EverQuest II Extended Location Spots for Adventure and Achievement XP

EverQuest II Extended Location Spots for Adventure and Achievement XP by MarginalAtBest

Below is a list of locations in game that give experience. Most spots are self evident, or are listed on EQ2Map. There are a few spots that can be tricky to get an update. It seems you have to run over just the right spot. Also, there are some spots that only give AA xp and not adventure xp.
I’m interested in hearing about additions to this list. I’m sure I missed a spot here or there.

Outpost of the Overlord
Seaside Glade
Cliffdiver Canyon
Falconer Hill
Fisher Falls
Adrium’s Tree House
The Wilderwood
Ebb Tide’s Alehouse
Bladefine Ruins

Queen’s Colony
Sunset Meadow
Dead Canyon
Sapswill Hill
Hope Falls
The Last Stand
The Tainted Forest
Crestrider’s Trading Post
Vulth Ruins

Beggar’s Court
The Fountain of Divine Retribution

Big Bend
The Torch of Oggok

Longshadow Alley
The Destroyed Knowledge Portal

Scale Yard
The Fountain of the Fallen Soldier

Stonestair Byway
The Fountain of Anguish

Temple Street
The Defiled Temple

West Freeport
Execution Plaza
The Vagrant Camp

East Freeport
The Amphitheater of Kelkarn

Sunken City
Isle of Rust
The Ruined Shrine of Prexus

The Graveyard
The Destoryed Tower of Marr

The Ruins
The Forgotten Shrine of Shoreside

The Sprawl
The Black Magus Hill

Peat Bog
Two Logs Pond

The Caves
The Cavern of Lost Miners

Oakmyst Forest
The Archer’s Grove
The Clearwater Pond
The Western Falls

Forest Ruins
The Ruined Mage Tower

Eldar Grove
Arbos, The Elddar Tree

Qeynos Harbor
The Clock of Ak’Anon

South Qeynos
The Fountain of Storms

North QeynosThe Claymore Plaza
The Temple of Life
The Pool of Jahnda

The Spectacular Sprocket of Ak’Anon

The Willow Wood
Spirit of Faydark Park

Starcrest Commune
The Fountain of Deep Reflection

Graystone Yard
The Stone of Kaladim

Nettleville Hovel
The Nettleville Market Row

Castleview Hamlet
The Fountain of Valor

The Commonlands
The Crossroads
The Siege Lands
The Dog Pond
Pride Lake
The Tower of Zarvonn
The Hidden Vale
The Ruins of Val’marr
Turmoil Cemetary

Wailing Caves
The Pit of Death

Fallen Gate
The First Gate
Hall of the Fallen
The Pool of Percelia
Little Neriak
The Feasting Cave
The Hold of Malice
Hate’s Forge
The Bull’s Pit

The Keep of the Gnollslayers
Windstalker Village
Glade of the Coven
The Ruins of Caltorsis
The Tower of the Oracles
Crater Pond
Coldwind Point
The Tomb of Varsoon
Keep of the Ardent Needle
The Bells of Vhalen
Archers Wood
Qeynos Hill

Collapsed Everfrost Tunnel
The Blackburrow Brewery

The Atrium
The Vault of the Maelstrom
The Well Room

Nektulos Forest
J’Rais Bridge
D’Abth Bridge
Black Water Lake
N’Mar’s Ascent
Death’s Maw
Forgotten Woods
Headstone Walkway
Gargoyle Gorge
Nektropos Castle
Bone Lake
Valley of the Dead
Valley of the Lost Souls
Camp Leeot
Soul Eater Falls
Citadel of Gul’Thex
Hidden Beach Path
Port Naythex
The Valley of the Bears
Behemoth Pond
The Pot
The Funeral Pyre
Mound Lake

Nektropos Castle
Elise’s Bedroom
Deirdre’s Bedroom
Jenni’s Bedroom
Melanie’s Bedroom
Crysta’s Bedroom
Sheila’s Bedroom

The Tombs of Night
The Forgotten Tears
**spot work in all instances

The Crypt of Thaen
Sanguine Falls
The Burial Mound
The Crimson Crown
*spots work in all instances

