Crystal Saga Gems Synthesis Guide

Crystal Saga Gems Synthesis Guide by Psiclops

As you progress through the levels, you will occasionally find gems of various types and strengths. The best way to deal with these is to collect the lowest gem strength(Chipped) of the type of gem you want the most.

When you have 3 Chipped XXX gems, you can use the item synthesis tab to turn them into 1 Flawed XXX gem.

This same conversion ratio holds true throughout the entire range of gems.

3 level 1 (Chipped) gems = 1 level 2 (Flawed) gem
3 level 2 (Flawed) gems = 1 level 3 (XXXX) gem
3 level 3 (XXXX) gems = 1 level 4 (XXXX) gem
and so on.

so if your goal is a level 5 gem, you need to collect 3x3x3x3x3 chipped gems, or 243 chipped XXX gems to get 1 level 5 XXX gem. (Names to be edited in once I have access to the beta list)

It is really not worth slotting and gemming early leveling equipment, as you will be upgrading most of it before you even have to repair it once.
So save all those chipped gems until you need them later. Don’t convert them at all, it saves vault space to store a huge stack of chipped gems instead of some chipped, some flawed, some XXXX, etc.

Guide on Gems by Inverse

Here’s a quick guide on Gems and How to make each of them specifically.

Gem Types And What They Are For:

GEM TYPE…………….Stat Increase ………….INCREASES
Ruby Gem ========== Physical attack ——-> PTAK
Sapphire Gem ======= Magical Defence ——> MDEF
Topaz Gem ========= Magical Attack ——-> MTAK
Amber Gem ========= Physical Defence —–> PDEF
Emerald ============ Healing ————–> Heal
Jade ============== Health —————-> HP

Gem Levels

Lv.1 = Chipped Gem
Lv.2 = Flawed
Lv.3 = Scratched
Lv.4 = Normal
Lv.5 = Shinning
Lv.6 = Excellent
Lv.7 = Superior
Lv.8 = Flawless
Lv.9 = Perfect
Lv.10 = Immaculate Gem

Creating/Upgrading Gems

Lv.——Amount Of Chipped Gems Required

1 =============== 0
2 =============== 3
3 =============== 9
4 =============== 27
5 =============== 81
6 =============== 243
7 =============== 729
8 =============== 2187
9 =============== 6561
10 ============== 19683

Gems that goes well in Gears

Ruby —–Weapon/Glove
Sapphire –Helm/Boot
Topaz —-Weapon/Glove
Amber —-Armour/Boot
Emerald –Weapon/Glove
Jade ——Armour/Helm/Boot

OR …..

Weapon – Ruby/Topaz/Emerald
Glove – Ruby/Topaz/Emerald
Helm – Sapphire/Jade
Boots – Sapphire/Amber/Jade
Armour – Amber/Jade

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