Planet Calypso Beginner’s Guide

Planet Calypso Beginner’s Guide by Fuega

Table of Contents:
[001] – Genesis and Calypso Gateway – your first day
[002] – Introduction
[003] – Orientation and Sweating – first week
[004] – Shopping, Swunting and Healing – second to fourth week
[005] – Armor, Mining and Crafting – fifth week on
[006] – Advanced Hunting
[007] – Weapons List
[008] – Tool List
[009] – Abreviations and References
[010] – End Notes

[001] Genesis and Calypso Gateway – your first day
If you have already left Calypso Gateway then skip to section 002.

When you start this game you are put in the Genesis terminal area. There are
six NPC’s {Non-Player Characters} there to talk to and learn the basics. The 6
NPC’s all have little yellow planet symbols over their head and appear as
orange dots on your radar. When you have learned all you can and tried out all
the varieties of clothing in Genesis go over to the Teleporter to be
transported to Calypso Gateway island.

On the Calypso Gateway island try to do all the missions here, because once you
leave the island you can never go back.

I’ll leave you to explore on your own, but here are a few tips.
1.Visit all ten NPC’s and gather all the missions before you start any of
2.Don’t hunt or mine more than the mission requires, or your tools and
weapons will wear out and you may not be able to do the next mission. When
you finish all the missions then you can go blow your left over ammo and
3.Click on the Quest/Missions Log icon on your screen to check your progress.

[002] Introduction
I recommend this guide for anyone needing a good plan for Planet Calypso.

My qualifications for writing this tutorial are that I have been playing
Entropia Universe since 2001, when it was Project Entropia Beta. I have also
managed to make a profit playing this game, but only after years of
experience and some wise investments. But that is not why I play, I play
Entropia to have fun. I have put alot of research into how to play Entropia
efficently, and I have helped many players start out in this game. My avatar
in game and on Planet Calypso Forum is named Fuega.

This tutorial is not the fastest path, but I believe it is the most
economical one to building lots of good skills. This path is also very
methodical, so feel free to deviate for the sake of fun. And there will be
some choices along the way, some will save ped but be slower and others the

One of the first thing you should do is to find a society terminal and join a
large society. That way you can make friends easier, and have people you can
ask questions.

You should also make some commitments. First, of course, is to put a regular
amount of time in the game. Second is to put a set amount of ped into the
game each month, such as $10 or $15. That is still less than most other
online games cost. Don’t start playing this game expecting to make money right
off the bat.

You can play this game without depositing money, several people have.
I only deposited an initial $10 my first year. But I progressed really slow
the first few years too. It all comes down to what makes the game enjoyable
for you. Please don’t stress out about depositing, there are plenty of
fun things to do in this game that don’t require ped.

I will give you web links to follow by copying and pasting them in your
I added goals with check boxes for each section. You can do them in any
There is a glossary of abreviations in section 009, and abreviations are
shown in {}. Also the *1*-*5* refers to references found in section 009.

[003] Orientation and Sweating – first week
[ ] Sign up on Planet Calypso Forum and Entropedia.
[ ] Set up your quick keys and screen icons.
[ ] Talk to all the NPC’s with missions in Port Atlantis.
[ ] Join a Society and make friends.
[ ] Collect five teleporters.
[ ] Gather 500 vibrant sweat.
[ ] Complete first 3 missions.

First you will need to make an account here on Planet Calypso Forum. If you have
a question that I don’t answer here, there is going to be an answer there. *1*
Second, visit and join there too. It is the best website
for stats on everything in this game. Also be sure to bookmark/favorite those
links in your browser, you will visit them alot.

There are a few bad people that play all online games. If you run into
someone that you think is a scammer, usually because they try to trade with
you without asking first, you can click the right mouse button on any item in
the trade window or your inventory, and look up what the going market value
for that item is, or you could research the price on Entropedia. There is
also a tutorial for avoiding scammers at:…read.php?77924
Fortunately 99.9% of all the players out there are decent people.

