Iron Marshal Beginner Tips

Iron Marshal Beginner Tips by Taylor

After setting up your Character and getting a feel for the game

Pay attention to the following:

1.Click the button below the Builders, and increase your number of Builders by 1 costing 50 diamonds. Next click Troop button to enter the interface, then click Buy Locations, and spend 50 diamonds buy a training space. You can also buy another training space depending on the situation.

2.If you are become a VIP player, you will able to buy a 5th building space and a 4th training space with 1000 diamonds.  There are also more training and Building spaces available at a higher cost.

3.Players who have not charged their accounts can only buy 3 building spaces and 3 training spaces at most.

Character Development

It is recommended to develop your Base in a well rounded way.  The higher the level of each of your buildings the easier it is to succeed in Iron Marshal.

1.Buildings: Click your HQ and upgrade it to Lv2, the shop will then become available. Next, Upgrade the Shop to Lv2, and the HQ to Lv3.  On the left, it displays the Builders Cooldown time(CD) which will rise after every building. The more you build, the longer the CD will be.  So it will take much longer.

2.Train: Click Training Grounds to start training. If you have money, you can select Enhanced and Inspiration. Please note that the Lv of of a commander can’t be higher than that of the base. You can reselect the training mode after Training CD. Free players can select 24 hours and 150% training mode, costing 10 diamonds in total a day. VIP players can select Premium 200% and Diamonds 250% to upgrade.

3.Buy and enhance equipment: click Shop, and buy a Lv1 weapon. Then click Enhance and upgrade the weapon to Lv2.

4.Campaign : Campaign is the main feature of the game. Click Campaign in the lower right corner, and it will bring up the Campaign Map.  You have to defeat each NPC one by one. You can only attack then 2nd NPC after defeating the first.  Each Campaign’s NPCs will get progressively stronger the further into the Campaign you are.  When you find it hard to continue, upgrade Supplies and Shop. You have to cooldown after every battle, and the more times you attack, the longer the CD time will be. The CD time is displayed on the main interface.

5.Mission: Click the Mission interface to take Missions. Accept a mission first, next finish it, and then collect the reward. Please remember to refresh the missions frequently. Each upgrade of  your HQ can refresh various missions, which is an important way to get Gold in the beginning.

6.Legion: Click the Legion button, and you will open the Legion interface. You can apply to join legions, and the higher Lv, the better. You can also spend 100 Honor to create a legion, and then finish the related initial Legion mission.

7.Develop: Click the troops and select Develop. There are several modes and types to choose from.

8.Collect Pay: You can collect your pay every 30 minutes, and 12 times total in one day. However, during Spring, you can collect pay 15 times in one day. The amount of gold you can collect is determined by your total House Lv.  Each time you collect you pay you have a chance to receive between 1 to 10 diamonds. It’s recommended that you should wait at first to collect pay, then after developing your base for a while, you’ll be able to receive more pay.

On The Road to Power

In battle, you will consume food and forces.  Before you initiate a battle, you should ensure you have enough food and full forces.  Food is how you will replenish your forces.  During the novice protection period, there is no force cost.  So you don’t need to worry about it now.

Please note:   The following is intended for Lv0-9 players:

1.Beat the first Campaign by defeating all the NPCs on the map.

2.By beating the first Campaign you have also beaten the first big mission click Collect at the bottom of the campaign to collect the reward. It is now possible to Move your base to the next area, click world, and select a Lv20 area.

3.VIP players have more diamonds, so their building, campaign and enhancement will take less cooldown time.

Understanding Iron Marshal Strategy

After getting beating the first Campaign, don’t rush to move your base, it is recommended to develop your base stay in an area where you won’t be dominated, especially for free players. There are two reasons:

1.If you have powerful equipment, and high-lv generals, it is easier to get Honor. Later in the game, you can use your honor to develop quickly. So ration your Honor carefully until you really need it.

2.Over on the World map, you can plunder honor, steal Gold mines, and conquer others. Going abroad to campaign is only intended for players over level 10.
More Advice

There are 2 reasons for players to stop upgrading the Base at Lv 15 and upgrade the levels of your buildings to max them out: one is that there is no consumption of units in battle before Lv 15; the other is that challenging an NPC at Lv 15 will gain Exp bonus as rewards.

Then, conquer. Click on the Armory Interface in the right corner to check your Area Armory output, and select the one with the highest output to conquer, be sure you can conquer the current holder of that Armory, or choose an empty one.

When players upgrade the Base to Lv 15, you will unlock the Barrack , and you can recruit Free Soldiers  while the Barracks level is less than 9. You will consume soldiers in Campaign after Lv 16, for that you can conscript new soldiers with Food. So don’t worry at Lv 15, because you can always recruit Free Soldiers.

Upgrade the Base to Lv15, and then upgrade Houses to Lv15 when you have enough time. Now you can collect pay, and will have a chance to get Diamonds, and you can also get advance gold with diamonds.

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