Neo Steam Online Crafting Guide

Neo Steam Online Crafting Guide by Kitty


A1. Introduction
B1. Types of Crafting
– B2. Smithing/Gizmology
– B3. Disassembly
– B4. Alteration
– B5. Enhancement
– B6. Refining
C1. Materials
D1. Mining
E1. Credits

A1. Introduction~

(Note ~ For the purpose of this guide, whenever I use the word “crafter” I am referring to any or all of the 4 crafting classes: Artificer, Gadgeteer, Galvanist, or Tinkerer.)

Hi, I’m Kitty and I love my crafting alt! I am no self-proclaimed expert on crafting, but I do know a thing or two that might help out a beginner who doesn’t know where to start. So this is my two cents that I’ve learned in the short time that was Open Beta (this guide was first written in the time between Beta and Launch, though I didn’t publish it until now), and I will continue to expand on this guide as I learn more. If you have some valuable information, or if I made a mistake you can correct (srry. >.<), just reply to this thread and I’ll gladly add it into this guide and give you credit. =^.^=

With that said, a crafter does just that–craft items. They are key to a nation’s prosperity. More dedicated crafters = better equipment in more numbers = lower prices = less of a grind = more time for cookie-and-cake sit-ins = happy citizens. If you have chosen to become one of these otherworldly blessings, then good for you! If you are just taking a peek, good for you too! Now, here are a few of the most basic points of crafting:

  • There are 4 classes that can craft extensively (discluding the basic Machinist class). Two from Elerd (Artificer and Gadgeteer) and two from Rogwell (Galvinist and Tinkerer).
  • Everyone else can do basic crafting; that includes Alteration, Enhancement, and Refining. See below for more on these subjects.
  • You need Neo Steam to do any sort of crafting.
  • The NPCs required for crafting are located in every major city. There is also a Steam Forge and a Refining Machine near the warehouse in Riall.
  • You cannot create a socket in a normal or Semi-Rare item. You can only make socketed items out of scratch. Rare items already have sockets.
  • You cannot craft Semi-Rare or Rare items. When crafting armors and weapons you can only make socketed items. All other items are common (white) items. This includes Shields, Cloaks, Accessories.
  • Upon failure to craft, Rogwel citizens recieve 20% of the materials back, while Elerd citizens lose all materials.

B1. Types of Crafting~

B2. Smithing/Gizmology

To craft, talk to the Master Craftsman NPC. For each point you put into Smithing/Gizmology, times it by 10 and generally, you can craft any level below that number. For example, if you have level 4 Smithing you can craft a level 31 Scimitar. With each point into the skill you can craft higher level items and also have better chance for green stat bonuses.

With Smithing, Artificers and Galvanists can make:
Weapons ~ One-Handed Sword, Two-Handed Sword, One-Handed Wartool, Two-Handed Wartool, Two-Handed Staff
Armor ~ Head, Upper Armor, Glove, Shield, Lower Armor, Shoes, Robe, Cloak, Belt
Materials ~ Gears and Pistons

With Gizmology, Gadgeteers and Tinkerers can make:
Weapons ~ Two-Handed Gun, Two-Handed Bow,
Accessories ~ Necklace, Earrings, Rings, Bracelets
Items ~ Neo Steam Tank, Core Machines
Materials ~ Steam Engines and Widgets

To craft these items, you need Neo Steam, the required Smithing/Gizmology level, and the required materials. To see which materials you need, just select the item you want to make from the drop down menu.

Also, you receive success rate bonuses as you level. So, at level 40, if you craft a G-04 Energy Vessel the success rate will be 75% instead of 70%.
Lvl 40 ~ 5%
Lvl 60 ~ 10%
Lvl 75 ~ 15%
Lvl 90 ~ 20%

Materials ~ There are things called “materials” that you will need when crafting certain items.
These include gears, pistons, widgets, and steam machines.
Artificers/Galvanists need widgets and steam engines, and they can make pistons/gears.
Gadgeteers/Tinkerers need pistons and gears, and they can make widgets/steam engines

If you need these parts for some items you wish to craft, you can either level up two machinists (hard way), or you can ask a friend with the corresponding crafter to craft the materials for you (easy way).

