Rohan Online 2H Giant Sword Berserker Guide

Rohan Online 2H Giant Sword Berserker Guide by Femur

For a berserker majority of the DPS is from his combo “Berserk”. Therefore this build was set in order to maximize on keeping someone still while you unleashed the beast within. Now remember, I was a 2h giant sword berserker. FYI: In combo I was able to reach 276 attack speed which resulted in approx 54-55 hits in combo within the 16 seconds. This is not a guide at all but merely just an image on how you might build a 2h berzerker.

IF you decide to use a dagger or 1h sword, the main difference in the skill tree would be to remove power surge and bereave. Those 2 skills require a 2h sword. The 10 points you remove from there can be put in anything you prefer, however, you are quite limited in choices :P

JUst another FYI: the order in which i do things in pvp

1) Call To Battle (CTB) – lvl 7 = 20% boost in attack force which last 60 seconds. By using this first, not only does your party get a boost in damage, with the 60 seconds you can find the right time within the minute to unleash your combo. You don’t have to just use this and go out and waste it. Remember Call To Battle has a long cooldown time. Even at level 7 it’s still 180 seconds/ 3 mins!

2) Blood Adrenaline – lvl 7 = 22% melee boost/ last 20 seconds / cool down is 60seconds. Pop this right before you go for shoulder charge. You only need 16 seconds of it, however, this buff last 20 seconds so you dont want to use it too early! You want your berserk mode to have every second of it!

3) Shoulder Charge = lvl 7 = 8 second paralyze : You may keep this skill at level 6. It’s not necessary at level 7, however, as you will notice there’s always a small “lag” between casting skills and after you use shoulder charge, your character will continue hitting a couple times. Your char will grow in size as you press berserk but berserk wont be set in for another second or so. The reason you might want that extra second is due to the fact that this “lag” will be in place as you press berserk and as you press for silence right after berserk. You want to make sure you get the silence off BEFORE BEFORE BEFORE they get out of the paralyze. You DO NOT want to get stunned as you are in combo(obviously in group pvp, things will vary but you get my drift).

4) Berserk = lvl 7 = 16 seconds 20% drop in defense / 200% attack speed / 35% boost in attack power/ 50% boost in mobility. Cool down time is 1 min. Self explanatory! UNLEASH THE BEAST! haha

5) Low Blow = lvl 6 = 10 seconds of silence / cooldown time is 1 min. On the description, level 7 is 11 seconds of silence. HOWEVER, I have not tried level 7. I didnt see the point in 1 second haha but maybe it gives more? maybe the cd is faster? I dont know :P maybe one of you guys will try it out one day!

FYI: THIS IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW: this is the ONLY silence, that can’t be self cured. SOOOO use this wisely! As you saw on Femur’s video when I switched targets off Fana and jumped on the priest after she healed him once. Everyone jumped on the temp, but I was able to get that silence in. She not only could NOT CURE herself, but she couldn’t heal fana resulting in 2 floating bodies!

6) Rooting Axe lvl 6 = 8 seconds root /// level 7 says 9 seconds woot 1 more second? big f’n deal lol

By doing this in that order, they will sit in your combo for the whole 16 seconds or at least 14-15 seconds of it! Silence + root = punching bag! It works great!

Umm Im not here to really make a guide but I figured it be great for some people who want to try to make a successful giant :]

OH another thing: Frozen(30% slow/ last 8 seconds) + Ensnare axe lvl 6(70% slow / last 15 seconds) lvl 7 (90% slow / last 18 seconds) = target being immobile

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  1. sven says:

    Are u full str?
    And what stats on 2h sword + which accessories do u use? Ur video did inspire me to make a giant and im working on it now:) Really nice vid man, please comment^^

  2. cloudegirl says:

    why you not write what stats need for bers to 30 lvl and after 50 lvl ?

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