Hellbreed Huntress Tips

Hellbreed Huntress Tips by massivsnuz

In most MMO’s playing ranged class means 2 things:

  • being squishy
  • dealing a lot of damage

In Hellbreed it isn’t entirely true. First of all you aren’t too squishy since you can wear chain armor (hope it won’t change in the future) and you don’t deal a lot of damage. You deal MASSIVE amount of damage… ofc if you know how to build your character and survive all battles.
Since I’m going into „Marksman” skill tree I’ll try to give you some tips about being a good marksman.


Despite that you can weild some melee weapon let’s be honest: you wouldn’t make ranged character to fight melee so basically you have two choices:

  • Crossbow
  • Firearms

Crossbows: They are faster than most guns but deal relatively low damage comparing to firearms. I don’t use crossbows because of that. I prefer the second choice.

Firearms: In most cases mobile artillery. High damage but a bit slow. But since there are a few types of firearms (so far I can name these: Shooting Iron, Rifle, Gun, Cannon, Firearm) their damage and attack speed may vary.
It’s up to you what kind of weapon are you going to choose. If you like fast attacks use crossbow and if you value high damage more than speed, you should use firearms. Whatever your choice is going to be you’ll also have to improve your…


I gave you a hint at the beginning that I don’t like to rely on my companions/pets while playing so I decided to become a marksman. I’ve tried some passive skills combinations (I used some diamonds for skill reset a few times) and in my humble opinion a good marksman should develop his/her skills in particular order which is (I repeat: IN MY OPINION.)

  1. Max out Marksman skill in General weapon skills – you deal 28% extra damage when it’s 10/10
  2. Add enough points in marksman for your weapon so you can upgrade next skill on the list which is…
  3. Deadly shot (depends on weapon you use: crossbow or firearms) – lvl10 adds 6.6% chance for a critical hit.

Next move is up to you. You can either add more points in marksman for more basic damage or develop Firearm of Titans/Deadly Shot Crossbow for more crit damage. At the moment I’m in that phase when I do some skill experiments testing which skills are worth maxing first and, what’s most important, if there is any difference whether I add points in dexterity or quickfire first.

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