If you don’t have a crafter friend, you can always shout in world chat as well for a crafter ^^

B3. Disassembly

To disassemble, talk to the Master Refiner NPC. You must be at least level 20. Artificers and Galvanists can Melt Down while Gadgeteers and Tinkerers can Dismantle. With each point into Melt Down/Dismantle, the success rate of disassembly goes up.

Here are a few important points on disassembly:

  • You cannot disassemble things you cannot also craft, with the exception of common armors and weapons. This rule means:

– Smiths cannot disassemble items that Gizmologists make, and vice versa.
– You cannot disassemble an item if your crafting skill isn’t high enough, even if your disassembly skill is high enough.
– Semi-rare and Rare items cannot be disassembled, since you can’t craft them.

  • Upon successfully crafting, you recieve all materials required to make the item.
  • If you fail crafting, you recieve a certain percentage back. This percentage is based on your disassembly skill level x 5. For example, level 10 disassembly will give you 50% of materials back if you fail.
  • You do not recieve the core machine back if you disassemble an item with a core machine in it.
  • Disassembly and recrafting can also be a free form of Alteration, although it is risky if you fail either disassembly or crafting.

B4. Alteration

Anyone can alter! To alter, talk to the Master Refiner NPC. Basically, alteration randomizes the yellow, and green stats of an item beneath the item name, thus changing the WHITE stats as well (since the white stat is affected by the yellow stat). You do not lose enhancements such as +5[S5] or core machines. Alterations require gold, Neo Steam, and Soul Crystals (acquired from killing players or NPCs of the opposing nation).

Alteration is recommended for a weapon or armor that is on the low side of stats. For example, a glove might say Def 11(-1) which means it actually has lower defense than the base stat. In that case, it wouldn’t hurt to try an alteration. Be careful though, if the stats are on the higher end you may end up with lower stats. If you have a glove that says Def 16(+4) I would rather not alter it. Stats are RELATIVE (+30 on a one handed sword is a lot more compared to a +30 on a gun of the same level). If you are unsure if the stats are good or not, you can always check the bazaar and compare.

Don’t be like me and waste 500k+ and end up with worse stats than you started with. T_T; It’s exactly like gambling; know when to stop. =^.^=

B5. Enhancement

To enhance, talk to the Master Craftsman NPC. Enhancements regard anything to do with using an item on your weapon/armor! This includes Seril Stones for Weapons +X, Gower Stones for Armor +X, Craftman’s (and Master’s -> premium item) Hammer for [SX], and Core Machines to turn Socketed and Rare items into Steam Machines.

Warning ~ You cannot take a Core Machine out once you enhance an item with it. However, you can REPLACE a core machine, through disassembly. Note that you run the risk of loosing materials if you don’t disassemble or recraft it successfully.

You cannot upgrade [SX] above the standard +X upgrade. For example it’s impossible to have a +5[S7] weapon.

There is a very useful in-depth guide in the forums that talks about Enhancing. Note that this guide MAY be out of date.
Global Neo Steam upgrades guide

B6. Refining

To refine, talk to the Master Refiner and click on “Refine”. Refining is the process of combining items and materials to make better items or materials. There are a number of things you can refine.

  • Refine low materials to make higher grade materials. Example; you can make a Rendin Ingot out of a Rendin Ore and an Iron Ingot.
    In this way, you can refine Ingots, Crystals, and Cloths.
  • Refine raw materials such as scraps and shards that are acquired from mining to make a useable material. Example; you can make a Sun Crystal out of 1 Crystal and 30 Sun Crystal Shards. See mining for more info.
    In this way, you can refine Ores into Ingots and Shards into Crystals.
  • Refine materials to make various Potions.
  • Refine various Flight Maps to combine them into one useable Atlus or Portfolio. (very useful – saves space! ;D)

C1. Materials~

You can’t make items out of thin air, unfortunately. Therefore, every crafter needs materials to work with! There are different levels of materials. There are what I like to call “raw” materials that are unuseable until you refine them, and also useable materials with various grades. The higher level equipment you want to make, the higher grade material you must use.

There are also different types of materials.

