Iron Marshal FAQ

Iron Marshal Frequently Asked Questions by Taylor

1.Why can’t I upgrade my Base any more when it reaches Lv 9?
The Base Lv cannot be higher than that of the area where you are. If you want to upgrade it, you need to move to another area. Requirement: Defeat all corps in the initial map.

2.Why is that I can collect many Diamonds one day and nothing another day?
There is a chance for you to get Diamonds when collecting pay. You can increase the chances by upgrading the Market Level

3.How to increase the Gold gained through collecting pay each time?
The amount of Gold gained through pay collection each time is related to House Lv, COMMS Lv, Prosperity, Legion’s Pay and Technology. You need to upgrade corresponding buildings as well as the Technology.

4.How is Tribute calculated?
When those you have Conquered collect, he/she has to pay the General some Gold according to a certain percent as the Tribute. The Tribute is not deducted from the Conquered’s Pay, but given by the system additionally. The more Pay the Conquered collects and the more collections he performs, the more Tribute there will be. If there is a General, the percent will be 5%; if not, it will be 10%.

5.How do I check my Prestige ranking?
Click on Base — Promote, you can view your current Prestige and check your ranking in the parentheses.

6.How does it come that the Exp promoted through Speedup is different each time?
Experienced gained through Speedup increases with the upgrade of the Training Grounds. Want more Exp? Then, go to upgrade your Training Grounds!

7.What is the upper limit for the attribute reset?
The upper limit is Officer’s Lv + 20. The max attribute points are 120.

8.What’s the function of Respawning?
After respawning, both the Officer’s and the troopss’ Lv will be reset to Lv 1. But each respawn will also increase the number of troopss in a unit.

9.How does it come that the Food cost for replenishment of soldiers is different each time?
Food cost is related to the Base Level. The higher the Base Level is, the more Food it will cost.

10.Why can’t I buy more Food in Supplies after I bought it once?
There is a limited amount of trades in one day. You can increase the trade amount by upgrading Supplies. Each upgrade will refresh the trade amount.

11.How does the Food price change?
Minimum: 0.5; Maximum: 2. It increases from 0.5 and starts to fall when it reaches the upper limit. Buy low and sell high, you will make a good profit!
I think I found a BUG: The building upgraded instantly!
It’s not a BUG. All building upgrades are completed instantly in gold Marshal. But after that, there is a cooldown time for the Builders before they can build anything else.

12.How long can the Builders last?
No time limit. The Builders last forever!

13.Why is it that the CD time for me is longer than other players?
It’s because of Fatigue! As the times of building increase, the builder’s Fatigue will increase while causing CD time for building to also increase. Fatigue will be reset to 0 at 5:00 AM every day. So does the CD time for Deployments when upgrading Technology.

14.Why is my Attack button gray?
It’s because the CD for Deployments hasn’t finished or your troopss were wiped out by other players. When the “Attack” button is gray, put your mouse above it for a while, then the reason why you can’t attack will be displayed.

15.How do I collect the campaign reward?
To get the campaign reward, you need to defeat the corresponding force completely. The Completion is shown automatically on the Campaign interface. Enemies holding a red banner have not been defeated; while those holding a white banner have. When a campaign’s completion is 100%, click “Collect” to get the reward.

16.I meet the moving requirements but cannot move. Why?
Most likely you are still in the CD period. CD time for moving is 24 hours, which means that you can only move once every 24 hours.

17.I can gain a lot of Gold through pay collection in some areas but only a little in some other areas. Why is that?
It’s related to Prosperity. The higher the area’s level the higher the basic Prosperity. You can increase an area’s  Prosperity through investment.

18.Waging Campaigns costs Deployments. What if I don’t have Deployments?
1 Deployment can be restored every hour on the hour. You can receive 1 each time at three specific times. And you can get 1 extra Deployment for every level your Base is upgraded. You can also raise the upper limit of Deployments with Diamonds.

19.Since I don’t have much Training Exp, the level promotion is too low. What should I do?
Click on “Speedup” in the Training interface, you can exchange Honor for Exp. Of course, you can choose high level training mode with Diamonds.

20.How can I get more Generals?
Upgrade Formations in the Technology interface, and then you can send more Generals to the battlefield!

21.What is the exchange rate?
There are different rates for different exchange modes. For more information, please check our official website!

22.How do I check my VIP level? And how many Diamonds are needed to access the functions of next VIP level?
Click on Recharge, and then you can view your current VIP level, check the amount of Diamonds needed for the next level and gain access to new functions!

