u can . it will absorb dmg % of your psy
detect lvl 5 – you can detect ppl using invis skills
grp instant heal – you should take this skill after you are lvl 50 and have triple stats that add psy vit int + costumes etc other wise its useless. i keept lvl 1 for the cool down till lvl 70, u should make it lvl 6 after that if you want
net bind lvl 1 – useful pvp skill I would say lvl 1 is best because you can use with chrono if necesary . lvl 5 you are held attaced longer time
chrono lvl 1 – can use same skill 2 times without cool down . i preffer to use with obligation or net bind

recovery is useless since everyone has toggle skills. rec doesn’t work with that

Priest skills

Almighty lvl 7 – this is actually the first skill you need to upgrade to lvl 7. everyone loves it and with good reason. add a 25% boost to all of your stats.
Blue fountain lvl 5 – boost in mana . lvl 7 is 35% increase
Dispel lvl 1 – releases u from Sealing square – dhan trap ( sometimes its buggy )
psyche blow lvl 5 – should upgrade to lvl 7 for 25% boost in psyche.
Erase lvl 1 – randomly dispells 2 buffs. sadly we dont get more but can be used with chrono for more debuff
staff mastery lvl 1 – you dont need this skill but you need to unlock next skill
vaccum lvl 5- very good pvp skill, stops normal attack. lvl 7 last 45 secs.
grp instant heal lvl 1 – its workin just as it is. high lvl increases already long cooldown
perfect healing lvl 1 – 100% heal.
mareas mind lvl 1- you can make it higher lvl but you dont need it necesarry
marea battle lvl 1 – its increase in resis.. but it doesnt stack with grace so not worth maxing
mareas grace lvl 5 – this should be upgrade as high as posible, lvl 7 increases your vit by 25%
mind air lvl 5 – should upgrade this skill, root effect. some skills have release tho
obligation lvl 5 – also a very good skill. lvl 7 decreses 70% of dmg

Other ppls skills like : Fixation, Crazy standin, Defendin nature, stone skin are debuffable!
Very useful to use vacuum when the attacker is casting Fixation, Crazy standin, Siege Shot.

Revive VS incarnation

A lot of ppl ask what to get or what is better. in the end its about gameplay style.
I have both and i prefer revive and resurrect scroll.
When you grind you need to resurrect fast because most of those squisy classes depend a lot on you .
incarnation has a longer activation time (meaning takes longer to cast) then revive and those few seconds can make the diffrence bettween a live squisy dhan and a dead one.
Also revive scrolls are instant (best for tsb, pvp).
BUT – if you have time and the pt is not in massive need of you , you can use incarnation for recovery of loss xp.

Weapon of choise

Before lvl 50
you should pick one hand ( mace , sword , dagger , wand what you can afford ) with psy.
you need this boost since your stats are still low and need more healing power now that you are on grind mode.
can use DD ( damage drop ) options or if you cant afford use armor defense ones.

lvl 50-70
you can go with psy again if you have low resources. or can chose psy vit combination .

lvl 70 +
From here on you can start building HP % weapons one hand. HP% will raise your health drasticly allowing you to take more care of your party, ables you to tank, survive longer overall.

As end game weapon always use one hand (mace or sword) and shield.
Best option 51% + hp , ancient with vit (or if you find psy vit) and DD option.

With the right gear you will have 50k + hp, and around 1k+ psy for perfect healing.

Mace / sword / dagger VS Staffs
Another question I see here is why use a one hand and not a staff.
This is very simple. using a one hand weapon allows u to use a shield.
from end game shield u can get pd and HP while still having the benefits from your weapon.
The mana that you can get from staff bonus is really not necesary and useless. You already have a high mana pool and losing Physical Defense and Hp for that is just a no no.

DO I need other weapon then the HP one ?
Some ppl are askin if to use other weapon then the HP one that i recommend. Like a psy one.
My answer is no. Dont waste rps and money on something that is completly useless.
why : ~ at pve grind u can still heal perfect with full lvl 7 still lots of psy
u dont need MB cuz of the high amount of HP . so u can MB everyone in ur party .
~pve vs boss – u can lure bosses to corners etc better places , tank them if necesary
at lvl 99 there is nothing to do but bosses really pve wise
~at pvp – able to tank even those nasty templars , and rest .
-able to MB someone else
~at tsb .-can freely go in front and chrono and mind air everyone

…I dont recomend psy weapon because ur not really vit build even with all the rings and everything . Whats 1xx psy anyways ? Can live without. Not worth losin 5x% HP over so little psy you already dont need.

Gearing up!

Armor upgrade
A lot of ppl ask what option to use for upgradin armor. Health . Always HP because you need lots of it. Some ppl see some other upgrades on EM but those are just for specific classes . Like HP recovery is for wiz.
Always use HP and if you can use the Item Mall option. If not use the ones ingame found for around 800k or so.

i would suggest not to waste time or money on using rare shield . Just jump from one unique to the next one. upgrade with HP as well.

Low lvl
When u start you should use what ever you can with psy till you reach lvl 25. The new crafted rings are a big help so can also pick from those.
You can get ” Kaan Sealed Heart” – 10 vit , 7 psy , 10 magic attack
lvl 30-55
“Abbots Prayer Book”.You get them from the Demon in Vena monestary. Also you find this boss when your doin your lvl 40 quest.The Books add 10 int , 10 psy 10 magic attack.
lvl 55-60
You can start wearing ” Cameo of Futility”.You can this drop after killin R1 boss (stats: 15 psy,15int , 200 hp )
lvl 60-70
Here you have 2 choises. Dependin on how you can afford.
1.lvl 65 ( the cheapest version) ” Dark Angels Baton ” from r3 boss ( stats:15psy,15int,15vit)
2.lvl 6 (around 3k rps or boss hunt) “Darl Soulpiece Necklace” from r4 random boss (stats 20/20/20)

Goggles / earrings
Here is a matter of what you find and what you can afford. Im currently using +25 vit goggles and + 18 vit earrings ( my build is mostly based on vit )

What Pet to use ?
The Honey bear is the best pet for a priest. The amount of HP desired cannot be obtained without a bear. So feed him up to lvl 3.

NEW Now with the new pets I can recommend the lion as a good pet also.

The Bunny is a must for everyone but only when teleport ,and the cat can be used during events, when collecting and other activities such as those.

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