Dofus Gathering Professions Guide

Dofus Gathering Professions Guide by nata-san

first off F2Pers
hunt piwi feathers till you get stacks of 100x then sell them (4 stacks of 100x for 40-70kk = 160-280kk) p2p cost about 250-350kk easily done in 1 day.


-join a guild that will give you perceptor and collection right and find a good map (one where the piwis wont start to far, and are near each other for AOE attacks or gobal hammer preferably in the middle of nowhere so people wont kill it)
a place a perceptor on it.
-make alts enus (chance) for more drops and eni (agi) and cra for there range and damage
now your P2P time to pick a profession.

P2P Short version.

farmer/baker combo will take a week get to 100 alche can be done in about 10 days wile miner is about 2-3weeks and lumberjack about 3-4weeks
farmer/baker and alche =fast money more money but more work
miner/lumberjack= best time spent/money making ratio.slow sellspeed
fishermen = all about luck also slowish to level
hunter=dont really know much about it but won’t recommend it as your first one.

professions important NOTE 99%=100% so if it says 99% success you will never fail
gathering professions are the best “first” professions and money makers all crafting professions rely on gathering professions and resources from monsters and tend to cost large amount of kamas (or time) to level before they start to make a profit. therefore should be saved as a second or 3rd professions.

these 2 professions exell at making fast money but require more effort to make the same amount of money has other lvl 100 professions and are the easiest professions to lvl in dofus.expect 10 hours to sell in 1-2 days for about 1mk-2mk (usually sells witin a day)

Farmer (if you pick this lvl it to 100 farmer not midway unless you REALLY need money before leveling baker)
-Fastest profession to lvl.
-things are easy to farm (always in large quantities outside bonta so you can farm non stop no need to wait for respawn)
-easy to combo with 2 other professions
-wheat can be turned to strings to sell in resource market (at cra temple you can trade 2 for 1 string)
-can cover 2 sellrooms (resource and farmers)
-less profitable then the harder professions
-(comboed with baker it the fastest money in dofus bread sells faster then anything else but time/money wise is the least of all gathering professions but still decent and nice to have wen you need fast money (wholewheat bread sells faster then you can make it with lvl 100 farmer)
-no competition wen gathering do to high amount of resources to collect from.

– slow start like most professions
-no one will say wow you have a lvl 100 farmer!?

-farm only Wheat,Barley,Oats, Hop till you hit 50 and unlock Rye then spam Wheatmeal Flour to lvl 100 farmer (you will catch up and surpass all other profession at this point by about 2-3 days)
-wen you hit 100 consider making baker all mats for baker can be bought from npc and collected from farmer making it a very easy profession to lvl and you will be able to reap all the profits and benefits
-wen you hit 100 consider making a alchemist you can collect rice to make brakmar/bonta recalls for money(and fast leveling of alchemy) as well has collect hemp and turning them into seeds (5 hemp =1 seed i believe) which sells well in resource market)


-can cover 2 sellrooms alone (resource and alchemy)
-easiest profession to lvl to 60 (then second fastest to lvl 100)
-is usefull at lvl 60 (most things people need a alchemist for can be done with a lvl 60 alchemist 100%)
-crafts sells fast
-resources that you can collect sells for a worthy ammount uncrafted. (it in the middle of resource collecting professions)
-combos well with farmer (can make brakmar/bonta recalls with rice form farmer and supply flowers for making hemp seeds)
-combos well with fishmonger/fishermen they need wild mint from alchemist or monsters.