Thundering Steppes
Dead River Docks
Seaside Road
Antonican Road
Fallow Farmlands
Dead River Basin
Bridge Keep
Dead River Road
Crested Lowlands
Ruins of Karana
The Grave Pool
Coldwind Cove
Centaur Encampment
Giant’s Forge
Shrine of Decay
Crater Mine
Deadview Pass
Valley of the Ancients
Thundermist Valley
Shrine of the Sirens
The Village of Thundermist
Thundermist Road
The Mirror
Shattered Gully
Coldwind Shores Cemetary
Sabertooth Den
The Last Stand

Ruins of Varsoon
Workshop of the Summoner
Workshop of the Enchanter
Workshop of the Sorcerer

Warship Dock
O.W.G. Smasher
Orc Encampment
Three Toes Valley
Three Toe’s Watering Hole
Blood Ore Valley
The Deathfist Quarry
Spirit Valley
Spirit Lake
The Sea of Crossed Swords
The Siren’s Cove
Mythical Forest
Orc Outpost
The Defiled Forest
The Charred Vale
Deathfist Lookout
Bridge of Zek
The Deathfist Citadel
Citadel Road
Valley of Sacrifice
Grove of Stones

Deathfist Citadel
The Sewers
The Blood Iron Mines
The Deathfist Jail
The Torture Chamber
Deathfist Savings and Loan
The Spectator’s Roost
Arena Staging Area
The Grand Alchemist Study
The Assistant’s Lab
Prince Gluntok’s Chambers
The Armory
Bathing Room
The Taskmaster’s Quarters
The Barracks
The Shrine to Rallos Zek
The Mess Hall
The Emporer’s Terrace
Food Stores
Gud Eats Butcher
The Blood Iron Forge
The Arm of Innoruuk
Artifact and Relic Stoarge
Blood Bath Arena

Enchanted Lands
Lost Village of Bobick
Seamist Coast
The Fae Isle
The Lazy Drain
The Riverwatch
Misty Ridge
The Granary Hill
The Runnyeye Ward
Lookout Stump
Shortwine Burrow
Berrybrook Field
Seamist Plains Village
Goblin Pass
The Misty Mine
The Glittering Mine
Bramblefoot Hills
Misty Grove
Camp Ghobber
Tagglefoot Farms
Chomper’s Pond
Bogbottom Mill
The Foul Stench
Bog Mountain
The Hole
Midwater Bridge

Runnyeye Citadel
The Bog Tower Crossing
The Muddite Pool
The Goblin Dining Room

The Fool’s Gold
Cask’s General Store
The Loom
The Pot of Gold
The Jum Jum Shack
West Rivervale
Brushfoot’s General Store
Middlehill’s General Store
Valeflow River
North Rivervale
Shakey’s Farm
The Granary
East Rivervale
Circle Way
The Laughing Trout
Grubbin’s Fishing Retreat
The House of Circles
Overfoot Circle
The Drafling Tower
Roundbelly’s General Store

The Tower of the Drafling
Windowsill Guard Post
The Jum-Jum Refinery
The Queen’s View

Shrine of Thunder
Magma Grotto
Najena’s Dungeon
Najena’s Valley
Fennin’s Pass
Dagger Spires Pass
The Wounds
Goblet of Ro
Lava Field
Temple Path
Temple of Solusek Ro
Solusek Valley
Hydra Pass
Dragons Breath Tunnel
Dragons Breath Tunnel (other end)

Solusek’s Eye
Ledge of Molten Flame

Stormedge Isle
Everstorm Bay
Bitterwind Trench
Jagged Plains
Icespire Caverns
Maidens Walk
Icewail Caverns
Icewail Pass
Hollowfrost Grove
World Tree Root
Shiverfang Caves
Guardian’s Gulch
The Lady’s View
Icegill Lagoon
Bitterwind Pioneer’s Encampment
Snowsworn’s Hunter’s Outpost
The Ruined Homestead

