Domain of Heroes Starter Guide

Domain of Heroes Starter Guide by LouGothGirl

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Hello There!

Welcome one and all to Deline’s Fantastic Guide, “A Noobs Guide to: Playing Domain Of Heroes!”

Index:: [To Quickly Find a section, simply press CTRL + F to bring up your “FIND” window, and type in “Chapter #” – It should bring you right to where you want to go!]
1: Creating Your First Character!
2: Character Selection Screen!
3: The Game Itself!
4: Chatting In Game!
5: Character Tab
6: Skills Tab
7: Inventory Tab
8: Equipment Tab
9: Guild Tab
10: Quests Tab
11: Wishes! Tab
12: Options Window!
13: Killing Monsters!
14: Conquering An Area!
15: Healing Yourself!
16: Player Interaction!
17: Tips and Suggestions!

Chapter One: Creating Your First Character!

So! You’ve made your account, and you are brought to a screen: … eatoon.jpg

You can see you have some choices to make before you start your game!
Here’s a rundown of what each thing does, and why it matters:
– Name: This is your characters name, pretty self explanatory. Please, keep it clean and uncontroversial!
– Gender: Your characters gender, whether you want to be Male or Female is up to you!
– Intention: Your Characters Moral Values. Whether you want to be Pure, Halfway Decent, Uncaring, Slightly Malevolent, or Evil, is 100% up to you, and doesn’t affect your game at all.
– Class: Your Characters Class, this means the job they have, which affects their natural Skills [abilities] and the stats you start with, and what you gain through your levels!
– Race: Your Characters Race, this means what your character is, could be anything from a Demon, to a Human, to a Basilisk! The choice is yours! Also dictates your skills, stat gains, and starting stats!
– Faction: The Faction you choose to be in, Faction dictates a controlled area and your potential Guilds!
**NOTE** – You will NOT be able to choose your faction when you first start, however, if you use a wish to create a new character, you will be able to choose The Knights [“Good”], The Brotherhood [“Indifferent”], or The Legion [“Evil”] – If you want to save a wish follow these instructions:
When you first make a character, choose random things, when it takes you to your character selection screen, choose “Make A New Character for 1 wish!” – That character will have the Faction Selection, choose to your liking, then log into your second character. Go to the “OPTIONS” tab, then delete your FIRST character to get that wish back! Simple as that! :]
**NOTE** Your Intention does NOT influence whether or not you can join that faction, only adds to the customize-ability of each character!

Here is an example of a completed character creation screen: … deToon.jpg
**NOTE** The Orc Warrior is an AMAZING beginning character, which I will explain later in the Skills Tab! Section.

Select “Make It So” and viola! There you have it, your first character is existent!

Chapter Two: Character Selection Screen! … Screen.jpg

Pretty basic set up here, but the run down is, once you get to be a veteran, you will have, most likely, anywhere from 2 – 5 characters [Typically, however there is NO limit to how many characters you can have, however each new character will cost One Wish per character. (Wishes will be explained later, under the Wishes! Chapter!) I myself have 10 characters currently!]

Select which character you’d like to use here, and you will be brought to the actual game! But there are so many buttons, how do you know what to do!? Relax! Just keep reading and I’ll explain everything fully for you, and get you well on your way to becoming a Veteran Domain of Heroes player!

