Dofus Masqueraider Guide

Dofus Masqueraider Guide by Charade

Figure I’ll type up my thoughts and opinions on what I’ve seen of them so far.
1. Preface
1. Builds
2. Spells
3. Equips
4. Q&A;

1. Preface
Masks are a unique class that have a set of spells revolving around a style similar to that of Pandawa’s Boozer state. There are three masks that the class can switch between (putting the character into an assigned state) and each mask has a different set of spells that can only be used while wearing the mask they belong to. The classic mask revolves around hp steal attacks and the overall locking of enemies, the cowardly mask revolves around running and keeping enemies at a distance while helping allies to escape as well, and the psychopath mask revolves around dealing as much damage as possible at a close range while stacking buffs. Each mask is 2 ap to use and has a cooldown of 4, but the cooldowns for the other two masks are set to 0 when a mask is equipped. Only one can be used per turn, which keeps you using one style at a time.

2. Builds
Alright, so masqs have three elements that they can deal damage with: earth, air and water. Each type of mask has one spell of each of these elements. Given the caps (1:1 to 100, 2:1 to 200, 3:1 to 300, 4:1 to 400…), if you scroll you can have 300~ of two stats or 419 of one stat. Since there are a limited number of spells per element, it makes sense that you would want to make your masqueraider be hybrid. This would mean that your main choices would be str/agi, cha/agi or cha/str. Chance spells mainly involve the pushing and pulling of enemies, strength and agi spells have a nice mix of moving the caster as well as mp stealing. There are also a few builds that I could see possible but wouldn’t really suggest using unless you want to be “different”. Vitality…shields can give 23%~ of the caster’s hp. If you have around 5000 hp then that’s 1150 right there. But then you might as well use an eni instead for actual heals. Int, bit of an inside joke in Critical Failure, you could use int with a build to be able to use a stormcloud staff. Furia stormcloud stormcloud ftw.

3. Spells

Masks it can be used with.
(Suggested levels)

Classic Cowardly Psychopath
(Level 1, 6)
This is the spell you get from the class temple. It gives 10% of your total hp worth of shield to everything in the fight for two turns. Leveling it only decreases the cooldown. It’s nice to use if you’re stacking shields, but I wouldn’t see leveling it to be a good idea unless you have spare points or are part/full vitality. Keep in mind that at higher levels it’ll be easier for you to take away most enemys’ shields than for them to take away your shield when you use this spell.

Cowardly Mask
Classic Cowardly Psychopath
(Level 1, 6)
This mask gives a +Dodge buff to you and people next to you that increases as the mask levels. I wouldn’t suggest leveling it because you can use Stampede, which allows you to teleport one square away, while wearing it. You may want to level it for the +dodge increase since it also gives it to people near you, but I think most agi hybrids won’t have that much of a use for it. It also puts you in a weakened state, meaning you can’t close-combat while wearing this mask. All of the spells have a lame minimum range so that shouldn’t be too much of a problem unless you were hoping to dodge around and cc stuff.

(Level 1, 6 for Strength builds)
It’s an earth steal that does not require a line of sight. It’s not really the best spell, but it’s the only earth spell that you can use with this mask, so it would make sense to level it. It has 1-2 range unboostable from 1-5, increasing to 1-3 range at level 6. It also applies a -dodge buff for one turn, making it easier for you to keep things locked through another character or to yourself.

Classic Cowardly Psychopath
(Level 1,6)
This spell does damage in each of the three main mask elements, pushing you back at the same time. It is honestly one of my favorite spells, while also being the only 3 ap attack you will have while using the classic or psychopath masks. Leveling it increases the damage and maxing it increases the amount you are pushed back from 2 to 3. I have this maxed because it’s a great combo to use with furia or capering, as well as being the only 3 ap spell for two masks as mentioned before. There is a 2 turn cooldown at every level. This spell can be used on allies without hurting them.

(Level 1, 6 for agi builds)
This is the only range-boostable attacks that masqueraiders have. It deals air damage and gives -lock , which is nice for helping people escape from enemies that have been mp-steald with Apathy. Leveling it increases the damage as well as the amount of -Lock. I would suggest maxing it if you are an agi build, or not. It is the only 3 ap attack other than reinforcement.

(Level 1-6)
Let’s you slide forward to an ally or enemy that is linear to you(once per target per turn) for only two ap and can be used as many times as you want per turn. It’s a very nice spell to level up, because the range increases from 2 to 2-7 when maxed. You can basically move around a crowded map with it to get in position for other attacks.

(Level 1,6, 6 for vitality)
This is the only shield that you are unable to use on yourself, so it’s mainly for support in team combat. It has a boostable range and does not require a line of sight. The ap cost is only 3, but it gives 10% or 12% of your hp. If you have around 3k hp then this is only 100 hp of shield per ap used. It might be good to use if an ally is at low hp and is hidden from sight. Leveling it increases the maximum base range and lets you use it from 1 up to 3 times per turn when maxed. I would not suggest leveling it, since Diffraction could achieve the same results for multiple people.

