Iron Marshal Beginner’s Walkthrough

Iron Marshal Beginner’s Walkthrough by Taylor

This Walkthrough is intended to help introduce beginners to the world of Iron Marshal.

1、Select a faction, The Allies, Germans, or The Soviet Union.

2、Enter your Character’s name, gender, hair, features and choose their first troops, and then click “Start” to begin your expedition.

3、Next, select a city. Then you will enter your base after a quick tutorial battle.

4、Once you enter the base, there will be a guide introducing you to the main features of the base It’s recommended that you complete the in-game guide.

5、Below is the main game interface:

1).Builders CD (Cool Down): Shows the amount of Cooldown needed until you are able to build your next building.

2).Supply: Supply can also replenish forces.

3).Mail Box: You can send and receive in-game messages here.

4).Force: You can replenish your forces lost in the battle by drafting or recruiting.

5).Diamonds: You can get diamonds by recharging or the game.

6).Gift Pack: Click to receive gift packs.

7).Gold: Gold is only found in the game only.

8).Prestige: Is earned by defeating other players, collecting your pay, or completing missions. Prestige determines your game rank.

9).Honor: You can gain Honor in battle or by finishing daily missions. It can be used to accelerate general training, reset general attributes, upgrade buildings and technology, and in donations to your legion.

10).Armory: Go into your armory.

11).World: Switch to the World Interface.

12).Area: See the bases near your base.

13).Campaign: Go to Campaigns.

14).Base: Return to Base.

15).Legion: Here you can enter legion.

16).Mission: Here you can enter the mission interface.

17).Item:You can check the equipment on officers and items in Field Pack.

18).Troops:Here you can train your officers, upgrade technology, or embattle.

19).Character:You can check the attributes of your officers, collect pay, or trade supply.

20).Date and Seasons: Special conditions exist during each season.

21).Chat Box: Switch tabs talk in different channels.

As you progress through a campaign, you will find it harder and harder to fight against the next enemy. You must upgrade your Army in order to succeed.  There are several things you can do to increase the power of your army.

1.Recruit generals: Get better Generals to lead your troops.
2.Enhance your equipment or purchase better Equipment from the Shop.
3.Upgrade your Army’s Technology.
4.Enhance the hero’s strength.

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