Chapter Three: The Game Itself! … Screen.jpg

Wow! There are a LOT of options here to choose from, but let’s take it from the top and give you a run down, first off, let’s look at your “Displayed Stats”, please refer to the following image to follow the guide correctly!: … racter.jpg
A: Your Character Avatar – Simple as that, just a picture, each Race has a default avatar. An avatar can be changed to any [APPROPRIATE] picture you’d like, for 5 Wishes [Explained Later]
B: Your Characters Visible Stats [Such as Health and Mana], Level, Current Experience, and your Faction.
C: “Zoom Out” Map Button: Takes you one “step back” in your area. [In this example, my character would move from Laurinara’s Hearth to Seven Cities.]
D: “World Map View” button: Takes you to see the world as a whole, each of the 6 continents are listed here! … rldMap.jpg
**NOTE** This map is interactive, and you click that to travel, just a heads up, you can also use the “Conquer Nearby Area” “Search for an inn” and “Search For Monsters” links below the map in order to travel.
E: Surrounding Area Image: When you are exploring, this picture will change, showing you your surroundings! In this picture, I am inside of the Inn, where you begin your game!
F: Current Location: Tells you Where in the world of Dohria you currently are, I am currently on the Continent of Elmwood, in the Country of Crystali, in the State/Providence of Elvenwood, In the City of “Seven Cities” and I am at Laurinara’s Hearth [an inn] . Pretty simple, but it’s a bit complex!
G: Your Options in this specific area! At an inn you can:
-Shop [Allows you to purchase potions, that heal Health, Mana, or cure afflictions.], also allows you to purchase another players items if they post them there [requires 1 Pricetag, per item. Explained in Wishes! Tab!]
-Rest And Heal: Simply put, you stay the night at the inn, instantly restoring your Health and Mana to max, for free! Remember – This option is ONLY available at an inn.
-Play Blackjack: Play a game of Blackjack, which can earn you monumental Coins, if you know how to play well enough!
-Gamble For Items: 10,000 Coin: Gamble with NPC’s to earn Armors, Weapons, Runes, Charms, or even Free Wishes! Costs 10,000 coin per gamble.
-Search for an Inn: Kind of pointless, seeming how you are STANDING in an inn, but self explanatory. Transports your character to an inn.
-Search for Monsters: Instantly transports your character to an area where monsters are vaguely your level, so you can kill them and level up as you go along!
-Conquer a nearby area: Attempt to siege an enemy factions’ land, to get better experience and drop rates in that zone! Also gives you VXP [Versus Experience, the Yellow bar in “B”] for conquering a land [VXP Level + 25], Additional VXP is earned if you end up fighting a character from the opposing faction, and winning the fight!”
-Go to PvP Arena: Your character travels to the Arena, which thus far does NOT have any use in the game, other than a place to grind at level 10.
-Talk to :NPC NAME: Any NPC’s you might see in an area will be here, and you can talk to them. These NPC’s will give you quests, or tell you where to find the next quest [if you are ELIGIBLE for a quest at the time!]

PHEW! That is a LOT to digest all at once, and that’s just the beginning! There are still other things to see!

For Example, underneath your character section, you will see:
[Please refer to this image to follow this section of the guide: … nsMenu.jpg ]
A: Options Window: Allows you to toggle specific options. [Explained in “Options Tab!” section.]
B: Change Character: Redirects your browser to your character selection screen. [Worthless if you don’t actually HAVE another character.]
C: Sign Out: Self Explanatory, but either way…This logs you out of the game completely.
D: Guides! Credits! Stuff!!: A lot of stuff here, let’s make a list!
-Terms of Service: The Rules and Regulations, also has a link to the chat guidelines, please read and follow these rules!
-Quickstart Guide: A guide much like this one, only a lot less in depth ;]
-How To Play Guide: Same as Quickstart Guide, a lot like this guide, but a lot less in-depth.
-The Great Codex: Information on a lot of stuff in here. Races, Skills, Classes, and plenty of other stuff. Basically a database of game knowledge if you know what you are doing!
-Location List: A list of every area in Dohria, however it can get a bit confusing! If you ever need help, just ask!
-Forums: Leads you to the forums, where you found this guide :]
-Leaderboard: Leads you to the Leaderboards, giving information on the Top 100 Players currently based on several factors. [Duels, Areas Conquered, Coins in inventory…The list goes on :] ]
-Faction Control: A complete list of every area, and tells which faction owns that area currently.
-Guild List: Brings you to a list of every Guild In Game, and also sorts them by rank, from “Best” Guild to “Worst” [based on guild experience, guild members, etc.]
-Credits: Special Thank You’s and a list of the Beta Testers for the original Domain of Heroes.