The Drowning Causeway
The Jungle of Alliz Evol
The Hidden Camp
Thule Camp
Rallosian Mage Shrine
The Hand of Sacrifice
The Greenblood River
The Temple of Alliz
Toppled Hand of Thule
Toppled Hand of Thule (2nd one)
Fear Camp
Fear Camp (2nd one)
Golgoth Bridge
The Anaconda River
Murdunk’s Fall
Altar of the Four Cannons
Ogre Guard Tower Ruins
The Sentinel Stones
Alliz Tae Ew Tangle
Destroyed Druid Ring
The Ruins of Thule
The Tower of Vul
Ulguth Bridge
Alliz Ew Basin
Alliz Tae Outpost
Gulch of Thule
Dread Basin

The Temple of Cazic-Thule
The Runes of Terror
The Pool of Dread

The Obelisk of Lost Souls
The Cistern of Immortaility
The Aethenaeum of Shadows

Sinking Sands
Caiman Beach
Croc Hunter Camp
The Oasis of Marr
The Spectre Tower
Buccaneer Beach
Onerock Isle
Shrouded Cove
Pirate’s Perch
Hullcrasher Rock
Brigand’s Boneyard
The Stilled Sea
The Croc Caves
Sandslide Passage
Orc Highway
Clefts of Rujark
The Undercity Arena
The Pillars of Flame
The Twin Tears
The Living Tombs
The Eye of Anuk
The Bay of Anuk
The Silent City
The Chimney
The Sunken Spire

Clefts of Rujark
Cleft of Valor
The Sinking Sands
The Pillars of Flame
Cleft of Ferocity
The Commissary
The Overseer’s Chamber
The Charnel
Cleft of Might
The War Forge
The War Room
The Treasure Chamber
Elite Barracks
Rise of the Overlord
The Throne of Conquest
Rise of the Lost Relic

The Vault of Dust
Vault of Champions
The Slithering Ossuary
Vacant Ash Chamber

The Living Tombs
Trade Court
Residence Court
Priestess’ Court
Statue Court

Silent City
The Halls of War
The Halls of Learning
Temple Court
The Altar of the Eyes

Pillars of Flame
The Searing Gorge
The Sinking Sands
Swiftrider’s Caravan
Camp Gar’Nik
The Ortallian Encampment
The Table of Eyes
The Seer Stone
Remnants of the Lilfire
The Long and Dusty Road
Sabertooth Valley
Clefts of Rujark
Camp K’taakh
Camp Hu’kach
The Giant’s Field
The Burning Seas
The Sun Spires
Prophet’s Peak
The Needle
Camp Char’Gin
The Grueling Pits
Camp Char’Nik
The Island of the Naga
Master’s Plateua
The Great Bonzai
The Scrawling Cliffs

Skygazer Plateau
Library of Light
The Sultan’s Palace
The Court of Truth
Outcast’s Ledge
The Court of Tears
The Court of the Blades
Champion’s Court
The Midday Market
The Gilded Twilight Terrace
The Court of the Coin
The Golden Scepter

Tenebrous Tangle
Hidden Refuge
Vicious Breeding Grounds
Bixie Isle
Ravasect Incursion Point
The Temple Grounds
Shrine to the Wurmking
Gazer Isle
Fear Tainted Isle
Vultak Scavening Site
The Sanctum of the Scaleborn
The Temple of Scale

Sanctum of the Scaleborn
Mouth of the Sanctum
Chamber of Animation
Scaleborn Barracks
Ready Room
The Oratorium
Scaleborn Cell
Talonflight Armory
Chamber of the Diviners
Fount of Awakening
Pool of Spirits
Hall of Rites
Room of Recovery
Exarchs’ Seclusion
Banisher Prepatory
Reservoir of the Wraith
The Gorgs’ Pit
The Audience Chamber
The Lair of the Scale

The Temple of Scale
Foyer of Scale

Halls of Seeing
The Antichamber of Vision
The Vestibule of Pain
The Crypt of Scrying
The Pit of Despair
Realm of the Overlord
The Hidden Confessio
The Sanctum of Suffering
The Concordant Cloister
The Lair of the Seer

The Lyceum of Abhorrence
The Lair of Fear
The Chamber of War
The Chamber of Feasting
Gnorbl’s Chamber
The Corruption Chamber
The Chamber of Chants
The Chamber of Eggs
The Sanctum of Fear

