Rohan Online Elf Priest Guide

Rohan Online Elf Priest Guide by Synth

After 6 Years Of Experience Being A Priest,
I’d Like To Make My Own Guide , Sharing My Experience.
To Let Others Avoid The Same Mistakes I Made As A Beginning Healer.
Some priests don’t even realize they have been making mistakes until they are level 90+…

Some people prefer vit in pvp because they can’t handle being squishy ,
and some prefer more damage , better heals , better barrier, etc because they know how to survive when being squishy =)
This is the more damage, better heals, better barrier guide,
For the people that can handle it

Of course everyone has had his own experiences of elf priest
and some of us might not share the same opinions but don’t be a kid and troll
on others their guides because your opinions are different.. Most priests that only have played for a short time
have a different opinion about full psyche because they have not been rewarded by it yet, the full psyche reward comes at lvl 99.

This is a guide made by me ,sharing my opinion.

No Points in vitality at all unless you are a new player.
If you are a new player , you might like 1 Status Point In Vitality For
The First 20 Levels To Save Yourself In Akhma Cave and to get used to the game.

Some also just prefer to stick with 3 psyche 1 vit even if they are experienced players,
because its easier to survive if you are not used to be squishy.
Yet being full psyche rewards you at later levels.

I know many Trolls that think they know much about priest,
will comment on here while not have actually read the complete topic.
The first comments will proof that ;D

If You Are A Pro Gamer that can handle being squishy and have fast enough reflexes ,
You Really Should Put Every Status Point In Psyche.

Psyche Is Your Main Damage and Defense!
Psyche Makes Your Mareas Mind and Divine Beam Very Powerfull Attacks that can 1 – 2 Hit Players
Psyche Makes Your Magic Barrier Strong And Harder To Break. Your Marrier Barrier is A Barrier That Will Protect You/Others From Damage!

More Psyche = More Damage
More Psyche = Stronger Magic Barrier
More Psyche = Better Heals
More Psyche= Better Mana Points (MP, The Blue Bar)

Later At Higher Level You Might Become Invincable because nobody can harm you because your Magic Barrier is Unbreakable.
Later At Higher Level You Might Be An Impossible Kill For Magic Attackers Even if They Debuff Your Magic Barrier Because Of Your High Magic Defense
Later At Higher Level You Might Be Able To 1 – 2 Hit People That Are Higher Then Your Level With Mareas Mind.
Later At Higher Level Your Heals Will be So Strong That Even A Level 1 Heal Can Recover an ENTIRE HP bar of a Full Vitality Class.

You won’t have much HP so every second counts,
If you play full psyche priest with lag and don’t have fast reflexes, this will be a very bad con because every second counts.
But HP armor can help you.

Put Your Skill Points On This Order :

Heal Level 1 ———–> Heal Level 2 ———->
Divine Aura Level 1 ———->
Divine Beam Level 1 ——–>
Group Heal Level 1 ———->
Magic Barrier Level 1 ———> Magic Barrier Level 2 ———-> Magic Barrier Level 3 ——>Magic Barrier Level 4———–> Magic Barrier Level 5 ——-> Intellegence Blow Level 1 —–> Intellegence Blow Level 2——–>Intellegence Blow Level 3 —-> Intellegence Blow Level 4 ——–> Intellegence Blow Level 5 –> Net Bind Level 1 ———->
Revive Level 1 ———–> Revive Level 2 ————>
Heal Level 3 ——–>
Divine Beam Level 2 ——–> Divine Beam Level 3 ———> Divine Beam Level 4———>Divine Beam Level5———–>
Group Heal Level2 ——–>
Revive Level 3 ——->
Group Heal Level 3 ———>
Revive Level 4 —> Revive Level 5 —–>
Chrono Level 1.

23 Status Points Left at level 50 (Its Late Atm So Correct Me If This Calculation Is Wrong xD )

Almighty Level 1 ———> Almighty Level 2 ———-> Almighty Level 3 ———> Almighty Level 4 ——-> Almighty Level 5——->
Blue Fountain Level 1——->Blue Fountain Level 2 ——> Blue Fountain Level 3 ——> Blue Fountain Level 4 ——-> Blue Fountain Level 5—>
Dispel Level 1 ———>
Erase Level 1————>
Group Mental Blow Level 1 —> Group Mental Blow Level 2 —-> Group Mental Blow Level 3 —>Group Mental Blow Level 4 ——–> Group Mental Blow Level 5 –> Mareas Mind Level 1—> Mareas Mind Level 2——->Mareas Mind Level 3——-> Mareas Mind Level 4———> Mareas Mind Level 5———>
Group Instant Heal Level 1 ———>
Mareas Battle Level 1 ——->
Mareas Grace Level 1 —->
Soul Medidation Level 1 —–>
Obligation Level 1 —–> Obligation Level 2—> Obligation Level 3 ——-> Obligation Level 4 ——–> Obligation Level 5 ——–>
Mind Web Level 1 ———>
Mareas Grace Level 2 ——> Mareas Grace Level 3 ——-> Mareas Grace Level 4 ——–> Mareas Grace Level 5——>
Mareas Battle Level 2 ——-> Mareas Battle Level 3 —> Mareas Battle Level 4 —-> Mareas Battle Level 5 ——>
Mind Web Level 2 —->Mind Web Level 3 ——> Mind Web Level 4 ——> Mind Web Level 5

NOW YOU GOT ALL THE NICE SKILLS. You’ll have spare SP.. like a lot.
And i know you will want the extras to help others , every bit helps.