Wow! A lot to be said for such a small list, huh!

Last but NOT least, the rest of what you are seeing!
[Please refer to this image to follow this section of the guide: … screen.jpg ]
A: The Tabs you can access. [Each tab will be explained later.]
B: System Messages will show here. Whenever you travel, are offered a duel, trade, among many other options, will show up here.
C: In-Game Live Messaging system. As you can see, there are a few “Channels” you can talk in. Main has every current online player, listed in order of “Initial Account Creation” [Older players will be at the top, while new players will be at the bottom.] Local allows you to talk to people in the EXACT location you are at. Faction allows you to talk to anyone in your faction. Trade channel is strictly for the selling or buying of items, after you join a guild, you can talk to your fellow guild mates in an exclusive tab as well.
**NOTE** Trade chat tends to consist of “High End” items, therefore low level items or low damage weapons will not sell easily here!
D: Options for your character! You can set it so an Icon shows you as AFK [Away From Keyboard], or allow your Duel or Trade icon to be shown to other players.

Chapter Four: Chatting In The Game!

A good thing to do when you first begin is to introduce yourself, and say hello to the community! A simple “Hey everyone, I am *character name* and I’m new to the game, how are things?” We have a great community, and people will usually be talking at all times, and will reply and start a conversation, or involve you. You can also ask questions, but I suggest reading this guide through before asking too much, a lot of information is here, with links to pictures to make it easy for you!

Example of the chat screen: … Screen.jpg

Chapter Five: Your Character Tab!

Click the Character Tab, found above the system messages screen, to view your character stats. My character for this guide is as follows: … Screen.jpg

A lot of information is here, and when you level, this is where you add your “Attribute Points” to increase your character’s strengths, or weaknesses!
Here you can see the 6 Main Skills, Power, Mind, Endurance, Agility, Life, Endurance, and Luck. Here is a breakdown of what each does:
Power: Increases Physical Damage, increases physical damage resistance.
Mind: Increases Magical Damage, Increased Magical Damage resistance, increases Mana.
Endurance: Increases resistance to all damage types.
Agility: Increases your chance to Dodge, Your chance to hit your opponent, and your Initiative [whether you attack first or second in a battle.]
Life: Increases your Health Points.
Luck: Increases every stat by a small [nearly insignificant] amount, increases drop rates for rare / better items.

Race & Class: The Race and Class combination you chose, I am an Orc Warrior, a very good starting character class!
Intention: My “Moral” code, my character is Indifferent. Used mainly for roleplaying, I suppose :]
Faction: Which Faction you are with dictates what guild you can join, and who you fight against when conquering or defending a land. I am in the Brotherhood.
**NOTE** Initially you can NOT choose your faction, in order to CHOOSE your faction you must delete your current character, log out, sign back in, and make a new character. You will be able to choose your faction in that creation screen.

Damage Resistance: Pretty simple, tells you how much of a certain damage type you can resist. Up to 75% is possible through base stats you add when you level [max of 60% With just attribute points, I think.]
As you can see, there are 7 types of damage in Domain of Heroes. Physical, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison, Psionic, and Holy.
Your character will start off with a certain number of points into a resistance, or multiple resistances. My character has a base resistance against physical damage by 20%.

Affliction Resistance: Pretty simple, this tels you what afflictions you are resistant too. You can have up to 90% resistance in any one Affliction, [except the 2 race/class resistances, which are automatically at 100%] You can get up to 70% resistance with just attribute points [I think.]
The main afflictions a character should worry about are:
Freeze, Paralyze, Trap, Sleep, Entangle, and Petrify. These all stop your character from acting. If you are a spellcaster, “Silence” is pretty mean too, allowing you not to attack with any spells. Ouch!

Chapter Six: Your Skills Tab!

