Dofus Earn at Least 1.3 Million Kamas Tips

Dofus Earn at Least 1.3 Million Kamas Tips by Perrinn

Hey all you kamas-loving-dofus-playing-good-looking dudes out there! I just wanna share this method i learned in making millions of kamas in just a short amount of time.

First get the alchemist proffesion then level it to 100 (took me a whole week)
Get farmer proffession and lvl it to 30

Gather some five leaf clovers
buy arachnee legs in resource market

exchange 90 arachnee legs and 65 five leaf clovers to Koussein Trengon (4,8) for a medium chance scroll
sell that medium chance scroll in scroll market for like 60kk-65kk

Now, if u have a level 100 alchemist, gathering 2000 five leaf clovers would take approximately 20minutes (astrub forest is ideal for gathering this particular plant)

100pieces arachnee legs cost 30kk-32kk in resource market (in the old days it only costs 14kk per one hundred pieces in market sniff, sniff )
If you have like 350kk in your disposal, you could buy 1000arachnee legs in resource market which would cost you 320kk.

Exchange 990arachnee legs and 715 five leaf clovers to Koussein Trengon (4,8) for 11 medium chance scrolls then sell each chance scroll for 55kk-65kk depending on the current market price on your server.

Now lets calculate the profit when all your scrolls(11 medium chance scrolls worth 60kk-65kk each) are sold in market.
Let’s say you sell each for 60kk in scroll market and you got 11 medium chance scrolls for sale. You’ll earn like 660kk. You spent 320kk on buying 1000 arachnee legs. 660kk-320kk=340kk. Wow, thats double the amount what you spend in arachnee legs

Now why did i suggest getting a farmer proffession and level it to 30?
This profession can be efficiently combined with the alchemist profession
Here’s the technique, gather a lot of hemp flowers then use the farmer profession to shell these hemp flowers into hemp seeds(5hemp flowers=1hemp seed).

Note: Hemp seeds are used to exchange for great/powerful wisdom scrolls

100hemp seeds cost 25kk-30kk in the resource market.
Now if you somehow have collected 10,000hemp flowers which would take like 2hours to gather, you can shell those into 2000 hemp seeds(takes about 15-20mins)
Sell these 2000hemp seeds in the resource market for 25kk-30kk per 100pieces. Once you’ve sold all of those in market, you’ll earn like 500kk-600kk.

Now consider that you sold all your scrolls and hemp seeds in market, youll get at least 820kk in bank. Use these 820kk to buy 2500arachnee legs.
Exchange 2430 arachnee legs and 1755 five leaf clovers to Koussein Trengon (4,8) for 27 medium chance scrolls. Sell each medium chance scrolls for 55kk-65kk(depending on the current market price of this particular scroll in your server). Let’s say you sell each for 60kk.
Once all of this scrolls are sold out you’ll receive 1,620,000 in your bank account. Wow! That’s double the price again!

For you not to get bored while waiting for these scrolls to get sold, gather some hemp flowers and shell them into hemp seeds then sell it to resource market for 25kk-30kk per 100 pieces or do some training to level. Let’s say you put 2000hemp seeds in the resorce market and sell it for 25kk per 100pieces, you’ll receive 500kk in your bank account.

To calculate your profit, 1,620,000+500,000= 2,120,000 kamas. Wow that’s a lot of kamas!
Again, spend all these 2,120,000kamas to buy arachnee legs in the resource market and gather five leaf clovers and exchange them for medium chance scrolls.

I am able to scroll all of my stats to 101 for less than 2weeks with this method in kamas making. Hope i help you guys who’se having trouble in making kamas

Note: Don’t waste your five leaf clovers crafting recall potions for the reason that it is too time consuming and less profiting. Recall potions cost only 4kk-7kk in the alchemist market whereas the five leaf clovers if directly put into sale in the resource market can cost from 5kk-7kk and you’ll not waste your time waiting for the long process of crafting recall potions.

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