Barren Sky
Isle of Desolation
Isle of the Guardians
The Prisoner’s Isle
The Isle of the Watchers
The Isle of Aversion
The Whisperwind Isle
Windgazer’s Hideout
The Blackwind Isle
The Isle of Discord
The Strifewind Isle
Strifewind Pond
The Cloudmist Isle
The Isle of Eaglewatch
The Isle of Awakening
The Palace of the Awakened
Pool of the Awakened
The Despoiler’s Camp
The Strifewing Camp
The Warrior’s Training Ground

The Nest of the Great Egg
The Destroyed Foyer
The Library of the Seven
The Main Library
Hooluk Scholar Quarters
The Great Egg

Palace of Awakening
Spiroc Foyer
The Walk of Flights
The Vestibule of the Four Winds
The Fountain Room of Aeristok
Nest of the East Wing
Nest of the West Wing
The Circle of the Maidens
The Lyceum of Naar’Yora
The Refectory
Oratory of Naar’Yora
The Great Aviary
The King’s Roost
The Gymnasium
The Hatchery
Deliberation Chamber
Nest of the Overseers
Enlightenment Aviary
Ampoel’s Landing
The Workshop of Naar’Yora
Nest of the Sky Lords
Erudition Aviary
The Meatery
Bath of the Sky Lords

The Vaults of El’Arad
The Grand Hallway
The Ulterean Spire Room
Palisade of the Flamelord
The Auditorium
Hallway of the Antechamber
Chamber of the Vaultkeeper

Ascent of the Awakened x2
Fountain of the Slashing
Fall of the Flapping Wing
Orators Arena
Great Hall of Fire
Great Hall of Ice

Pillaged Burial Site
Dreadnever Crash Site
Doomwing Dig Site
Doomwing Pit
The Vale of Thorns
Hive Vornerous
Muck Lurker Hollow
The Cacotoxic Stain
Blackscale Sepulcher
The Carrion Briar
Doomwing Excavation
Ghazi’s Rest
The Halls of Fate
The Calling Pool
Bashir’s Excavation
The Remnants of Xoch
Akharu’s Dig Site

The Den of the Devourer
The Hall of Guardians
The Hatching Chamber
The Waterfall Room
The Queen’s Hive

The Blackscale Sepulcher
The Great Hall
The Crypt
The Sealing Chamber

Halls of Fate
The Atrium of Kildrukaun
The Viewing Room
Skarize Dracoratory
Pit of Talons
The Carnivorous Pillar
The Wordless Chamber
Dooming Rookery

The Laboratory of Lord Vyemm
Doomwing Rookery
The Lower Garrison
The Doom Forge
Quelithulian Cybrareum
Halls of Oblivion

Pit of Barbs
Archives of the Wyrm
The Flensing Chamber
The Altar of Ending
The Tears of Rage
Lair of the Soulless

Village of Shin
Luk Ki Island
Tower of the Four Winds
The House of Ventur
The House of Augren
The House of Nurwin

Mystic Lake
Mystic Woods
Tranquil Woods
Gunthak Pirate Camp
Tomb of the Sensei
Sepulcher of Zan Fi
Shadow Woods
Mystic Isle
Mystic Lake
Mystic Fall
The Camp of Forgotten Souls
Gateway of the Forsaken
The Rotting Ground
Direvine Wood
The Venomspill Pond
The Ring of Direful

Forgotten City
Plunderer Base Camp
Mezzanine of Debate
Chamber of Tactics
Alchemic Alcove
Hall of Discourse
Chamber of Valor
God of Knowledge
Clerical Conclave
Hall of Contemplation
Arcanis Athenaeum
Site of the Summoning
Esoteric Library
Venomouse Nest
Center Plaza
Eternal Army

Butcherblock Mountains
Glubbsunk Cove
Tideslyph Isle
The Chessboard
The Quarry
King’s Rest
Kamp Krulkiel
Kragploom Roost
Darkfall Gorge
Road to Greater Faydark

The Estate of Unrest
The Graves of Unrest
The Hallowed Gazebo
The Defiled Chapel
The Dining Room
Nicadius’s Master Bedroom
The Fallow Nursery
The Torture Chamber of the Damned
The Heart of Unrest