Here you can see and influence what skills your character starts with! These skills are based off of your characters race, and class. As an orc warrior, my skills are as follows: … Screen.jpg

Now, here is what each of my skills do:

Core Strength: [Passive] Always increases my base damage when I am attacking.
Meat Shield: [Passive] Always increases my defenses [Endurance skill.]
Smack Down: [Attack] An attack that deals strong Physical Damage, adding my Weapon Damage.
Rage: [Attack] A strong attack that deals Physical Damage, but makes me attack slower and with less agility.
Tension: [Passive] Always increases my damage dealt to an opponent.
Attack: [Attack] Basic attack, every character gets this skill, it isn’t good :]
Rest: [Attack] Heals your character for 2HP and 2MP per turn, every character gets this skill as well, it doesn’t get better with skill points.

**NOTE** I suggest, for this build, you build up Smack Down, as it is stronger than Rage, and more accurate, to the max skill level [35 skills is the max into any one skill.] then put 35 skills into Tension or Core Strength, either is good, and lastly add 35 points into Meat Shield.
**NOTE 2** With any character, never put skill points into Attack or Rest, unless you have no other attacks, the Attack skill is pathetic, and your racial abilities are much better. Rest does not get any better, so you are just wasting points.

Chapter Seven: Your Inventory!

Here you can see what you are carrying on your person, what materials or reagents you currently possess, and allows you to sell, recycle, or upgrade to a better quality, or reforge with better enchantments.

Here is the standard inventory for any new beginning player: … oryTab.jpg

All characters start out with 3 potions in their inventory. These each heal 50 HP, and can be used during any battle with creatures [These are not allowed during Player versus Player battles.], or when you are traveling the world. To use a potion, simply click the Hand icon next to the image name [to the right.]
If you are at full health, it will not allow you to use the potion, and a system message will show up saying “You are already at full health!”

Sell To Shop: If you check the box next to an item name [the small empty white box to the left of the picture] you can “Sell” or “Recycle” an item. Selling an item to the shop will yield more coin opposed to if you sell it to a Hobo, which are found outside of inns. [Sell to Shop is only accessible if you are in an Inn.]

Recycle To Shop: If you check the box, and select “Recycle With Shop” the shop will turn your item into Materials and [possibly] reagents. To recycle with a shop will cost you 10 coin per item, whereas it will cost you 100 coin per item if you recycle with a hobo. Materials and Reagents are used to Forge new and better armors or weapons. Materials will increase the Quality of the item, causing it to give you better bonuses. Heroic Quality is the highest Quality achievable in game. Reagents are used to add “Enchantments” to an item, this can be anything from Resisting an Affliction by a specific percentage, to dealing extra damage, or causing afflictions to an enemy!

**NOTE** For more information on Forging Items, please read the following Guide written to help players understand forging: … f=23&t;=806

Upgrade Quality: After selecting a check box, if you have the right amount of Materials on your character, you can upgrade the select item[s] quality, increasing the effectiveness of the enchantments on that weapon or item.

Move To Mule: If you have used a wish to obtain a mule, you can transfer items to your mule, which will act as extra bag space, or even allow you to transfer items or coin among multiple characters if you have them.

Donate To Guild: [only visible if you are in a guild] This option allows you to donate the selected items to a guild. Be careful with what you donate though, as some guilds want only higher end gear in the Guild Vault, as space is quite limited!

Materials: When you first begin, you can only hold 100 of each material, through Wishes you can multiply your capacity by 10, thus each wish will give you 10x your space [100 becomes 1,000, then 10,000, then 100,000 – and so on and so forth.] To upgrade an item quality to Heroic, you will need 100,000 of the specific Material. Sometimes players will upgrade your items for you, if they are worth it. Rare items or better will commonly be accepted, as you will probably use that item for quite some time.

**NOTE** If you recycle an item and you already have the max amount of materials for the specific resource, the left over items will be wasted, pay attention to your cap, and make sure you aren’t wasting items!
**NOTE 2** I suggest not raising your Material and Reagents holding to over 10,000,000, as you will rarely have this many of any one reagent. However, I also suggest that if you begin to breach your cap of 10 million, upgrade to 100 Million. This will save you valuable wishes without getting to extravagent.

