Illyriad Begging Guide

Illyriad Begging Guide by Squill

Begging For Dummies
A step by step guide.
By Squill
Do you you find yourself out of resources often? Are you tired of every other John beating you in  population growth? Do you need the resources in order to wage war against that nosy neighbor? Read further to find the solution to all of your problems!

Well, begging is the solution. The noble art of begging has existed for as long as man has been around. Those who have mastered it have indeed attained enlightenment – according to some religions. Begging of course exists in Illyriad; now you can be part of it.

Those who give often have too much anyway.
Begging on Global Chat (GC)
Step 1: Choose an adequate time to ask for resources. When GC is both busy and has the right kind of people in it.
  1. Usually when there are “high rollers” around; those are the players with high populations.
  2. Those players who are currently looking for Illyriads Community’s approval (because they: are currently engaged in an unpopular war,  have done something to rune their reputation, e.c.t ) usually have tons to spare.
  3. Players who generally recruit for their alliance will send out resources in order boost their own and their alliance’s reputation.
Step 2: Popping the question.
  1. Ask at random, giving the exact amount of the resources you need (usually dependent on what you need  or how much your storehouse can hold). Examples: “Can anyone please send me 5000 of each basic resource.” or “Can someone please give me 100 horses so I can build some scouts.”
  2. If No.1 did not work then target a specific person in GC by asking them for the desired resources and referring to them by name. Example: “Please John, can you send me 15000 gold so I can build a settler.” Note: this is usual best suited to people in category 2 of Step 1.

Always remember not to over beg when the same people are in GC. Beg when there are a different flock in GC. If you receive criticism then all you have to do is give them a piece of your mind, remember: they can’t do anything to you or your town. They won’t risk their reputation or give their enemies a reason to protect you. Censored

Never ask for something and say that it’s is anything to do with building a army. Your main response will be: “You don’t have to build troops now, you are to small, if someone attacks you; announce it on GC and we will save you”. Nuke

If you are part of an alliance when you ask on GC and you are told to: “Ask for those resources on AC”. You have to give them a good reason: “There is nobody online in my alliance” or “I feel bad for asking for more resources from them.” Approve

Begging In Alliance Chat (AC)
Begging in AC is simple, the primary reason is because an alliance is mainly there for that. All you have to do is follow Step 2.
Begging with a In-Game-Message
Follow Step 2 Number 2 but with a private message to an alliance member in the leadership of your alliance, or perhaps to a wealthy neighbor with a high population.

Please don’t feel guilty for begging, those who give usually produce thousands compared to your production. That concludes this guide, further editions and alterations may be made later on to keep up with current trends.

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