Kaladim Hall
Bloodforge Gate
Brell’s March
Heroes Hold
Ogrebane Arena
Stormguard Hall
Keg Hold
Brell’s Brew
The Hidden Nest
Stormhammer Keep
Hall of the Hammer
Greybloom Farm
Everhot Mine
Underfoot Cathedral

Greater Faydark
Sapling Spur Outpost
Memorial Hill
Clan Crushbone
The Combine Spires
The Emerald Lake
Ancient Rings
Road to Loping Plains
Dyer Mycoria

Crushbone Keep
The Font of Zek
The Barracks
The Mess Hall
Crushbone Kitchen
Vault of the Dead
The Warden’s Hall
The Hold
Hall of Truths
Crushbone Jail
Crushbone Armory
The Storeroom
Temple of the Prophet
The Visage of Zek
Upper Guardpost
Crush’s Chambers
The Emporer’s Chambers
Royal Guardpost
Hall of the Magi
Hall of Tactics

The D’Vinnian Throne
Elite Training Post
Necromatic Chamber
Gladiator Training Hall
The Inner Guard

Steamfont Mountains
Path to Greater Faydark
Mazkeen Lookout
Mazkeen Crater
Anchorite Geyser
Raven Eye Spire
Recluse Hollow
Frugrin Observatory
Goldsteam Geyser
The Great Gear
Torn Ear Springs
Damaged Windmill
Steamfont Windmill
Steamfont Windmill (2nd one)
Dragonscale Hills
Kerafyrm’s Crater
Smokehorse Basin
The Nameless Cage
Steamfont Wetlands
Old Gargantua
Gnomeland Security Headquarters
Camp Redcap
Camp Riridus
Path to the Loping Plains
Camp Vink
Camp Cobalt
Grikbar Crater
Lair of the Rex
Steamfont Standing Stones
Beryl Shrimp Geyser

The Junkyard
The Scrapyard
Klak’Anon Central
Rusty Fall
The Clockwork Factory
The Ore Extraction Site
The Clockwork Hydroelectric Dam
The Clockwork Assembly Plant
The Clockwork Commons and Maintenance
The Mechanamagica Retrofitting
The Zoo
The Research Lab

The Clockwork Menace Factory
Clockwork Menace Factory
Factory Floor

Court of Innovation
The Hall of Guardians
The Power Plant
The Master Clockwork Domain

Lesser Faydark
Crown Point
The Hand of Reclamation
The Village of Panderpana
Tunare’s Grove
The Aphotice Intersection
The Fae Drake Breeding Grounds
Camp of the Legendary Wu
The Shadowed Grove
Brute Hill
Hearth Cymenea
Camp Nybright
The Fae Court

The Obelisk of Blight
Research Room
The Interrogation Hall
Infusion Chamber
The Hall of Zet
The Chambers of Axxyk’Tuur

The Emerald Halls
Tender’s Courtyard
Thingen’s Domain
Wuoshi’s Abode

New Tunaria
Tower of Purity
Tower of Devotion
Hall of Truth
Temple of Growth
Tower of the Third Guard
Pedestal of Purity
Sentry Creation Chamber
Island of the Condemed
Tower of Arcane Research
New Tunarian Market
Tower of the Fourth Guard
Mountains Descent
Thex Monument
Thex Castle
Pool of Purity
Pedestal of Judgement

Throne of New Tunaria
The Entry Hall
The Royal Court
The Royal Sanctum
The Throne of Thex
The Garden of Clarity
The Garden of Purity

Loping Plains
Road to Greater Faydark
Road to Lesser Faydark
Road to Steamfont Mountains
Mount Mistmoore
Ravenscar Mausoleum
The Tree of Woe
Copse of the Ahroun
The Timorous Moor
The Wolf’s Maw
Arkelek’s Gash
The Breathless Hollow
Corrupted Druid Ring
The Long Draw
Shinspitter Camp
Wayunder Lake
Somborn Cemetary
Village of Somborn
D’Venhz Rectory
Ruined Ulteran Spire
The Fog Hills
North Pass Tower
Long Draw Overlook Tower
West Overlook Tower
Entrance to Mistmoore Catacombs
East Overlook Tower
Castle Mistmoore

Crypt of Valdoon
The Hold of the Eaten
The Chamber of Dark Creation
Ground of the Crypt Sleeper