Reagents: When you first begin, you can only hold 100 of each reagent, and the holding space will be upgraded with Materials in a Wish Package. Same as Materials, just used for Enchantments on an item, not the item quality! :]

**NOTE** Please read the forging guide posted above if you are curious as to what each Reagent does, and an in-depth guide as to what each Reagent does!

Tooltips: If you scroll over an item with your mouse, you will get an expanded “Tool Tip” giving you more information on that item, here is a picture of an example of a tooltip. … ipCrop.jpg

Chapter Eight: Your Equipment!

Plain and simple, this tab shows you what your character is currently wearing. Here is what my character looked like when I first started: … ipCrop.jpg

As you can see, there are a total of 15 slots for you to fill with armor! That is a lot of armors and weapons to obtain! The slots are:

Strong Hand
Off Hand

That is a lot of potential armor bonuses! With all legendaries, a character can have 75 enchants on their armor alone! Dang!

The icons can be a bit confusing though. If you look closely and find the yellow box in the upper right hand corner of an equipment slot, you can scroll over that to see what items in your inventory can be equipped in that slot currently. The checkmark next to an item name in the tooltip will equip that item for you. The Red X in your equipment slot will unequip that specific item for you as well.

Chapter Nine: Guild Tab!

In this tab, you can see your Guild information. First you will need to spend one Wish to become “Guild Worthy” which is accessible through this tab. Here is a picture of a player in a Guild: … abCrop.jpg

As you can see, there is plenty to see.

There is a Link to the Guild Page on the website.

Your current Rank in the Guild [as a Recruiter, I can send Guild Invites.]

Your Guild experience shows here as well, which shows how high your guild ranking is! [At the moment, Wanderer’s is at Rank 1!]

Your Guild Leaders Name here as well, the Guild Leader controls everything, the news, the invites, the ranking of guild mates, and the vault.

The Vault! The main part of a guild are the items that are stored in the Vault. Generally a Guild Vault is used so NEW characters can get some decent gear, or if you are an experienced player and have a crummy Arm Equipment, you can look through and see if anything good is in here, and request to have it. Usually, a Guild will allow you to borrow equipment, and then either donate it back or keep it, ask before selling or trading it away, otherwise the Guild Leader might remove you from a guild.

Guild Members: Your fellow guildmates, and their ranks. Founder is the Highest Rank, followed by Leader, and so on and so forth. All new members to a guild will start at “Member” rank until their rank is changed by a Commander, Leader, or Founder.

Chapter Ten: Your Quests!

When you first log in, if you talk to the NPC’s [underneath the location picture area, you can talk to Zelandia Ravenguise, Antoine Merriweather, Hillary Silverstein, or Grelaria Hilathos. One of these four NPC’s [non-player controlled character] will start you on a quest! You can either go directly to your Quest Tab to start your first quest, or you can talk to these characters, who will say “I have a Quest For You” in your system messages window, then automatically open your Quest Tab so you can Accept or Decline your quest offer.

Here is a picture of my first quest, and the quest tab: … Quests.jpg

A lot of information is here, and quests are VERY helpful for new players. It will help you get accustomed to the travel system, and each quest will give you Coin, Experience, and a valuable item of Notable Quality, or better! It is a great way to get free and fast gear, experience, and helps you learn to navigate.

**NOTE** For your first quest, if you are afraid of getting lost, after accepting the quest, select the “Search For Monsters” button, it will automatically take you to the Tower of Daedentus, where your quest will need you to go. It is pretty simple, but a more indepth guide for your first quest will be given later!