-the big speed bumb at lvl 60 can make you give up on getting it to 100
-all high lvl crafts takes insanely large amount of resources to craft.
-all mid and high lvl resources are rare and scattered (example maps with eldewess are far apart and only have 1-3 of them on it)

-craft 2slot as soon as you can collect clovers till your lvl 60 (or brakmar/bontarian recalls if you have a lvl 100 farmer from lvl 1)
-crafting blood potions and phoneix potions to lvl 100 are your best options. (note phoneix potions are extremely hard to sell and don’t sell for much)
-no one will say wow you have a lvl 100 alchemist!?

miner and lumberjack are professions that focus on making money with less effort but at a slower pace expect 10 hours of work to sell for about 3-4milion in about 5-10 days

-polishing stones is unlocked at 40 and will be helpful ability to have in your life.
-mats are in great need for all smiths and jewler.(combos well with them)
-the difficulty level is slightly easier then lumberjack

-extremely competitive market and in the mines expect to be undercuted a lot.
-competitive mining expect a lot of competition in the mines lvl 100 miners will make you wish you could kill them.(most competitive gathering professions)
-heavy resources can be a pain if your not str build or dont have pod gear.

-if you can get strong enough to kill dark miners using the cart system in the mines to randomly be teleported to another mine makes life easier.
-wen you unlock polishing it should be 99% (aka100%) and can be a good way of making money on the side (buying cheap stones and selling there polished version for a profit) wile you lvl miner.
-investing in pod gear will make life easier you should do it. (at least a bag and a gob belt) str gear also works well has pod gear.


-less competitive market
-mats are in high demand for all carvers and handyman
-competition for resources only starts wen your at the higher levels of lumberjack
-the rarest tree in dofus (elm tree) are worth a lot of money for a single peace.this has the best money/effort ratio in dofus. though it unfarmable (it spawns once every 2 hours and there only a handfull of them across the world)

-higher lvl trees are scattered and hard to farm.
-elm trees are sought after by all lvl 100 lumberjacks are can be a pain to collect 100 of.
-heavy resources can be a pain if your not str build or dont have pod gear.

-consider if it truely worth the effort of finding higher level trees to cut for exp compared to farming lower lvl trees (time yourself and compare how much exp you got doing both)
-investing in pod gear will make life easier you should do it. (at least a bag and a gob belt) str gear also works well has pod gear.

This profession can make anywhere from 150kk-10milion in 10 hours of work. it is extremely luck dependent and the materials can be hard to sell. (the valuable rare fishes)

this profession is rather unique in 2 ways
1. it a gambling profession other then point 2 the money comes from rare drops you get (thus you should have 300prospecting+ for better odds living chest dose not count towards this)
2. wen you collect something you wont always get exp and stuff from it.

-only profession that can make milions in minutes
-a semi rare profession so less competition

-second hardest gathering profession to start off has then becomes normal at mid and high lvls

– you may say things that would get censored on bad days..
-only profession that can make 150kk in 10 hours of work
-only profession that “misses” collecting sutff

-different fishing rods have different results test them all out.
-don’t toss away rare fish they can be used to make gear or food that gives stats point (and tend to be the only real money making in this profession)
-the rare fish are effected by your pp getting 200 or 300+ pp will make your life better so investing in a pp set can be a good thing

i never leveled this profession and don’t know anything about it sell rate and profit ratio.

on new servers this profession can be a pain. do to the fact they require you to have “hunting weapon” on your weapon and that you need it maged on your weapon if you don’t want to use crappy ones. it also a unique profession at lvl 100 you get extra money for killing monsters you’d be killing anyway (NOTE not all monsters drop hunter resources and only you will get them at the end of the fight)

-only profession that you can get resources from killing monster (the selection is large)
-only profession that it tool can be any weapon (as long has it has the “hunting weapon” trait maged on it.
-resources are worth a rather large amount of money compared to the other professions
– people will go wow you got a lvl 100 hunter if you brag about it.

-your forced to farm monsters for resources
-you need to mage your weapon which may drop it stats. (and will cost you more)
-leveling hunter can be hard and boring depending on your class.

-don’t make this your first profession. it the only tip i have for you.


I am from Rosal and the professions may not give the exact same money/time frame rates as your server but should be close.

Hope you find this information useful and won’t be a grammar nazi.

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