Hit the keys I, Y, L, and G (“I” for inventory, “Y” for actions, “L” for
editing, and “G” for keyboard setup), and play with editing your desktop
icons and F1-F9 shortcut bars to what works best for you. You can drag
actions or items to just about any key on your keyboard and/or create icons
on your display. I usually place an item on one of my number keys and as a
icon on my display. I keep my weapon hotkeys on my F1 bar, my emotes and
dances on my F2 bar, and my mining tools on my F5 bar. In all my setups I
open my Action Library and put “Unequip Tool” on my End key and “Toggle
Auto-Use Tool” on my Insert Key, but you can use a different key if you like.

You can change between 1st and 3rd person views by hitting the number 5 on
your number pad, or scrolling in and out with your mouse wheel. Use the left
mouse button to select what you want to target for hunting or sweating. Get
quick at hitting the space bar, to change between aiming and the pointer for
selecting things.
You move your avatar by using W for walking while using your mouse to steer.
Also use Q to change betweens walking and running, S to back up, E to jump,
and A and D to straife. Alternately you can use your mouse to move and steer
by holding down both right and left mouse buttons.
The camera angle can be controlled by holding down the middle mouse button/
scroll wheel and moving your mouse.

Your first week or two in game will be absolutely free, no ped needed.

When you arrived at Port Atlantis the first person you should have talked to
was the Immigration Official, who would have marked on your map all the
missions in Port Atlantis. Your first task will be to do as many of the
missions in Port Atlantis as you can. Most of them you just have to go talk to
someone, but a couple of them are hard, and you can wait and do those later.

Your next task will be to sweat the Puny mobs around Port Atlantis.
Collecting Vibrant Sweat and selling it to other players can be a way to play
this game without having to deposit. To collect vibrant sweat, equip your
VSE Mk1 and aim it at an animal and activate. Hopefully you put it on a number
key or an icon on your screen along with “Toggle Auto-Use Tool”.

You can sweat or hunt in the first person or third person views.
In the first person, move close enough to the animal, aim your crosshairs on
the animal, and activate your device by left clicking or hitting the number
key you put it on.
In the third person, you click on the animal once to select it and then
double-click on the animal to auto-move to the right location and begin
Or you can also use the left mouse button to drag a mobs health bar onto your
screen. And if you have already equiped your Mk1, you can then right click on
its health bar and select “Use Tool” to auto-move to the right distance and
start sweating.
I usually hunt from the first person view, but I move to position in the
third person, and I drag the name/health tab from the mob onto my screen to
keep track of its health while killing it and to loot it easier.

Your goal is to collect 500 Vibrant sweat. That may take a while, but it is
worth it to get the associated skills. I have collected over 20000 sweat
personally. Afterwards you can sell your sweat, or you can save it for when
you get into mind force skills. If you do sell it, ask around to be sure to
get the best price you can.
If you want a change of scenery, the other place that lots of people sweat is
at Nea’s Place on Amethera. I actually prefer sweating there. At Swamp Camp
and Nea’s Place there are often people there who skill on healing. Say “thank
you” to them.

Your next task is to start adding teleporters {TP} to your map, and at the
same time learn how to avoid getting attacked, by keeping the dangerous
monsters {mobs} out of your inner radar circle.
Go to Entropedia and click on Locations, to get a map of all the TP sites.

You don’t actually have to run all the way to each teleporter, once you get
near enough, and are in that TP’s revival area, you can just die and you will
revive near the TP. But make sure that you actually go to the TP and get the
message that it has been added to your map.
Avoid the red PVP areas in the middle of the map, you will die there. If you
need to get to the other side, run around it or use TP’s to get around it.