**NOTE 2** For every new player, I suggest beginning the “Postmaster” Quests, which will help you greatly increase your “map knowledge” and help you learn to travel. To get the Postmaster go to “Dohria World Map” [Small globe icon on upper right of the map icon” – Fauztopia, then another Fauztopia, then Fauztopian Plains, then Fauztown North, and then lastly you will click “Dohria Labor Stimulus Authority Bureau.” Once there, talk to “Postmaster Griffin” who will give you a “Delivery” quest. There are over 200 of these quests! He will ask you to deliver the item to a specific NPC. Sounds hard when you have no map knowledge, however, it’s very easy to do these! Simply go to your quest tab after accepting the quest, and click on the “A Fine Courier” Quest, it should be in White text. You should have this show below your current quests: … nDepth.jpg

As you can see, it gives you the location of that NPC! So just follow the directions. Go to your Map, Go to Elmwood, Then Shadevale, then Prehistoric Forest, the OTHER Shadevale, then inside Amber Inn you will find your target! Just do these for each delivery quest, it’s really that simple.

**WARNING** Some quests do NOT have these locations in the quest information, however most quests will give you what details you know in the actual quest dialogue, so just read through. If you get lost, send me an e-mail at saying “I am stuck on –quest name- and copy and paste the quest information in that e-mail, and I will reply and tell you where and what to do!” – It might take me a while but I’ll reply as soon as possible!

Chapter Eleven: The Wishes! Tab!

WISHES! WISHES! Oh dear Lord wishes! These babies make the world of Dohria go round.

Here is a link of the basic wishes window: … hesTab.jpg

All new players start out with ONE free wish, that is not tradeable. Wishes have a wide variety of uses, such as: Currency ; Character Upgrades ; Account Upgrades.

Here you can PURCHASE wishes. They are only $0.99 each, very cheap for an online game! You can also buy wishes in Bulk for as low as $0.36 each! However the best thing is, you do NOT need to purchase them! You can trade for them among players, or even get free wishes through Referrals [Described later in the post!] here is a link to the Getting Wishes Guide, written by Byrgia, one of our Moderators! … f=23&t;=835

There are many things that a Wish can do for you! Let’s see…We’ll start with the basic list of what it can do, and what the limit / uses for them are!

Account Upgrades [You need to get these ONCE per account!]
Hire a Loot Mule: Hires a mule, which can carry extra items, and transfer them between characters you have!
Become Guildworthy: Allows you to join a guild.
**NOTE** Guild’s are FACTION based, and each have rules to follow!
Remove Ads: Removes the Flash AD’s that we all hate SO much from your screen, very useful for slow CPU’s.
Chat Bling: Gives you a special Icon next to your character name, as well as bold chat text! Rock on!

Repeatable Account Upgrades:
Create A New Character: For when you reach the level 75/75 or just want to play a different type of character without starting over, pretty obvious! :]
Increased Log Out Timer: Increases your “AFK” ability by 20 minutes, giving you an extra 20 minutes [per wish!] to be away from your computer!
50 Name Tags: Gives your account 50 name tags so you can personalize your items, naming your Short Sword a Beating Stick, or whatever you choose!
50 Price Tags: Gives your account 50 price tags so you can throw items into the Shop so players can purchase your items for any amount of Wishes or Coin you set! Make sure to name a fair price though!
5 Item Locks: Gives your account 5 item locks, which you can use to ensure you don’t sell or recycle important items by accident!
Increased Chat Size Limits: Increases your chat limit by an extra 50 characters, because it’s really annoying to only type so little repeatedly!
Increase Material / Reagent Space: Increases your max material/reagent capacity by ten times! That means when you have 100, it will boost it to 1,000, then 10,000, then 100,000 and so on and so forth. I wouldn’t get more than 10,000,000 until you need to!

**NOTE** To my knowledge, each of these Wish Packages are INFINITE, except for Material / Reagent Space, which is capped at 1 Billion, other than that, I’ve never seen a max amount!

Character Upgrades:
Wedding Ring: Gives you a Ring Icon showing that your character is “Married” and “Devoted” to someone else in the game!
Faction Icon: Represent your faction by adding an icon next to your character name in Chat, so that people can see which faction you are supporting!
Start A Guild: If you can’t find a guild that you like, why not just make your own! Choose your guild name and Guild tag, and you can create your own and invite anyone you please, and control the Vault and Guild Rankings!

