EverQuest II Extended Broker Basic Guide

EverQuest II Extended Broker Basic Guide by Kalyyn

Since I see a lot of people asking, both here, ingame and on my guild forums I worte a very basic guide for my guildmates on using the broker for buying and selling.
I thought others might find it useful so I will copy it here

EQ2 has a great system for buying and selling items, The Broker.

All the major city zones have a Broker NPC. (In the Qeynos and Freeport villages the broker is in the tradeskill instances).

When you access the broker you can search for items you want to buy using the built in search interface.

When you find an item you wish to buy, you can click the ‘buy’ button and , provided you have enough coin, the item will be placed directly in your inventory.
If a stack of items is up for sale (i.e 150 tin clusters or  25 ruby fragments) and you wish to buy more than one of them with one click there are 2 options.
Hold and you will buy a whole stack of the item.
Hold and you will be given a slider bar to choose an amount to purchase.

When you buy from the broker in this fashion a ‘broker fee’ is placed on top of the sellers price. (this fee is already in the price shown, not in addition to it)
if you click an item in the broker window, it will show you the sellers price and the fee.

the fee added is dependant on the sellers alignment (good/evil)
If the seller is of the opposite alignment to the city you are in, the fee is 40% (i.e if you are in Qeynos and the seller is in Gorowyn)
If the seller is of the same alignment the fee is 20%.

When browsing the broker, you will see the sellers name next  to all items.
If the name also has an address under it, then you can visit the players room/house.
When in the room/house find a salesmans crate or Veterans display case.
click the crate/case and you can buy the item directly from there. This avoids the broker fee,saving you 20% or 40%.

Its easy to sell your items using the broker system.
First you need a room or house (the starter inn room is good enough to start with).
When you did the small quest to get your room, you should have been given a ‘market board’. If you have not got one they can be purchased for a few copper from an NPC merchant near the inn rooms.
Place this board on the wall in your room.
From this board you will be able to access the broker (you can search and sell from your room, but not buy).

You will notice some ‘slots’ in the top-left corner of the broker/market window. Starter inn-rooms have 2 slots. bigger homes get more slots, up to a maximum of 5.
You can place a container into all of these slots.
Drag a bag, strong-box or salesmans crate (more on these in a bit) into the slot.
You can now place items up for sale from either your market board or any broker.
First drag the item from your inventory into the bag/box/crate you are selling from.
Now, using the market/broker interface, set the price you wish to sell it for and job done
(if you are selling multiple items in a stack, the price you enter is still the price of a single item)
When an item sells, you have to visit the marketboard or broker to get your coin. Just click the bag/box/crate you are selling from and it will show you how much coin you have to collect. click the ‘take coin’ button and the money will transfer to your inventory.

Salesmans crates
Salesmans crates are carpenter made items. they are made from rare wood. The higher the tier of crate, the more slots they have
Fir salesmans crate – 28 slots
Oak salesmans crate – 36 slots
Cedar Salesmans crate – 44 slots
Ironwood salesmans crate – 52 slots
Ebony salesmans crate – 60 slots
Mahogany salesmans crate – 68 slots

using these crates to sell items enables buyers to visit you room and buy directly, avoiding the broker fee.

To use a salesmans crate

Go to your room/house and open the market window
Place the crate in one of your sales slots
Right click the crate in the slot, and choose the ‘place’ option
Place the crate down in your room, just as you would any other piece of furniture. Try to put it somewhere easily seen when someone enters your room.
Now, anything for sale in this crate can be purchased directly from the crate.

Veterans Display case
This is claimable as a veteran reward once your account reached 3 years of age.
You can claim one per character.
They are placed within your room and work in the same was as salesmans crates.
They have 40 slots.

The advantage these have is that anything sold from them has the broker fee reduced by 50%.

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