If things get difficult, generally, staying to the rivers and oceans are
safer. It may take longer, but you avoid most monsters. And for some unknown
reason, you can breath underwater but most mobs can’t, so you can drown them.
Should you get stuck somewhere contact the nice people at
for a rescue. After you finish getting all the tp’s on the Eudoria
continent, you should do the Amathera continent also.
If I had to pick the most important locations for beginners it would be
Port Atlantis, then Nea’s Place for sweating, then Twin Peaks for trading,
then Fort Argus for more Snablesnot hunting, and all the Malls.

TP running can be frustrating if you let it, or if you take your time and
enjoy the sights it can be fun. Remember, you may have to run way out of
your way to get around dangerous groups of mobs. Enjoy the challenge, and
don’t worry about dying. You don’t loose anything when you die, you just get
sent to the nearest Revival Terminal.

If you have not done so yet, it is a good time to start looking for a
Society. Check out a Society Terminal. The thing that I enjoy most about EU
is chatting with friends. It is the best part of this game.

next step to follow…

[004] Shopping, Swunting and Healing – second to fourth week
[ ] Buy a set of Pixie or Goblin Armor.
[ ] Buy an Emik S30 (L) BLP Pistol and a Castorian EnKnuckles-A Powerfist.
[ ] Swunt till you max out at least one ranged and one melee weapon.
[ ] Max out the Vivo T1.
[ ] Scan people, animals, robots and mutants.
[ ] Complete all missions in Port Atlantis.

Ok next step involves ped.
Now you are going to buy things to go hunting.
I recommend buying a full set of Goblin or Pixie armor. This is a good time
to become familiar with the auction. You want to purchase with the lowest
markup. If you right click on an item, and select Market Value, you will get
the current sales data for that item, and you can buy wisely, perhaps getting
it below current prices.
You may have to wait a couple of days for the sale on the auction, while you
do something else like sweating, and just check back from time to time
on your bids. It should cost you less than 25 ped to purchase a full set of
Pixie and repair it if it is not fully repaired, or 45 ped for Goblin.
Goblin offers better protection if you are hunting Snablesnots. But both are
good starter sets. And when you can afford it you should upgrade to Shogun
armor. A full set of Shogun costs about 155 ped fully repaired.
These are “Unlimited” armors, so you need to repair them every day you use
them. Also with Unlimited armor there is a charge for putting it on, so leave
it on all the time if you can. Some people prefer Limited (L) armor because
they don’t have that charge to put it back on.
Sometimes I hunt without armor, and save ped that way, but you should carry a
healing tool with you if you do that, just in case. And never wear armor if
you are just sweating, it is a waste of ped.

VERY IMPORTANT: Pull up your inventory, and right click on your weapon, and
select Item Info, and then select the Show Detailed Information button. Do
this often. When you see that BOTH the “Hit ability” and “Critical hit
ability” are at 10/10 you have maxed out that weapon.

Next you need to choose whether you are skilling economically or quickly.
To maximise economy: don’t switch to the next weapon till it has 10/10 in
both hit abilities. A weapon is most efficient to use at 10/10.
To maximise skilling speed: watch the “Learning period damage” and “Learning
period hit” instead and when they say “Not anymore” you have maxed out your
Skill Increase Bonus {SIB} on that weapon, and it is time to upgrade to the
next model. You will skill quickest on weapons that you get a SIB.

Possibly you maxed out the Sollomate Kiwio Mk.II (L) in the Gateway area. If
not, stick with it till it is maxed out.
Then you need to go to the Auctioneer and purchase an Emik S30 (L) BLP
Pistol. Also purchase a Castorian Enknuckles-A Powerfist from the TT as soon
as you can afford it. Later on in this guide, I will recommend using several
weapons while hunting, but for now you should stick to just one weapon at a
time till you max them out and get a feel for how to use them efficently.

Ignore the messages that your weapon or armor has gone up in “tier” level and
all the bells and whistles. Tiers are unimportant for now. Tiers are for
adding enhancers, but are not recommended for low level gear.

