Dofus Cra Guide

Dofus Wisdom Cra Guide by Faruz-E

The guide to your very own Wisdom Cra

First I would like to warn the reader that this guide is made assuming you have a grip of the game but are looking for another build to try out, this is not for beginners!

This being a wisdom cra, all your points shall go to wisdom until 200.

You should scroll 101 chance and 25 wisdom (101 if you can afford it) as soon as possible, see tactics section for tips.


(Note: Theft is when you take something away, steal is when you take something away and get it for yourself)

-HP Steal

-AP Theft

-Area of Effect AP Theft

-MP Steal

-MP Theft

-Range Theft

-Gravity State Ability


-Multiple Buffs

-Great in PvP

-Great in PvM

-Fast Leveling

-Spells that can reach behind obstacles


-People complaining that you’re over powered

-Requires you to be able to think quickly

-Equipment isn’t cheap

We will cover four things in this guide.

1. Spells

2. Equipment

3. Leveling

4. Technique

I. Spells

A wisdom cra has three branches of spells: First Branch (most used) Second Branch (semi used) Third Branch (unused)

First Branch:

Atonement Arrow –

-Great maximum range
-Great Damage when buffed up
-Gravity State

-Horrid minimum range

This spell often works great when supported by spells such as powerful shooting and bow skill.

Paralyzing Arrow –

-Nice damage for the AP cost
-MP Steal
-Needs high wisdom to be able to steal MP without doubt
-Only two casts per target

This spell will often give you the extra MP needed to get out of the range of that monster that would otherwise kill you.

Bat’s Eye –

-HP Steal
-Range Theft
-Medium Damage
-Long Cooldown

This spell will often help you reach that enemy hiding behind a tree.

Slowdown Arrow –

-AP Theft
-Nice Damage

-AoE and AP Steal make it hard to use in groups without hitting your allies.

This will be your most used spell.

Lashing Arrow – (becomes first branch once at level 6, stays in second branch until then)

-Undodgeable MP Theft
-Low AP Cost
-Medium Damage if you’re wearing a set that also gives nice strength (such as ancestral)

-Low Range until leveled

Distant Shooting –

-Gives you and your allies range, in an AoE around the caster.

-If an enemy is within the AoE, they get range too.

Powerful Shooting –

-Gives +%damage

-Sometimes using the AP you would use for this spell would prove to be more useful

All of the spells in the first branch should be leveled to 5 and 6 as soon as possible, with the exception of lashing arrow which should be kept at 1 until you can level it to 6.

Dopple –

-Imagine yourself but at around 110, that’s your dopple.
-This dopple however has greater resist, health and wisdom than you at level 110

Level to 6 as soon as you get it.

Second Branch:

Dispersing Arrow –

-Amazing Map Manipulation

-Very easy to mess up when using this spell

Something good to do is get you and your friends in a dojo and try out this spell, if you think you can use it well enough and you have the spare spell points you should level it.

Frozen Arrow –

-AP Theft

-Extremely Useless Damage

This spell is often useful for when you need to steal large amounts of AP (see tactics section for more information on the strategy involving this spell)

Retreat Arrow –

-Nice damage if your set also gives nice agility


After all first branch spells have been maxed out, this is one of the spells you will be going for.

Absorptive Arrow –

-HP Steal
-Great Damage

-Minimum Range is sometimes hard to achieve

This is another great spell to level when all first branch spells have already been.

Plaguing Arrow –

-No LoS
-Medium-High Damage
-Nice Range

While this is a nice spell, you may have to farm a bit of diamonds to get the extra spell points for it.

Critical Shooting –

– Gives + critical hits

– Waste of AP unless it gets you to 1/2

Only level if you can achieve 1/2 critical hits on all/most your spells.

Third Branch:

These will be the spells that you should not level, ever.

Explosive Arrow

Destructive Arrow

Tormenting Arrow

Burning Arrow – Can be useful since it has a linear AoE, but doesn’t need leveling

Magic Arrow – Note that if you can raise the spell points to level this to 6 (steals 2 range per hit) this can become one of the better second branch spells.

Poisoned Arrow

Punitive Arrow

I’m not saying avoid these spells as all costs, but leveling them will prove to be useless and a waste of spell points.

