Illyriad NPC Difficulty Guide

Illyriad NPC Difficulty Guide by Manannan

A lot of people are asking in Global Chat how difficult certain NPCs are to defeat. As a rough guide here are some figures I will call, for want of a better name, the ‘Manannan Difficulty Quotient’ (MDQ)… Hey I invented it therefore I get to name it after myself! Tongue (Please note the name may change at a whim in the future!) LOL

As it is a quotient it is an average figure for all troop types in that faction/species so lower tier troops (e.g. Wild Dogs Pups) will be easier than the MDQ given and higher tier troops (e.g. Wolves Wolfpack Leaders) will be harder than the MDQ stated. The figures are put together from the hours of research I used for the (unpublishable) NPC Guide and Bestiary.

In theory, the lower the MDQ the easier it should be to defeat that particular NPC if you have sufficient troop numbers. Obviously if you attack a ‘Legion of ???’ with only a dozen troops you will be annihilated! Plan your troop numbers accordingly. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

It should also be noted that the rewards for attacking Faction NPCs are normally greater than those of Nature NPCs (explained more in the unpublishable NPC Guide and Bestiary – lets not go there) so given a personal choice of attacking 100 Nature NPC Scaled Chargers troops (3.225 MDQ) or 100 Faction NPC Baynes Irregulars troops (2.6775 MDQ), I would hit the faction for the easier (theoretical) attack and bigger (theoretical) payday of gold and commander experience. This is of course totally dependent on the troops faced.

REMEMBER theses figures are a guide only and in no way guarantee success in any attack. That is down to the troop numbers and tactics you decide to use!

Faction MDQ

  • Crimson Dawn              2.2875
  • Treggar’s Crows           2.775
  • Brotherhood of Kerala     2.775
  • Marauding Skullsplitters  2.775
  • Baynes Irregulars         2.6775
Nature MDQ

  • Alligators          2.350
  • Anacondas           2.425
  • Arctic Wolves       2.275
  • Baboons             1.875
  • Black Bears         2.000
  • Black Panthers      3.100
  • Brown Bears         2.150
  • Cobras              2.450
  • Coral Snakes        2.225
  • Cyclopes            4.000
  • Elephants          12.750
  • Fire Salamanders    3.000
  • Gharials            2.200
  • Giant Beetles       1.425
  • Giant Rats          1.200
  • Giant Scorpions     3.025
  • Giant Scuttlers     3.250
  • Giant Snakes        3.100
  • Giant Spiders       2.700
  • Golden Monkeys      1.300
  • Ice Salamanders     2.575
  • Jaguars             2.200
  • Leopards            2.575
  • Lions               2.825
  • Mammoths           18.100
  • Massive Scarabs     2.050
  • Poisonous Crawlers  2.875
    i style=”margin-bottom: 0px; margin-left: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-top: 0px; padding-bottom: 0px; padding-left: 0px; padding-right: 0px; padding-top: 0px;”>Polar Bears         2.550
  • Pumas               2.425
  • Rhinoceros          7.275
  • Roaming Trolls      3.300
  • Salamanders         2.825
  • Saurians           19.250
  • Scaled Chargers     3.225
  • Scritchers          2.525
  • Simien Wolves       2.075
  • Snow Leopards       2.250
  • Tigers              3.300
  • White Tigers        3.575
  • Wild Dogs           0.700
  • Wolves              1.540
I have not listed the Elemental NPCs as they have been removed from the game and no longer lay waiting in ambush for you in dead cities. Obviously they still exist in the game in players armies who were fortunate enough to bind them in the third tournament, but as I’m not about to encourage new players to attack the experience/veteran players who have them for their own safety, therefore they are omitted.

This is still very much a work in progress (and has been for several months) so I will be back in to edit it in the future with more accurate numbers and, for the ever faithful horde of Illyriad number crunchers, an explanation of the maths used for the figures. The reason I am publishing it half complete is people who have used it already have said they find the ‘ball park’ figures as they are useful as a guide to decide.

Sizes of NPC Occupations


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