Luvinia World Legendary Gear Guide

Luvinia World Legendary Gear Guide by dallanar

So I have been seeing a lot of people ask about how to get Legend Gear? So here is a short guide on how you acquire these powerful gears.

1. Legends come from a Legendary Scroll which is then used with various materials in the Geneway Magic Box. The scrolls can drop off the Bosses which spawn when a certain amount of monsters of that type are killed, As well as the Mutant Elites. It will also be the Announced bosses you see from time to time if you happen to be in the zone. I have gotten drops as far back as Rainbow Path, but im sure the ones in Dawn town can as well. I will give Wildcolt credit for submitting information about them rarely dropping off the invasion event mobs as well.
Legend Scrolls Highlighted in Yellow
Click the image to open in full size.
2. Once you acquire one of these scrolls you can right click it, it will open a new window up and show you short description about the legend, a brief history, and will also include the ingredients needed to make it, usually 2-5 phantom powders and 10-32 other drops from the 20-40 gears. It will also give you tips on which mobs to kill to get the items you need. Some are very obvious, some are somewhat a guessing game.

3. Once you have acquired what you need to craft your legend you will then open the Geneway Magic Box, put the scroll, phantom powders, and all the other materials in the box. and click the bottom right button. Presto you have yourself a Legend.
Geneway Magic Box
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Tip#1 while killing if you acquire any Magic Material keep note of what monster it dropped off, and keep the Material in your bag, or bank do not discard, as the materials you need for a legend could be one of the ones you just tossed.

Tip#2 don’t get discouraged when looking at the stats on the scroll, once you craft it, the items gets an enhanced value added to it, and comes out much higher stated then the scroll says, and it also increases more with the higher amount enhanced value.

I hope this clears the air a little for anyone wondering about legends.

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