Crystals ~ required to craft everything except armors.
Ingots ~ required for crafting weapons, core machines, accessories, shields, materials (gears, widgets, etc), and Machinist/Warrior armors.
Leather ~ required for crafting Scout, Crusader/Vanguard armor, Machinist armor, and Belts.
Cloth ~ required for crafting robes (Mystic armor), and cloaks.
Bark ~ required for crafting mid to high level armors.
Gressid Leaf, Steel Moss, Enchanted Vile, Mother Tree Leaf ~ used for crafting potions and refining Cloth.

There are a number of different ways to obtain materials.

  • From regular grinding. Materials drop relatively frequently.
  • From disassembly. Save your non-upgraded gear drops!
  • From mining. See section on mining.
  • From other players. The Bazaar is a good place to shop, but always do a price check!
  • From NPC sellers. These appear in specific places and are sometimes difficult to find, since they disappear as soon as someone buys materials from them. They respawn hourly.

To create higher level materials out of lower level materials, you must refine. Note that doing this usually requires a higher level raw material in addition to a lower level material.

To create lower level materials out of higher level materials, talk to the NPC traders in your respective capital city. Greticos in Rogwel, and Cerity Praha in Elerd.

Here is a list of all the materials you can trade. Note you can only trade from left to right, but not right to left.

1 Sun Crystal ~> 4 Crystals
1 Moon Crystal ~> 3 Sun Crystals

1 Rendin Ingot ~> 4 Iron Ingots
1 Stanum Ingot ~> 3 Rendin Ingots
1 Terratinium Ingot ~> 3 Stanum Ingots

1 Bark ~> 4 Bark Scraps
1 Tough Bark ~> 3 Barks

1 Woven Gressid Cloth ~> 4 Gressid Cloths
1 Enchanted Gressid Cloth ~> 3 Woven Gressid Cloths
1 Mother Tree Cloth ~> 3 Enchanted Gressid Cloths

1 Leather ~> 4 Thin Leathers
1 Barbed Leather ~> 3 Leathers
1 Hard Leather ~> 3 Barbed Leathers

1 Gressid Cloth ~> 1 Gressid Leaf
1 Woven Gressid ~> 1 Steel Moss
1 Enchanted Gressid Cloth ~> 1 Enchanted Vial
1 Mother Tree Cloth ~> 1 Mother Tree Leaf

D1. Mining~

Essentially, mining is making something out of nothing. Anyone can mine. There are designated areas throughout the nations of Elerd and Rogwel where you can mine. Mining will give you raw materials to make into useable materials through refinement.

For many, mining is a love-hate relationship. People love it because you are acquiring materials for the low low price of a few Neo Steam. You can either refine the materials to sell as useable materials, or you can make a whole armor and weapon set for yourself, a friend, or to sell on the Bazaar as well. However, mining also comes with a high high price of TIME. It takes time to reach mining areas. It takes time to click on the little stubs. It is monotonous. It is uneventful. It is TIME-CONSUMING! But considering the possibilities mining offers, it’s a necessary price in order to maintain a balance in the economy.

To mine, you must have a mining buggy. You can go to a NPC crafter next to the trader NPCs in any major city and you will be able to turn your off road buggy (acquired from the Terrawhale quest) into a mining buggy. Also, whenever you upgrade the mining buggy the level requirement to use it raises. If you really dislike walking to the mining areas every single time, I suggest using a character that can save locations and teleport, such as a Shadow Reaver or Arcanist.

Cost to upgrade the Mining Buggy and Level Requirement to use:
1.0 ~ 150k, Lv 20
2.0 ~ 300k, Lv 30
3.0 ~ 700k, Lv 40
4.0 ~ 1.5mil, Lv 50
5.0 ~ 3.2mil, Lv 60
6.0 ~ 6mil, Lv 70
7.0 ~ 11mil, Lv 80

E1. Credits~

~ TheEngineer, for helping me confirm, test, and edit many statements in this guide.
~ Celarius, for making the awesome “Chrysalis Mining Company” guild and for sparking our interest in crafting.
~ The Atlus team, for working hard at maintaining this cool game.
~ Miin, for information on the cost of upgrading Mining Buggies.

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