Repeatable Character Upgrades:
Change Chat Color: Add some flavor to your chat text, by picking any color you can think of! Definitely makes you stand out a bit more in that chat!
Change Character Name: Having second thoughts on your characters name, and don’t want to start all over again? Fear not, this wish lets you change your characters name to something more desirable!
Give Character History: Do you have someone special you want to give a Shout Out to, or a roleplaying background and description for your character? With this wish you have 500 characters to type whatever your heart desires, so long as it follows the Chat Rules and guidelines!
Change Character Stats: Did you gain 30 levels on your character to realize you put way too many points into Power when Mind is your attack stat? Fear not! Instead of deleting your character, you can just use this and have ALL your skill points refunded and pooled together, so you can use them however you wish!
Change Character Skills: Did you accidentally misplace One Skill point into a skill you find later to be nearly worthless? Then use this wish to refund ALL your skill points so you can customize your character to your liking!
Master Treasure Key: Can’t find any Unique or Legendary Armor? Well buy one of these bad boys and your chances of a Unique or Legendary are 50/50, automatically. Be careful though, higher Luck and Magic Find skills dictate how good the items really are!
Increase Inventory Space: Tired of running out of room in your bags too quickly? Use this wish to upgrade your space by another 10 slots, up to a maximum of 60 slots per character!
Custom Avatar Image: Tired of seeing the same old picture for your character? Want something unique and yours? Upload your OWN image to use, scaled down to 64×64 resolution to fit, and any image that isn’t against the Rules can be your character image!
Experience Boost 400%: Tired of spending an hour to gain one level? With this wish your experience is boosted 4x normal, giving you tremendous amount of experience in an hour!

**NOTE** For a new character I would suggest becoming either Guildworthy [Guilds are a great way to learn about the game, get help, and if you ask nicely I am sure they will start you off with some good gear!] OR increased Reagent/Material space so you can hold a bit more of these precious items!

Chapter Twelve: Options Tab!

To access your options, click the link underneath the World Map Viewer, here is an image link of the options tab: … onsTab.jpg

Again, plenty of options here!

In this tab you can select how “Choppy” your battle timer goes [The little orange bar that shows up when you are fighting a monster or opponent.] Toggle your chat sounds, Toggle whether other characters you have will show in your character tool tip, delete a character [if you want to CHOOSE your faction, this is handy for a new player, or if a character you created is rubbish, or not to your liking. – It refunds ONE wish and ONE wish only, even if you’ve spent character specific upgrades on that character using Wishes, and deletes any items that character is holding or equipped with!]

You can also find the “Referral Links” in this tab! Click each of these ONE time a DAY and you will get 10 referral points, after you reach 100 referral points, you will automatically be given ONE Untradable Wish! Woohoo! [There are a total of TWENTY of these, so make sure you click EACH of these ONCE a day to get your 10 referral points!]

Chapter Thirteen: Killing Monsters!

To begin, you can select either “Search For Monsters” which will automatically take you to an area your level that will give you the best loot and experience. [Monsters 5 levels above or below your character level will NOT give you Experience, or any loot. The best loot and experience will be given by monsters 2 levels above or below your experience level [The Green experience bar and numbers near your name tell you your level in both Experience and Versus Experience.]

When you are in an area where monsters can be found, you will see the following links below your Map Viewer: … nsters.jpg

Simply select “Fight Monsters” in order to engage yourself in an endless stream of fights against monsters in that area!

Here is an image of what a battle looks like: … Window.jpg
Make sure you select an attack, and keep in mind anywhere from 1 to 4 monsters can fight you at any time!

After you engage in combat you will see a few things in your system messages, here is an image of a basic battle and the messages: … ssages.jpg

Here you can see how much Coin and any items an enemy might drop. That’s basically it! A few things to keep in mind:
You get MORE experience and BETTER drops if your faction CONTROLS the area you are fighting in, so when you are in battle and notice an opposing faction controls your area, select the “Conquer” button [Shown in the battle window URL above]

Chapter Fourteen: Conquering An Area!