Mistmoore Catacombs
Mistmoore Catacombs
Exit to Loping Plains
Lykulak Ridge
The Morose Asylum
The Honored Perch
The Fount
The Ascent
The Artery
The Thralls Quarters
Guests Quarters
The Dregs
The Hidden Causeway
Conversion Chamber
The Convert Barracks
The Spiral
The Armory
To Mistmoore Castle
The Storage Room
The Blood Forge
The Servants’ Quarters
The Mess Hall

Mistmoore Castle
Castle Mistmoore’s Foyer
The Main Hall
Entertainers’ Quarters
The Caitiff’s Quarters
Mistmoore’s Altar
The Maestro’s Mezzanine
The Sanctum of Mayong Mistmoore
The Descent Into Darkness
The Forgotten Waterway
The Castle Bath
The Guest Quarters
The Fountain Room
Issus’ Asylum
The Cells of Oblivion
Mayong’s Arcane Library
Mayong’s Den
Mistmoore’s Ballrom
The Spiral Stairs
The Secret Stash

Mistmoore’s Inner Sanctum
Sanctum Vestibule
Arcane Study
The Grand Hall
Trophy Room
Mayong Mistmoore’s Sanctum

Darklight Wood
Warpfont Spire
Wellspring of Nightmares
T’Vatar Post
The Harrowglade
Sableflame Crater
Smoldering Lake
Wanderlust Fair
The Tower of Bone
Shadow Oak
Funnelweb Depths

Neriak, City of Hate
The Sea Gate
J’Narus Landing
Seloxia Stronghold
Forge of the Blue Flame
Spires of Innoruuk
K’Nex Falls
Hall of the Ebon Mask
Hex Tower
Library of K’Lorn
Nightsong Opera House

Timorous Deep
Gorowyn Beach
The Green Overlook
Ruins of Verelisk
The Bloodworks
Tomb of the Shadow Lords
Mok Rent
Pyrrin Roost
Trythec Loft
Lovers’ Look

Kylong Plains
Dreg’s Landing
Ryjesium Lake
Karnor’s Castle
Den of the Widow Mistress
Firiona’s Vista
Krassik Gateway
Omen’s Churn Shore
Brute Gathering
Brakthyr’s Post
Ryjesium Peaks
Westin Rouk
Gash of T’Thelin
Karatun Hold
Filrek’s Eye
Ember Hive
Monolith of Woe
Wurm Caverns
Den of the Brood Mother
Camp Rotsnot
Icebound Pass
Crush and swill Fort
Lost Valley
Teren’s Grasp
Stealth and Skullduggery
Arcane Refuge
Hall of Conviction
Hall of the Crafters
Hall of Teren Rysis
Point Break
Sulassk Post
Waning Thicket
Seeping Ruins
Gra’al Shul Temple
Wall of Emperors
Kunzar’s Edge

Karnor’s Castle
Karnor’s Castle
The Guard House
The Rhino Stables
The Courtyard
The Storehouse
The Scrying Pool
The Armory
Soul’s Crucible
Karnor’s Jailroom
Xalgoz’s Study
The Commander’s Quarters
The Building Site
Drolvarg Training Grounds
The Library
The Atrium
The Mess Hall
The Foyer
The Throne Hall

The Wind Chamber
The Aerodrome
The Barracks of Bathezid
The Rhinoceros Pen
The Water Chamber
Nak’Azar Cavern
The Crossbridge Tower
The Hall of Clay
The Barracks of Caroeth
The Chardok Palace
The Hall of Initiative
The Hall of Eternity
The Library of Divination
The Hall of Righteous
The Hall of Prudence
The Hall of Opulence
The Throne of Ascendance

Court of Korocrust
The Court of Korucrust

Fens of Nathsar
Kylong Plains
Bathezid’s Watch
Swamp of No Hope
Kunzar Jungle (river entrance)
Eastern Pens of Riliss
Western Pens of Riliss
Sathir’s Span
Omen Falls
Lake of Ill Omen
The Lake Ruins
The Rilissian Lowland
Omen’s Call
Iksar Bandit Camp
The Crystal Grove
Kunzar Jungle (Riliss entrance)
Sarnshak Encampment
Drogan Exile Camp
Nurgan Mining Camp
Mines of Nurga
Ruins of Cabilis
Field of Bone
Jaled Dar’s Remains
Camp Kromdek
Bonedigger Burrows
Kurn’s Tower
Island of the Forgotten Ape
Bellywhumper Burrows