II. Equipment


Adventurer Set, wisdom maged if possible


Option One:

Head: Prespic

Cape: Prespic

Belt: Adelus

Boots: Apprenticeship Boots

Amulet: Amulet Of Luck

Weapon: Tont’Ata Staff

Ring #1: Silimelle’s wedding ring

Ring #2: Silimelle’s wedding ring

Pet: Pink Dragoone

With this option you’ll be able to level up extremely fast

Option Two:

Akwadala Set with Gelano

With this option you won’t level as quick but you’ll be able to level by yourself.

Mount Note:

At level 60, you’ll be able to use a mount.

Indigo and Almond is a very good and cheap option, get one and it will serve you well.


Royal Indigo Blop Set

Salt ‘n’ Battery Cape


Cawwot Dofus (this is around the time you should be able to get in on a run for it)


You’ll also have three hats you should get

1. Treechnid Helmet – This will help you get 10 AP and use slowdown arrow twice before 100. You’ll however ditch this once you’re over 100 seeing as you’ll have an extra AP.

2. King Jellix’s Crown – Will in a lot of cases help you be able to reach 1/2 after casting critical shooting. A nice amount init. and vitality is also included.

3. Robbie Hoodie Cap – This will make Distant Shooting and Atonement Arrow cost less AP. It’ll also give frozen arrow and paralyzing arrow each an extra cast per target.


At 114 –

Ancestral Set




Custom Set Time:

Hat: Doro L. Blak or Jav Voodoo Mask or Royal Penguin depending on your preference

Cape: Mastralist Croak

Belt: Dreggon Belt/Targ Belt

Boots: Sandals Titude

Amulet: Spring Leaf

Ring # 1: Ancestral or Dragonpig

Ring # 2: Gelano (try to mage 30 chance or 1 MP on it)

Mount: Around this time some people prefer to get an Emerald type turky such as Emerald and Ginger, but sticking with your Almond and Indigo is still viable.

This is around the time you will want to start leveling your agility spells

Weapon: Keep Axel until 139, which is when you can get a Zoth Warrior Axe.


Sovereign Set,

Minotot Set, -ring and weapon.

Keep Zoth Warrior Axe and Gelano (getting it maged should be your first priority by now). An OMG-Band is also viable if you get manage to get one.

You’ll eventually want to an Undergrowth Set and go for an 8 AP build after 180.

III. Leveling

Note that I highly recommend you get leeched to at least 60 if you can.

That being said, here’s what you do if you can’t find someone to help you out.


Incarnam is a good place to level for now. Use retreat arrow (don’t level it) until 13. Once 13 level atonement arrow to 5 and save the rest of your points.


Remember to do dopples daily.

You can try leveling at piglets now. Once 21, max out Bat’s Eye, and once 31 max out Paralyzing Arrow.


Piglets all the way, keep on doing them. At 41 max out Distant Shooting, Powerful Shooting at 51.


You guessed it, piglets! If you become bored, you can probably PvP now. Which is good because you get extra money for your next set or just strokens to scroll yourself with. Look at the tactics section for PvP tricks and tips. Save all your points for now.


You can now PvP till no end! Nothing, I repeat NOTHING can stop you now. Just keep on fighting people all day long, this is how you’ll make your money! At 81 max out Slowdown arrow. Remember to do dopples daily! If you get bored of PvP you can try the ‘Coral Beach’ on otomai island.


Okay you can do ‘Dark Jungle’ on otomai island now, preferably with friends until you’re 114, then you can solo it.

-At 101 you can get soul capture to level 6, giving you a quick and easy way to make money (look into the tactics section for it).

-At 100 level Bow Skill to 5

-At 113, level Atonement Arrow to 6.

-At 117 level Bat’s Eye to 6.


You should be able to get on some frigost fun right about now.

-At 127 level Paralyzing Arrow to 6.

-Level Distant Shooting to 6

-At 136 level Powerful Shooting to 6


Keep on doing frigost!

-At 148 level Lashing Arrow to 6, after that throw on a Targ belt for 2 AP per -3 MP fun and for non-linear Slowdown Arrow.

-If you have spare points start leveling your second branch spells such as Dispersing arrow, Retreat arrow, and Plaguing arrow. Unlevel level 6 soulcapture if you think you’d prefer one of those second branch spells more.


Do Ghosts on Nolifis Island or do higher episode frigost monsters.

-At 170 level Absorptive Arrow to 6.

-At 180 Level Slowdown Arrow to 6.


Polish up your remaining second branch spells and at 200 level your dopple summoning spell to 6.