Finally the hunt,
The first animals you should hunt are the Puny Berycled Caudatergus and
Tripudion around Port Atlantis till you max out a couple of weapons. *2*
When you are able to kill Puny mobs with one or two hits easily, you should
hunt Snablesnot-Male Young next. You can also hunt Sabakuma and Diakiba in
that area after you are proficient with Snablesnots.

Always try to sweat an animal first, and then kill it when it starts
attacking. That way you get extra sweating skills from it, and it is more
profitable. It’s called “swunting”.

If you take my advice, hunt small things that you can quickly kill, swunt them
first, use a weapon that you are maxed out on, and then sell your loot at the
going markup (don’t TT it), you should be able to get by with just small
deposits and possibly break even. You waste money when you start hunting
outside of your skill level.

You should buy the Vivo T1 from the TT, and use it to restore your health.
To save ped you can always just wait in between killing each animal for your
health to come back up. Doing that is free, but that makes for very slow
going. Besides, you will get useful healing skills from using the Vivo T1.
But be careful, you shouldn’t waste 10 points of healing when you only need 5
or 6 points to top off your health. And as always, watch the SIB and switch
to the next model up when you max out the Vivo T1. Again you can determine
which model should be your next by checking out Entropedia or my chart in
section 008.

You can also get skills from scanning using a scanner purchased from the TT,
and they come fast and cheap. But scanning can be boring, and it takes ped.
So if you are short ped, do it later. Just pick mobs in each category with
low agression to scan, and stay outside of their agression range, and “auto
use” your scanner. I recommend getting at least each scanning profession up
to level 3.

If you want to speed up skilling in hunting or mining concentrate on just
that activity and skip sweating or scanning for now.
And don’t forget to have fun.

next step to follow…

[005] Armor, Mining and Crafting – fifth week on

[ ] Try out all the TT weapons.
[ ] Pick a favorite weapon type and raise that profession to level 10.
[ ] Get yourself a good set of armor.
[ ] Help some new players that are sweating by healing them.
[ ] Mine tons of enmatter.
[ ] Mine tons of ore.
[ ] Buy all the books and blueprints {BP} that the Technician sells.
[ ] Raise one BP to a Quality Rating of 100 through crafting.
[ ] Purchase a Teleport Chip and vehicle.

Ok, now you have been playing for a month and you are no longer a noob.

Continue to work on maxing out all the weapon from the TT to get a good feel
for each type of weapon. But once you find a weapon type that you like you
should stick to that weapon type till you get to at least level 10 in its
Hit Profession. Click the star icon, and to see your professional standings.
The Profession (Hit) for each weapon type is what relates to your “Hit
ability” that you watch to max out weapons.

The advantage of melee weapons are that they are easier to hit with so more
economical as far as damage done. But the advantage of a ranged weapon is that
sometimes you can kill a mob before it gets to you, so you take less damage,
and that can also save ped.
You can also shoot first with a ranged weapon and then switch to a melee
weapon when the mob gets to you, and that will save even more ped, but it will
make skilling much slower too.

If I am shooting, I will usually start too far away and right-click the mob
to auto-move me to the right distance before I shoot. That way you don’t
waste ammo by shooting from too far away, yet you start at the maximum range
to hit it.

Also by now you will be needing some good armor.*4* It is good to have a set
of mid-level armor for general purpose use, such as Aurora (L) or Zombie (L).
Personally I have about 7 different sets of armor and plates to use depending
on what I am hunting. Armor plates attach to each piece of armor to enhance
its protection.
The best advice is to go to Entropedia and click on Armor, then click on
Armor Adviser, then enter the creature and maturity you are planning on
hunting, and just click apply. You will see what is the most efficent
combination of armor and plates to wear.
My favorite outfit to just run around in is BodyGuard (L), because it costs
almost nothing and doesn’t have a charge for changing like clothes and UL
armor do.

Once you get a good set of armor and a decent healing kit {FAP} you can offer
your services to others to heal them while they hunt. Most people just charge
for the decay on the FAP because it is a good way to gain skills. It is good
to carry around a fast heal FAP for emergencies and a slow heal more efficent
FAP with a SIB for general use and skilling.