Classic Mask
Classic Cowardly Psychopath
(Level 1,6)
I’m not really sure why it gives +lock, but it does. It’s the same as cowardly mask but with +lock instead of dodge. The “classic” mask is really just the mask you wear outside of battle. Combined with martelo, you could probably keep things nicely locked with it (since you have +lock and can give -dodge). I didn’t level it, but if locking stuff is your kinda thing then you might as well.

(Level 1,6, 6 for agi builds)
This is a very nice spell, mp stealing as well as stealing with air damage. It’s not linear, but the maximum range is 3 at all levels. I would suggest maxing it since it takes away 2 mp at level 6. The mp loss is dodge-able.

Psychopath Mask
Classic Cowardly Psychopath
(Level 1,6)
This is the only mask that I bothered to level. It lets you use the spells that can only be used in the psychopath state. It gives a % damage buff to yourself and allies next to you for two turns when cast. The spells that you use following it take full advantage of the damage buff, so I would definitely suggest maxing it no matter what your build is. You can close combat while wearing this mask.

(level 1,6, 6 for strength builds is a must)
This is the one attack that I believe may be nerfed at some point. It deals a large amount of earth damage while giving yourself +damages for a turn, sliding you toward the enemy to do so. The range is set 1-3 at all levels, so you may find yourself a few squares short quite often. I would suggest maxing Boliche as well just to help you move around, but it has 1 more range even at level 1. See the info about Boliche for more info. It is a MUST for all strength builds, and the plus damage can help with other builds as well possibly. The damage gain from leveling it isn’t that great, but the +damage nearly doubles. This spell can be used on allies without hurting them.

(Level 1,6, 6 for chance builds)
This spell is pretty much useless unless it’s leveled. It pushes back the enemy 1 square, 2 when maxed, and deals water damage. It’s probably good to level for chance builds and can be useful for other builds as well. The minimum range is 4, but the maximum range increases from 5 to 10 when maxed. Maxing it also increases the pushback from 1 to 2 squares, but it can only be used twice per turn (once per target) at all levels. This spell can be used on allies without hurting them.

(Level 1,5,6)
This is the only shield I have leveled. It gives a shield worth 20 or 24% of your total hp to yourself and allies around you for two turns. Leveling it decreases the cooldown from 7 to 3, maxing brings the AoE from 2 to 3. I find it pretty useful since the cooldown let’s you use it with only one-turn breaks in between casts. Only issue is that you can only use it with the regular mask on, so you’d have to switch out of psychopath mask or cowardly if you wanted to recast it. I’d suggest getting it to at least 5, since 6 only increases the AoE.

(Level 1 ,6)
This is a buff that gives 50-150% damage depending on the level, putting the target in an unlockable and unhealable state at the same time. It can be used on enemies to stop them from healing for one turn. You can cast it on yourself to use it for the next turn as well. It can be used on allies, with the range being boostable and increasing at higher levels. If you’re only using it for the unhealable state for enemies or the unlockable state for yourself then you may be fine keeping it at 1. It’s useful for things such as ougaa, skeunk, bherb and kolosso. I would suggest maxing it since you can have up to 345% damage when used after the psychopath mask, and the damage increase hops from 100% to 150% from level 5 to 6. The unhealable state is not unbewitchable and it prevents hp gain of any kind from any source for its duration (including steals).

(Level 1,6)
I don’t see why anyone would not want to level this honestly. It gives +1 mp while teleporting you one square away from only 2 ap per cast. Leveling it decreases the cooldown from 6 turns to 0 turns, letting you use it twice per turn at level 6.

(Level 1,6 for agility builds)
This attack teleports you diagonally one square, dealing air damage to everything standing next to the square that you end up on. It is the only 5-ap attack that masqs have, but the damage is very high (41-45 on a crit when maxed). I would suggest leveling this only on agi builds since the %damage gain isn’t too useful due to the ap cost. It may be useful to use for the teleportation and the AoE damage for other builds though. This attack WILL hit allies.

(Level 1, 6 for chance builds)
Leveling this only increases the damage, but it can be useful for all chars. It steals with water damage and pulls the target 2 squares closer to you. It’s good to level for chance characters, pointless to level for other builds. It does not hurt allies, but will pull them.