Kunzar Jungle
The City of Jinisk
Ry’Zilk’s Base Camp
Lake of Dismay
Murkdwellers River
Sokokar Roost
The Tabernacle of Pain
The Rubble Rabble Burrow
The Abandoned Village
Snake Eye’s Hunting Camp
The Venom Flow
Foot of the Fangs
Hidden Plunderers’ Camp
The City of Mist
Trakaraptor Valley
Outer Sebilis
Dalnir’s Wheel
Dragon Drool Lake
Doom’s Morass
The Crypt Grounds
Ganak’s Old Crypt

Ancient Sebilisian Crypt
Common District
Enlisted Barracks
Room of the Quartermaster
Training Hall and Study
Officers Barracks
Captain’s Quarters
Arms Storeroom
Grand Dining Hall
Kitchen and Stores
Audience Waiting Room
Audience Chamber
Mercantile District
First Bank of Sebilis
Bazaar and Barter
Blacksmith Workshop
Slave Quarters
Laboratory and Study
Kotiz’s Hidden Labs
Ruins of Old Sebilis
Jail and Torture Chamber
Reet Slave Mines
Myconid Caves
Praetorian Barracks
Venril Sathir’s Hall

The Crypt of Agony
Ancient Sebilisian Crypt
The Grand Foyer
Hu’rzak’s Tomb
Cavern of Torment
Zorvul’s Tomb
Zimor’s Prison
Baron Yosig’s Chambers
Arch Duke Latol’s Chambers
Hierophant Prime Grekal’s Chambers
Harbringer Freglor’s Chambers
Antechamber of Agony
Hall of the Counselors
The Grand Vestibule of Lu’rask the IX

Jarsath Wastes
Road to Kylong Plains
Stonehoof Badlands
Tylix’s Fist
Xasraa’s Tam
Traitor’s Pass
Skleross Encampment
Venril’s Crown
Iksar Hero
Upper Command Camp
Ganak’s Battlement
Howling Stones
The Azure Cradle
The Ashen Grove
Danak Shipyards
The Herculean Rampart
Skyfire Mountains
Dracur’s Breath
Ragefire’s Talon
Temple of the Red Lord
Temple of the White Lady
Valley of the Ancients
Veeshan’s Peak

Charasis: Vaults of Eternal Sleep
Hall of Sleeping Heroes
Lock of Dreams
Altar of the Dragonslayer
The Twin Pillars
Lock of Nightmare

Charasis: Maiden’s Chamber
The Wind Chamber
Bi’lithu’s Rest
The Oubliette
The Great Gear
Heart of the Desert Storm
The Grand Theater
Tzilug’s Prison
The Empress’ Chamber

The Feeding Chamber
The Shrine of the Deep One
The Great Pore
The Idol of Sustenance
The Glorification Chamber
The Idol of Exaltation
The Ordination Chamber
The Idol of Dominion
The Chamber of Evocation
The Idol of Obedience
The Proliferation Chamber

Veeshan’s Peak
Veeshan’s Foothold
Abysmal Chasm
Nexona’s Lair
Athenaeum of the Scale
The Clawed Vault
Silverwing’s Lair
Phara Dar’s Cell
Xygoz’s Lair

Shard of Hate
Malice’s Narthex
Wrath’s Anvil
The Abbey
Repugnance’s Refectory
Rectory of Confession
Basilica of Hate

Runnyeye: The Gathering
The Bog Tower Battle
The Trophy Room
The Meat Works
The Silten Sea
The Boar Pen
The Broken Toe Barracks
The Oratory of Kanar
The Slamhammer Forge
The Receiving Chamber
The Runnyeye Dining Room
The Vault of Naggresh

Veksar: The Invasion
Veksar: The Sunken Theater
Lord Sasil’s Encomium
The Lost Chancel
The Campaign Chamber
The Golem Factatory
Cribblekeep’s Treasureliquary
The Grand Sancloister
The Runearium

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