Now that you have some skills at defending yourself, at this time it would be
good to start mining. You need to purchase the Ziplex Z1 Seeker, the Earth
Excavator ME/01, and a bunch of Survey Probes from the TT. The Z1 has a range
of 54m, so it is most economical to space your probes at least 100 meters
apart. Most people count how many seconds it takes them to run 100 meters,
and then run and drop by that count. Some people move slowly and chart their
results on a graph. When you find a claim it pops up a range display and you
move to the marker and use your Excavator on it till it runs out.
I have included a list of mining gear and the SIB progression to follow in
section 008. And if you have not purchased a Refiner from the auction yet you
will need one of those too. They are necessary for reducing the weight you
are carrying so you don’t have to return to your storage as often. Mining is
my favorite past-time in the game and it builds very useful skills.

You should check the auction and consider purchasing a Lesser Teleport Chip.
They are the fastest way to travel and sometimes help if you get in a
dangerous spot, but they do waste ped. Remember, you can always hit T on the
keyboard and teleport back to the closest revival terminal for free anytime.
You will need to purchase a Mindforce Implant and insert it using a Implant
Inserter from the TT. Then you use mind essence to power your chip. You can
purchase Mind Essence from the auction or you can make your own Mind Essence
using Sweat and Force Nexus in your Refiner.

Another way to get around that is fun is to purchase a vehicle. If you
have about 50 ped to spare it is definetly worth the cost to purchase a
Valkyrie Mk1 on the auction. It makes finding tp’s much faster and safer if
you haven’t done that yet. You must also get a Vehicle RK-5 (L) to repair your
car as it takes damage. And your car will need about 10 ped of oil for fuel.
Also put all the vehicle related actions on your desktop.

Should you decide to get into crafting know it takes alot of ped and patience
to do crafting *5*. I usually craft using the stuff I obtain from mining.
The best place to start is to find a Technician (usually near an Auctioneer)
and buy the Blueprint Book Component (Vol. II) and a Galaxy SI Ion Conductors
Blueprint. You get a SIB on that BP and can use the Animal Muscle Oil that
you get from hunting. When you have enough ped buy one of every blueprint and
book that the Technician sells. Most of those BPs have SIBs.
Be sure to stick to level 1 BP’s till you max out your Success Rate (the
little green bar) on the crafting machine for each type of BP. Otherwise you
will have lots of failures and loose ped.

Finally, if you decide that you want to short-cut the skilling process and
use skill implant chips you can. I have never done this, I prefer natural
skilling. Perhaps I am too conservative at times, since most uber players I
know have chipped skills in. Please research chipping in skills before you go
and buy them.

next step to follow…

[006] Advanced Hunting

[ ] Try out all of the weapon types listed in section 007.
[ ] Raise the profession level for one weapon type to level 20.
[ ] Collect all the TPs on Planet Calypso.
[ ] Visit FORTUNA asteroid and the Crystal Palace.
[ ] Try to complete level one of all the Iron Challenge missions.

More hunting advice:
If you like, it is good to max out all weapons types with a SIB because most
of the skills gained are general. You will gain skills the most economically
by maxing out all the weapons listed in section 007 in order. But it does
make for slower profession progression when you try to skill on everything.

Therefore, when you find a weapon that you like you should stick to that
weapon type till you are good with it so that you can move up to better
weapons faster.
When looking for a new weapon, try to choose weapons that you are close to
maxing out on, because if you don’t you will waste a lot of ped on misses and
lower damage output.

Using different weapons and items builds different skills. If you go to
Entropedia it will show you which skills relate to different professions.
Because most skills overlap and are general sometimes you will get whistles
that you went up in a profession that you weren’t even working on.
Therefore, if you have trouble finding a weapon that you need to skill on
next, but you find a similar weapon it will still help build most of the
skills you want till you can find what you were looking for.

