Mythos Marksman Build Guide

Mythos Marksman Build Guide by Atavus


Having played CB/OB and experimenting with many Marksman (MM) builds (up to level 27), I thought I would share some of my experiences. This could be considered as a guide, or simply sharing some thoughts and insights.

The very first thing you may notice is that this guide is a bit shorter than my Bloodletter one … yay! But why?! Simply because the MM tree has skills that are either ineffective, or simply broken and do not work at all! This greatly limits your choice of skills.


Let’s start with what works. While playing MM, you will mainly rely on a few skills AND your auto-attacks (using a Rifle — see Gear section below).


1. Rapid Refire (ACTIVE) — max
UPG: Stunning Refire — max

2. Tinker (Passive) — max
UPG: Critical Modifications — max

3. Rally (Passive) — max
UPG: Insight — Bugged [DO NOT TAKE]

4. Black Powder (Passive) — max [optional]

5. Piercing Barrage [Active] — max [optional]
UPG: Glancing Barrage— max [optional]



First you will need Rapid Refire. You will want to max this ASAP, along with it upgrade Stunning Refire, which gives you up to 80% chance of stunning. RR is your ticket to killing Bosses and the stun component is key of course. It can be spammed as it has no CD, and its mana consumption is ok too.

Next, you will want to max the passive Tinker, and later on its upgrade Critical Modifications.

The other passive Rally is nice to take and gives you a nice boost when you start killing mobs.

NOTE: The upgrade to it, Insight, was bugged and non-functional. I do not think they fixed it, so do not waste points on it.

I found the passive Black Powder to work quite well. Max this once you finish the core build above.

I did try Piercing Barrage, and its upgrade Glancing Barrage, back in OB. And while it was a nice AOE, the mana usage was WAY too high, and thus could not be realistically spammed without going oom in 5 seconds. Not to mention that the “ricochet” effect and mechanics, in this game as a whole, are flawed and don’t work properly most of the time. Anywyay, I was able to play and clear rooms quickly enough without PB.

So, it is up to you to take Piercing Barrage or not. It is not a bad skill, if you have points and mana pots to spare, and some people swear by it. Personally, I was able to do without it.

EDIT: It seems they reduced the mana cost of PB, making it a much more desirable AOE option now, if you want to clear minions faster.

You may wonder at this point “Where the heck are the other skills?” .. “Ehhh dude what about Napalm or Deafening Explosions ..?”!!111!. Well, as I said earlier, the MM tree has many skills that are either ineffective, or non-functional. So, you should not bother with any skills other that those I listed above.



Stat-wise, I went full DEX. That gave me higher DMG (1 point of dmg for every 4-6 DEX), and more importantly, higher Attack Rating (AR), plus some Defense Rating (DR).

I get enough VIT/HP and WIS/MP from gear, so I do not put points into those. And again there are always pots to help with HP/MP, without having to sacrifice your stat points.

As for Gear, you are limited to only one choice: RIFLES. That’s it. Most or all Skills need a rifle to work. And rifles’ auto attack is too good to pass on, firing 3 bullets at once. So, don’t bother with Pistols, Bows, Crossbows, or dex-based 1H Spears.

The main stat that you want on your Gear is +dmg. You also want to look for +% ranged dmg, +ranged attack speed , +attack rating and +dex, as all those are beneficial to you. +crit chance also synergizes well with your passive, so more doesn’t hurt +VIT/HP and +WIS/MP are of course welcome as well.

NOTE: Level-Gap Penalty.

Always be aware of the level-gap penalty. When mobs/bosses are too high level compared to you, you will start to miss a lot more, and deal far less damage, the wider the level gap is. This affects your chance of stunning the bosses as well. Just keep that in mind.

I hope you enjoyed this read.

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