Exoplanet War Beginning Zubens Guide

Exoplanet War Beginning Zubens Guide by MSpirit

Zubens’ Structures:

The first few levels, build this to allow other Main Area Building Lots to be come visible (Then research to allow building)
Also the MainBase allows choosing the BaseCommander (Who gets experience points while so-assigned)

Resource gathering (3rd BOTTLENECK!!!!!)
Metal Mine
Gem Miner
Aqueous Rig
Xeno Extractor

Geothermal Reactor
This is your main power supply (buildings and defense and mines cease to function without power, and military units are lost over time) (SECONDARY BOTTLENECK!!!!!)

Combat Hangar
Combat Hangar is the structure for infantries training and commanders’ recruiting. The higher the level, the faster the unit production will be.

Dictum Nave
Dictum Nave is where Zubens’s units are being formed in different army and their mode in attacking such as invade, rob or spy. Upgrade of this facility will help in increasing the army limit.

Research lab
Allows buildings, technology, commanders, and colonization (MAIN BOTTLENECK!!!!!) (Use Aviation Hub to build Research Ships)

Warfare Bunker
Warfare Bunker is a unit structure for producing military and civilian vehicles. The higher the level, the faster the unit production will be.

Aviation Hub
Aviation Hub is a unit structure for producing military and civilian air ships. The higher the level, the faster the unit production will be.

The Harborage is the heart of Zubens’s colony defense system; it helps on the management of all defensive structures. You can upgrade or repair damaged defensive structures in the Harborage.

This facility will allow you to join or form your own alliance. Having your own alliance or joined in any alliance will help you in further move on and get deeper into the game with powerful and experienced help from others.

Trade Centre
The business portal of the colony, it is a place where you can trade freely with other players or NPC. If you are lacking certain resources, you may create an offer for others to trade with you.

Radiation Reactor
Radiation Reactor is an energy facility that can collect and process radiation transmitted by the satellites from outer space. It then transforms radiation into energy. (Use Aviation Hub to build satellites)

Metal Storage
Metal Storage is a structure that stores metal. Metal Mine will stop producing metal if the Storage is full. The more advance the structure is, the more capacity of metal it can store.

Gem Storage
Gem Storage is a structure that stores gem. Gem miner will stop producing gem if the Storage is full. The more advance the structure is, the more capacity of gem it can store.

Aqueous Tank
Aqueous Tank is a structure that stores aqueous. Aqueous Tank will stop producing aqueous if the Storage is full.

Xeno Repository
Xeno Repository is a structure that stores Xeno

Resources Cache
?Protects resources from attackers

Xeno Assimilator
?Produces power for troops, or for defense


(Building troops, vehicles, aircraft – 4th bottleneck, balance against available power generation)

Getting started – THIS TAKES DAYS/WEEKS/MONTHS!!! (Playing this game is like CHESS BY MAIL)
– Do the tutorial (MainBase, GeothermalPower, Resource production, misc.)
– Do the missions (Build up base, learn basics of attack, develop new buildings and research)
– Colonization
– Attack/Defend

?Strategy (I’m guessing here…)
– You will need ALLIANCE and COLONIES
. (For trading resources, and protecting resources and fighting units)

– – Resources can come from, generating them, buying them, trading for them, Robbing them from others
– – You will need RESOURCES
. . (and RESEARCH POINTS, initially. think of RESEARCH as the BIGGEST BOTTLENECK, until maxed out)
– – For FAST fighting unit generation
– – – Level up buildings generating the unit
– – – Level up relevant research
– – – Level up your relevant commanders



Power Generation:






Computer Technical:
Some people might claim that Microsoft Windows, itself, is “buggy”
Perhaps others will claim the same for the “FLASHPLAYER”, and programs written to run under it.
– Keep the “Windows updates” up to date, same for “Java” and the “Flashplayer”
– Keep your computer virus-free, and “maintained” (Garbage cleanup, and Defrag)
. (Enough free HD space, memory, no other running programs, if they seem to “interfere”)
– Report “problems” here on this forum

Temporary “fixes”
– Hit the “Browser refresh button” (you will lose contents of “chatbox”)
. (For example, if your resource-amounts don’t display properly)
– Log off, and then back on to the game
. (For example if your in-game “email” is not listing properly)
– Quit ALL windows of “BROWSER”, then restart the game (ExoPlanet)
. (If the BROWSER became confused, or needs to update)
– On a WINDOWS computer, “reboot” or “restart” the computer
. (“Home” versions of WINDOWS (at LEAST up thru “XP”), need to be “rebooted” once a week or more)
– In-game, use the “CHAT” box to ask about observed problems, and report them on the forum

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