Know your weapons and how much damage they do, and learn to read the health
bar of the mob, so you can judge how much damage to do to finish it off.
If you are using high power weapons that do alot of damage and eat ammo,
sometimes you need to switch weapons if you need just a small hit to finish
the mob off. The TT pistol is a good finishing weapon. Using a finishing
weapon is key to hunting economically.
Place your weapons on hot-keys, preferably your number keys, so you can
change weapons quickly.

Once you start hunting big mobs, you may change how you hunt, possibly using
multiple weapons per kill.
Your dream goals for weapons will to be to have 2 or 3 primary weapons.
FIRST, you should have an economical weapon for killing low level mobs that
get in your way and for finishing hits on bigger mobs. Your finishing hit
should be just enough to kill the mob. A good example of an economical
finishing weapon is an axe.
SECOND, you should have a high power fast kill weapon for when you hunt
dangerous mobs. A good example of a fast kill close range weapon is a blp
THIRD, you should also have a nice long range weapon for your first shot.
Good examples of long range tag weapons are plasma rifles and rockets.
FOURTH, be sure to USE AMPS where you can, starting with the Bull Tac 10 (L)
for blp guns and the Shear XR40 (L) for energy guns. You can’t put high end
amps on low end guns anymore, so move up the scale of amps as your skill goes
up. For efficency sake, you should get a Fi/Ra/Co Beast and a Omegaton A103
or A104 when you can use them. Amps significantly increase efficiency.

Remember that the faster that you kill a mob, it does the least amount of
damage to you and your armor, and it regenerates less health, saving you ped.
Also you don’t want to waste ped by overkilling the mob, so choose the right
weapon for the job. A good hunter might change weapons 2 or 3 times per kill.
Starting with the long-range tag, then your high damage close-range, and then
your finishing weapon for the last hit. And sometimes you get more skills
when using more than one weapon per kill.

Hunting really big mobs beyond your level can be fun, but remember, that if
you can’t take it down in less than 20 seconds using your SIB weapon you are
probably wasting ped. It can be fun, if you don’t mind the cost. If you want
to hunt big mobs I would recommend teaming up with other players.

At this point adding enhancers to items is still not cost effective for
the beginning player. So it doesn’t matter how fast your weapon tiers up if
you don’t intend on putting enhancers on it.
If you want to use enhancers on your items you need to have tier boxes
unlocked. The better the tier rate the faster it reaches the next level and
the box unlocks. If you are only going to use one enhancer look for a tier
rate over 100 on level 1. Unfortunately the tier rate given to an item is

Again I need to point out, that if you want to skill quickly as a hunter, you
should skip the sections on mining and crafting etc., and stick to skilling
on just one weapon type. You can always go back and get the other weapon
skills and other professions later.

Next step… you are an Uber and tell me what to do.

[007] Weapons List *3*
List of beginner weapons with SIB sorted by what profession level they max at:
(The Profession (Hit) is listed for each weapon to aid in choosing the next
weapon to use if you are sticking to one type.)

RANGED WEAPONS: …. maxed at. profession . max .. notes
…………………. level … (Hit) … damage

Sollomate Kiwio MK.II (L) .. 1 . Laser Sniper … 5. buy @ TT
Emik S30 (L) …………… 4 . BLP Pistoleer .. 5.
Omegaton M2100 …………. 5 . Laser Pistoleer. 4. buy @ TT
Solomate Opalo …………. 5 . Laser Sniper … 8. buy @ TT
Isis CB5 (L) …………… 5.7 BLP Sniper ….. 8.
Willard Heatray A (L) …… 6 . Plasma Pistoleer 18
Breer P1a (L) ………….. 6.9 Laser Pistoleer. 9.
Breer M1a (L) ………….. 6.9 Laser Sniper … 14
Svempa S40 (L) …………. 7 . BLP Pistoleer .. 9.
GeoTrek LP120 Niloticus (L). 8 . BLP Sniper ….. 12
Breer P2a (L) ………….. 8.1 Laser Pistoleer. 11
Breer M2a (L) ………….. 8.1 Laser Sniper … 19
Willard Heatray B (L) …… 8.2 Plasma Pistoleer 22
Isis BL800 (L) …………. 9 . BLP Pistoleer .. 22
or Emik S50 (L)
Breer M3a (L) ………….. 9.5 Laser Sniper … 20
or Riker UL1 (L)
Breer P3a (L) ………….. 10. Laser Pistoleer. 16
or Korss H350 (L)
GeoTrek LP175 Sphyra (L) … 11. BLP Sniper ….. 17

