Edgeworld Basic Walkthrough

Edgeworld Basic Walkthrough by Jangoon

Ok this is a basic guide that should guide you to the higher levels, it is more of a guideline, but feel free to explore parts of the world of….Edgeworld….on your own.

First of all, you may be a little bewildered about what exactly you are trying to achieve in EW, the answer is simple, to become the most powerful player there is! Now that we got that out of the way, how do we actually become the most powerful?

  • Level all our buildings to the max!
  • Create an impenetrable base design
  • Become renowned throughout the land with diplomacy….or with your military prowess!
  • Be the highest level player in the world!

Ok, becoming the highest level player there is may seem a little out of reach, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your time spent on EW.

On to the actual guide-there are a few, non game-style specific things you should keep in mind:

Always have a building upgrading, and always have a unit researching: I cant stress this enough, we can only build and research one at a time, so you NEED to make full use of your time to keep up with your peers. Dont worry about leveling your barracks, your highest priority will be increasing your turret levels to protect your base, then the tech lab to research units, and so on. This leads to my next point.

Farm Erazi, and farm it frequently: This is the NPC base with all the solar gatherers, for these bases target JUST the solar, and if you can, take out the solars with your Raiders-these will net you double the loot than other units will. Farming Erazi will give you the Solar power you need to research those unit upgrades, it is the quickest way to safely get a large amount of solar.
Dont worry too much about farming for gas and crystal, as the turret upgrades require very little, but if you do run low on other resources, hit up Maar and Helio bases.

Levelling up: You will level fastest when attacking NPC bases, it is best to use Rhinos, Pyros and Hornets for these bases as they are easily and quickly made. Experiment with different unit combinations and strategies, remember, you can send your units in with multiple drops, try sending your rhinos in front of your pyros.

Build only what you need: You do not need to build all your supply depots just yet, in fact it will be very troublesome if you do. Supply depots give a percentage of your resources with every one taken down, so multiple supply depots will give a larger percentage. Build just one at first, and level that up. A single supply depot can hold 5million resources, so that will be all you need for a while.

Alright, you may have noticed that there are other players inhabiting this world, you will come to know your fellow players well in the coming days, how you behave with them will effect you greatly in the future, so I will discuss a few play styles:

Diplomatic: This is good for relaxed players who like to avoid conflict.
Stay in damage protection for your full 7 days, upgrading your base, and farming NPC base.
Get to know your fellow peers, and try to join/start an alliance with them.
Become the most powerful alliance in the land, by making treaties with other alliances, and amassing your followers.

Conqueror: For players who like excitement, this will be the most difficult style to maintain..but also the most fun!
Remove damage protection immediately, and start destroying your fellow players. The loot you get from other players can be hundreds of times greater than what you get from NPCs depending on how fat their depots are, although the XP is generally less. Remember to still farm NPCs for energy however.
Always lvl your turrets, and create a very study base design.
Experiment with unit combinations, remember, you can attack a base twice before you set off damage protection, try to destroy as many turrets as you can on the first attack, then remove the remaining turrets with your second.
Learn when to retreat, if your tanks are all dead, and you only have a few DPS(Damge per second) units left, it is best to withdraw and use those units another day….or another attack >=)
Prepare to be destroyed many times, but prepare to have a ton of fun too.

Choose your own destiny: You can create a warring alliance, which exists for the sole purpose of destroying every one else, or you can be a complete hermit, and play the game like a single-player game. What you do is up to you, but always remember, how you interact with other players will effect your future in this game. Oh… and have FUN!

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