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Dofus Lumberjack Profession Guide by eotkodekff

Lumberjack, one of the slowest/hardest gathering professions in the world of Dofus. I would like to start by saying that there definetly is no fast way to level this professions, so for all those who think they can do it in a few days or weeks should stop reading here unless they want to spend loads of time on this profession. Lumberjack gathers wood from forests, plains and pandala “jungles”, lumberjacks can make planks from wood (x20 of type X wood for type X plank) used mainly in the Handyman profession or in some crafts, they can also make smithmagic shaving potions used to add durability points onto ethereal weapons. Mainly wood is used in smith and carver professions, also some other professions use it. I have seen numerous topics on people asking how to level it fast, well as I said there isn’t one, you need to have patience and lots of free time, as you will mostly gain experience from chopping wood which can be extremely slow due to competition and slow spawn times. That is probably my main reason for writing this introductive guide which will give you tips and hints how to level lumberjack efficiently, I can say of experience that it is totally worth it.

Before getting into specifics, planning chopping routes is the best thing one can think of for efficient levelling (if you are for plain exp, plan routes with lumberjack workshops on them, thus allowing you to turn your wood into planks/smithmagic potions). These routes are also called “loops” usually routes made by players which start at one point and end in the same, doing a loop around a certain area. Most popular loops are the Astrub Forest (ash, chestnut, walnut, few oaks and maples, mainly for low levels), Milicluster Loop (area to the left of Milicluster zaap, ash, few chestnut), The Amakna Forest Loop (North from Sufokia Gate zaap / South from Milicluster zaap) and the Scaraleaf Plain / Jelly Peninsula Loop (ash, chestnut, walnut, oak, maple, few higher level trees). These are the most popular loops for lower level and higher level lumberjacks as how ever high you get in lumberjack you will have to cut lower level trees also to get most efficient experience. (I will include maps of these loops in the bottom of this post and also useful links to tree locations)

I can figure three ways to level lumberjack, 1) chop and destroy, 2) chop and craft, 3) chop and bank. 1) being the “fastest” way, but also wasting loads of good wood which can be sold, 2) pretty efficient way and probably the best if you want to level faster than using 3) in which you bank your wood to be used in other professions or to be sold. In the beginning I would suggesting making smithmagic potions from the wood you chop, but it does get very unefficient and wood costly in the later levels. I would suggest a combination of 2) and 3) depending what your intentions are, at this point I would like to remind this profession may take months to level to 100 depending how much you play. For me it took 2-3 weeks from 1-60 and about a month from 60-100 so in total 6-7 weeks and I chopped 7-15 hours a day non-stop, competition makes this profession hard, as well as slow respawn times compared to e.g. farmer.

The Levels
In the end of this post you can find maps of the loops, so when i refer to e.g. Eltneg Woods loop, you can find the map at the bottom

– Beginning levels, mainly cut ash and chestnut in the Astrub Forest area or Milicluster zaap area
– If those areas are crowded check the Amakna Forest Loop

– Early 20-30’s Milicluster loop, Astrub Forest loop, Amakna Forest loop and Scaraleaf Plain loop are pretty good choices for ash, chestnut, walnut and oak with reasonably big spawns
– Would like to remind that walnut becomes even less efficient than cutting ash in the later levels, so does maple
– Maple may seem like a good option to cut, but it is pretty rare and will never be a tree you will grind on, although walnut and maple are good for money making

– Still the same loops as before, at 60 almost fully utilizing the Amakna forest loop as you can cut trees up to Wild Cherry
– I do not suggest to cut in Eltneg Woods as your level is revatively low and the cutting times are high
– How ever tempting it might seem to start cutting e.g. yew and wild cherry, they will not be good trees to level on due to rarity, respawn times, and cutting times
– At this point chestnut and oak are the best levelling trees as they have been until this point, occasionally checking the Aerdala Bamboo loop is a good idea

– Mid-levels, new trees, old-loops, at 80 you can fully utilize the Scaraleaf Plain loop and Porcos Terriotory, I suggest sticking into the same old loops, yielding best experience time/exp ratio and respawn times are faster
– Wild Cherry, Ebony, Charm/Hornbeam, Dark Bamboo, will never be good grinding places due to scarcity, competition, slow respawn times, although dark bamboo might be good to check every now and then
– Occasional Eltneg Loops become more efficient