Faction Control of an area is very important for players new and old alike, as it yields better experience and drops for characters of that faction in that area, there are several ways to obtain an area.

Method One: Ask people in your faction tab of the chat window to conquer an area, if they are within that level they can help you or conquer it for you! The faction window automatically alerts you and all faction members of a character trying to conquer a land, or if an enemy faction is trying to control a land, here is an image that shows what it looks like: … Window.jpg

Method Two: Select the “Conquer A Nearby Area” when you aren’t in battle and you will automatically go into an area that is conquerable and in your level range, be careful though, some characters have really strong low level characters, and will “Territory Bully” just to vex newer players, if this happens, let your faction mates help you!

Method Three: While in the battle screen, above your enemies health bars, there is a “Faction Control” detail, that also tells the faction that controls that area, if an opposing enemy has that area, simply click “Conquer!” and you will automatically try to conquer the area you are in, then just go back to your grinding site and begin killing again!

**NOTE** When conquering an area, up to 9 Players on EACH side can participate, depending on whether that faction is trying to Conquer or Defend the area. Both opposing factions can Conquer, while only the defending faction can defend, obviously. So you could have 1 character of each faction in any one battle! Scary! Here is what a Conquer battle screen looks like: … ropped.jpg

Be sure to talk to your faction mates and make sure you take out any Healers or Heavy Affliction characters first. Communication can help in long drawn-out conquer battles at later levels!

Chapter Fifteen: Healing Yourself!

So, you’ve begun to kill monsters, and conquer areas, however you have no healing abilities! What do you do when you get low on life or you have unfortunately met your maker? Fret not. Select a potion from your inventory [if you have them] and heal the amount of life described in the tool tip, or simply go to an inn and select “Rest and Heal” – Free of charge, you will instantly restore your max life and mana! Simple as that!

Chapter Sixteen: Player Interaction!

So, you are probably wondering by now, how in god’s name do I trade, or whisper, or duel another player? Simple! If you look below the Chat Window, under your text space, you will see three links, “Set Away”, “Set Available for Trade” “Set Available for Duel” – If you click any of these links, an icon will show up in the chat board. The chat icons are: Crossed Swords, if you are accepting all duels. Arrows facing opposing sides, indicating you are accepting any trades, and a small red circle with a white line through it indicates you are Away From Keyboard! [A screenshot of all the possible Icons a character can have, and what they mean, will be posted later!]

To Send a Duel Request, you can simply CLICK The Crossed Swords icon next to a player name, or you can also manually enter the command through chat. Say for example a player named “Waffle” is accepting any duel, simply type in “/duel Waffle” in your chat space, press enter, and a duel request will be sent to Waffle. [Without the quotes mind you!]

Here is a screen shot of a duel window, after the duel has been accepted: … Window.jpg

Also, the same thing goes for Trading, you can click the trade icon [the = sign, basically.] or you can simply type in “/trade Waffle” and a trade offer will be shown in Waffle’s System Messages.

Here is a screen shot of what the Trade Window looks like: … Window.jpg

You can also scroll over any items the other player has offered to see the tooltip of their stats, here is a screen shot of that as well!: … Armors.jpg

Chapter Seventeen: Tips and Suggestions, And Forgotten Tid-Bits of Stuff!

Here is a link showing the online characters, with each symbol, and what each symbol looks like!: … /Icons.jpg

**NOTE** I could NOT Find any character with the PURPLE Benefactor heart, my apologies!

For other help creating a new character, check this Guide [written by me] for some advice and pre-creation knowledge on Skills and Character Type orientation: … f=23&t;=830

If I have forgotten anything important that you think should be here, send me an e-mail at – OR if you have ANY Questions, feel free to contact me as well. I will always reply to an e-mail in as timely a fashion as possible! Thank you and I hope this guide helps make Game Navigation easier!

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