Planet Calypso Fruit, Stone, Dung Walking Guide

Planet Calypso Fruit, Stone, Dung Walking Guide by kosmos

I see many people ask how they can make money in this game, or they say they never found fruit, stone, dung on the ground. I am making this thread to provide some basic helpful hints to help you if you fall into either category mentioned above.

In order to see fruit,stone,dung you have to walk. This is achieved by holding W on the keyboard. This can be cumbersome. There is a technique to make walking painless.

Your going to want “navigate with left mouse button” enabled if you don’t have it that way already. To enable it Press O. You will see a menu that looks like this.

Enable it and then press O to exit the menu.

Find a spot that you want to start walking in and left click the ground. You will see a bouncing green arrow indicating where you will go to.

I like to right click and hold down the mouse button and move myself slightly in a direction. This keeps me in a auto walk mode. I am currently unaware of another way to enable auto walk ,but this works best for myself. This will prevent repetitive clicking to walk.

I suggest being in 3rd person mode to get a wider view of of the ground. To toggle between 1st and 3rd person you can use your mouse wheel or press 5 on the number pad on the far right of the key board.

Everyone’s question is usually, how do I know what I am looking for? Look for flies (they make a buzzing sound) or butterflies, both are indicators of dung and fruit respectfully. Stones on the ground won’t give any hints that their around. You have to have quick eyes and pay attention. Its worth it. These days a stone like rutol go for 1.2 PED each … yes not pec but PED

Things do spawn in water. It is easy to notice fruit. Stones have been found in water too. Just have to have fast eyes.

Lastly I wanted to mention that when you find something on the ground it is a good indicator there is more to be found. Some spots seem to be better than others. Some well known places to walk are treasure island, nuss lull, and port atlantis area. I am not providing specific directions to walk I will leave that up to you to find out. Also if you walk and see something then it disappears, guess what? You can walk back and it will be there.

Best advice I can give is walk and have fun exploring.


Also easier auto walking can be achieved by doing the following.

You can press and hold W, press ‘Enter’, release W, and then press ‘Enter’ again.

Thank you for the contribution to help improve the guide Daina and Nobatbbi

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