Illyriad Joining and Alliance Guide

Illyriad Joining and Alliance Guide by Mar

Do you need to join an alliance? No. But they can be very helpful and fun. They can answer questions, send resource help, offer military help if you’re attacked, help resolve disputes you have with other players, provide fun chat on Alliance Chat, and more.

Research Needed
Step 1: Click on an empty plot in your city and build a library.

Step 2: When you have enough research points available, move your mouse over the green Research button on the menu, then select the “Available to Research” side button. Research Negotiation.

Buildings Needed
Step 1: You might not need this building. However, when your Negotiation research is finished and when you have enough resources to do so, click on an empty plot in your city and build a Consulate.

Learning about Alliances
Step 1: Move your mouse over the Alliances Overview button on the menu, then select the Find Alliance side button. You will see a list of alliances.

Alliances that have a “yes” under recruiting are accepting new members. Those with a “no” may still accept a new member, especially if one of their current members knows you and asks the leader on your behalf.

Distance indicates how close the alliance capital is to your city. If you like where your city is located, you might look for an alliance that has members close to you. (In the World Map, you can click on a city and View Player Profile to see if they are members of an alliance. There are more ways to check this discussed below.) If you don’t like where your city is located, you can always move your city closer to where the alliance is.

Members and Population tell you how big the alliance is. An alliance can have a maximum of 100 members.

Some alliances have a tax which their members pay into the alliance treasury. This tax is a percentage taken from the tax you collect in each of your cities. This gold is held at your city but where you can’t use it. Once a week (counted from the day you join the alliance), the gold is collected by the alliance and is placed in the alliance treasury. You can view the amount you are paying the toward alliance tax in the “taxation” section of your castle. [Thank you to Ryelle, Fluffy, and Johnny112 for providing information on how alliance taxes work.]

Step 2: Click on an alliance name in the list. Click on View Alliance Profile to get a summary of what the alliance stands for and expects of it’s members. This is the Summary page.

Click on the Players seal to see who are the members of that alliance. Once you’re a member of an alliance, you can check this page to see who in your alliance is online.

Click on the Map seal to see where the alliance members’ cities are located on the world map.

Click on the Diplomacy seal to see which other alliances this alliance has Non-Aggression Pacts (NAP) with, who they are at war with, and similar information.

Click on the Forum seal to see any information the alliance has posted for the general public to read.

Step 3: You can also learn about alliances by watching Global Chat and seeing which people you’d like to be in an alliance with. In the chat window, you can click on the player’s name and click View Profile to view the player’s personal profile (their alliance is given under their name) or click View Alliance Profile to view information about their alliance.

Step 4: If you have questions about an alliance, you can send a message asking those questions to the leaders of the alliance. Under the alliance’s Player list, you can click on a player’s name and select the Send Message option. Enter a subject, ask your questions, and hit the Send button.

Joining an Alliance
Step 1: Look for an alliance that is taking new members, is near you (if that’s important), and has rules and goals you can live with. When you join an alliance, it does mean that the alliance leaders have some say over what you do on the game. If the alliance rules or principles don’t match yours, this may become a problem for you later.

Step 2: Once you’ve decided which alliances you might like to join, you can send them a message asking for an invitation to join their alliance. Look for information on who to contact about recruitment on the Alliance Summary page.

Step 3: Click on the Players seal, click on the name of the recruitment officer, and click on Send Message. Ask them to send you an invitation to their alliance. You might include information about why you chose their alliance and/or your goals on the game.

Step 4: Wait. It may take several days before you hear back from the alliance. If you haven’t heard back from them after several days, you might try sending a message to the other recruiting officers (if listed). Often times, several of the leaders in the alliance have the ability to issue invitations to the alliance. If the wait is too long for you, you can always ask for an invitation from another alliance which also seems acceptable to you.

You’ll receive a message when an invitation is issued to you. You can also check for invitations by moving your mouse over the Alliances Overview menu button and clicking on the Alliance Recruitment side button. Under the Alliance Invitations Issued To You section, you’ll see who is sending you the invitation and which alliance it is for. You can Decline or Accept an invitation by clicking on the correct button next to the invitation.

Step 5: When you receive an invitation from an alliance that you like, under the Alliance Recruitment page, click on the accept button next to the invitation.

Congratulations! You’re now a part of an alliance.
Get active in your alliance by checking out the alliance chat and alliance forum. Move your mouse over the Mail menu button, then select the Chat side button. Click the “off” next to the Alliance Chat so it changes to “on,” then click on the Change button. An Alliance Chat window will appear below your Global Chat window.

On your alliance’s profile page, click on the Forums seal. Click on the Alliance Forum to see what other members are talking about.

Other Things to Consider
Large alliances are more likely to have experienced players who can share their wisdom, easily provide resource help, and who probably have large armies to help you if you’re attacked. However, each alliance can only have a maximum of 100 members, so smaller alliances might be quicker to invite you into their alliance. If you like a large alliance and they have a sister alliance,
you might ask to join the sister alliance instead. They will have the same focus and be closely allied to the larger alliance.

There are “training alliances” who accept players that are new to the game and who help new players get going. Many alliances will do this, but training alliances are more open to your joining them until you’re doing well, then leaving them for another alliance. If you’re not sure which alliance you want to join, these alliances might be a good place to start until you get to know the game and alliances better. Illy Training Ground, Free Defense Union, and Toothless? are examples of training alliances.

Leaving an Alliance
If you wish to leave your alliance, go to your alliance’s Summary page. Click on the Quit Alliance button at the bottom of this page. You then need to wait 24 hours before you can join another alliance or form a new one. [Thank you to Mandarins31 for providing this information.]

It might be polite to tell your alliance leaders why you’re leaving before you do. If you wish to join another alliance, most likely that alliance will want to know why you left your previous alliance.

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