Lineage II Pailaka Injured Dragon Quest Guide

Lineage II Fast Pailaka Injured Dragon Quest Guide by AshleyHunter

Get Hunting Supplies heal pots, SS resist Fire if you can will help a lot, ETC. Have Good jewelry Just about everything nukes Fire inside.

You will get a spear inside from the first NPC inside but if you have a better weapon use it…… you don’t have 2 use the spear at all but you do need 2 turn it in at the end.

Talk to the Ketra Orc Shaman NPC, outside Goddard Town (right at the Bottom of the Steps that’s close to the DE guild) he will port you in.

Once in talk to the NPC right were your at and get the spear.

When you first go in go slightly to your right while heading straight in (Avoid the Deer) you will come to a Bridge and your first set of mobs. Kill them then Head across the Bridge and kill them. make sure you pick up the heal and Shield pots every time. and save them for the boss and use your normal heal pots for now.

Look to your left you will see a path going and about 10 feet a path to north on your right that’s your next set of mobs.

However go right of the bridge first and upgrade your spear and get buffs from the NPC you see. Then go back to the Bridge but this time go past it and the first path 2 your right is your next set of mobs. Kill them.

After killing them Look 2 your Left that’s right another NPC go upgrade your spear and rebuff.

While looking at the NPC do a 180 and right slightly 2 your right is a path up and your last set of mobs just before the dragon.

Kill that set and head up to the dragon and ready the pots you got from the drops you should have more then enough to kill the boss.

Kill the Dragon and be careful he hits hard. After you kill the boss a NPC will pop up give him the spear and your done Congrats.


A grade Pailaka Undershirt that can’t be drop, traded or Enhanced. It has 28 P defense and +40 MP

28,000,000 XP and 2,850,00 SP

Full Vitality

This is a Non Repeatable 1 time only quest. However you can repeat it if you don’t complete the quest.

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