The Following Is Not Needed But Pretty Nice To Have After You
Have The Important Skills. You’ll start having extra SP after Level 72.

I REPEAT ; The Following is OPTIONAL

—–> Bless Staff level 1 —-> Bless Staff Level 2 ——–> Bless Staff Level 3 ——–> Bless Staff Level 4 ——-> Bless Staff Level 5
—–>Vacuum Level 1 (Great vs Dhans)

Spend The Rest Of Your Skill Points Wisely <3

Advised To Level 6 – 7
From Important To Less Important :

Top 10 To Get To Level 6 or 7


This does not mean that you HAVE to get them all to level 6 or 7.
In Fact It doesn’t even mean that you have to get any of these to level 6 or 7.
This Top 10 Is Just My Preferance Of What I’d Get First, second, third, etc… To Level 6 or 7, if i have the chance.

1. Allmighty ! ( A plus point if you get this to level 7, Some people can get really angry and rude if you don’t have it )
2. Magic Barrier
3. Mareas Mind
4. Group Mental Blow
5. Intellegence Blow
6. Mareas Grace
7. Divine Beam
8. Blue Fountain
9. Obligation
10.Bless Staff (myeah, i didn’t knew what else to put as 10th since everything else has already been mentioned xD Buffs , Every bit helps <3)

Thank You


Question:Why Don’t Get Level 5 Heal?
Answer: If You Go Full Psyche, You Will Not Need Level 5 Heal. You’ll Already Be Able to Full HP BAR Heal Most Of The Players. If You Get Level 5 Heal, Trust Me, You’ll Regret It Because Monsters See You As A Snack + It Wastes More MP. I Got Level 5 Heal And i Regret It, Even 2 lvl 90 Wizards Can’t get The monsters off me when i heal.

Question: Why No Level 5 Group Heal?
Answer: Even More Suicidal Then Heal. Monsters Will Want To Eat You Alive. Group Heal Level 3 Is Great, Its Strong Enough, Doesn’t Cost Much MP. Level 5 is Suicide and Is Terrible in partys. You’ll regret it later on. You are full psyche if you follow this build. You don’t need max heals. Thats for people that don’t go full psyche.

Question: Why Net Bind?
Answer: Your Skill Tree Won’t Let You Jump To Any Skill You Want. You Need To Try And Build A Path To Chrono and Revive. This Seems To Be The Cheapest SP way to Revive and Chrono.Also Net Bind Is Pretty Fun To Use. If Someone PVPS you for example when a friend of you is near you. Just NetBind The Attacker and Your Friend Has More Time To Kill Him.

Question: Why Revive Level 5?
Answer: I have had an entire discussion about this with myself!(lol!) i asked myself questions about it the whole night but you must be aware, without level 5 revive you can NOT revive every level. With level 1 revive you can only revive players from lvl 1 to 20. Also Think About it, If you are in a party, and u are planning to use a revive scroll instead… monsters may not attack you or the revive scroll doesnt work, not to mention how many cash u can waste on it. and reincarnation is horrible. It requires items to be casted. So Revive is realy the best to go. Its faster, its Safer, Its Cash Saving, Can Use It While Monsters Are Attacking, imagine your entire party dies but u still survive cuz of your magic barrier. With Chrono and revive you can revive 2 party members, heal them, save the entire party slowly by reviving them all. If your entire party dies except you, you cant use revive scrolls because all the monsters are on u. It would ruin the party. there are so many more reasons to get revive instead of the scrolls and instead of incarnation.

Question: Why Blue Fountain ?
Answer: i didn’t get it and regret it now because my mareas grace is a bother , a pain to my MP bar. My MP Bar doesn’t recover MP after i use Mareas Grace. With Blue Fountain you have more MP. I think also better MP regeneration, dont know sure about that tough. Anyways, More MP: Longer Mareas Grace. Yes MP Potions can save you to but later at higher level, mp potions get realy expensive and waste realy fast, even as full psyche priest.

Question: Why Mind Web?
Answer: Many Reasons For That! Some monsters push when they attack. Dhans and Dekans do it to btw. If it gets to much for a second, use Mind Web and they stop attacking because they can’t move anymore for a certain amount of time. Other Monsters don’t need to push while attacking, yet if you use it on a distance on u, they can’t reach u to attack you either. Also when the puller pulls monsters, mage might not be able to attract them all on time. Use Mind Web and all monsters stop for a second to give the mage more time. When using this on a dhan or dekan, they stop fighting for a certain amount of time. Also great to stop fights against others. Use Mind Web ^.^

Has This Thread been useful to you or your friend?
Ratings are always welcome, on the top right you see “Rate This Thread”
There you can give Stars to people their topics ^.^

On rohans forum are many high level trolls (players that are so bored and don’t know anything better
then bothering new players with false information which they think is funny)
, there will be people telling you false builds like ‘full strength’ and stuff because
they think its funny to joke with you, please do not believe these trolls, No int, no vit, no strength, no dexterity, no agility,
if you want proof: read your skills in your skills three and your priest skills , all the good skills are based on the power of your psyche

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