Planet Calypso Sweat Gathering Guide

Planet Calypso Sweat Gathering Guide by ViagraFalls

Hi folks and welcome to the guide on sweat gathering.

By no means take my advice as a manifesto that should be followed at all times by everybody, as my joining PE only took place some 3 weeks ago or so. The general idea is to provide some starting tips to the only free PEDs you’ll receive in the game.

The basic ideas about sweating:

ANY creature (those red dots on your radar you run into, except for the mutants or robots) will give you sweat provided that the MOB needs to be in the second circle on your radar. If they are any further away than that, you simply cannot milk them.

To make it more difficult, you first have to start concentrating, before you can start sweating a MOB. In other words, you need total peace and inside tranquillity before actually collecting sweat will be succesfull. This means that if you move, your concentration will be broken, and you will be unable to aquire any sweat whatsoever. If you get hit by the MOB, concentration will fail. If you accidently click on another player rather than on the MOB, sweat collection will fail.

Now let’s start off by the most basic piece of information: Where to gather sweat.

1. Where to gather sweat?

Well, you can gather sweat whereever you want. Should you go at this alone, chances are very high that before you finish concentrating, the MOB will hit you, thus causing you to fail the sweat gathering. While this might be nice for getting additional other skills, this guide is meant to show you how to successfully gather sweat, so let’s disregard other skill improvements.

The very best place to gather sweat is Camp Phoenix (generally known as ‘The sweat gathering point’). The reasons for this are very simple. It’s a relatively secure place where a lot of new people to the game will flock to in order to gather sweat.

While this at times does create extra overhead on the servers (in the form of lag, caused by a great amount of people being online), it is an awesome site for gathering. The reason for this is very simple. If you go out gathering sweat alone, you will often find your concentration will be broken due to being hit. Ergo: If there are more people who might be targetted by a MOB, your chances are better of succesfully concentrating and milking. This bring us right to question number 2.

2. What do I do when I am being attacked by a MOB while trying to gather sweat?

There will be a time when you are trying to gather sweat within a great flock of people, and the MOB will single you out as it’s dinner. While this might seem like a horrible future, the reality is not that bad at all. If you die, you revive automatically, and MindArk (the creators of the game) have been kind enough to not charge you for being revived.

In other words: You lose nothing by dying. In fact, you GAIN from dying. If you were to stand deadstill in front of a MOB, without doing anything (running, shooting, etc) you still receive skills. Possible skills you can gain include but are not limited to: Combat reflexes , Intelligence, Courage, Evade. If you decide to start healing yourself with a Fast Aid Pack, you might also gain some healing skills.

The important part here is that when you are under attack, preferably, you do nothing whatsoever. When there’s a crowd sweating a MOB, everyone will take a shot in the face once in a while. Stand proud and tall, and know your peers will share your thrill of looking death in the face while providing you with some easy sweat and/or skills.

3. I’m afraid to die. Death hurts.

A lot of people new to the game seem to think it’s a splendid idea to run back towards the area of the playing-field where the huge gun-turrets blast any MOB that dares to come too close into Goulash. While this might be satisfying to watch, there really is no point in this. First of all, any dying MOB that people are trying to acquire sweat from will not yield anything. Second of all, some person probably put a LOT of effort into bringing over that Atrox/Amtrac etc. Do not discourage them from doing it again by just having the turrets blast the MOB into oblivion. Honour their effort by keeping it alive as long as possible.

Thirdly, there might be a player currently trying to save your backside by blasting the MOB (You WERE running in a straight line to offer him a better chance to hit, right?). If that is the case, running a MOB into the turret-zone will have wasted most of that person’s effort. They spent a bunch of quid on a MOB, only to find out it got hosed down, and is no longer their loot.

4. I’m well on my way to sweating, but such-and-such keeps killing MOBs.

This is a sensitive matter. Camp Phoenix in particular has an appeal to wankers who want to show their leetness by offing any MOB in sight (yes, GhosTrideR, this is about you, among other people). Common courtesy is that while a MOB is able to provide sweat, you do NOT try to kill it. New people to the game are trying to up their skills, and dead creatures do NOT yield any sweat.

Please respect new people; you were once a newbie too. If you feel the desire to go out hunting, do not do so in the close proximity of Camp Phoenix. There is a spaceship south-west of there where you can hunt without disturbing the people who want to make a few free PECs by gathering.

When you notice a MOB will not yield any more sweat (you will see a message about this), please inform other players of this, before you start blasting away at the MOB, Nothing is more frustrating than being in the middle of trying to gather sweat than to see the message that dead creatures will not provide any sweat.

5. Which skills will I gain from sweat gathering?

This is fairly simple. The skills included are:

– Concentration
– Sweat Gathering
– Evade
– Courage
– Intelligence

This is by no means a complete list, but is based on my experience. Should you find additional skills, please let me know so this guide can be altered to reflect your findings.

6. How much is sweat actually worth?

Easy. The Trade Terminal value for sweat is nada, zilch, nothing. So don’t sell it there; instead, sell it to other players. From the information I have, sweat usually sells for anything between 2.30 PEC and 2.60 PEC. I do believe the price might be rising though. Anything less than that, and you’d probably be better off hanging on to it, unless you want to offer your 10,000 sweat in one big bulk sale.

7. Is gathering sweat the only way to not have to deposit money?

Not really. If you do not want to invest anything, gather sweat till you literally are bored to tears. And then gather some more sweat. While this will give you a good idea about the value of the PED, you probably ARE better off investing some dineros to get yourself some half-decent noobie-equipment.

Some other ways to make some bucks are gathering dung (Something that I have yet failed to do, despite running around quite a lot), or head over to the oil rig (South-east on the map, in an unsafe zone) and try to grab some barrels of free oil before you got blasted to shreds.

8. Why are other people constantly stepping in front of me? It makes me fail sweating.

What a lot of people do not realise is that when they stand directly in front of you, your gathering will fail. It’s common courtesy not to step in front of another avatar. Besides, you can gather from quite some distance away, so flocking directly around a MOB is not in your best interest, really.

9. Won’t MOBs attacking me degrade my armour?

Yes, they will. Personally, I like to gather in plain clothes, to avoid repair costs.

Many thanks to Counsellor777, Gruye and ultimababe for pointing out some errors

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