Level on everything you get invited to by your friends (who are are your level).

IV. Tactics

A. Money Making

1. Sell your previous sets to help cut down the price of your next ones.

2. Soul Capture

– Get level 6 soul capture

– Run Gobbal Dungeon

– Every run should take around 10 minutes

– Soul the last room every run and sell those souls, sell the resources you get from running too

– Say every soul is 25kk on your server and you do 10 minutes per run for 5 hours

-That’s 750kk right there, without the drops, but let it be noted once you’re in your 150s, you can do 5 min per run to double your monetary income

B. PvM Tactics

Tactic # 1: Xelors are useless.For this tactic you will need: 11 AP, super high wisdom, a target. Hit the target with slowdown to theft 2 AP. Then hit the target with frozen arrow twice to steal 4 more. That’s a theft of 6 AP!

Tactic # 2: Major MP Rapeage. You will need: At least 10 AP, Targ Belt, Level 6 Lashing Arrow. Simply Lash every enemy you can, with 10 AP you can do up to 5, with 12 you can do up to 6. After awhile, you won’t have enough targets to lash so you get to steal some more with paralyzing arrow.

Tactic # 3: Dude I just cut your head off. You’ll need: Zoth Warrior Axe + Level 6 Powerful Shooting + Level 5 Bow Skill + Level 6 Axe Skill. Wisdom cras are rather bad in close combat. Well if you buff yourself up then use ZWA on the enemy, they’ll see over 1000 of their life disappear.

C. PvP Tactics

Cra vs Cra:

Strength Cra: theft their range and MP and keep out of their reach. Never ever let them Puni Arrow you.

Agility Cra: These are super weak. Just theft their AP so they can’t hit you twice with absrob.

Intelligence Cra: Kill them, kill them fast! If you let them hit you with too many magic arrows you’ll have some trouble.

Wisdom/Chance Cra: You’re on your own here, the one with the better equipment will win.

Cra vs Sacrier

You should be able to overpower any sacrier. Just keep MP stealing them until they quit/have no HP left.


Average 150 Agility Sacrier (6 MP, 9 AP) vs You (10 AP, 4 MP)

They’ll go first. So let’s assume you’re medium distance from them.

They buff their daggers, cast their punishment and then pull you in.

You use retreat arrow (6 AP left), cast lash (4 AP left) and double paralyzing one of which he dodged. The sacrier now has 2 MP and you use your 5 MP (+1 from paralyzing steal) to run from them.

If they summon a sword simply keep running and double slowdown them both, killing the sword and leaving the sacrier with 6-7 AP.

For the rest of the fight just keep stealing their MP and putting them in gravity with your atonement arrow.

Cra vs Eni

Lower their hp until you know you can ZWA them to death. Run for most of the fight and when they don’t expect it, cut them open. Don’t make them feel unsafe, causing them to cast their major healing spell!

Cra vs Eca

Just MP theft them while running, easy. Put them in gravity with atonement so they stop jumping once in awhile. theft AP too so they can get less jumps.

Cra vs Iop

These guys are screwed. Seriously just make sure to theft at least 1 AP so they don’t double jump and keep running from them.

Cra vs Feca

Get off their glyphs after they cast them and put them in gravity when you can.

Cra vs Sram

These guys are tricky! If you get lucky with Slowdown Arrow you win, if not you lose.

Cra vs Osa

MP theft their summons if you need to, while MP stealing from the osa to keep yourself moving.

Cra vs Enu

You’re better at MP theft, range theft and damage. They shouldn’t be a problem.

Cra vs Xelor

Keep far from them and range theft and they won’t give you trouble. Keep them from teleporting to you right away by putting them in gravity.

Cra vs Sadi

Just keep away from them. Kill them before the UP can make a huge army! If they do the -4 MP spell on you, simply buff up your axe. If they get close to you you’ll axe them down, if they unbewitch you, you get your MP back

Cra vs Pandawa

Okay if these guys start close and cast the unmovable spell on themselves, you’re fucked. So always start far if it’s one vs one! Keep on MP stealing them, and if they make a wasta steal It’s MP and run around the panda. The problem is most pandawas are smarter than normal classes (smarter people play pandawas on average) so you won’t be against the average ‘bear’ (get it? hah).

I think I better stop now, this is a ‘guide’ not a ‘control’. Everything you do from now on is up to you, and I hope you enjoyed reading my guide!

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