Fortune Online Guardian Skill List and Builds Guide

Fortune Online Guardian Skill List and Builds Guide by Stalwartde

So I finally got my Guardian up to level 20. She’s got an armor gem dropped by Rick and one blue item dropped by a mob (a weapon).

So here are all the skills currently available for the Guardian and a general description. Their damage and effects are based on the mind stat.

Level 1:

Glyph of healthy healing health: a very useful healing skill that starts automatically at level 1. It heals a certain amount every 2 seconds for 20 seconds. Its recharge time is only 10 seconds, so it can be used continuously. So far, it scales very well. At level 20, you can expect to heal 40 points every 2 seconds, thus tanking 20 dps, which can easily make the difference in a solo fight. It can also be used to heal an entire team at the same time, allowing the guardian to apply dps while healing.

Heroic smite of the angry dove: a skill that does a small amount of damage as well as slowing the enemy’s run speed and attack speed. It has a 10 second countdown and appears to last about that long. It works on the entire group of enemies. This is useful against bosses.

Mind freak: a passive boost to the mind stat. The bonus varies depending on the mind stat , but appears to max out at 100 points.

Smite of the magic ninja: Does damage to a single opponent based on weapon damage and mind stat. At level 5 this can one-hit all lower-tier monsters and mostly kill others. Recharge is very quick, allowing for very high damage output.

Level 5:

Bunny hands (badass): heals a very large amount at one time. 30 second recharge, thus allowing for about the same healing per second as the level 1 healing glyph.

Blessed charm of the jackpot: Increases the chance of getting a boon by a small margin. Leads to sorcerous quilt of minor agony.

Glyph of considerable discomfort: A glyph that does slight damage to all enemies who enter it over time. Lasts 20 seconds but does not do as much damage as ninja.

Discharge of legendary size: Does damage over time to all enemies in an area. Does not do as much damage as the ninja, but acts over time.

Level 10:

The Deflectocom: Passive talent that increases the chance to block.

Epic Pair: Passive talent that increases attack speed and critical hit chance. Leads to enhancement of vast proportion.

That which cannot happen: Passive talent that provides a chance to damage attackers slightly.

Level 15:

Mythical, Magical emission:
Heals all allies within an area. 30 sec recharge.

Sorcerous quilt of minor agony: Does damage based on mind stat and weapon damage, slows target speed and reduces armor. This is a very good skill for killing bosses. Only invest one point for mostly solo, but worth it when in parties due to armor reduction.

Affable charm of mass slaughter:
Passive talent that adds damage to autoattack based on mind stat. This allows for a huge amount of damage at level 5 (divide mind stat by three; this is what is added to dps).

Level 20:

Death sparklies: Passive talent adds slight chance of stun effect to autoattack.

Enhancement of vast proportion:
Active skill increases armor for a short period.

Build: Solo melee/healer
Glyph of healthy healing health 5
Mind freak 5
Smite of the magic ninja 5
Sorcerous quilt of minor agony 1
Affable charm of mass slaughter 5

This is what I’m using. It works well for solo, and decently as a party healer too. The idea is to chew through dungeons as quickly as possible while also working against bosses. When approaching a group of enemies that might cause some trouble, I always cast the healing glyph first. This does not let me tank the damage permanently but makes the difference between dying in the middle and finishing the group. Passive healing after the battle takes care of the rest. I spam magic ninja to burn through the lower tier monsters and autoattack to kill the bigger ones. Most groups take
Build: Team healer

Glyph of healthy healing health 5
Mind freak 5
Smite of the magic ninja 1
Bunny hands (badass) 5
Sorcerous quilt of minor agony 5

This is a build based entirely on working in a party to heal others. So far, the only real use for this might be in boss battles. If any really hard dungeons show up (or if pvp is added), then this might become a more viable fit. Cast the glyph before battle starts and encourage all teammates to stay in it (monsters will come to you). Use bunny hands to heal anyone who gets low, including yourself. Use sorcerous quilt against high-tier mobs and bosses. This would be a very hard build to solo in, but it is possible.

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