MELEE WEAPONS: ….. maxed at. profession … max .. notes
…………………. level … (Hit) ….. damage

Loughlin Masher One (L) …. 4.5 .One Handed Clubber 22
Castorian EnKnuckles-A ….. 5 .. Brawler ………. 6. buy @ TT
Castorian Survival EnBlade-A 5 .. Knife Fighter …. 11 buy @ TT
Castorian Combat EnBlade-A . 5 .. Swordsman …….. 20 buy @ TT
Loughlin Smacker One (L) … 6.9 .Brawler ………. 9.
Loughlin Scratcher One (L) . 6.9 .Knife Fighter …. 13
Loughlin Cutter One (L) …. 6.9 .Swordsman …….. 23
Loughlin Masher Two (L) …. 7.1 .One Handed Clubber 32
Loughlin Scratcher Two (L) . 8.5 .Knife Fighter …. 18
Loughlin Smacker Two (L) … 8.6 .Brawler ………. 12
Dominax Original Viper (L) . 9 .. Whipper ………. 3.
Loughlin Cutter Two (L) …. 9.2 .Swordsman …….. 49
Loughlin Cutter Three (L) .. 10.1 Swordsman …….. 53
or Rutic Slo (L)
Kesmek Slo (L) …………. 10.2 Knife Fighter …. 25
Force Mace Assail (L) …… 11 . One Handed Clubber 37

MINDFORCE WEAPONS: …… maxed at. profession. max .. notes
……………………… level … (Hit) .. damage

Electric Attack Chip I (L) ……. 2. Electro Kinetic 10
Cryogenic Attack Chip I (L) …… 3. Cryogenic ….. 11
Combustive Attack Chip I (L) ….. 4. Pyro Kinetic .. 20
Electric Attack Chip II (L) …… 4. Electro Kinetic 14
Cryogenic Attack Chip II (L) ….. 5. Cryogenic ….. 27
Combustive Attack Chip II (L) …. 7. Pyro Kinetic .. 38
Electric Attack Chip III (L) ….. 7. Electro Kinetic 24
First Gen Electric Attack Chip II. 8. Electro Kinetic 32
First Gen Electric Attack Chip III 9. Electro Kinetic 36
Combustive Attack Chip III (L) … 10 Pyro Kinetic .. 51
Cryogenic Attack Chip III (L) …. 10 Cryogenic ….. 47
First Gen Electric Attack Chip IV. 10 Electro Kinetic 39

SUPPORT WEAPONS: . type .. maxed at. profession. max .. notes
………………………. level … (Hit) .. damage

Vumpoor J4 (L) .. grenade launcher. 4 . Grenadier. 30
Skildek P40 (L) . rocket launcher . 5 . Grenadier. 35
Eraktor Es10 (L). grenade launcher. 6 . Grenadier. 41
Eraktor Es20 (L). grenade launcher. 8 . Grenadier. 57
DetPil Rv50 (L) . rocket launcher . 9 . Grenadier. 52
Vumpoor Rx10 (L). grenade launcher. 11. Grenadier. 99

Note: your support grenade and rocket launchers need explosive projectile
ammo, so save that when you get it in loots, and buy more on the auction if
you need to. I usually shoot the grenades when I find 2 or more mobs close

List of tools, and suggested order for skilling:

You can also go to Entropedia and get other data on these tools, like their
range, efficency and rate per second.

