Crystal Saga Hybrid Healing Priest Guide

Crystal Saga Hybrid Healing Priest Guide by Meeper

You are generally here because:
1. You’ve messed up your stats, and you are part holy/blood priest.
2. You require maximum heals for those hard vault runs and so on.
3. So this is generally assuming you are with another priest or the tank has health orb.

Spells you require:
Light heal: One of the best healing spells ever. You will use this the most. No cooldown, hefty cast time of 1.5 seconds.
Holy light:This is when you want to add few extra heal points on top of light heal. Heal over time. If you want to get “Improved holy light” at a later level, leave this at very low level. This spell does not stack.
Saint’s strength: This is when you want maximum amount of heals, call it “healer mode”. This spell drains mp over time. MP drain can add up quite a bit. If you want to save mp then you do not have to use it. Use it when you absolutely must. Recast to deactivate.
Healing wave: This spell is instant cast, and is aoe, so when your tank or your teammates are dying real fast, simply cast this healing spell. Make sure you target the correct area. Has a cooldown of 12 seconds, be aware. If you are going to get Circle of Healing at lvl 80, then leave this low, which is unlikely.
Improved Holy light: Better version of holy light.
Grace: This spell has a hefty cast time of 3 seconds, and a terrible cooldown of 6. If you can manage the time, take it or leave it.
Circle of Healing: Better version of healing wave. Short cooldown (4 seconds), awesome amount of heal, but increased cast time, by 1 second. I suggest if your party is seriously dying use both healing wave and circle of healing for a huge amount of heal at a short amount of time.

*Very important as a healer, when you are about to do some hardcore healing:
This is something I’ve found out from choc, my mage buddy that your default attack spell interrupts your healing.

a. Go to your skills.
b. Drag light heal from the skill tree, set it as your default spell. (the first heal spell you get from the list).

General skill combination:
1. Tank suddenly runs in to the boss with debuff.
If you are support, use pure in heart whenever you see a creepy debuff on the tank -> Healing wave -> Light heal x3 -> Holy Light -> your choice.
2. Your squad is dying/your tank’s hp is incredibly low.
Healing wave -> Spam Light heal on the tank until hp is 80 percent -> use holy light for additional heal.

Possible problems you will run in to:

-You might get confused.
-The tank suddenly jumps in to the boss and you are nowhere near the tank.
-Your heal is glitched and it’s cooling down.
-You’ve suddenly ran out of MP from spamming those heals.

How to lessen such problem:
Set up your skill bar.
I’ve set mine up when I’m about to heal like this.

1. Light Heal
2. Holy Light
3. Healing wave
4. Pure in heart (support)
5. MP potion
6. HP potion

Lastly, keep practicing your heals until you’ve gotten down to timing of Light Heal.

Attention rating usually.
45% Tank hp
35% MP
15% Other members/You
5% Pet

Good pet for healing, relatively easy to obtain:

Morphed Vulture

Now when using this while having light heal as default spell, make sure to hit the enemy mob once, press ESC to cancel cast, and select the tank and heal as usual. This makes your vulture buff you for better heals, while you don’t have to keep attacking the mob.

-Now go own some dungeons.

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