Hellbreed Level Up your Warrior Guide

Hellbreed Level Up your Warrior Guide by NeverDie

Well! It’s a guide of how to level up easily your warrior according to my observation!

First of all.. How to arrange your attributes.

For an easy exp till the level of 15 :

Because of the fact that mobs in the first two dimensions die easily i would suggest you to do the following:

Attribute Points

First four attribute points @Resiliance Panel in Endurance. That will give you more hit points. In that way you will be able to gather more mobs and kill ’em.

Your next two attribute points @Battle Master Panel in Targeted hits . That will give you the possibility to hit even more powerful than you did. In the second dimension the last shard has mobs that are not so easy to die such us The Orcs. Furthermore it will give you the possibility of killing every mob even easier.

Your next 2 AP @ Resiliance Panel again but now in Muscle Training. Now you will be able to gather more mobs ( from my own experience half of the shard) and because of your high HP and your damage you will be UNABLE to die.

Next step is to add your next 2 AP @Battle Master Panel in Target hits (again).
It is really important now to start preparing yourself for the third dimension that mobs die a bit harder and deal more damage. So, the next 2 AP will be added in Protector @Resiliance Panel.
The last AP i suggest that you should add them in Endurance.


I strongly suggest you not to use Chain armors for Warriors. Of course this is subjective but by using Plate armors you build a really good tank that can handle almost every situation.
Use rings that add strength to your character (for example i use two identical Ring Of the Winter Hearts (+25 strength) ) and Amulet that adds constitution (i use The Necklace(+12 Consitution) ).

Try to have weapons for both melee and ranged occasions.
I suggest till the level of 15 to use Burning Blacksmith Hammer (86-101) (melee) and Spell Breaking Cannon (84-99) .
If you have armour that has empty space for phial stone i suggest you to keep it till you find scrolls for critical.
As far orbs is concerned you can use whatever you want  I prefer the lighting ones
Hope it helps

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