23.How do I send more Generals into battle?
Upgrade your Formations and then the number of Generals you can attack with will increase!

24.How are Deployments restored?
Deployment is restored once per hour. Also, one Deployment is restored each time at 3 specific time in one day. You can have one free chance respectively to mount a Campaign, Attack another player, Conquer another player, occupy an Armory or gold Mine for free according to your level! When you reach VIP Lv 4, you can buy extra Deployments!

25.How do I increase Loyalty?
When you come across choices while collecting Pay, you can choose the corresponding option to increase Loyalty.

26.How do I change  my password?
In the official website, log in your account and click on Edit Profile!

27.Where is the Armory?
After you choose a Faction, click on Area in the bottom right corner of the main interface, and then you can see the Armories.

28.How do I check and increase my Rank?
After you move to a Faction, there will be a prompt of Rank promotion in your Base. Click to open that interface, you can promote your Prestige through Donation, Attacking or Investment.

29.What are the functions of the Officer’s “Strategy Attack & Defense”?
Strategy Attack is long-range attack while Strategy Defense means you attack with a Gun.

30.Where can I check Prestige?
After you choose a Faction, Prestige will be shown in the game interface.

31.How many rounds of fighting will result in aDraw?
When both sides fight 20 rounds, the result will be a Draw (Tie).

32.Why does the Truce expire?
After you declare a Truce, once you attack other troopss, the Truce will be cancelled.

33.Does the Legion War cost Deployments?

34.Why do the defenders win when I have eliminated that Legion?
This depends on the winning streaks of the last army. When a player achieves 3 Winning Streaks, he will be out of the battle. If you want to beat the defenders, there must be other players beside the 3-winning-streakers in your team. Otherwise, the defender wins!

35.Can I buy items in the Mall?
After your Base reaches Lv 21, you can buy swords in the Mall. The higher your Base Lv, the more swords you can buy. And remember, it can cause a panic in the market! So you can earn Gold by selling these items for a profit!

36.How do I get Gold?
There are many ways to get Gold: Collect Pay, Get an Advance, Food Trade, Forge Equipment, Trade in the Shop, Tribute from Conquered players and Occupy Mines.

37.I already received the reward in a campaign. If I attack the troopss on this map again, can I get equipment(drops)?

38.How can I earn Prestige fast?
Player can gain Prestige through attacking the enemy. There are 6 colors of enemy players.

1 White: Available to attack to gain a few Prestige
2 Green: Available to attack to gain some Prestige
3 Blue: Available to attack to gain Prestige
4 Purple : Available to attack to gain Prestige
5 Golden: Available to attack to gain a lot of Prestige
6 Red: Available to attack to gain a huge amount of Prestige

A fast way to gain Prestige: Attack some Red Thugs and Purple Public Enemies repeatedly according your ability (An attack may reduce the opponent’s hostility so as to change it to Blue). This is a way to gain the most Prestige with the least Deployments.

39.Why can’t I attack other troopss now?
It’s winter now, you can’t attack others in winter.
Perhaps your Deployments are used up! One Deployment is restored per hour; and you can get an extra one for free at 8:30 AM, 12:30 PM and 7:00 PM respectively.
If a player has declared a truce, you can’t attack them!

40.My level is higher than my opponent. Why did I lose the campaign?
Your opponent’s equipment is better. You can enhance your equipment in Shop.
Your Technology is lower. You can go to upgrade your Technology in R&D.;
Your Formation is restricted by your opponent’s. Go to change your Formation in Troops-Formation.

41.I haven’t reached Lv 15. My Force hasn’t been restored since last Campaign. Why’s that?
Before you reach Lv 15 (including Lv 15), the Force will be restored automatically after a Campaign. Even it’s not restored in Troops interface, you don’t need to worry. Go to start a Campaign, and you can find it full! After you reach Lv 15, the Barracks function is activated, but Force can still be restored automatically.

42.Why can’t I chat in the Faction channel?
Only when your rank in the Faction is among the Top 100 can you chat in Faction channel!

43.How many Free Soldiers can I recruit?
The number you can recruit is Barracks Lv * 200.

44.How do I capture items?
When you reach Lv 30, the Capture function is activated in Shop. You can capture Arsenals and Magazines of different types from the enemies.