– The hard levels, this is the time you should solely start cutting Bombu (Cania Massif) and Oliviolet (Sidimote Moor), these give the best experience/time ratio, I did not mention these earlier because they are mainly cut by higher levels and you wont be able to compete, also Amakna Forest and Scaraleaf Plain loops are still good exp
– Occasional Eltneg runs can be done

– Suggesting same as for 80-90
– Once you hit 100 you will be able to cut the most expensive tree in the game, Holy Bamboo (10kk/ea in Rosal)
– If you made it this far, congratulate yourself and start making money

Hope you enjoyed reading my guide!



Dofus Lumberjack Guide by guestplayer

HEY! So you might have seen my other thread entitled “My Lumberjack Experience” or something along the lines of that and I just wanted to let you know… I DID IT! I REACHED LEVEL 100 LUMBERJACK! So my journey to 100 lumberjack took about three to four weeks. I still managed to live a normal life – go to work, hang with friends, etc. So I wanted to let the Dofus community in on how I managed this feat (I know there’s some ppl who can get 100 in 7 days if they wanted to… but I still feel proud of my accomplishment).

Anyways… Here it goes:

Levels 1-10:
Start off at the Millicluster Zaap [5,7] and run a loop cutting the many Ash Trees you can find in that area.

Levels 11-20:
You are now able to cut Chestnut Wood as well. There is a good Chestnut loop near the Scaraleaf Plain zaap and you can visit it while you wait for the Milicluster loop to respawn.

Levels 21-30: You’re going to find that you can cut Walnut Wood now. There is also a good Walnut Loop near the Scaraleaf Plain. You can use it for now because the xp to time ratio is very close to that of the Ash and Chestnut loops. Keep doing Ash, Chestnut and Walnut, alternating while you wait for the trees to respawn – find a nice cycle to run.

Levels 31-35: You can finally cut Oak! This is going to be one of your staple trees up to level 100. There is a nice Oak loop near the Scaraleaf Plain as well (you might want to set your saved zaap as the Scaraleaf Zaap). The Oak loop is one frequently visited by higher levels so you might not get a nice crack at it. You can start relieving yourself of Ash Wood (visiting it only when you need to). The Chestnut is still a viable option and so is the Walnut (but soon it’s going to be not efficient).

Levels 35-40:
THIS IS YOUR LEVEL! Oliviolet and Bombu are FINALLY HERE! This is going to be your best source of xp all the way to level 100! Though other guides may tell you not to start, I started visiting the Sidimote Moor and Cania Plains from level 35. There may be higher levels frequenting these trees but if you can find a time where they’re not on, this is a GREAT SOURCE OF XP.

Level 40-50: Now you can start cutting Maple Woods – this is definitely a better source of xp than Walnut (which you can stop cutting altogether now). There is a great Maple Tree loop at Porcos Territory – which is near Scaraleaf Plain as well. A good loop is to cut Maple then cut the Oak wood right outside of Porcos Territory. Keep on cutting Oliviolet and Bombu when you can.

Level 50-60: The two new woods you can cut are Bamboo and Yew. You have to be the right alignment to access Bamboo woods at Aerdala. Bamboo is alright but there are very little trees in that loop – I’ve found that Oliviolet and Bombu are still the best source of xp. You can now cut Yew wood at the Maple wood loop which is pretty nice.

Levels 60-80: So there’s no really new thing to do until level 80. You can fully utilize the PorcosTerritory/ScaraleafPlain Loop now. Oliviolet and Bombu are STILL your best source of xp. At times when all of these loops are being utilized, you can visit Eltneg wood and do a couple sweeps through there (nice woods to cut are the Oaks, Maples, Ebonies, Charms, and Yews).

Levels 80-100 The Final Stretch: The next best source of xp arrives. DARK BAMBOO. You have to be correctly aligned to enter Fire Pandala to cut the Dark Bamboo. Other than that continue what you’re doing. Sidimote Moor loops. Cania Plain loops. Porcos and Scaraleaf loops.

I got mines in around three and a half weeks! Beat my record now everyone! Hope this guide helped all you lumberjacks out there!
Happy cutting!

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