(Level 1,3,6)
This Shield gives a 15% or 20% of your total hp shield to yourself or an ally for two turns, draining a whopping 80% of their current hp for the duration. It is really only useful if the player has an amount of hp that is lower than the amount of shield given. Tt can be used every turn on multiple characters when maxed, only needing 3 ap. This means that you can reuse it every turn, essentially keeping up to 3 people invincible unless they are unbewitched or the enemies can do more hp worth of damage than the shield gives per turn. It does not lower the max hp, meaning the player can be healed while the spell is in effect. The range is modifiable and goes from 0-1 to 0-6 when leveled. There is currently a glitch where any hp healed while the spell is affecting a player is added invisibly to their maximum hp after the spell wears off. This extra hp will be healed back (up to full -permanent damage) at the end of any turn in which the character’s hp goes below their minimum (I demonstrate this in one of my videos).

(Level 1,6)
This is what I picture a nerfed lashing arrow to be similar to. It takes 4 ap at all levels, with the range increasing from 5 to 5-10 (unboostable) as the spell is leveled. It deals earth damage and takes away 1 mp, 2 mp when maxed. The mp loss is dodge-able. It’s a good spell to level even if you’re not strength because of the long-range mp-stealing.

(Level 1,6)
This spell pulls you towards the enemy then knocks them back an equal distance, increasing your pushback damage for that turn, while dealing water damage. It has a 1-4 range from levels 1 to 5, but a 1-5 range at level 6. Capering and Furia have relatively low ranges, so the 1-5 is a nice way to get around the map for any build. It’s really a matter of level 1 or 6, since all that increases before the range increase at 6 is the damage and +pushback damage (1 more damage and +2 pushback damage per level except for +5/+20 at level 6). This spell does not hurt allies unless they are pushed into something because of it.

Classic Cowardly Psychopath
(Level 1,6)
This is the level 100 spell. It gives -% current hp to everything on the map for one turn. Leveling it decreases the cooldown and increases the % loss from 21% to 30%. It cannot crit. Given the fact that it only lasts one turn and it drains current hp, I don’t find it incredibly useful unless something like Celestial Bearbarian is -ressed and there is an army of stormclouds waiting nearby.

A few notes about some of the spells:
All masks can be unbewitched, this includes the state as well as the buffs given.
All shields can be unbewitched, for Trance this includes the loss of the -hp as well.
As I noted, most of the spells that involve pushing or advancement can be used on allies and will do what they normally do but without hurting the target.
You can renew any type of shield, multiple different shields will stack.
Leek pie and similar spells can be used with any mask.
You can still fail untouchable and contamination challenges if you lose BP.
Shields can only be equal to or less than the maximum hp (can be reduced by permanent damage) of any character or summon.
The shield will equip the maximum hp of something affect by a +hp spell, the shield will remain at that amount (until it runs out) even after the +hp wears off.

4. Equips
Masqueraiders have a % bonus using staves and axes. The only problem is that most of these are 4 ap, the same ap cost as all but one of the spells that can be used while you are able to close-combat. I have my masq using daggers so that she has a 3 ap attack while wearing the classic or psychopath masks.
I think 10 ap is preferred for any build, allowing you to use a mask then two 4-ap attacks every turn. You can also use furia then daggers twice, bringing you to the enemy and giving yourself +damages at the same time to help with the dagger damage.
Many people would like to have 11 ap because of the Furia Furia Reinforcement combo that can be used, but you can usually get this much with 10 ap and an ap-giving ally.

I personally have mainly strength/% damage equipment, with more points put into agility. The %damage helps with the chance spells and is nice for hybrids. I also stick with 10 ap, though I would love 11.

5. Questions and Answers
With your build, what spells do you use the most?
I usually find myself using Furia, with Reinforcement, and Capering the most. I also use the buffs from psycho mask and Ardour. Though I use the classic mask spells when I’m soloing. Can’t say that I’ve been using cowardly mask very much.

What’s your opinion on early lvling? I heard it’s not that easy to solo lvl.
I’m not really sure, my masq didn’t go through the early levels alone :<

When you lose BP, for example I got 500BP and I get hit for 250, if an eni heals me, will it heal 250BP? or nothing because I’m still considerd full HP?
Enis only heal hp, BP is ignored with heals.

Do feca shields affect BP loss?

Are Masq shields compatible with sacrier buffs?
Damage absorbed by BP still buffs like normal damage would.

What do you think about vit masq for team pvm? shields > greater damage?
I’m not going to lie, I’d love to see a vit masq in action at higher levels. I think the ability to renew the shields constantly without damage to the shields taking away from max vit could be life-saving in certain dungeons. I can’t give a real opinion until someone makes one though

Are you going for 300 str and 300 agil? And can we see your guts?
I would be 300/300 if kolosso set allowed it, I’m as close to that as I can be though!

(Can’t wear two of the equips yet)

Please lemme know if I left anything out or messed up anywhere (typos too!). Also lemme know if you have any questions.

Thanks to Medea for some of the info. Thanks to Master-beast for letting me test the +vit stuff. Thanks to Aether for a the format update.

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