45.What rewards can I get from the Area War?
Prestige. The reward is given according to the Base Lv and the combat result. The winner will gain more than double the Prestige than the loser will

46.How to send more Generals to go into battle and recruit more Officers?
R&D; Lv 10 enables you to upgrade Formations to Lv 2, allowing 3 Generals to go into battle.
R&D; Lv 25 enables you to upgrade Formations to Lv 5, allowing 4 Generals to go into battle. (Req. for the 4th: 100 Prestige)
R&D; Lv 50 enables you to upgrade Formations to Lv 10, allowing 5 Generals to go into battle. (Req. for the 5th: 15,000 Prestige)
Req. for the 6th General: 70,000; Req. for the 7th General: 190,000 (Only 5 can go to go into battle at one time.)

47.Rules of the Elite Troopss’ Attack?
The amount of Elite Troopss is limited. When all Eilte Troopss of this area are wiped out, you have to wait until the next refresh! Refreshes are  at: 8: 30 AM, 12:30 PM, 7:30 PM, 9:00 PM and 12:00 AM.

48.What’s the required HQ Lv for sending Convoys?
Lv 41.

49.I have changed the Formation in corresponding interface. But it hasn’t changed in the Campaign. Why?
After you change a Formation, you need to set it as default in the bottom right corner.

50.What’s the validity period of VIP functions?
There are no time limit for these functions.

51.How to check Prestige ranking?
You can check it in Base-Promote. The number in the bracket is your Prestige ranking in the Faction.

52.The Honor points gained from attacking NPC become fewer and fewer. Why?
The Honor gained will be decreased by 20 for each level upgraded. When you are higher than the NPC, you can only gain the basic Honor points.

53.How many colors of the equipment?
A: Equipment from high to low: White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red and Purple.

54.How to edit account profile?
Enter, log in account-Set-Set Account.

55。Players can gain Prestige through attacking the most wanted enemiesl. There are 4 colors of enemy names. What do they mean?
1 White: Under protection and you cannot attack
2 Blue: Available to attack to gain Prestige
3 Green: Available to attack to gain lots of Prestige
4 Yellow: Available to attack to gain a huge amount of Prestige

56.Experience Rules?
Exp can be increased once every 30 sec. The higher the level of the Training Grounds, the more Exp you can gain each time. Honor can be upgraded faster, so when you are training, remember to use Speedup!

57.Can I change Factions?
No! You can’t change to another Faction, you have to create a new character.

58.At which level will my buildings be destroyed when I’m attacked? Does failure in attack cause degradation each time?
When your base reaches Lv 60, your Buildings will be destroyed randomly when you fail to defend (a random build degrades by one level). Not all Buildings will be degraded.

59.What will influence the Gold gained through Trade?
The number of Convoys sent, Bank Lv and the other side’s level

60.How do I seize other players’ Cities (Areas)?
Hi, you can increase your Holding in enemy’s city through Area War and Investment. When your Holding surpasses the other 2 Factions in that City, it will be taken by you.

61.When I use Super Attr Reset, the effect is the same as Reset with Gold, Honor and 2 Diamonds. Why?
In the initial stage of resetting attr., all modes have the same effect. You can use Gold, Honor, 2 Diamonds in this period (whatever you like). When it reaches the max level ([Full] as the mark– Officer Lv+20), or almost is full, you can use a higher level mode. The higher lv the Officier, the higher attribute you can get through resetting.

62.How many pieces for the equipment of different colors? The equipment with which color has pieces? Can I only get pieces?
Green: 2 pieces; Yellow: 5 pieces; Red: 20 pieces. Purple: 20 pieces. When you collect enough pieces, they will synthesize into one automatically. Green equipment or above has pieces. The equipment or its pieces will be dropped randomly.

63.After I reach Lv 35, failure in war will deduct Deployments, right? Then, why are my Deployments reduced when I fail in attack against Elite Troopss?
Before Lv 35, failure in attack against Elite Troopss consumes Deployments too.

64.I’m conquered by someone else…Will my Pay be decreased?
Your Pay won’t be decreased after you are conquered. The Tribute is given to that Commander by the system automatically.

65.Do the points increased through Equipment Enhancement depend on the color and level of the equipment?
Equipment’s quality: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Golden, Red (from low to high). The higher the equipment’s quality, the more points the Enhancement can increase. It has nothing to do with the Equipment Lv which only influencs the initial points.

66.I opened Free Protection last night. But when I enter the game this morning, the Protection requires to pay. Why?
CD time for protection is 24 hours. When did you set it yesterday? The status will be refreshed at the same time today.

67.What is the function of Supply?
It’s used to reduce the Force replenished for the lost soldiers in war.

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