Healing Tools (FAP’s): – maxed at – heal/
— name ——————- level – click – notes
1. Vivo T1 ———————- 1.5 – 10.3 — buy @ TT
2. Vivo T5 (L) —————— 3.5 – 18.3 — (adapted ok)
3. Vivo T10 (L) —————– 6 — 25 —– (adapted ok)
4. Hedoc SK-20 (L) ————– 11 — 34.3 — (adjusted ok)

Mining Tools: ———- maxed at
— name ——————- level – type — notes
1. Transformer T-103 or T-104 — 0 — refiner – buy @ auction
2. Ziplex Z1 Seeker ————- 1 — finder — buy @ TT
3. Earth Excavator ME/01 ——– 1 — excavator buy @ TT
4. Finder F-210 (L) ————- 2 — finder
5. Finder F-211 (L) ————- 4 — finder
6. Resource Extractor RE-201—– 4 — finder
7. Ziplex Z15 Seeker (L) ——– 5 — finder
8. Resource Extractor RE-202—– 6.5- excavator
9. Ziplex Z20 Seeker (L) ——– 7 — finder
10. Finder F-212 (L) ———— 10 – finder

Most miners carry around two extractors: the TT version to save ped (they are
the most efficent), and a faster version for when you are in a dangerous
location. Also, any refiner is better than the TT version, so buy your
refiners on the auction.

Glossary of Common Abreviations:

EU = Entropia Universe (renamed Planet Calypso)
NPC = Non-Player Character (show up as orange dots on radar)
PED = ingame money (aprox. 10 ped = $1 depending on fees)
(L) = Limited item (can’t repair, but generally more efficent)
UL = Unlimited item (repairable at a Repair Terminal)
TP = Teleporter (blue dots on your map, once you find them you can use them)
TT = Trade Terminal (used to buy ammo and general supplies. To “TT something”
is to sell it back at its base cost to the trade terminal.)
Mob = animals, robots, and mutants
Swunting = Sweat first till it attacks, then kill (most efficient form
of hunting)
SIB = Skill Increase Bonus (found on the second tab of the items info,
extremely important)
BP = Blue Print
FAP = Healing Tool

References and further explanations:

*1* After reading this guide, you should also check out some of the other
tutorials at Planet Calypso Forums.
*2* If you go to Entropedia, and click on Creatures and then Maturity Levels,
and sort the columns by Threat, and you will notice that the Puny Berycled
Tripudion and Caudatergus followed by the Snablesnot-Male Young and
Sabakuma Young have the lowest Threat level of any creature worth hunting
(the small birds run away, and loot poorly).
*3* Make sure you create an account at Entropedia so you can log in and save
this. Then go to the Weapons chart; then click on the box next to
‘Configure Columns’; then add a green check mark next to the first two
boxes that say ‘Req.’ and ‘Maxed’; then go back and uncheck the box next
to ‘Configure Columns’ to save the chart; then click on the header
‘Maxed’ to sort the chart by that. This should give you the list of
weapons with Skill Increase Bonus (SIB) you need to skill on and in what
order. That is how I got the list of weapons in section 007.
*4* Read How Armor Works

End Notes:

This document is a work in progress, so I do appreciate suggestions. Private
message me your suggestions, so that I can look them over, and add them as an
I am not writing this to farm for new players. Nor did I write it to compete
with any other tutorial or to disagree with anyone. I have never borrowed the
work of any other tutorial, it is original. I just like helping other people.
I wrote the first draft of this for my society and friends back in 2005.
I feel that this is a unique tutorial, because it mostly emphasizes getting
as many skills as possible as cheaply as possible. Most other tutorials have
the perspective of skilling as quickly as possible. My best suggestion is to
use this in concert with other tutorials. You can never have enough
If you haven’t figured it out yet, I like doing everything in this game, and
suggest that people try everything in this game at least once, even if they
end up concentrating on just one skill.
If you use this tutorial or find it useful, please acknowledge such, and say

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