Crystal Saga Mounts Guide

Crystal Saga Mounts Guide by Lylaendra

I keep getting asked ingame what my mount is and how I got it… So I thought I’d post up a guide here so people stopped asking haha.

There are a few different types of mounts: solo mounts, battle mounts and 2 player mounts. They all kinda interweave with each other when you upgrade them though.

The first solo mount is the Baby Turtle. You get this for free at level 15 through the MAIN QUEST CHAIN. It is a NON battle mount which means when you get into a fight, you… ‘fall off’ it and must remount once you have left battle. You can also purchase an un bound version from the Starglade misc item vendor for 1g.

You can upgrade this using Mount Upgrade Tokens into a Black Panther. This is also a solo NON battle mount, but it moves faster and gives much better stats than the turtle. It’s stats are actually better than the free level 30 and level 45 mounts as well. It is also slightly faster.
Each ATTEMPT costs 6 tokens which are purchasable through the cash shop or received as special loot from certain bosses.
Expect to use at least 36 tokens before getting your Panther.
However, each time you fail, you gain Stars, which increase your success chance next time.

At level 30, you receive a Rabid Raccoon solo mount for free through the main quest chain. It is also a NON battle mount. You can also purchase this as an unbound mount for 5g from the misc item vendor in Aurora Point.
If you managed to upgrade your Turtle to a Panther, you may now combine this with the Raccoon to create a Mystical Scorpion mount.
Each attempt costs 12 Mount Upgrade Tokens, but you do not lose either of your mounts if you fail!
Expect to use at least 100 tokens before succeeding.
If you only have a Turtle and a Raccoon, you CANNOT combine them! You MUST have upgraded the Turtle to a Black Panther.

The Mystical Scorpion is the first Battle Mount which means you can ride your mount into battle without falling off (unless you get knocked off, which can happen!)
It also gives FAR superior stats to the previous mounts, and is stronger than the level 45 free mount as well, with all stats adding around the 5-6% mark to your base stats. It’s also faster than all previous mounts.

At level 43 you receive a free Battle Stallion mount through the optional quest called ‘Encouraging the Princess’ given by Mapelonia in Celestial Palace Level 2. It is a little deceptive because it is not a battle mount. You can purchase this as an unbound mount for 10g from the misc item vendor in Bloodfang Village. Now, if you managed to get a Mystical Scorpion by combining your Panther and Raccoon, you can now try to combine your Battle Stallion and your Scorpion into a Battle Bear. Each attempt will take 24 Mount Upgrade Tokens, but you will not lose either mount if you fail. Expect to spend 160 tokens or more… It does get progressively worse!

The Battle Bear is the first Quality 2 battle mount you can get. It is considerably better than all the previous mounts, giving nearly twice the stats of the Scorpion and 10 times the stats of the basic free mounts.

Following the Battle Bear, is the Gorilla Titan mount. (Please see Polletp’s post on page two for a picture of this mount!) Each attempt at morphing from a Battle Bear to a Gorilla Titan will cost you 36 Greater Mount Tokens. At the moment, these can only be gained through the Item Mall.

Following the Gorilla Titan is the Gryphon mount.

Not sure what comes next but I think the final solo battle mount is the Hellwing.

When I get further than this, I’ll let you know which mounts are next in the chain.

2 Person Mounts at this stage can only be found through Dragon Hunt (Red and Black). The Therion Tokens (item shaped like dragon scales) will allow you to exchange for a special mount from Ronna the Adventurer in Tree of Life (level 60+ area). Expect to spend several thousand USD attempting to get one.

Note: Only the Ronna the Adventurer in Tree of Life will exchange these tokens, not the one in Starglade! If you are under level 60 you cannot RUN to Tree of Life, but you can Teleport there from any other town.

If you have a 2 Person Mount (ie. Tiger, Phoenix etc.) you may invite another person to ride with you, or they may ask to ride with you. This will appear in the person’s portrait menu when you click them.
The level chain is as follows:
Genbu (10 Therion Tokens)
White Tiger (25 Therion Tokens + Genbu)
Seiryu (75 Therion Tokens + White Tiger)
Phoenix (150 Therion Tokens + Seiryu)
Note: I MAY have gotten the Therion token amounts wrong, but I’m 100% positive on the Genbu haha

How do I level my mount?

Feed it Purified Crystals! Each level will require a larger amount of crystals in order to level up, but you will be rewarded with better mount stats.

Where do I get Purified Crystals for mount food?
These drop from bosses in dungeons. The easiest way to get these is to solo Indigo 5 times a day. You get at least 1 per boss, and it’s quite rare that you get none, unless you’re much higher level than the boss.

If I level my mount using Purified Crystals, then morph it later, does it retain the levels?
Unfortunately no. When you morph a mount, it is essentially a new mount, and starts again at level 1.

What’s the point of added stats when I just fall off the mount during battle? Will they actually add to my char stats?
Once equipped, the stats of your mount count towards your total. Even if you are not actually MOUNTED, they still count as the mount acts as a piece of equipment.

I’m trying to upgrade my turtle, and I have tokens, but it won’t let me upgrade it!
Chances are, you don’t have enough tokens on you. You do require MULTIPLE tokens to attempt to upgrade, not just 1 so make sure you have enough. Also, higher level upgrades require Greater Mount Tokens which are far rarer than regular mount tokens.

I’ve invited someone to ride on my 2 player mount and now I don’t know how to kick them off!
See your portrait in the top left corner of your page? Underneath that, you see your pet portrait. To the left of the pet portrait when riding a 2 player mount, 3 little buttons appear. One says “Invite” (allowing you to invite another player to ride with you), one says “Dismount” to get off your mount. One says “Kick off” which allows you to get rid of a second player on your mount.

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